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Burnet (Dr)
Burnet, Thomas
Burnet, Thomas (Dr)
Burnetii, T.
Burnetio, T.
Burnetius, T.
Burnetius, Thomas
Burnett, Thomas
Divine of the Church of England
Thomas Burnet (englischer Autor und Theologe)
Thomas Burnet (English theologian and writer)
Thomas Burnet (schrijver uit Koninkrijk Engeland (1635-1715))
Thomas Burnet (teologo inglese)
asi 1635-1715
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Addison, Joseph (1672-1719)
Burnet, Thomas (1635?-1715))
Dalen, Daniel van den (Amsterdam)
Hippocrates, ca (460-377? v.Chr)
Hofhout, Johannes (16..-1740)
Kettilby, Walter
Leydekker, Melchior (1642-1721)
Locke, John (1632-1704)
Overbeke, Jean François van (Leuven)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Reynolds, John (1667-1727)
Wolters, Joannes (Amsterdam)
Wolters, Johann (ca 1655-1715))
Aanhangsel, Van de toekomende herstelling der Joden
Answer to the exceptions made by Mr. Erasmus Warren
appeal to common sense ... [MI] 1719, An
Archaeologiae philosophicae.
Biblische Betrachtung des Erdreichs
catalogue of the libraries of... St. Thomas Burnet... collected whilft he was consul at Lifbon: the Rev. Mr. Reynolds... a choice collection of Spanifh and Italian books, prints and drawings, bey the greateft mafters, collected from Italy...together with the remainder of the libraries of the rev. Dr. Butler... Dr. Horsmann and many others..., A
De statu mortuorum et resurgentium tractatus
Doctrina antiqua de rerum originibus
Dr. Burnet's appendix to the ninth chapter of the State of the dead Concerning the two resurrections, the New-Heavens and New-Earth; the Millenary-Reign of Christ, and of the future restauration of the Jews. Published from the author's Latin original
faith and duties of Christians A treatise in eight chapters. ... Written originally in Latin by the late Rev. Dr. Thomas Burnet, ... Translated into English by Mr. Dennis., The
fide & officiis Christianorum liber posthumus, De
gemeene dwalingen der Christenen, betreffende den staat der Dooden, der Opstanding en van het aanstaande Leven, De
Heilige beshouwinge des aardkloots
Hell torments not eternal Argumentatively proved, from the attribute of divine mercy. By Dr Thomas Burnet.
Hippocrates Contractus
judgment of Dr Thomas Burnet, late master of the Charter-House, concerning the doctrine of the Trinity: and the judgement of Dr Samuel Clarke, late Rector of St. James's, Concerning 1. The Satisfaction, 2. The Merits, 3. The Mediation and Intercession - of Christ. 4. The ordinary Influence and Assistance of the Holy Spirit. 5. The Two Sacraments. With a preface, concerning Mr. Lock, Sir Isaac Newton, and Mr. Wollaston, The
last wills and testaments of J. Partridge, student in physick and astrology; and Dr. Burnett, Master of the Charter-house, The
Opera omnia
re-survey of the Mosaic system of the creation With rules for the right judging and interpreting of scripture. In two letters to a friend. Translated from the Latin of Dr. Burnet. By Mr. Foxton., A
Remarks on John Locke
Remarks upon an essay concerning human understanding : five tracts
republica Hebraeorun libri XII, De
sacred theory of the earth containing an account of the original of earth and of all the general changes which is hath already undergone, or is to undergo, till the consummation of all things..., The
statu mortuorum et resurgentium liber. Accesserunt epistolæ duæ circa libellum de archæologiis philosophicis. Auctore Thoma Burnetio, S.T.P, De
statu mortuorum et resurgentium tractatus. Adjicitur Appendix de futura Judæorum restauratione, nunc primùm evulgata, De
statu mortuorum & resurgentium tractatus. Of the state of the dead, and of those that are to rise. Translated from the Latin original of Dr. Burnet, ... By Matthias Earbery, ... In two volumes, De
T. Burnetii Telluris Theoria sacra Theoria sacraoriginem et mutationes generales orbis nostri, quas aut jam subiit, aut olim subiturs est complectens
Telluris theoria sacra. Parts 1 & 2.
theory of the earth: containing an account of the original of the earth, and of all the general changes which it hath already undergone, or is to undergo, till the consummation of all things ..., The
Thesaurus medicinae practicae
Traité de l'état des morts et des résuscitans. Par Thomas Burnet... Traduit du latin par Mr. Jean Bion....
Traité de la foi et des devoirs des chrétiens
treatise concerning the state, 1730:, A
Wysgerige beginselkunden ofte oude lere, van de oorsprongen der dingen. : Twe boeken.