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Ewel, J. J.
Ewel, Jack
Ewel, John J.
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Cartographic material
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Baker, Patrick J.
Holdridge, L. R. (1907-)
Holdridge, Leslie Rensselaer (1907-)
Madriz], Arnaldo
Myers, Ronald L.
Pacific Southwest Research Station
Scowcroft, Paul G.
University of Florida
Venezuela. Ministerio de Agricultura y Cría
Whitmore, Jacob L.
Withmore, Jacob L.
Allometric equations for four valuable tropical tree species
Biomass and floristics of three young second-growth forests in Sarawak.
Canopy development in tropical tree plantations: a comparison of species mixtures and monocultures
Competition from below for light and nutrients shifts productivity among tropical species.
Deliberate introductions of species: Research needs
Designing agricultural ecosystems for the humid tropics.
Developmental and physiological correlates of leaf size in Hyeronima alchorneoides (Euphorbiaceae)
Dynamics of litter accumulation under forest succession in eastern Guatemalan lowlands
ecological life zones of Puerto Rico and the U. s. virgin Islands., The
Ecosystem Nutrient Use Efficiency, Productivity, and Nutrient Accrual in Model Tropical Communities
Ecosystems of Florida
Effect of autoclave sterilization of a tropical andept on seed germination and seedling growth.
Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a consensus of current knowledge.
Enhancing Nutrient Retention in Tropical Tree Plantations: No Short Cuts
Environmental implications of tropical forest utilization.
Establishment, resource acquisition, and early productivity as determined by biomass allocation patterns of three tropical tree species.
Experiments in arresting succession with cutting and herbicides ... 1971
Experiments on the ecological basis of sustainability: Early findings on nitrogen, phosphorus, and root systems
Herbivory in complex and simple tropical successional ecosystems.
Invasibility: lessons from South Florida.
Koa (Acacia koa) ecology and silviculture
Leaf-cutting ant herbivory in successional and agricultural tropical ecosystems.
Links between tree species, symbiotic fungal diversity and ecosystem functioning in simplified tropical ecosystems
Litter fall and leaf decomposition in a tropical forest succession in eastern Guatemala.
Natural systems as models for the design of sustainable systems of land use
Nitrogen cycling in tropical plantation forests: Potential controls on nitrogen retention
Nitrogen isotope ratios shift with plant size in tropical bromeliads.
Nitrogen transformations following tropical forest felling and burning on a volcanic soil.
Nutrient use efficiency in three fast-growing tropical trees.
People and the palm forest: biology and utilization of babassu forests in Maranhao, Brazil.
place for alien species in ecosystem restoration, A
Plant life-forms and tropical ecosystem functioning.
power of biology in the sustainable land use equation, The
Primary productivity and resource partitioning in model tropical ecosystems
Responses to defoliation of species-rich and monospecific tropical plant communities.
Seed dynamics during forest succession in Costa Rica.
Shoot damage effects on starch reserves of Cedrela odorata
Slash and Burn Impacts on a Costa Rican Wet Forest Site.
Species and rotation frequency influence soil nitrogen in simplified tropical plant communities
Species, Rotation, and Life-Form Diversity Effects on Soil Carbon in Experimental Tropical Ecosystems
Sudden and sustained response of Acacia koa crop trees to crown release in stagnant stands
Toward an Ecologically Sustainable Forestry Project: Concepts, Analysis and Recommendations: Protecting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes in the Rio Condor Project--Tierra del Fuego
Tropical soil fertility changes under monocultures and successional communities of different structure.
Tropical succession: manifold routes to maturity.
Water use in four model tropical plant associations established in the lowlands of Costa Rica.
zonas de vida de Puerto Rico y las Islas Virgenes Americanas una sinopsis, Las
Zonas de vida de Venezuela : memoria explicativa sobre el mapa ecológico
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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Florida, 1968