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Asher Koriat
Asher Koriat (Israeli cognitive psychologist)
Asher Koriat (psycholoog uit Israël)
Koriat, Asher,
Qwriyaʾṭ, ʾAšer
Qwryaʾṭ, ʾAšer
Кориат, Ашер
אשר קוריאט
קוריאט, אשר
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Bjork, Robert A.
Gopher, Daniel
Gopher, Daniel (1943-...)
Greenberg, Seth N.
International symposium on attention and performance 17 1996
Ma'ayan, Hilit (1970-)
Nussinson, Ravit
Pansky, Ainat
Pearlman-Avnion, Shiri
Sheffer, Limor
Universitat Hefa. Makhon le'ibbud meda weqabbalat hahlatot
University of California, Berkeley
Attention and performance XVII, c1999:
Cognitive regulation of performance : interaction of theory and application
Comparing objective and subjective learning curves : judgments of learning exhibit increased underconfidence with practice
Creativity and the structure of memory
effects of enconding fluency and retrieval fluency on judgments of learning, The
Exploring a mnemonic debiasing account of the underconfidence-with-practice effect
extraction of structure during reading, The : evidence from reading prosody
Flexible mental processes in numerical size judgments : the case of Hebrew letters that are used to convey numbers
Hierarchical memory distortions : the basic-level convergence effect
Illusions of competence during study can be remediated by manipulations that enhance learners' sensivity to retrieval conditions at test
Illusions of competence in monitoring one's knowledge during study
inflation of conditional predictions, The
intricate relationships between monitoring and control in metacognition, The : lessons for the cause-and-effect relation between subjective experience and behavior
Memory organization of action events and its relationship to memory performance
Metacognition and consciousness
missing-letter effect in Hebrew, The : word frequency or word function?
Predicting one's own forgetting : the role of experience - based and theory - based processes
Strategic regulation of grain size in memory reporting over time
What do we know about what we cannot remember : accessing the semantic attributes of words that cannot be recalled
Thesis--University of California, Berkeley