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De Loutherbourg, Philip James
De Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques
DeLoutherbourg, Philippe-Jacques
Lauterbourg, Philip James
Lauterbourg, Philipp Jakob
Lauterbourg, Philipp Jakob (der Jüngere)
Lauterbourg, Philippe Jacques
Lauterbourg, Philippe Jacques De
Lautterburger, Philipp Jacob
Loutherberg, Philip James de
Loutherborg, Philip James de
Loutherboug (Jacques Philippe)
Loutherbough, Philip James de
Loutherbourg, Jacques Philippe
Loutherbourg, P. J. de
Loutherbourg, Philip de
Loutherbourg, Philip James
Loutherbourg, Philip James de
Loutherbourg, Philip James (Mr)
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jacob de
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob,
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob (der Jüngere)
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob II
Loutherbourg, Philipp Jakob (the younger)
Loutherbourg, Philipp James de (the younger)
Loutherbourg, Philippe de
Loutherbourg, Philippe J. de
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques,
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques De
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques de (Alsatian painter, illustrator, and scenographer, 1740-1812)
Loutherbourg, Philippe Jacques de II
Loutherbourg, R. A.
Loutherbourgh, Philip James de,
Loutherbourgh, Philippe-Jacques de,
Loutherburg, Philip James de
Loutherburgh, Philip James de
Loutherourgh, Philip James de
Lutherberg, Philip James de
Lutherbourg Ii, Philippe Jacques De
Lutherbourg, Philip James
Lutherbourg (Philipp Jakob)
Lutherbourg, Philipp Jakob (der Jüngere)
Lutherbourg, Philippe Jacques,
Lutherbourg, Philippe Jacques de
Lutherburgh, Philip James de
P. L. de Loutherbourg
P. P. De Loutherbourch
P. P. De Loutherbourgh
Philip De Loutherbourg
Philip James de Louthebourg
Philip James de Loutherbourg
Philip James De Loutherbourg, Esq. R. A.
Philip James de Loutherbourg (Franco-British painter)
Philip James de Loutherbourg (Frans kunstschilder (1740-1812))
Philip James de Loutherbourg, R. A.
Philipp Jakob Loutherbourg
Philipp Jakob Loutherbourg der Jüngere (britisch-französischer Maler)
Philippe Jacques De Loutherbourg
Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg (peintre franco-britannique)
Philippe-Jacques Loutherbourg d.y
Phillip James de Loutherbourg
Лютербург, Филипп Якоб
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bourgeois peter francis
Ghendt, Emmanuel-Jean-Népomucène de (1738-1815))
Joppien, Rüdiger (1946-)
Kenwood House (Hampstead)
Laurent, Pierre-François (1739-1809)
Le Veau, Jean-Jacques (1729-1785))
Lingée, Charles Louis (1748-1819))
London. Kenwood House
Marillier, Clément-Pierre (1740-1808))
Rosset, Pierre Fulcrand de (1708-1788))
Saint-Quentin, Jacques Philippe Joseph de (1738-....))
1re Suite de soldats
agriculture. Poëme...., L'
At the large house, fronting Leicester-Street, Leicester-Square, this present Thursday, January 31, 1782, will be exhibited for the first time, Eidophusikon: being an intire new set of moving pictures, representing the following phœnomena of nature, invented and painted by Mr. de Loutherbourg.
avalanche de glace dans les Alpes, dans la vallée de Lauterbrunnen, Une
Avalanche in the Alps, An
Battle of Alexandria, 21 March 1801, The
Battle of the Nile, The
Bénézit, 1976. Loutherbourg, Rupture d'un pont
Boiler House and Casting House of a Furnace, Probably Bedlam Furnace, at Coalbrookdale, The
Cherry Eater, The
Christmas tale
Coalbrookdale de nuit
Destruction of Pharaoh's Army, The
[Fat man with dog]
[Four exotic heads]
Gig Upsetting at the Races
Landskap med vilande boskap
Little Milkwoman, The
Lord Howe lors de la bataille du 13 prairial an II
Lord Howe's action, or the Glorious First of June
Loutherbourg, P. J. de : Première suite des quatre matelots, gravés par son élève et ami J.-F. Foulquier.
Mangeuse de cerises, La
Naufrage sur une côte rocheuse
Paisagem campestre], [
Part of the Avon Gorge at Clifton, with a Kiln on the Cliff Edge
Petite Laitière, La
Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg, RA, 1740-1812.
Premier recueil de modes et habits galans de différens pays
River Teign at Teignmouth, Looking East, The
shipwreck off a rocky coast, A
Stone Cottage among Rocks, A
Strid på havet mellan soldater och orientaliska pirater
Study of Rocks on Clifton Down, Bristol
Study of Smoking Kiln
Tabulae anatomicae quatuor uteri duplicis observationem rariorem sistens, ex decreto Facultatis medicae Argentoratensis in lucem editae a Georg. Henr. Eisenmanno ..
View from the North Shore of the Teign Estuary, with the Sea in the Distance and Part of Teignmouth
View of Woods and Hills across the Avon Gorge at Clifton
Visitor to a Moonlit Churchyard
Windmill, with Cottages among Trees, A