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Gustafsson, Mats
Mats Gustafsson
Mats Gustafsson (schwedischer Saxophonist)
Mats Gustafsson (Swedish musician)
Mats Gustafsson (Zweeds voetballer)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
AALY Trio (isMemberOf)
Aaly trio (see also from)
Anguish (isMemberOf)
Bauer, Johannes „Hannes“ (co-performer)
Berthling, Johan (co-performer)
Bishop, Jeb (co-performer)
Björk, Tommy (co-performer)
Brandlmayr, Martin (co-performer)
Brooks, Will (co-performer)
Brötzmann, Peter (co-performer)
Christmann, Günter (co-performer)
Crazy Wisdom
dieb13 (co-performer)
Diskaholics Anonymous Trio (isMemberOf)
Diskaholics anonymous trio (see also from)
Drake, Hamid (co-performer)
Dror Feiler & The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Dunn, Trevor (co-performer)
Fake The Facts + 2 (isMemberOf)
Feiler, Dror (co-performer)
Fernández, Agusti (1954- ))
Fire! (isMemberOf)
Fire! Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Flaten, Ingebrigt Håker (co-performer)
Hallonsten, Tomas (co-performer)
Hana, Anders (co-performer)
Hessels, Terrie (co-performer)
Högberg, Anna (co-performer)
Irmler, Hans Joachim (co-performer)
Janson, Peter (co-performer)
Jernberg, Sofia (co-performer)
Kessler, Kent (co-performer)
Lehn, Thomas (co-performer)
Lindström, Mats (co-performer)
Lonberg-Holm, Fred (co-performer)
Lovens, Paul (co-performer)
Lytton, Paul (co-performer)
Mare, Mike (co-performer)
McPhee, Joe (co-performer)
Moore, Thurston (co-performer)
Morris, Joe (co-performer)
Møster, Kjetil Traavik (co-performer)
Nilssen-Love, Paal (1974-)
Nilssen-Love, Paal (co-performer)
Nordeson, Kjell (co-performer)
O'Rourke, Jim
O’Rourke, Jim (co-performer)
Orchestra, Fire! (co-performer)
Original Silence (isMemberOf)
Pándi, Balázs (co-performer)
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (isMemberOf)
Pupillo, Massimo (co-performer)
Runolf, Sören (co-performer)
Saft, Jamie (co-performer)
Saunier, Greg (co-performer)
Siewert, Martin (co-performer)
Slobber Pup (isMemberOf)
Sonore (isMemberOf)
Stackenäs, David (co-performer)
Strid, Raymond (co-performer)
The End (isMemberOf)
The Thing (isMemberOf)
TR!O + 1 (isMemberOf)
Univ. Lund
Vandermark, Ken (co-performer)
Werliin, Andreas
Werliin, Andreas (co-performer)
Williams, Mars (co-performer)
Zerang, Michael (co-performer)
A, B, C, D, E, Coda
A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Again (With a Lot of Guitar?)
All His Teeth in Hand, Asking Her Once More
Am Sucking for a Bruise, I
And the Stories Will Flood Your Satisfaction (with Terror)
Angels / Spirits
Any Way Anyway
Art of Steve Roney - Smilin', The
At Least on Your Door (Without Noticing)
Background music
Beginning, The
Bevllohallat Hhu/Ö
Birth Of The Listener, The
Blue Goose
Bring Me My Desire and Arrows to Shoot
Built To Do What You Did Last Night (To Howlin' Wolf)
Bumble Bee Blues (To Åke Hodell)
Cafe OTO, London
Can Yours Bark? - To The Thang
Catapult of Solitudes
Chance Illusions
cherry thing, The
Come Sunday
Dachau - Passau Drive
Danny's Dream
Death Of The Author, The
Deep Lines. Cuts.
Disappointing Lack of Initial Support (in Kubbe)
Divided by Steel. Falling Gracefully.
Dolphin Nap Music
Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins
Education of Lars Jerry, The
Elbow Material
Ethiopian Swing - To Lello Jarvis
Even the Rain
Evil Knives. Lines.
