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Dudleius, Robertus
Dudleo, Roberto
Dudleus, Robertus
Dudley, Robert
Dudley, Robert (comte de Leicester)
Dudley, Robert (Earl of Leicester)
Leicester, ... of
Leicester, Robert D. of
Leicester, Robert Dudley
Leicester, Robert Dudley (comte de)
Leicester, Robert Dudley (Earl of)
Leicester, Robert Dudley (Graaf van)
Leicester, Robert Dudley of
Leicester, Robert of
Leycester, Robert D. of
Leycester, Robert Dudley (Earl of)
Leycester, Robert Dudley Graaf van
Leycester, Robert Graf von
Leycester, Robert (Grave van)
Leycester, Robert van
Leycester, Robrecht zu
Lincester, Roberto Dudley (conde de)
Robert Dudley
Robert Dudley, 1. Earl of Leicester (englischer Peer, Oberstallmeister der Königin Elisabeth I.)
Robert Dudley, 1. hrabě z Leicesteru
Robert Dudley, 1. hrabia Leicester (angielski polityk, faworyt Elżbiety I)
Robert Dudley, 1. jarl av Leicester
Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (English nobleman and the favourite and close friend of Queen Elizabeth I)
Robert Dudley (Brits politicus)
Robert Dudley, conde de Leicester
Robert Dudley (courtisan anglais)
Robert Dudley, earl av Leicester
Robert Dudley, I conde de Leicester
Robert Dudley, I conde de Leicester (robert dadli)
Robert Dudley, I conte di Leicester
Robert (Earl of Leicester)
Robertus Dudley, I comes Leicestriae
Ρόμπερτ Ντάντλεϊ, 1ος Κόμης του Λέστερ
Роберт Дадли
Роберт Дадли, граф Лестер
Робърт Дъдли
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Basson, Thomas (Leiden)
Boutillier du Retail, Armand (co-author)
Bruce, John (1802-1869)
Bruce, John (co-author)
Brugmans, H. (1868-1939)
Brugmans, Hajo (1868-1939)
Brugmans, Hajo (co-author)
Camden Society (Gran Bretanya)
Canin, Jan (I, Dordrecht)
Canin, Jan (I) Dordrecht, 1572-1594
Claesz, Cornelis (Amsterdam)
Corneliszoon, Jan Utrecht, 1587-1588
Drake, James (co-author)
Dudley, Amy Robsart (1532-1560; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Dudley, Robert (1574-1649; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Hotman, Jean (co-author)
Kendall, Abram (co-author)
Romeyn, Antonie
Teyler's Tweede Genootschap
Verschout, Andries (Leiden)
Walsingham, Francis (1530?-1590))
Akte van admissie van Guillem Mostaert als notaris in Holland en Zeeland; Den Haag, 4 dec. 1585
Bindings from the library of Robt. Dudley, earl of Leicester, K.G., 1533-1588; a new contribution to the history of English sixteenth-century gold-tooled bookbindings.
[Brief aan de admiraliteit van Zeeland, Middelburg]
Brief van Robert Dudley Leicester (1532-1588) aan Staten van Zeeland
briefe and true report of the proceedings of the Earle of Leycester f*. -, A
briefe report of the militarie services done in the Low countries., A
Brieven van Leicester aan den koning van Denemarken
Compleat ambassador or Two treaties of the intended marriage of Qu. Elizabeth of glorious memory comprised in letters of negotiation of sir Francis Walsingham, her resident in France. Together with the answers of the Lord Burleigh, the Earl of Leicester, Sir Tho. Smith, and others ... Faithfully collected by the truly honourable Sir Dudly Digges Knight, late Master of the Rolls., The
copie of a letter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Leycester, lieutenant generall of all Her Maiesties forces in the Vnited Prouinces of the Lowe Countreys, The : written before but deliuered at his returne from thence, with a report of certeine petitions and declarations made to the Queenes Maiestie at two seuerall times from al the lordes and commons lately assembled in Parliament, and Her Maiesties answeres thereunto by her selfe deliuered ...
