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Honkura, Y.
Honkura, Yoshimori
ホンクラ, ヨシモリ
本蔵, 義守
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Cornell, James
Işikara, A. Mete
Işikara, Ahmed Mete
Rikitake, Tsuneji (1921-....))
Changes in the amplitudes of short-period geomagnetic variations as observed in association with crustal uplift in the Izu Peninsula, Japan
Changes in the Geomagnetic Field Associated With Earthquakes in the Izu Peninsula, Japan.
Estimation of electric fields in the conducting Earth's crust for oscillating electric current dipole sources and implications for anomalous electric fields associated with earthquakes
Fluctuation of the standing and the drifting parts of the earth's magnetic field
Fluctuations of magnetic fields in coupled-disk dynamo models and their implications for geomagnetic secular variations
Kenkyūsha sōran, shizen, 1979:
Large-scale fluid motion in the earth's outer core estimated from non- dipole magnetic field data
Local anomaly in magnetic and electric field variations due to a crustal resistivity change associated with tectonic activity
Magnetometer array observation in the North-eastern Izu region after the Teisi Knoll seafloor eruption in 1989.
Magnetotelluric imaging of fluids in intraplate earthquake zones, NE Japan back arc
Monitoring of fault healing after the 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey, earthquake
Multidisciplinary research on fault activity in the western part of the north Anatolian fault zone (4), 1992:
Observations of short-period geomagnetic variations at Nakaizu (2): changes in transfer functions associated with the Izu-Oshima-kinkai earthquake of 1978
Resistivity imaging across the source region of the 2004 Mid-Niigata Prefecture earthquake (M6.8), central Japan
Sekai no daisaigai
Solid earth geomagnetism
Some results from measurements of the geomagnetic field and the electrical resistivity in the Izu-Tokai region, Japan
Statistical nature of polarity reversals of the magnetic field in coupled- disk dynamo models
世界の大災害 : 破滅からのレポート