Evolutionary trends in the atriplex prostrata group of Scandinavia
Fear Too. Invisible., The
Forever Strictly Forbidden - To Sten Hansson
Freak Pipeline - To John Corbett
Fred Anderson
Free jazz and improvisation on Vinyl 1965 - 1985, 2014:
Frühkartoffelernte - beide vereint (18 min 37 s)
Harke und der Spaten
Have Destroyed It Already From Day One, I
Have Not Set Any Time Limits for the Attempt, I
He Wants to Sleep in a Dream (He Keeps in His Head)
Herbstliches Aufräumen im Garten - einige Zacken der Harke werden verbogen (5 min 16 s)
Hidros one (1997) for nine improvisers, tape and conductor
I'll Give You This!
In A Sentimental Mood
In Side
Incendiary Axe
Intro, A, B
It Is. Remember
It's Amore - To Johan, Mariam And Andreas
Just a Slice of Acoustic Car
Knotted Canvas
Kopros lithos
Language Of Y(our)s - To Clay Ketter
Lars Develops Arachnophobia in Amerika
Lars Gets a Lesson in Myckelgensjö
Light, The
Like Me. Like You.
Like Razor Blades in the Dark.
Listen Up... And Again - To Harald Hult
Live at the South Bank
Long Titles - No Way!
Man in His Boat Desperately Crushing the Ice
Man Who Might Have Been Screaming, A
Memory of a Specific Silence
Message from Fatmomakke
MG 50: Peace & Fire
Molting Slowly (Without Noticing)
Mostly Stare (Without Noticing), I
Mouth eating trees and related activities, 1996:
Needs! - To The Ex
Never Felt This Way Before, I
No More Coffee for King Leif I
Nô Pintcha / Dont Stop! - To Hans Falb
Nut, The
Ode to Don
Other Brothers
Ouf of If
Our Prayer
Out of Ets
Parrot Fish Eye
Photo Is Made in Sundsvall, A
Piano Mating
Pole of Combustible Memory
Possibly She Was One, or Had Been One Before (Brew Dog)
Remembering The Walls? - To Jim And Thurston
Replaced by Shame – Only Two Left
Rotten Herring Blues (To Per-Åke Holmlander)
Shave 'Em Wet (To Memphis Minnie)
Shut Up!
Sleepin Instructions (Extract)
So What?
Sophisticated Lady
Sources Of Such - To Sten Sandell
Standing on a Rabbit (Without Noticing)
Stones and Black Water
Structure À La Malle
Studies in Saxnäs
Success in Drömme II
Surrounded By Short Reflexes - To Raymond Strid
Take Your Hand Off It (To Albert King)
thing she knows...
This is From the Mouth
Tied Door
To love in (31 min 51 s)
To sleep in (21 min 04 s)
To walk in (44 min 52 s)
Tonight. More. Much More. (Without Noticing)
Too Late, Too Sharp – It Is Over
Torparvisa / Angels
Torturing The Saxophone
Untitled (Implosion)
Untitled (Portrait)
Vilnius Implosion, The
Visit to Källom, A
Viska: Too Hands
Vorfrühling - das Holz wird wärmer (4 min 12 s)
Wake Up and Tell Us Again! (In Chicago)
Walk In The Snow, A
Walk, love, sleep
Wanna Be on My Own With You, I
Where's the Air?
Where's the End
Where's What?
Windows: The Music of Steve Lacy
Winter im Schuppen - getrennt (18 min 04 s)
Would I Whip (Without Noticing)
Written And Spoken Such - To Leif Elggren, The
You Have To Get Low As A Toad Again (To Hound Dog Taylor)
Your Silhouette oEach (Without Noticing)
Contributed to or performed: 
2016-09-28: St John at Hackney Church, London, UK
25th Street
All His Teeth in Hand, Asking Her Once More
Allready Cold.Unprepared.
And the Children Play Quietly With Words on the Floor
Andre sider af Sonic Youth
Apertura, Part 1
Apertura, Part 2
Approching.Blood Gushing.
