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Colson, J.
Colson, John
John Colson (britischer Mathematiker)
John Colson (britisk matematikar)
John Colson (britisk matematiker)
John Colson (Brits wiskundige (1680-1760))
John Colson (brittisk matematiker)
John Colson (matematico e presbitero inglese)
John Colson (Mathematician)
John Colson (mathématicien britannique)
جان کولسون (ریاضی‌دان بریتانیایی)
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Computer file
Language material
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Calmet, Augustin (1672-1757)
Campbell, George (d. 1766))
Castillon, Jean (1708-1791)
D'Oyly, Samuel (m. 1748)
Folard, Jean-Charles (chevalier de, 1669-1752)
Halley, Edmond (1656-1742)
Kaestner, Abraham Gotthelf (1719-1800)
MacLaurin, Colin (1698-1746)
Newton, Isaac Sir, 1642-1727
Prytanée (Paris)
Seller, John (16..-17..))
Arithmetica universalis; sive De compositione et resolutione arithmetica liber. Auctore Is. Newton...
Artis analyticae specimina.
chart of ye North part of America. -, A
Dictionnaire historique, critique, chronologique, géographique, et littéral de la Bible.
historical, critical, geographical, chronological, and etymological dictionary of the Holy Bible, in three volumes., An : ... The whole ... illustrated with above one hundred and sixty copper-plates. ... To which is annexed, Bibliotheca sacra, or a copious catalogue of the best editions and versions of the Bible ... an ample chronological table ... a Jewish calendar, tables of all the Hebrew coins, weights, and measures ... a dissertation upon Jewish coins and medals; another upon the tacticks of the ancient Hebrews, by the Chevalier Folard ...
Leçons de physique experimentale.
Lectures in experimental philosophy
mariners new kalendar. Containing the principles of arithmetick and geometry; with the extraction of the square and cube roots. Also rules for finding the prime, epact, moon's age, time of highwater, with tables for the same. Together with exact tables of the sun's place, declination, and right ascension. Of the right ascension and declination of the principal fixed stars. Of the latitude and longitude of places. A large table of difference of latitude and departure, for the exact working a traverse. Also the description and use of the sea-quadrant, forestaff and nocturnal. The problems of plain-sailing and astronomy, wrought by the logarithms, and by gunter's scale. A tide table. The courses and distances on the coast of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, &c. And the soundings coming into the channel. With directions for sailing into some principal harbours. By Nathaniel Colson, student in-the mathematicks. The sixth edition. With an addition of mercator's sailing, by John Colson, teacher of the mathematicks, The
Memoirs of the life and character of Dr. Nicholas Saunderson, late Lucasian Professor of the Mathematics in the University of Cambridge, 1741:
method of fluxions and infinite series; with its application to the geometry of curve-lines. By the inventor Sir Isaac Newton... Translated from the author's latin original not yet made publick. To which is subjoin'd, a perpetual comment upon the whole work, consisting of annotations, illustrations, and supplements, in order to make this treatise a compleat institution for the use of learners. By John Colson..., The
Practical navigation ; or an Introduction to the whole art