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Gerish, W. B.
Gerish, William Blyth
William Blyth Gerish
William Blyth Gerish (English antiquarian biographer and folklorist)
born 1864-01-01 deceased 1921-01-01
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Basire, James (1769-1822)
Drage, William (1637?-1669)
Gough, Richard (1735-1809)
M. J
Maynard, John Sir, 1602-1690
Schnebbelie, Jacob (1760-1792)
Society of Antiquaries of London
childrens̓ example; showing how one Mrs. Johnsons̓ child of Barnet, was tempted of the Devil to forsake God, and follow the ways of other wicked children, who used to swear, tell lies, and disobey their parents; how this pretty innocent child, resisting Satan, was comforted by an angel from Heaven, who warned her of her approaching death. Together with her dying words, desiring young children not to forsake God, lest Satan would gain power over them. To the tune of Bleeding Heart., The
Eleanor cross at Waltham., The
folk-lore of Hertfordshire; a brief list of material collected and classified by W. B. Gerish., The
Hartfordshire wonder;, The
Hertfordshire Robin Hood; or, The story of Jack o' Legs, the robber-giant of Weston, A
Hock-tide observance at Hexton in Hertfordshire; together with some suggestions regarding its origin and significance, The
John Kellerman, the "last of the alchemists."
"maid of the mill," a story of Baldock;, The
Mayers and their song, or Some account of the first of May and its observance in Hertfordshire., The
mowing devil, The
relation of Mary Hall of Gadsden, reputed to be possessed of two devils, 1664, from "A small treatise of sicknesses and diseases from witchcraft," appended to "Physical experiments,", A
severall practices of Johane Harrison and her daughter, condemned and executed at Hartford for witchcraft, the 4th August last, 1606., The
short rehearsal of the sad condition of three of the children of John Baldwin of Sarret in the county of Hertford, and also the manner of their deliverance, 1717., A
surprising discoveries of murtherers. "The case of a murther in Hertfordshire" in 1628-9, The