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Bernard C. Worrell
Bernard Worrell
Bernie Worell
Bernie Worrell
Bernie Worrell (American musician)
Bernie Worrell (Amerikaans muzikant)
Bernie Worrell (amerikansk musikar)
Bernie Worrell (amerikansk musiker)
Bernie Worrell (musicien américain)
Bernie Worrell (tastierista e compositore statunitense)
Bernie Worrell (US-amerikanischer Musiker)
George Bernard Worrell, Jr
Worrell, Bernard
Worrell, Bernie
Worrell, George Bernard
Worrell, George Bernard Jr
Берни Уоррелл
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Activities of Dust (isMemberOf)
Bacon, Bill (co-performer)
Baker, Ginger (co-performer)
Bang, Billy (co-performer)
Barnes, Sidney (co-performer)
Beane, Harold (co-performer)
Beinhorn, Michael (co-performer)
Black Jack Johnson (isMemberOf)
BMG France
Bova, Jeff (co-performer)
Boyer, Greg (co-performer)
Brailey, Jerome (co-performer)
Buchen, Bill (co-performer)
Buckethead (co-performer)
Calhoun, Will (co-performer)
Claypool, Les (co-performer)
Clinton, George (1940-)
Clinton, George (co-performer)
Collins, Bootsy (1951-)
Collins, Bootsy (co-performer)
Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains (isMemberOf)
Cooper, Gary "Mudbone" (co-performer)
Cultreri, Cliff (co-performer)
Curtis, Rodney (co-performer)
Dara, Olu (co-performer)
Davis, Ray (co-performer)
Dibango, Manu
Dieng, Aïyb (co-performer)
Dunbar, Lowell “Sly” (co-performer)
Fratangelo, Larry (co-performer)
Frith, Fred (co-performer)
Fulwood, Ramon "Tiki" (co-performer)
Funkadelic (isMemberOf)
Funkadelic (Musical group)
Gardner, Rick (co-performer)
Goins, Glen (co-performer)
Griffith, Richard (co-performer)
Hampton, Michael (co-performer)
Harris, Mick (co-performer)
Harrison, Jerry (co-performer)
Haskins, Fuzzy (co-performer)
Haynes, Graham (co-performer)
Hazel, Eddie (1950-1992)
Hazel, Eddie (co-performer)
Hellborg, Jonas (co-performer)
Horny Horns, The (co-performer)
Jaeger, Rick (co-performer)
Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods (isMemberOf)
John, Prakash (co-performer)
Lampkin, Tyrone (co-performer)
Laswell, Bill (co-performer)
Lewis, George (co-performer)
Lewis, J.T. (co-performer)
Lindsay, Arto (co-performer)
Maher, Fred (co-performer)
Mantia, Bryan “Brain” (co-performer)
Material (isMemberOf)
McIntosh, Robbie (co-performer)
McKnight, DeWayne "Blackbyrd" (co-performer)
Miller, Gary (co-performer)
Miller, Mark E. (co-performer)
Morrison, Junie (co-performer)
Moss, David (co-performer)
Mosson, Cordell (co-performer)
Nelson, William "Billy Bass" (co-performer)
Nestley, Fred (co-performer)
Noyes, Charles K. (co-performer)
Parker, Jeff (co-performer)
Parker, Maceo (co-performer)
Parliament (isMemberOf)
Parliament (Grupo musical)
Parliament (Musical group)
Payne, Clip (co-performer)
Pieces of Woo (Musical group)
Polygram, Division Polydor
Praxis (isMemberOf)
Quine, Robert (co-performer)
Racy, Ali Jihad (co-performer)
Rodgers, Nile (co-performer)
Ross, Lucius "Tawl" (co-performer)
Sacred System (isMemberOf)
Sanders, Pharoah (1940-...)
Scharin, Doug (co-performer)
Shaheen, Simon (co-performer)
Shakespeare, Robert “Robbie” (co-performer)
Shider, Garry (co-performer)
Shin.e (isMemberOf)
Simon, Calvin (co-performer)
Skopelitis, Nicky (co-performer)
Smith, Dante (co-performer)
Spedding, Chris (co-performer)
Spradley, David (co-performer)
Suso, Foday Musa (co-performer)
Terai, Shin (co-performer)
Thomas, Grady (co-performer)
Threadgill, Henry (co-performer)
Time zone (Groupe américain) Groupe américain (see also from)
Virgin France
Wachtel, Waddy
War (Musical group)
Weir, Alex (co-performer)
Wesley, Fred (co-performer)
Weymouth, Tina (1950- ))
Wimbish, Doug (co-performer)
Wobble, Jah (co-performer)
70's soul can't stop dancin'.
'70s soul super funky hits.
Afrofuturism (Phazed One)
Ain't She Sweet
All the Woo in the World
America eats its young
Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)
As In (I Love You)
At Mos' spheres (3 min 55 s)
B.W. Jam (3 min 30 s)
Bahia black ritual beating system
Bank job (6 min 27 s)
Bass on the Line
Bern's blues
Beware of Dog
Big enough (3 min 20 s)
Blacktronic science
Blood Secrets
Botanical roots
Bull in the pen
BWO Is Landing
Call me nightlife
Can Move You (If You Let Me), I
Car 54, where are you ?