Correspondance inédité de Robert Dudley, comte de Leicester et de François et Jean Hotman
Correspondance inédite de Robert Dudley, comte de Leycester, et de François et Jean Hotman
Correspondence of Robert Dudley, earl of Leycester, during his government of the Low Countries, in the years 1585 and 1586. Edited by John Bruce,...
Correspondentie van Robert Dudley Graaf van Leycester en andere documenten betreffende zijn Gouvernement-generaal in de Nederlanden. 1583-1588 uitgegeven met subsidie van teylers tweede genootschap door Dr. H. Brugmans
Correspondentie van Robert Dudley Graaf van Leycester en andere documenten betreffende zijn Gouvernement-generaal in de Nederlanden. 1585-1588 uitgegeven met subsidie van teylers tweede genootschap door Dr. H. Brugmans
Crijchs-Ordonnantien ende Rechten, ghemaect ende gheordonnert by ... Robert, Grave van Leycester ... om te worden onderhouden by alsulcken als dienen sullen in hare Maiest. armeye, onder zijn Excel. in de voorseyde Nederlanden.
Declaratio oder Erklerung des ... : Herrn Roberts von Leycester, ... so Ire G. den Gemeinen Staten in der Statt Dordrecht, beywesens eines erbaren Raths, daselbsten vorgehalten hat ; auss der niederlendischen in unser hoch teutsche Sprache geabracht.
History of Kenilworth castle
In adventum illustrissimi Lecestrensis comitis ad collegium Lincolviense. -
In illustrissimi comitis Leicestrensis Oxoniensis Academiae Cancellarii a*. -
Kriegs Ordnung vnd Recht so der ... Herr Rob-recht Graue zu Leycester ... General Kriegs ... 1586. (VD16 D 2849)
most necessary prayer for the Earle of Leicester. -, A
Placcaet daer by verboden wert dat niemandt eenighe calumnien ofte valsche wtgheuinghen verspreyen en sal moghen, vande handelingen ende actien soo wel vande Majest. ende d'Engelsche natie, als vanden heeren Staten generael oft particulier, ende vande Magistraten van den steden, ende andere particuliere officiers inden dienst vanden lande wesende.
Placcart, ende ordonantie generale, soo op den cours vanden gelde, als op de policie ende discipline betreffende d'exercitie vanden munte ende muntslach ... Ghegheven by Z. Exe. inden Haghe 4 aug. 1586.
Protestation vnd fuertrag. Des Grafen von Leycester so er nach seiner wider Ahnkunfft auß ... 1588. (VD16 D 2851)
Relatione di tutte il successo di Famagosta.
Remonstrance faite avx Estats Generavx. Dutch
Secret memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Prime Minister and favourite of Queen Elizabeth. : Containing an instructive account of his ambition, designs, intrigues, excessive power : Written during his life, and now published from an old manuscript never printed.
Secret memoirs of Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester... written during his life and now published... by Dr. Drake
Sekeren brief ghesonden by den doorluchtigen... Robert, grave van Leycester... neffens de remonstrantie by hem aen den Generalen Staten ghedaen den VII. september 1587, aenden hoofden ende regeerders van de steden der gheunierden provincien. [9 september 1587.]
Sekeren brief ghesonden by [...] Robert graue van Leycester [...] neffens de Remonstrantie by hem aen den Generalen Staten ghedaen [...] aenden hoofden ende regeerders vande steden der ghevnieerde Prouincien.
true report of all the successe of Famagosta, of the antique writers called Tamassus a citie in Cyprus. In the which the whole order of all the skirmishes, batteries, mines, and assaultes geven to the sayd fortresse, may plainly appeare. Moreover the names of the captaines, and number of the people slaine, as well of the Christians as of the Turkes... Englished out of Italian by William Malim., The
Vertooch ende remonstrantie by den doorluchtigen... Robert grave van Leycester... capiteyn generael der vereenichde provincien, ghedaen aen den Staten Generael der selver, vergadert binnen der stadt Dordrecht... den VII. september anno 1587 stilo novo...
Voyage of Robert Dudley, afterwards styled earl of Warwick and Leicester and duke of Northumberland, to the West Indies, 1594-1595, narrated by capt. Wyatt, by himself and by Abram Kendall,... Edited by George F. Warner,..., The