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Ger, Robert
Grayson, Eldred
Grayson, Eldred (Pseudonym)
Hare, R.
Hare, Robert
Hare, Robert Jr
Robert Hare (American chemist)
Robert Hare (Amerikaans scheikundige (1781-1858))
Robert Hare (amerikanischer Chemiker, Erfinder des Schneidbrenners)
Robert Hare (amerikansk kemiker)
Robert Hare (amerikansk kemist)
Robert Hare (amerikansk kjemikar)
Robert Hare (amerikansk kjemiker)
Robert Hare (chimico e inventore statunitense)
Robert Hare (chimiste américain)
رابرت هاره (شیمیدان) (شیمی‌دان آمریکایی)
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Language material
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Chemical Society (Philadelphia)
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Henry, William (1774-1836)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Redfield, W. C. (1789-1857)
Redfield, William C. (1789-1857)
School of Medicine Philadelphia, Pa. Affiliation (see also from)
William S. Reynolds Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
brief view of the policy and resources of the United States;, A
Compendium of course of chemical ...
Descriptions of Apparatus and Processes for the Isolation of the Metals of the Alkaline Earths and Processes for the isolation of the metals of the Alkaline Earths
effort to refute the arguments advanced in favour of the existence in the amphide salts, of radicals ..., An
elements of experimental chemistry, The
Essays, chemical, electrical, & galvanic
Experimental investigation of the spirit manifestations demonstrating the existence of spirits and their communion with mortals, doctrine of the spirit world respecting Heaven, Hell, mortality, and God : also, the influence of scripture on the morals of Christians
exposition of the sciences of galvanism and electro-magnetism, An : abstracted from the fifth edition of Turner's Chemistry
la conclusion a laquelle est arrivé un comité de l'académie des sciences de France qui prétend que les ouragans sont causés par la chaleur tandis que en vertu d'un Rapport présenté par M. Peltur au même corps ... aussi des extraits du Rapport de M. Peltur, De : montrant l'ignorance qui existe à la Académie au sujet de la nature et des causes des faits météorologiques en question ...
Lecture, introductory to a course on chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania. Delivered Nov. 7, 1843
life of Robert Hare, 1917, The
Memoir on the explosiveness of nitre, with a view to elucidate its agency in the tremendous explosion of July 1845 in New York
Memoir on the supply and application of the blow-pipe,... published by order of the Chemical society of Philadelphia, to whom it was presented
Objections to the theories severally of Franklin, Dufay and Ampere, with an effort to explain electrical phenomena, by statical, or undulatory, polarization
On certain improvements in the construction and supply of the hydro-oxygen blowpipe, by which rhodium, iridium ... have been fused
On the extrication of the alkalifiable metals, barium strontium and calcium
Opytnyi︠a︡ izsli︠e︡dovanīi︠a︡ o spiritualizmi︠e︡, 1866:
Queries and strictures, respecting Espy's meteorological report to the Naval Department : also, the conclusion arrived at by a committee of the Academy of Sciences of France, agreeably to which, tornadoes are caused by heat : while, agreeably to Peltier's report to the same body, certain insurers had been obliged to pay for a tornado as an electrical storm : with abstracts from Peltier's report
Scheme for a national currency
Second letter to professor Faraday
Spiritualism scientifically demonstrated
Standish the Puritan. A tale of the American revolution.
Strictures on prof. Dove's Essay "On the Law of Storms"
Suggestions respecting the reformation ... 1837:
verbal communication from Dr. Hare, respecting some experiments made by him to ascertain the comparative heating or cooling influence of charges of density resulting from changes in pressure in dry air, and air replete with aqueous vapour: also some experiments favourable to the idea that a vacuum has a capacity for caloric, A
whirlwind theory of storms, The