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J. P, John Partridge
John Partridge
John Partridge (englischer Astrologe)
John Partridge (English astrologer)
P, J.
P, John Partridge
Partridge, J.
Partridge, John
Partridge, John (Dr)
Partrige, John
Pateridge, John (Dr)
Patridge, John
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Language material
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[Sibly, Manoah] (1757-1840. [from old catalog])
Claas, Jakes (Amsterdam)
Claas, Jakes Amsterdam, 1689
Harris, Benjamin (d. 1716?)
Martin, John (1940 April 6-)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Raphael, 1795 (1832)
S.n. (Amsterdam)
Bums, farts and other inappropriate acts
Defectio genitvrarvm:
Doctor John Patdridge's [sic] prophetical predictions for the year 1731. To which is added, a political comment by C- D'-s, Esq;
Flagitiosus Mercurius Flagellatus. - [1697]
Mene, mene, tekel upharsin. Dutch
Mene mene tekel upharsin zijnde een extract van het tweede deel van Mene, tekel. Handelende van 't laatste deel des jaars 1689. En zediglijk toonende hoedaanig waarschijnelijk de affaires van Europa in 't generaal, en de staat van Engeland, Holland, Schotland en Vrankrijk in 't byzonder, zouden moogen zijn ... : Met een naschrift wegens des gewezenen konings niet sterven in October laatstleden.
Merlinus liberatus. Dutch
Merlinus redivivus: being an almanack for the year of Our Blessed Saviour's incarnation 1714 : And from the creation of the world, according to the best of history, 5663. But by the account of Holy Scripture, 5676. It being the IId after biffextile or leap-year. And the 25th of our deliverance by K. William from popery and arbitrary government. In which is contained things sitting for such a work as the diurnal motion of the planets, conjuctions, lunations, and eclipses. Monthly observations, and a judgement on the four quarters of the year. Calculated and referr'd to the Meridian of London, whose longitude latitude is 24 51 degr. 20 32 minutes. By John Partridge, a lover of truth.
Mikropanastrōn. -
Mr. Partridges wonderful predictions. - [1687?]
Nebulo Anglicanus. -
Opus reformatum, 1693:
Prodromus. -
short answer to a malicious pamphlet, called, A reply ; written by John Gadbury, the king of England's juggler, and astrologer in ordinary to the pope, to help on the work
Spirit of Patridge;, The
Supplement to Placidus de Titus; containing the nativity of that wonderful phenomenon.
treasury of hidden secrets, The : a 17th-century housewives' handbook of cookery, herbals, and medicine