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Sydenstricker, Edgar
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Clark, Taliaferro (1867-)
Collins, Selwyn De Witt ([from old catalog])
Frost, Wade Hampton (1880-1938)
Goldberger, Joseph (1874-1929)
King, Willford Isbell (1880-1962)
Lauck, W. Jett (1879-1949) (William Jett))
Lauck, William Jett
Warren, B. S. (1871-1935)
Warren, Benjamin S. (1871-1935)
Wheeler, George Alexander (1885- [from old catalog])
Wiehl, Dorothy Gerard (1895- [from old catalog])
challenge of facts; selected public health papers of Edgar Sydenstricker., The
Collective bargaining in the anthracite coal industry
Conditions of labor in American industries a summerization of the results of recent investigations
Epidemic influenza in foreign countries
epidemiological and statistical study of tonsillitis including related throat conditions, An
Epidemiology study of minor respiratory diseases.
Hagerstown morbidity studies ...
Health and environment.
Health insurance: its relation to the public health
Health of garment workers.
Heights and weights of school children. A study of the heights and weights of 14,335 native white school children in Maryland, Virginia, and North and South Carolina
incidence of illness in a general population group., The
incidence of influenza among persons of different economic status during the epidemic of 1918, The
income cycle in the life of the wage earner, The
Influenza in Maryland: preliminary statistics of certain localities
method of classifying families according to incomes in studies of disease prevalence, A
Morbidity statistics of war industries needed
Mortality from influenza and pneumonia in 50 large cities of the United States, 1910-1929
Mortality from pulmonary tuberculosis in recent years.
Pellagra in the Mississippi flood area.
Pellagra incidence in relation to sex, age, season, occupation, and "disabling sickness" in seven cotton-mill villages of South Carolina during 1916
Physical impairments and occupational class. Differential rates based upon medical examinations of 100,924 native-born, adult white insured males
prevalence of pellagra: its possible relation to the rise in the cost of food, The
School history of Virginia
Some possibilities in the statistical analysis of case reports of venereal diseases
Statistics of disability: a compiliation of some of the data available in the United States
study of the Chinese population, A
Venereal disease incidence at different ages. A tabulation of 8,413 case reports in Indiana
Weight and height as an index of nutrition.