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Tansella, M.
Tansella, Michele
タンセラ, ミケーレ
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Balestrieri, M.
De Girolamo, G.
De Girolamo, Giovanni
Gatt, Elżbieta
Robson, Marta
Sartorius, N.
Thornicroft, G.
Thornicroft, Graham
Thornicroft, Graham (1954-)
Università degli Studi di Verona Affiliation (see also from)
福田, 正人 (1958-)
笠井, 清登 (1971-)
Academic psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry: useful partnership or dangerous interaction?
Accessibility and pathways to psychiatric care in a community-based mental health system.
Activity of centrally acting drugs on amphetamine metabolism.
Acute in-patient care in modern, community-based mental health services. Where and how?
Affective and neurotic disorders in community-based services: a comparative study in south Verona and south Manchester.
Altered microstructure integrity of the amygdala in schizophrenia: a bimodal MRI and DWI study
Alternatives to standard acute in-patient care for people with mental disorders : from systematic description to evaluative research
An-institution-based register in a psychiatric university clinic.
Annotated bibliography of psychiatric epidemiology, c1992:
Anxiety and EEG alpha activity in neurotic patients.
Applications and usefulness of routine measurement of patients' satisfaction with community-based mental health care.
Aripiprazole versus haloperidol in combination with clozapine for treatment-resistant schizophrenia in routine clinical care: a randomized, controlled trial.
Assessment of cerebral blood volume in schizophrenia: A magnetic resonance imaging study.
Assessment of Medication Adherence in Patients With Schizophrenia: The Achilles Heel of Adherence Research
Association study of dysbindin gene with clinical and outcome measures in a representative cohort of Italian schizophrenic patients.
Avoidable mortality of psychiatric patients in an area with a community-based system of mental health care
Better mental health care.
Brain morphometry by probabilistic latent semantic analysis.
Brain serotonin metabolism in isolated aggressive mice.
Brain structural changes associated with chronicity and antipsychotic treatment in schizophrenia.
Bringing into action the psychiatric reform in South-Verona. A five year experience.
Can neuroimaging studies help us in understanding the biological causes of schizophrenia?
Caring for people with depression or with schizophrenia: are the consequences different?
Case management or assertive community treatment: are they really alternative approaches?
Census-Based Socio-Economic Status (SES) Index as a Tool to Examine the Relationship between Mental Health Services Use and Deprivation, A
Cerebellar and lobar blood flow in schizophrenia: a perfusion weighted imaging study.
Cerebral atrophy and white matter disruption in chronic schizophrenia.
changing pattern of inpatient antipsychotic drug use in Italy., The
choice of neuroleptics in the treatment of schizophrenia: a critical review., The
Common mental disorders in primary care, 1999:
Community-based mental health care: to what extent are service costs associated with clinical, social and service history variables?
Community-based psychiatry: long-term patterns of care in South-Verona
Community psychiatry in unusual and remote settings.
Community psychiatry in unusual remote setting
Community psychiatry without mental hospitals--the Italian experience: a review.
Comparative efficacy and acceptability of 12 new-generation antidepressants: a multiple-treatments meta-analysis
comparison of community-based care for schizophrenia in south Verona and south Manchester., A
comparison of needs of patients with schizophrenia in five European countries: the EPSILON Study., A
Comparison of patient and clinician perspectives in the assessment of antipsychotic medication adherence.
Components of a modern mental health service: a pragmatic balance of community and hospital care: overview of systematic evidence.
Comprehensive community care without long stay beds in mental hospitals: trends from an Italian good practice area.
conceptual framework for mental health services: the matrix model., A
conduct of successful multi-site EU collaborative research: the EPSILON Study., The
Continuity of care for patients with schizophrenia and related disorders: a comparative south-Verona and Groningen case-register study.
Cortical white-matter microstructure in schizophrenia. Diffusion imaging study.
costs of community-based psychiatric care for first-ever patients. A case register study., The
Course of adherence to medication and quality of life in people with schizophrenia.
