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Baumann, Peter
Baumann, Peter ((Vocalist))
Peter Baumann (compositeur, chanteur, joueur de synthétiseur et flûtiste)
Peter Baumann (deutscher Rockmusiker)
Peter Baumann (Duits muzikant)
Peter Baumann (German musician)
Peter Baumann (musicista tedesco)
Peter Baumann (niemiecki muzyk rockowy grający na instrumentach klawiszowych)
Peter Baumann (tysk musikar)
Peter Baumann (tysk musiker)
Бауманн, Петер
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Arista Records Inc
Baumann, Peter
Berlin Express (isMemberOf)
Franke, Christopher (1953-)
Franke, Christopher (co-performer)
Froese, Edgar
Froese, Edgar (co-performer)
Jolliffe, Steve (co-performer)
Landing (isMemberOf)
Private music (see also from)
Private musicke
Schnitzler, Conrad (co-performer)
Schnitzler, Gregor (co-performer)
Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream (isMemberOf)
Tangerine Dream (Grupo musical)
Tangerine dream 1970-1977 (see also from)
Tropea, John
Virgin France
Virgin Records Ltd
Bicentennial presentation (4 min 48 s)
Biking up the strand (2 min 27 s)
Brain damage (2 min 48 s)
Cash (3 min 23 s)
Chasing the dream (4 min 36 s)
Concerto pour hautbois K 314
Dance at dawn (3 min 58 s)
Daytime logic (2 min 52 s)
Deccadance (3 min 04 s)
Enc. of Popular Music, MacMillan, 1998, The
Fremde in der Nacht (4 min 24 s)
Glass bridge (3 min 45 s)
Glass house (4 min 15 s)
Ground zero (3 min 35 s)
King of the jungle (3 min 47 s)
Kinky dinky (3 min 45 s)
M.A.N. series two (3 min 37 s)
Meadow of infinity
Merdian moorland (3 min 28 s)
Meridian Moorland
Metro man (3 min 53 s)
Movements of a Visionary
Phase by phase (7 min 35 s)
Phaseday (5 min 51 s)
Playland pleasure (3 min 26 s)
Realtimes (3 min 36 s)
Repeat repeat
Romance '76.
Rubycon 2010
Sequent C'
Sinfonia concertante
Sorcerer : banda sonora original de la película
Sorcerer music from the orig. motion picture soundtrack
Soundmill navigator
Strangers in the night
Symphonie concertante K 297 B nouvelle reconstruction
Taxi (3 min 13 s)
Third site (6 min 21 s)
This this day (5 min 12 s)
Time machine (3 min 25 s)
Trans harmonic nights
Wages of fear
Welcome (4 min 24 s)
What is your use? (3 min 32 s)
White bench and black beach (5 min 31 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
1968-09-29: Rot/Weiß: Internationale Essener Songtage, Grugahalle, Essen, West Germany
1968-09-29: Tangerine Tree, Volume 59: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
1972-11-25: Tangerine Tree: Volume 52: Sendesaal, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne, West Germany
1973-11-20: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 73: Alhambra Theatre, Saint Ouen, France
1973-11-29: Tangerine Tree, Volume 23: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
1973-11-29: Tangerine Tree, Volume 23r: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
1974-10-25: Tangerine Tree, Volume 10: City Hall, Newcastle, UK
1974-10-29: Tangerine Tree, Volume 2: City Hall, Sheffield, UK
1974-11-26: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 47: St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK
1974-12-13: Tangerine Tree, Volume 30: Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Reims, France
1975-04-02: Ruby in the Sky: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
1975-04-02: Tangerine Tree, Volume 9: London Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
1975-08-16: Tangerine Tree, Volume 22: Theatre Antique, Orange, France
1975-09-23: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 67: Opera, Reims, France
1975-10-17: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 81: City Hall, Glasgow, UK
1975-23-10: Tangerine Tree, Volume 7: Croydon Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK
1976-01-26: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 68: Hippodrome, Paris, France
1976-01-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 6: Pabellón de la Casilla, Bilbao, Spain
1976-02-09: Tangerine Tree, Volume 27: Auditorium Paul-Emile Janson, Brussels, Belgium
1976-02-11: Tangerine Tree, Volume 55: RAI Congress Centrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1976-06-05: Tangerine Tree, Volume 47: Palace Theatre, Manchester, UK
1976-06-07: Tangerine Tree, Volume 34: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
1976-06-27: Tangerine Tree, Volume 8: Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany
1976-10-21: Tangerine Tree, Volume 45: Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
1976-10-27: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 46: Cirkus-Krone-Bau Munich, Germany
1976-10-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 13: Mozart Saal, Mannheim, Germany
1976-11-08: Tangerine Tree, Volume 1: Nottingham Albert Hall, Nottingham, UK
1976-11-16: Tangerine Tree, Volume 31: L'Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
1976-11-22: Tangerine Tree, Volume 19: Palais du Sport, Paris, France
1976-11-26: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 87: Nuevo Pabellón Deportivo, Barcelona, Spain
1977-03-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 25: Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI, USA
1977-04-02: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 85: Music Hall, Cleveland, OH, USA
1977-04-04: Tangerine Tree: Volume 4: Washington Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA
1977-04-09: Tangerine Tree: Volume 18: Place des Arts, Montreal, QC, Canada
1977-04-21: Tangerine Tree, Volume 39: Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, USA
1978-02-24: Tangerine Tree, Volume 11: Audimax, Hamburg, Germany
1978-03-24: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 86: Apollo, Glasgow, UK
1978-03-26: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 75: Empire, Liverpool, UK
1980-01-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 17: Palast der Republik, East Berlin, East Germany
1980-10-13: Tangerine Tree, Volume 26: Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium
1980-10-16: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 54: Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany
