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Draper (Brigadier General)
Draper (Colonel)
Draper, William
Draper, William (Sir)
William Draper (British Army general)
William Draper (général de l'armée britannique)
William Draper (generale inglese)
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Language material
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Cornish, Samuel Sir, d. 1770
Gurney, Joseph (1744-1815)
Junius, active (18th century)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Murray, James (1721-1794)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Colonel Draper's answer, to the Spanish arguments, claiming the galeon, and refusing payment of the ransom bills, for preserving Manila from pillage and destruction: In a letter addressed to the Earl of Halifax ...
complete collection of Junius's letters, A
Junius, pseud.
Observations on the Honourable Lieutenant-General Murray's defence, 1783:
Plan of Manila, the Capital of the Philippines.
probationary sermon, preached at St. Michael's, Cornhill, July 31, 1791. By the Rev. W. Draper, lecturer of Allhallows, London-Wall, A
sentence of the court-martial ... for the trial of the Hon. Lieut. Gen. James Murray, late governor of Minorca, on the twenty-nine articles exhibited against him by Sir William Draper. With His Majesty's order thereon. To which are added, the whole of the evidence on the two articles of which the general was found guilty; and likewise upon the four articles of complaint of personal wrong and grievance. Taken in short-hand by Joseph Gurney. With an appendix, containing Gen. Murray's defence ... all the correspondence between Gen. Murray and Sir William Draper, - the several councils of war, - and the subsequent proceedings of the court-martical relative to the private dispute between Gen. Murray and Sir William Draper ..., The
thoughts of a traveler upon our American disputes., The