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Hoppé, Michael
Hoppé, Michael (musicien)
Michael Hoppé
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bleth, Chris
Franzetti, Carlos
Franzetti, Carlos (1948-...)
Hoppé, Michael
Neill, Lou Anne
Polydor international GmbH
Polygram, Division Polydor
Sitterly, James
Tillman, Martin
Wheater, Tim
Adventure in the marketplace (2 min 20 s)
Andrew's solitude (2 min 25 s)
Andrew's theme from Misanderstood
Angel of Grace
Autumn Song
Ave Maria
Beautiful landscapes
Beautiful morning, wonderful night
Besoin d'amour bande originale du film
Black roses, white jade
C'est la vie
Careless Hearts
Carousel Waltz
Childhood Memories
Children's game (1 min 29 s)
Children's Waltz Theme, The
Distant moment
Distant View
Dream Girl
Dream, The
Dreams in the Dark
Dreams of mother (2 min 47 s)
Elegy (for Joan)
Evening Song
Explanation of Love
Eyes Of The Wind ( Reprise )
Eyes of the Wind, The
Father and son (2 min 21 s)
Fiery Tears
First Kiss Came With Flame, The
Glass idol...
Gold Rush Waltz
Great Hunt, The
Hangin' Around
Heidi's Waltz
Home Thoughts
In Paradisum
In William's Eyes
Indigo sunset
Interlude (2 min 07 s)
Interlude: Beloved
Interlude: Grace
Interlude: Jude's Theme
Interlude: Lachrymosa
Interlude: Lover's Lament
Interlude: The Unforgetting Heart
Introduction to Whatever Gardens
Jude's Theme
Lilies on the Lake
Lillies on the lake
Little Ballerina
Lover: The Love Poetry of Carl Sandburg, The
Lullabies and childhood dreams
Lullaby for mother (4 min 19 s)
Man in the Moon
Maxie's Theme from 'Nous Deux Encore'
Meadow Dance
Memories in dark
Misunderstood (2 min 25 s)
Misunderstood original motion picture soundtrack
Moon Dreams
Moon Ghost Waltz
Musik wie ein Streicheln auf der Haut
...Never forgotten
Nocturnes and the quarter moon
Oboe and cor anglais
October Poem
Of mask and shadow
Offering and Rebuff
Old Women, An
Over the Hills
Parting, The
Petite Giselle
Pie Jesu
Pieces of Moon
Playtime Memories
Prairie Moon
Quiet Memories
Quiet Storms : Romances for Flute and Harp
Reflections (2 min 43 s)
Romance for Violin and Orchestra
Romances On Solo Piano
Scarlet's Waltz
She Held Herself a Deep Pool for Him
Silver Rain
Silver Screen Romance
Simple pleasures
Sleep Well, My Child
So Far Away
So You
Song for Sarah
Southern Dreamer
Spats and Champagne
Still Clouds
Summer Dreams
Tapestry [SR] p2010:
Tea for two elegant palm court music for social occasions
Tears and Roses
Tender embrace (2 min 43 s)
This Majestic Land
Thoughts of You
Through the Window
Turning to You
Twilight Shadows
Under the Harvest Moon
Unforgetting Heart (original version), The
Unforgetting Heart (solo piano)
Valley Song
Vanity Fair
Waltz For Raphael
Waltz of Whispers, The
Wind Sings Welcome in Early Spring, The
Wing'd slippers
Wings for the passage of the soul
Yours and Forever
Contributed to or performed: 
… Never Forgotten
Arabic Style
Badly Played Scale
Beautiful Voices 045 (Piano-Chill Mix)
Between Cave and Cloud
Beyond the Valley
Black Roses, White Jade
Calling You (Once More)
Cello Expression
Cello Expression 1
Cello Expression 2
Cello Expression 3
Cello Expression 4
Cello Expression 5
Changes, for A.E. Houseman
