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Francisco "Morochito" Rodríguez
Francisco Rodríguez
Francisco Rodríguez (bokser uit Venezuela)
Francisco Rodríguez (bokser wenezuelski)
Francisco Rodríguez (venezolanischer Boxer)
Francisco Rodríguez (Venezuelan boxer)
Rodríguez, Francisco
Rodríguez Sánchez, Francisco
Sanchez, Francisco Rodriquez
Родригес, боксёр
Родригес, Франсиско
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Agrupación Cultural da Coruña "Alexandre Bóveda"
Castro, Rosalía de (1837-1885)
Choi, Hyung-Jin
Cummins, Matthew
Georgiadis, Georgios
Gidwitz, Zachary
Gomolin, Adam J.
Haas, Hein de
Hausmann, Ricardo
Heger, Martin Philipp
Hsieh, Chang-Tai
Jayadev, Arjun
Klugman, Jeni
Letouzé, Emmanuel
Miguel, Edward
Moreno, María Antonia
Ortega, Daniel
Pineda, José
Purser, Mark
Rodrigiuez, F. C.
Rodriguez, F.C.
Rodríguez, Francisco
Rodriguez, Francisco C.
Rodríguez, José Pineda and Francisco
Rodrik, Dani
Sachs, Jeffrey D
Suevos, Ramón L.
United Nations / United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / Human Development Report Office
Wagner, Rodrigo
Wesleyan University / Economics Department
Análise sociolóxica da obra de Rosalia de Castro
Anarchy of Numbers: Understanding the Evidence on Venezuelan Economic Growth, The
Anarchy, State, and Dystopia: Venezuelan Economic Institutions before the Advent of Oil.
Are capital shares higher in poor countries? Evidence from Industrial Surveys
Ciclo "Os Xoves Literários" (3rd : 1984 : Agrupación Cultural "Alexandre Bóveda"). A nosa literatura, 1985:
Cleaning Up the Kitchen Sink: Growth Empirics When the World Is Not Simple
Conflito lingüístico e ideoloxia na Galiza ; 1998
Curse or Blessing? Natural Resources and Human Development
Declining Labor Share of Income, The
Does Distributional Skewness Lead to Redistribution? Evidence from the United States
Eduardo Blanco Amor, o desacougo da nación negada
Elaboradores de Políticas Públicas, Tomem Cuidado: O Uso e Abuso de Regressões para Explicar o Crescimento Econômico
Empirical Test of the Poverty Traps Hypothesis, An
evolución ideolóxica de M. Curros Enríquez, A
Factor Shares and Resource Booms: Accounting for the Evolution of Venezuelan Inequality.
Freed from Illiteracy? A Closer Look at Venezuela's Misión Robinson Literacy Campaign
Growth Collapses
Has the Preston Curve Broken Down?
Have Collapses in Infrastructure Spending Led to Cross-Country Divergence in per Capita GDP?
HDI 2010: new controversies, old critiques, The
How Important is the Credibility Problem in Politics? Evidence from State-Level Abortion Legislation
How Not to Defend the Revolution: Mark Weisbrot and the Misinterpretation of Venezuelan Evidence
How Would your Kids Vote if I Open my Doors? Evidence from Venezuela
Inequality and Redistribution in Multiple Dimensions
Is There a Numbers versus Rights Trade-off in Immigration Policy? What the Data Say
Is There a Numbers vs. Rights Trade-off in Immigration Policy? What the Data Say
Literatura galega contemporánea problemas de método e interpretación
Mobility and Human Development: Introduction
Nosa literatura, A : unha interpretación para hoxe.
Openness and growth: what have we learned?
Plenty of Room? Fiscal Space in a Resource Abundant Economy
Policymakers Beware: The Use and Misuse of Regressions in Explaining Economic Growth
Political Economy of Investment in Human Capital, The
Price of Political Opposition: Evidence from Venezuela's emMaisanta/em, The
Price of Political Opposition: Evidence from Venezuela's Maisanta, The
Problemática nacional e colonialismo : o caso galego
Public Investment in Infrastructure and Productivity Growth: Evidence from the Venezuelan Manufacturing Sector
Rejoinder to Ruhs, A
Revisiting the Migration-Development Nexus: A Gravity Model Approach
Trade Policy and Economic Growth: A Sceptic's Guide to the Cross-National Evidence
Trade Policy and Economic Growth: a Skeptic's Guide to the Cross-National Evidence
Trade Policy and Factor Prices: An Empirical Strategy
Understanding Performance in Human Development: A Cross-National Study
Why Do Resource-Abundant Economies Grow More Slowly?