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Gunnar Malmquist
Gunnar Malmquist (astronomo svedese)
Gunnar Malmquist (schwedischer Astronom)
Gunnar Malmquist (svensk astronom)
Gunnar Malmquist (Swedish astronomer)
Gunnar Malmquist (Zweeds astronoom (1893-1982))
Malmquist, Gunnar
Malmquist, K. G.
Malmquist, K. Gunnar
Malmquist, Karl G.
Malmquist, Karl Gunnar
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Gyllenberg, Knut Anton Walter
Hufnagel, Leon
Ludendorff, Hans (1873-1941))
Lunds universitet
Ohlsson, J. B. (fl. 1922)
Ohlsson, J[ohn] B[ernhard]
Oja, Tarmo (1934-)
Rydström, Bengt (1944-)
Schalén, Carl (1902-)
Stockholms Observatorium Affiliation (see also from)
Wallenquist, Åke A.E. (1904-)
Westerlund, Bengt Elis
absolute magnitude curve of the extra-galactic nebulae., The
Anders Lindstedt : minnesteckning.
Berechnung von Schiefheit und Exzess in der Verteilung der scheinbaren Magnitude
Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier : minnesteckning.
contribution to the absorption problem. -, A
distribution in space of the stars of type A as derived from the Draper catalogue., The
Effect of an absorption of light in space upon some relations in stellar statistics
Einige Bemerkungen über die räumliche Verteilung der Sterne.
elimination of the effects of accidental errors of measurements in statistical investigations, The
general programme and organisation of the Uppsala eclipse expeditions, The : [Jämte:] The distribution of light in the solar corona ... 1945. By Åke Wallenquist. With 1 plate and 8 figures in the text.
Investigations on the stars in high galactic latitudes
method of determining the arrangement in space of the stars., A
On some Formulas for the computation of space densities
On the determination of colour indices with reflectors. -
On the determination of distance, absorbing power, and radial extension of a dark nebula.
On the zero point of the period-luminosity curve.
Photographische Magnituden und photographisch-effektive Wellenlängen der Nova Cygni 3 (1920) Meddelande fr°an Lunds Astronomiska Observatorium
relation between absolute magnitude and proper motion, The : With 9 figures in the text.
Researches on the distribution of the absolute magnitudes of the stars.
Some problems concerning dark nebulae.
Spectrophotometric analysis of about 3000 stars down to the photographic magnitude 13m 5
spectrophotometric survey of stars along the Milky Way., A
sternsystem. Zweiter teil, Das
Stockholms observatorium i Saltsjöbaden.
study of the stars of spectral type A, A
Über die Entfernung des offenen Haufens NGC 752
Uppsala observatory expeditions to north Sweden for studying the total solar eclipse of July 9, 1945, The
Thesis (doctoral)--University of Lund