Cross-validation of a predictive scale for subsequent suicidal behaviour in an Italian sample.
Decreased entorhinal cortex volumes in schizophrenia.
Definition and prevalence of severe and persistent mental illness.
demand for extramural psychiatric intervention in a community-based service., The
Demographic, clinical, social and service variables associated with higher needs for care in community psychiatric service patients. The South Verona Outcome Project 8.
Depression and emotional disorders in patients with physical illnesses: scientific knowledge and interventions that innovate practice.
Designing precise instruments for focused international mental health service research.
Detection and management of mental distress and psychiatric disorders in primary care settings.
Determinants of first- and second-generation antipsychotic drug use in clinically unstable patients with schizophrenia treated in four European countries.
Determinants of once-only contact in a community-based psychiatric service.
Determinants of subjective quality of life in patients attending community-based mental health services. The South-Verona Outcome Project 5.
Development of a registry for monitoring psychotropic drug prescriptions: aims, methods and implications for ordinary practice and research.
Do we still need psychiatric case registers?
Does Additional Care Provided by a Consumer Self-Help Group Improve Psychiatric Outcome? A Study in an Italian Community-Based Psychiatric Service
Does Meeting Needs Improve Quality of Life?
Does socio-economic status influence the use of mental health services?
Does staff-patient agreement on needs for care predict a better mental health outcome? A 4-year follow-up in a community service
Dropping out of care: inappropriate terminations of contact with community-based psychiatric services.
Drug treatment modalities in psychiatric inpatient practice: a 20-year comparison.
DTI studies of corpus callosum in bipolar disorder.
Economics of mental health. New challenges and new perspectives.
effect of previous psychiatric history on the cost of care: a comparison of various regression models., The
Effect of second-generation antipsychotics on employment and productivity in individuals with schizophrenia: an economic perspective.
Efficacy of the alcohol use disorders identification test as a screening tool for hazardous alcohol intake and related disorders in primary care: a validity study.
empirical method to identify patterns in the course of psychotic episodes of people with schizophrenia, An
Episodes of care for first-ever psychiatric patients. A long-term case-register evaluation in a mainly urban area.
EPSILON Study - a study of care for people with schizophrenia in five European centres., The
EPSILON study of schizophrenia in five European countries. Design and methodology for standardising outcome measures and comparing patterns of care and service costs., The
Evaluating a community-based mental health service focusing on severe mental illness. The Verona experience.
Evaluating psychiatric morbidity in a general hospital: a two-phase epidemiological survey.
Excess mortality by natural causes of Italian schizophrenic patients.
Factor solution of the BPRS-expanded version in schizophrenic outpatients living in five European countries.
Factors associated with clinicians' dispositions in an out-patient psychiatric department
Fair assessment of the merits of psychiatric research.
fatal case of pancytopenia due to levomepromazine., A
Fighting discrimination and stigma against people with mental disorders.
Foreword: the key role of research in making rational mental health services.
Further studies on the interaction between desipramine and amphetamine.
Gender differences in living with schizophrenia. A cross-sectional European multi-site study.
Gender, marital status and treated affective disorders in South Verona: a case register study.
Geographical and urban-rural variation in the seasonality of suicide: some further evidence.
Growing recognition of the importance of service user involvement in mental health service planning and evaluation.
Heterogeneity of outcomes in schizophrenia. 3-year follow-up of treated prevalent cases.
High and long-term users of the mental health services. A case-register study in Italy.
Hospital and community based psychiatry: a comparative study between a Danish and an Italian psychiatric service.
How editors of psychiatric journals perceive their role? A follow-up appraisal seven years after.
How often do patients with psychosis fail to adhere to treatment programmes? A systematic review
iceberg tip and the rest. Mental health care for people with schizophrenia in five European centres., The
Identification and management of depression in primary care settings. A meta-review of evidence.
identification of depression and the coverage of antidepressant drug prescriptions in Italian general practice., The
Identification of depression by medical and surgical general hospital physicians.