1980-10-17, Second Set: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 45: Centre Culturelle, Luxembourg
1980-11-15: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 78: Royal Court, Liverpool, UK
1980-11-15: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 82: Palasport, Bologna, Italy
1981-01-26: Tangerine Tree, Volume 56: Internationales Congress Centrum, Berlin, Germany
1981-02-02: Tangerine Tree, Volume 14: Bataclan, Paris, France
1981-02-08: Tangerine Tree, Volume 28: Teatro Tenda, Firenze, Italy
1981-08-29: Tangerine Tree: Volume 53: Berlin Reichstag, Platz Der Republik, West Germany
1981-10-16: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 79: Guild Hall, Portsmouth, UK
1981-10-16: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 9n: Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK
1982-02-22: Tangerine Tree, Volume 37: Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia
1982-03-01: Tangerine Tree, Volume 48: Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne, Australia
1982-10-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 12: Croydon Fairfield Hall, Croydon, UK
1982-11-01: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 84: Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK
1982-11-15: Tangerine Tree, Volume 61: Internationales Congress Centrum, Berlin, Germany
1983-06-11: Tangerine Tree, Volume 5: Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
1983-06-23: Tangerine Tree, Volume 40: Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
1983-11-26: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 13: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany
1986-03-17: Tangerine Tree, Volume 35: Odeon, Birmingham, UK
1986-03-29: Tangerine Tree, Volume 58: WDR-Sendesaal, Cologne, Germany
1986-06-06: Tangerine Tree, Volume 24: Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Laguna Hills, CA, USA
1986-06-11: Tangerine Leaves: Volume 80: Denver Paramount Theater, Denver, CO, USA
1986-06-21: Tangerine Tree, Volume 44: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
1986-06-27: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 42: Performing Arts Center Providence, RI, USA
1987-08-01: Tangerine Tree, Volume 38: Reichstagsgelaende, Berlin, Germany
1988-08-29: Tangerine Leaves: Volume 69: Ohio Theater, Columbus, OH, USA
1988-09-09: Tangerine Tree, Volume 42: Palace Theater, New Haven, CT, USA
1988-09-14: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 88: Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL, USA
1990-02-20: Tangerine Tree, Volume 49: Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, Berlin, Germany
1990-10-25: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 90: Assembly Hall Worthing, UK
1990-10-26: Tangerine Tree, Volume 29: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
1990-10-28: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 77: Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK
1992-10-04: Dreaming on Danforth Avenue: The Music Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
1992-10-20: Tangerine Tree, Volume 21: Fox Theater, Detroit, MI, USA
1995-07-12: Tangerine Tree, Volume 57: S.I.R. Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1997-04-11: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 83: Beethovenhalle, Bonn, Germany
1997-04-20: Tangerine Tree, Volume 46: Melkweg Max, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1997-04-22: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 41 (disc 2): Petöfi Csarnok, Budapest, Hungary
1997-04-23: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 41 (disc 1): Dom Muzyki i Tanca Zabrze, Poland
1997-06-13: Tangerine Tree, Volume 20: Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland
1997-11-04: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 65: Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK
1997-11-06: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 71: Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK (disc 2)
1999-06-12: Tangerine Tree, Volume 43: Stadthalle, Osnabrück, Germany
2001-08-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 15: Most Swietokryzyk, Warsaw, Poland
2001-08-31: Tangerine Tree, Volume 16: Most Swietokryzyk, Warsaw, Poland
2001-10-07, Early Show: Tangerine Tree, Volume 3: St.-Marien-Kirche, Bernau, Germany
2002 Tour EP
2003-02-15: Tangerine Tree, Volume 32: Astoria Theatre, London, UK
2003-02-15: Tangerine Tree, Volume 33: Astoria Theatre, London, UK
2004-03-06: Tangerine Tree, Volume 60: Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
2005-07-08: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 76: Friedrichstadtkirche, Berlin, Germany
2005-10-14: Tangerine Leaves, Volume 74: Philharmonie, Essen, Germany
2008-07-18: Night Of The Prog Festival III: Freilichtbühne Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Germany
20th Century Serenades
Aachen - January 21st 1981
Alpha Centauri
Analogue Space Years, The
Best of Tangerine Dream, The
Bootleg Box Set, Volume 1 (disc 3), The
Bootmoon Series, The
Club Dream Mixes, The
Dream Music 2
East (bonus disc)
Electronic Orgy
Electronic Orgy (disc 4)
Fade In
From Past to the Present
Gravitational IV
In den Gärten Pharaos - Bicycle Race
Keep Ultimate Edition, The
Live at Place Des Arts, Montreal, Canada, 9 April 1977
Live at the Guild Hall, Preston, UK, November 5th (disc 2)
Live in Brussels
Meteor, Der
One Times One
Passages Through
Patrolling Space Borders
Pergamon (Live at the 'Palast der Republik', DDR)
Preston, Guild Hall 1980
Repeat Repeat
Romance '76
Russians Are Coming, The
Sea of Dreams (disc 3), A
Sea of Dreams, Volume 2
Sonambulisitic Imagery
Spherical Harmonics One
Strange Attractions
Strangers in the Night
Switch, The
Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Leaves, Volume 49: A Blast From The Past
Tangerine Tree, Volume 36: Assorted Secrets: 1969 - 2001
Tangerine Tree, Volume 41: Space Is the Place: Recordings 1973-1976
Tangerine Tree, Volume 50: Assorted Secrets 2: 1981 - 2003
Tangerine Tree, Volume 54: The Keep: An Alternate View
Trans Harmonic Nights
Transfer Blue Night
Ultima Thule
Video Dream Mixes, The