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Armando Frederico
Brentford, Frederick Herman of
Brentford, Friedrich Hermann of
Brentford, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg (Earl of)
Duque Federico de Schomberg
Federicus Schomberg
Frédéric-Armand de Schomberg
Frederick (Duke of Schonberg)
Frederick (of Schonberg)
Frederick Schomberg
Frederick Schomberg, 1st Duke of Schomberg (Marshal of France)
Frederick (Schonberg, Duke)
Frederik van Schomberg (Duits militair (1615-1690))
Fredrik von Schomberg
Friderich (Schomberg, Herzog)
Friedrich (Schomberg, Herzog)
Friedrich von Schomberg
Friedrich von Schomberg (Heerführer, General, Marschall von Frankreich)
Fryderyk Schomberg
Harwich, Frederick Herman of
Harwich, Friedrich Hermann of
Harwich, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg (Marquis of)
Schomberg, Armand Frederick (Duke of Schomberg)
Schomberg, Armand Frederick of
Schomberg (Duke of)
Schomberg, Frédéric Armand
Schomberg, Frédéric Armand de
Schomberg, Frédéric de
Schomberg, Frederick
Schomberg, Frederik van (Graaf)
Schomberg, Friedrich Hermann
Schomberg, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg
Schomberg, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg (duc de)
Schomberg, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg (Duke of)
Schomberg, Friedrich Hermann von
Schomberg, Hermann von
Schonberg, Frédéric Armand
Schonberg, Frederick
Schonberg, Frederick (Duke of)
Schönberg, Frederick Herman
Schönberg, Frederick Herman (Duke of Schomberg)
Schönberg, Frederick Herman of Schomberg
Schonberg, Frederick of
Schönberg, Friedrich Herman (Duke of Schomberg)
Schönberg, Friedrich Herman of Schomberg
Schönberg, Friedrich Hermann
Schonberg, Friedrich Hermann (Duke of)
Schönberg, Friedrich Hermann von
Teyes, Frederick Herman of
Teyes, Friedrich Hermann of
Teyes, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg (Baron of)
Фрідріх фон Шомберг
Шомберг, Фридрих фон
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Manuscript language material
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Dessoulavy, Charles L. (16..-)
L.F. Schwan und L.G. Götz (Firm)
Articles of war agreed on. -
Beylagen zur Lebensbeschreibung des Marschalls von Schönburg
full and true account of all the remarkable actions and things that have happen'd in the North of Ireland, since the 15th of November, to the 7th instant. And particularly of the actions at Sligo, the Newry, and Charlemont., A : As also the petition of the chief inhabitants of Ulster, to the Duke of Schonberg. His Grace's answer thereunto. The present state of the army and affairs there. And of the seizing of Commissary Shales. In a letter from Lisbourn, of December the 7th. 1689. Licensed, December 19. 1689. J.F.
Great and good news from His Grace the Duke of Schomberg's camp at Dundalk, 1689:
Leben Friedrichs von Schomberg oder Schönburg
Letter from Friedrich Hermann Schomberg, to unidentified recipient, regarding the current state of his affairs and his victory over the Duke of Berwick at Cavan
Lob-Rede des Weyland Friederich Hertzog von Schomberg etc. ... - [Ca. 1690]
Nouvelles predictions de la destinée des princes et etats du monde. Traduit de l'italien par C. L. D.
order published by the command of Frederick Schomberg. -, An
Proclamations. 1689-09-01
Second proclamation, by Frederick Duke of Schonberg, &c. for protecting and inviting all persons to bring provisions to the army
Voorseggingen van het besluyt der vorstenen staten vande werelt. Uit het Italiaens vertaelt door C. L. D.