Identification of psychiatric distress by primary care physicians.
impact of schizophrenia on frontal perfusion parameters: a DSC-MRI study., The
Implementation science: understanding the translation of evidence into practice.
Implementing a Community Psychiatric Service in South Verona under the New Italian Mental Health Act: A Two-Year Analysis
Implications of long-term conditions for both mental and physical health: comparison of rheumatoid arthritis and schizophrenia.
Improving the quality of psychiatric clinical trials
Improving the treatment of schizophrenia in real world mental health services.
Increased fronto-temporal perfusion in bipolar disorder.
Integrating evaluative research and community-based mental health care in Verona, Italy.
interaction between genetics and epidemiology: the puzzle and its pieces., The
Interactions between sympathomimetic amines and a new monoamine oxidase inhibitor.
Investigation of corpus callosum in schizophrenia with diffusion imaging.
Investigation of shared genetic effects for psychotic and obsessive symptoms in young adult twins.
Is the Defined Daily Dose system a reliable tool for standardizing antipsychotic dosages?
Italian psychiatric reform: some quantitative evidence., The
Laterality effects in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Listening to patients' needs to improve their subjective quality of life
Long-stay and long-term psychiatric patients in an area with a community-based system of care: a register follow-up study
Long-term monitoring and evaluation of a new system of community-based psychiatric care. Integrating research, teaching and practice at the University of Verona.
Making mental health services work at the primary level
Manuale per la riforma dei servizi di salute mentale un modello a matrice
Measuring the treatment environment of a psychiatric ward and a community mental health center after the Italian reform
mejora de la atención de salud mental, La
mental health effects of terrorism and traumatic events., The
Mental Health Matrix: a Manual to Improve Services, The
mental health matrix, The : a manual to improve services
Mental health outcome measures, c1995:
Mobility of schizophrenic patients, non-psychotic patients and the general population in a case register area.
[Monitoring the impact on international literature of scientific production of Italian researchers, in the disciplines of "psychiatry" and "psychology." The period of 1995-1999 compared with the period of 1985-1989].
Monthly variation in the pattern of extramural psychiatric care.
Mortality among people with mental disorders.
multicenter controlled trial in phobic-obsessive psychoneurosis. The effect of chlorimipramine and of its combinations with haloperidol and diazepam., A
Multivariate analysis of outcome of mental health care using graphical chain models. The South-Verona Outcome Project 1.
N-desmethyldiazepam and amylobarbitone sodium as hypnotics in anxious patients. Plasma levels, clinical efficacy and residual effects.
Needs for care of patients with schizophrenia and the consequences for their informal caregivers
new EPS: Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences., The
new EPS, The : Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
New generation psychotropics and the automatism of prescribing
New perspectives of mental health service research.
Normal pituitary volumes in chronic schizophrenia.
Obsessional scores and subjective general psychiatric complaints of patients with duodenal ulcer or ulcerative colitis.
Off-label and non-classical prescriptions of antipsychotic agents in ordinary in-patient practice.
Past use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the risk of cerebrovascular events in the elderly.
Pathways to psychiatric care in south-Verona, Italy.
Patterns of care for chronic patients after the Italian psychiatric reform. A longitudinal case register study.
People with schizophrenia in five countries: conceptual similarities and intercultural differences in family caregiving.
Persistence with polypharmacy and excessive dosing in patients with schizophrenia treated in four European countries.
personal impact of schizophrenia in Europe., The
Perturbações mentais comuns nos cuidados primários
Predicting clinical and social outcome of patients attending 'real world' mental health services: a 6-year multi-wave follow-up study.
Predicting costs of mental health care: a critical literature review
predictive model to allocate frequent service users of community-based mental health services to different packages of care., A
Predictive scales for parasuicide repetition. Further results.