Chip Davis' Day Parts: Romance
Chip Davis' Day Parts: Romance II
Chip Davis' Day Parts: Sunday Morning Coffee II
Cousteau's Dream
Cousteau's Dream: A Benefit Album
Dancing Faun
Day Parts: Sunday Morning Coffee
Desert Walk
Diamonds of Rain, for Edward Thomas
Distant Call
Distant Moment
Dream Code: Style Goes Beyond Time
Dreamer (Romances for Alto Flute), Volume 2, The
Dreamer, The
Drone 1
Drone 10
Drone 2
Drone 3
Drone 4
Drone 5
Drone 6
Drone 7
Drone 8
Drone 9
Echoes of the Heart
Eckhart Tolle's Music for Inner Stillness
Eternity II: The Encore, A Romantic Collection
Expansive Theme
Flight, for Robert Frost
Galaxy, Volume 3
Glass Idol
Gold Leaves, for G.K. Chesterton
Harmonics 1
Harmonics 2
Harmony Figure
Hidden in the Heart, for Sara Teasdale
Indigo Sunset
iRelax During a Busy Day
Journey, The
Lady of Silence
Land of Serenity
Lark's Return, The
Lavender Shadows
Leaping Figure
Lilies on the Lake
Listening Wind, The
Long Ago
Longing, The
Lords of Mystery: Trilogy - A Forgotten Century
Lovely Land, The
Low Moody Notes
Magic Waves
Master Superior 2016
Memories in Dark
Middle East
Midnight Swan
Moon Ghosts, for Aldous Huxley
More Oboe
Morning Light
Morning Meadow
Music to Renew the Mind, Body & Soul
Nightingale, The
Nocturnes and the Quarter Moon
Oboe and Cor Anglais
Oboe Expression
Of Mask and Shadow
On Wings of Sleep
One Day I Dream
Paper Lanterns
Piano Dreamers
Playground, The
Poet: Romances for Cello, The
Prayer, for Kahlil Gibran
Prokofiev Style
Quiet Days
Reckoning, The
Renouncement, for Alice Meynell
Rhythm Style 1
Rhythm Style 2
Rhythm Style 3
Rhythm Style 4
Rhythm Style 5
Riddles, for Hillaire Belloc
Sad Refrain
Sea Dreams
Shadow's Fall
Shadows, for Walter De La Mare
Silence of Stars
Silent Night
Slow Music for Fast Times
Solo Alto Flute 1
Solo Alto Flute 10
Solo Alto Flute 11
Solo Alto Flute 12
Solo Alto Flute 13
Solo Alto Flute 14
Solo Alto Flute 15
Solo Alto Flute 16
Solo Alto Flute 17
Solo Alto Flute 18
Solo Alto Flute 19
Solo Alto Flute 2
Solo Alto Flute 20
Solo Alto Flute 21
Solo Alto Flute 22
Solo Alto Flute 3
Solo Alto Flute 4
Solo Alto Flute 5
Solo Alto Flute 6
Solo Alto Flute 7
Solo Alto Flute 8
Solo Alto Flute 9
Solo Choral Pads
Solo Cor Anglais
Solo Flute 1
Solo Flute 10
Solo Flute 11
Solo Flute 12
Solo Flute 13
Solo Flute 14
Solo Flute 15
Solo Flute 16
Solo Flute 2
Solo Flute 3
Solo Flute 4
Solo Flute 5
Solo Flute 6
Solo Flute 7
Solo Flute 8
Solo Flute 9
Solo Oboe
Solo Snyth Drone 1
Solo Snyth Drone 2
Solo Snyth Drone 3
Solo Snyth Drone 4
Solo Snyth Drone 5
Solo Snyth Drone 6
Solo Snyth Drone 7
Solo Snyth Drone 8
Some Other Time, for Carl Sandburg
Song of the Hills
Stray Bird
Sun on the Moon
Tears of the Earth
Thoughts of You
Thousand Whisper, A
Thousand Whispers, A
Touching Beauty
Tremolo 1
Tremolo 2
Tremolo 3
Undulating Figure
Unforgetting Heart, The
Vanity Fair
Very Green Christmas, A
Waiting (reprise), The
Waiting, The
Waltz of Whispers, The
Wide Range Figure
Wind Song 1
Wind Song 2
Wind Song 3
Wind Song 4
Wind Song 5
Wind Song 6
Wind Song 7
Wind Song 8
Wind Song 9
Wind Songs
Winds and Waves
Winds and Waves: The Journey
Wing'd Slippers
Yearning: Romances for Alto Flute, The