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Hall, Herbert Turner-
Herbert H. Turner (britischer Astronom und Seismologe)
Herbert Hall Turner (astronomo britannico)
Herbert Hall Turner (British astronomer and seismologist)
Herbert Hall Turner (britisk astronom)
Herbert Hall Turner (Brits astronoom (1861-1930))
Herbert Hall Turner (brittisk astronom)
T, H. H.
Turner, H. H.
Turner, Herbert H.
Turner, Herbert Hall
Герберт Холл Тернер
Тёрнер, Герберт Холл
هربرت هال ترنر (ستاره‌شناس بریتانیایی)
टर्नर, हर्बर्ट हॉल
हर्बर्ट हॉल टर्नर
ターナー, エッチ エッチ
ターナー, ハーバート
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Caröe, William Douglas (1857-1938)
Cochrane, Arthur William Steuart (1872- [from old catalog])
Dreyer, John Louis Emil (1852-1926)
Perowne, J. J. Stewart (1823-1904)
Perowne, John James Stewart (1823-1904)
Pritchard, Ada
Royal Astronomical Society
Sampson, Ralph Allen
Stone, Edward James (1831-1897)
Tayler, Roger John (1929-....))
University of Oxford Affiliation (see also from)
大沼, 十太郎
Address the section of astrophysics at the congress, of arts and sciences at St. Louis...
Astrographic catalogue 19000̇ : Oxford Section Dec.
Astronomical discovery
Charles Pritchard, 1897
Charles Pritchard, D.D.; F.R.S.; F.R.A.S.; F.R.G.S., late Savilian professor of astronomy in the University of Oxford; memoirs of his life
day numbers of The nautical almanac for the years 1900, 1901, 1902, modified for use with the tables of star constants, The
grave of the Rev. James Pound, The
great star map, The : being a brief general account of the international project known as the astrographic chart
Halley's comet; an evening discourse to the British association, at their meeting at Dublin, on Friday, September 4, 1908
History of the Royal Astronomical Society
laws of heredity, The
Modern astronomy; being some account of the revolution of the last quarter of a century
new star in Gemini, The
Note on Dr. Gill's paper "On a new instrument for measuring astrophotographic plates" ("Monthly notices", LIX. p. 61)
Note on the instrumental errors affecting observations of the moon
Note on the period of S Serpentis
Note on the position of the sun's axis of rotation, as deduced from Greenwich sun-spot measures 1886-1901
Note on the use of long-focus mirrors for eclipse work
Notes on the eclipse expedition to Aswan (1905, August 30)
Obituary notice of Sir George B. Airy
On a simple method of accurate surveying with an ordinary camera
On a simple method of comparing the Bonn Durchmusterung with photographic plates
On an annual variation in the R-D discordance
On differential refraction to terms of higher orders than the first
On graphical methods of determining the local or Greenwich time of sunset at different places within a given region
On mechanically compensating the rotation of the field of a siderostat
On new forms of levels
On possible periodic inequalities in the epoch of the sun-spot variation
On stationary radiants of meteors : reply to the criticisms of M. Th. Brédikhine
On the accuracy of the positions of the star images in the "Harvard sky"
On the alleged rotation of the Spiral Nebula Messier 51 [cinquante-et-un] Canum Venaticorum
On the angular distance of two stars in the pleiades suitable for determinig the value of a micrometer screw
On the brightness of the corona of January 22, 1898 : preliminary note
On the classification of long-period variable stars, and a possible physical interpretation
On the determination of places of (1) [one] reference stars, (2) [two] fundamental stars, by photographic methods
On the diagrammatic representation of proper motions
On the diminution of light in its passage through interstellar space
On the errors of star photographs due to optical distorsion of the object-glass with which the photograph is taken : first and second papers
On the expression of sun-spot periodicity as a Fourier sequence in similar problems : (papers of the I.U.S.R. computing bureau, No. X)
On the formula connecting diameters of photographic images with stellar magnitude
On the harmonic analysis of Wolf's sun-spot numbers, with special reference to Mr. Kimura's paper : (papers of the I.U.S.R. computing bureau, No. IX)
On the inclinations of binary star orbits to the galaxy
On the measurement and reduction of the plates for the astrographic chart
On the persistence of the 21 - minute period during the nine years 1918-1926, as shown by the Philippine records of Earthquakes
On the possible identity of Nova Geminorum with a small star photographed before the outburst
On the R-D discordance : some measures of photographs on the pleiades at the Oxford University Observatory
On the relative number of star images photographed in different parts of a plate, and on the performance of various object-glasses in this respect
On the straightness of spider lines
On the suggestion made by Sir David Gill that the brighter fixed stars are as a whole rotating with respect to fainter stars as a whole
On the systematic errors of measures on photographic plates
On the systematic proper motions of bright stars relatively to faint stars in the Oxford zones (+25° [plus vingt-cind degrés] to 31° [trente-et-un degrés])
Otto Struve, 1819-1905
Oxford photographic determinations of stellar parallax, The : further reply to Sir David Gill.
Pogson's observations of U Geminorum
Preliminary note on a method of photographing the moon with surrounding stars
Presidential address to Mathematical Association, Jan. 11 [eleven], 1911 [one thousand nine hundred eleven]
proposal for the comparison of the stellar magnitude scales of the different observatories taking part in the astrographic catalogue, A : second note : the Bordeaux magnitudes
Report of the Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse of august 29, 1886, made at Grenville in the island of Grenada
Results obtained with the personal equation machine at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Rousdon variable star observations, The
Some notes on aberration
Some notes on the use and adjustment of the coelostat
Tables for facilitating the use of harmonic analysis.
tentative explanation of the "Two stars streams" in terms of gravitation, A
'Tom tower', Christ church, Oxford.
Total solar eclipses : (the wilde lecture)
Uchū no tabi
Variable stars : abstract of a lecture delivered at the meeting of the Association held on February 26, 1908
What can we learn from rainfall records ?