Predictors of changes in needs for care in patients receiving community psychiatric treatment: a 4-year follow-up study.
Preparation courses for childbirth in primipara. A comparison.
Provision of mental health care in general practice in Italy.
Provision of services for people with schizophrenia in five European regions.
Psychiatric morbidity in general practice in Italy. A point-prevalence survey in a defined geographical area.
Psychiatric units in general hospitals. Problems and perspectives in Europe.
Psychological and physical complaints of subjects with low exposure to lead.
Psychological performance in anxious patients treated with diazepam.
Psychological performance of workers with blood-lead concentration below the current threshold limit value.
Psychosocial factors and physical illness in primary care: promoting the biopsychosocial model in medical practice.
Psychotropic drug epidemiology: The road travelled, the road ahead
Psychotropic drug use in Italy: national trends and regional differences.
radici psicosociali della psichiatria, Le
Rationale and design of an independent randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of aripiprazole or haloperidol in combination with clozapine for treatment-resistant schizophrenia.
Recent advances in depression. Where are we going?
Recent advances in schizophrenia research
Reentrainment of diurnal variation of psychological and physiological performance at the end of a slowly rotated shift system in hospital workers.
reliability of the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview--Italian version., The
Reported prevalence of alcohol dependence in South-Verona: a case register study.
residual effects of N-desmethyldiazepam in patients., The
role of white matter for the pathophysiology of schizophrenia, The
Satisfaction with mental health services among people with schizophrenia in five European sites: results from the EPSILON Study.
scientific evaluation of mental health treatments: an historical perspective., The
Seasonal variation in affective disorders. A case register study.
Seasonal variation in suicide: is there a sex difference?
Second-generation antipsychotics and risk of cerebrovascular accidents in the elderly.
Seishin hoken sabisu jissen gaido.
Self-reported use of psychotropic drugs and alcohol abuse in South-Verona.
Service utilization by schizophrenic patients in Groningen and South-Verona: an event-history analysis.
Seven criteria for improving effectiveness trials in psychiatry
Sex differences in the subjective tolerability of antipsychotic drugs.
South Verona's psychiatric service: an integrated system of community care.
Specific linguistic and pragmatic deficits in Italian patients with schizophrenia.
spectrum of psychiatric morbidity in a defined geographical area., The
Subthreshold psychiatric disorders in primary care: prevalence and associated characteristics.
Suicide and the Italian psychiatric reform: an appraisal of two data collection systems.
Suicide and unemployment in Italy: description, analysis and interpretation of recent trends.
Suicide prevention strategies and mental disorders.
Suicide, psychiatric reform, and the provision of psychiatric services in Italy.
Thirtieth birthday of the Italian psychiatric reform: research for identifying its active ingredients is urgently needed.
Translating ethical principles into outcome measures for mental health service research.
Trends in the prescription of antidepressants in urban and rural general practices.
Two-phase epidemiological surveys in psychiatric research.
Understanding antipsychotic non-classical prescriptions: a quantitative and qualitative approach.
Urban-rural differences in the associations between social deprivation and psychiatric service utilization in schizophrenia and all diagnoses: a case-register study in Northern Italy.
Urbanicity and schizophrenia. From statistical association to causality?
Use of mental health services in south Verona and Groningen. A comparative case-register study.
Using health production functions to evaluate treatment effectiveness: an application to a community mental health service.
Validation of the Italian version of the GHQ in a general practice setting.
Validity and test-retest reliability of the Italian version of the 12-item General Health Questionnaire in general practice: a comparison between three scoring methods.
Validity of the impact factor of journals as a measure of randomized controlled trial quality.
Valutare i costi in psichiatria
Varying and "atypical" indications for atypical antipsychotics.
W stronę lepszej psychiatrycznej opieki zdrowotnej
What are the perspectives of human brain mapping in the field of bipolar disorder?
What happens to patients seen only once by psychiatric services? Findings from a follow-up study.
White matter connectivity in bipolar disorder.
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