Art of Steve Roney - Smilin', The
Awake Nu
Back Off
Background Music
Beasts Only Die to Be Born
Beisa Vö
Blonk, Gustafsson & Zerang
Bring the War Back Home
Bufo Punctatus
Built to Do What You Did Last Night (To Howlin' Wolf)
Bullets Through Rain
Bumble Bee Blues (To Åke Hodell)
Buying Saturns on the Street!
Calling Patti
Carex Glacialis
Carex Mackenziei
Carex Rhynchophysa
Carex Straminea
Chorophilus Ocularis
Cold Start
Colours in Action
Come Lie Closer
Cosmic Debris, Volume IV
Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper
Cuts Out
Cuts Up
Cuts Up, Cuts Out
Dan Skroich
Deep Lines. Cuts.
Divided by Steel. Falling Gracefully.
Dystopian Turboprop
Eating the Landscape
Eight to...
Eighteen to...
Eleven to...
En Hoi
Evil Knives. Lines.
Face Make
Faces of Fear. Transformed. Melted.
Fat Is Gone, The
Faxing Stina
Fear Too. Invisible., The
Fifteen to...
Five to...
Flesh. Transformed. Melted.
Four to...
Fourteen to...
Friends of the Bumblebee
Fun Generator
Haba Ki Drok
Harvest of Souls
Hidros 3
Hit The Wall!
Hit the Wall! (First)
How to Raise an Ox
Hyla Gratiosa
Hyla Pickeringii
Hyla Versicolor
Ich Bin N!ntendo & Mats Gustafsson
Just About Five: Beginning
Just About Five: Between
Just About Five: Conclusion
King Devours His Sons, The
KREV X: The Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland, 1992-2002
Lightning Bug
Like Me. Like You.
Like Razor Blades in the Dark.
Live at the South Bank
Live in Tabačka 13/04/12
Long Story Short
Love It When You Snore, I
Love It, I
Lyman Place
Lythodytes Ricordii
Map Of Guilt, A
Marks Covered by the Wet Cloth
Marvel Motor
Marvel Motor 1
Marvel Motor 2
Meat Eater, Solar Bird
Mind the Gap, Volume 75
Morning Prayer
Mother / Groundhog
Mouth Eating Trees And Related Activities
New York - Ystad
Nine to...
O Böna Se Di Hova
Ode to Don
One Bird
One Bird Two Bird
One to (Two)...
One to...
Over a Furnace
Paging Cyndi
Palace of Reptiles
Part 1 intro
Part 2 voice
Part 3 contrabass sax
Part 4 voice
Part 5 processed voice
Part 6 voice
Part 7 contrabass sax
Part 8 processed voice
Part 9 voice
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
People Be Happy
PhonoMetak Series # 2
Pumpkin Creek
Rana Clamitans
Rendezvous Up North
Replaced by Shame – Only Two Left
Rotten Herring Blues (To Per-Åke Holmlander)
Scaphiopus Couchii
Seven to...
Seventeen to...
Shake Off
Shave ’em Wet (To Memphis Minnie)
She Denied the Grass Getting Heavier
Six to...
Sixteen to...
Skiing + Shooting
Smell on Her Arms, The
Smoke Signalling Polly Jean
Snarcus Brutalis
Soundless Cries With Their Arms in the Air
Start First
Stones That Can Only Be
Stones That Need Not
Stones That Only Have
Stones That Rest Heavily
Sun Never Sets, The
SYR 8: Andre sider af Sonic Youth
Take Your Hand Off It (To Albert King)
Telexing Jun
Ten to...
Thing, The
Thirteen to...
Three If by Train
Three to...
Tiger Teaches the Lamb, The
Tiny Bit More (To Tiny Kahn), A
Too Late, Too Sharp – It Is Over
Trans-Love Airways
Twelve to...
Two Bird
Two to...
Vanderin' (To Ken Vandermark)
When You Snore
Without Kim I
Without Kim II
Words on the Floor
Worn: First Variation
Worn: Second Variation
Worn: Third Variation
Xylophonen Virtuosen
You Have to Get Low as a Toad Again (To Hound Dog Taylor)
Résumé de thèse
Diss. Univ. Lund, 1975