Casablanca Records story, The
champ (5 min 13 s)
Children of Productions
Chocolate City
clones of Dr. Funkenstein, The
Cosmic slop
could have stood you up (3 min 10 s), I
Dirty Mack
Disappearance (Life After Life)
Dissinfordollars (6 min 30 s)
Do Something
Do That Stuff
Don't Even Know, I
Don't Piss Me Off
Dr. Funkenstein
Early 2K
Electric Africa
Elevation - The Upper Air
Everybody Is Going to Make It This Time
Everything Is on the One
Fantasy Is Reality
Fields of Play
Final Frontier
Fire (5 min 25 s)
First Things First
Flash Light
Flex (6 min 03 s)
Follow me (4 min 22 s)
Free Agent
Freedom (6 min 44 s)
Funk-a-hall-licks (5 min 20 s)
Funk of ages
Funkentelechy vs. the placebo syndrome
Funky for You
Gamin' on Ya
Gangsta’s Fairytale 2
Get on the Inside
Ghosts (5 min 27 s)
Give up the funk
Gladiator Skull
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Greatest hits
Greetings from the gutter
Guerillas in tha Mist
Happy to Have (Happiness on Our Side)
Hardcore jollies
Hearin' Dis, Playin' Dat
Heartz of Men
Hold On
Holly Wants to Go to California
Hope Is Here
How I wish (3 min 32 s)
I'd Rather Be with You
I'll Be With You
If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It)
If You Got Funk, You Got Style
In a Silent Way
In Pursuit
In yo' face! the history of funk, vol. 4.
Insurance Man for the Funk
It means a lot (5 min 21 s)
Joyful Process, A
Judie's Passion Purple
Killer Mosquito
Let's rock (7 min 25 s)
Let's take it to the stage Funkadelic.
Let Them Thangs Go
Light on Water
Locked away (5 min 49 s)
Lunchmeataphobia (Think!…It Ain’t Illegal Yet!)
Maggot brain
Magic Hymie
Make no mistake (5 min 03 s)
Martial Law (Hey Man Smell My Finger)
Mask, The
Message from home
Mind blowin
Moon Over Brixton
Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Mothership Reconnection
Motor-booty affair
Mr. Wiggles
Much Thrust
Music for your mother Funkadelic 45s.
New Boss
Niggaz 4 Life
No 5 (4 min 15 s)
Nothing to Lose
Now I Gotta Wet ’cha
Number five
OK, You Can Leave Now
Once Again (First Things reprise)
One Rabbit
Only Fear of Death
Ooh Child
other side
Outer spaceways
P. Funk earth tour Parliament live.
P. Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)
Pieces of Woo: The Other Side
Progressively funky
Re-Enter Black Light (Entersection)
Real life dreams on (1 min 39 s)
Realm of Sight
Red Hot Mama
Red lady w Cello (5 min 01 s)
Redemption Song
Reprise: Much Thrust
Retrato calado (2 min 02 s)
Revelation in black light (2 min 24 s)
Rhythm killers
Ride On
Rockwhile (4 min 35 s)
Samba pa Ti
Save our children
Say Hi to the Bad Guy
Set the Tone / Victory
Seven powers (7 min 04 s)
Shades of the Kid
Simple et funky
Sing (4 min 34 s)
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention-B3M)
Sloppy Seconds
Somebody's watching you
Son of super bad
Standing on the verge of getting it on
Stop making sense
Straight Ahead
Struggle (4 min 05 s)
Take it so hard (3 min 12 s)
Take Your Dead Ass Home
Talk is cheap
Tear the roof off, 1974-1980
This boot is made for fonk-n
This Is Your Life
Throw It Back
Tiger walk
Time Was (Events in the Elsewhere)
To hell with love
Tomorrow (9 min 28 s)
Tribal Up
Trombone (6 min 10 s)
Uncle Jam
Under the Influence of a Groove
Up for the down stroke
Up in the Hills
Very best of Parliament
Vision, The
Vital Juices
Volunteered slavery (4 min 45 s)
Wake Up
Wanna Go Outside in the Rain, I
Warriors Off to Woo
Wars of Armageddon
We Hurt Too
What Comes Funky
What is life ?
What's My Name? (Rock With the Hot 8)
Whip it up (3 min 58 s)
Who Do You Love
Whole Lot of BS, A
Witness for the Defense
Won't Go Away
Woo Awakens, the Wizard Cometh
Woo Together
X-factor (11 min 51 s)
Y-spy (4 min 27 s)
Yes we can can (6 min 24 s)
You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks
You don't move me (4 min 47 s)
You Hit the Nail on the Head
Young soul rebels
Contributed to or performed: 
All That Future
BananAtomic Mass
Bernin' Down the House
Biological Speculation
Boogaloo to the Beastie Boys
Brass Monkey
By a River (For Peter)
Collage v.1
Cooky Puss
Could Have Been a Contender, I
Court Medley / Cosmic Slop
Egg Raid On Mojo
Et Tu Brute
Excavation: Unauthorized Cut-Up Volume 1
Free the Land
Friday: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Friday: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Old School Friday: More Music From the Origional Motion Picture (10th anniversary edition)
Gamin' on Ya
George Clinton Family Series, Part 5: A Fifth of Funk
Gone to Croatan
Gramavision 10th Anniversary Sampler
Hey Ladies
In From the Storm
In Yo' Face! The History of Funk, Volume 5
Intro Jam
Let There Be Funk!
Lez Git Stoopid
Order Within the Universe
Purple Haze
Red Hot Mama
Rent Strike (DJ Smash remix)
Roots of Rhythm, The
Salute to Bernie, A
Shake Your Rump
Sloppy Seconds
So What’cha Want
Something’s Got to Give
Standin' on the Verge
Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool
Super Stupid
SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artists
True DAT!!
Up for the Downstroke
Volunteered Slavery / Outta Space Ways
Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook, Die
When Bernie Speaks
WOO Together
World Wide Funk
Wreck It
You Got Me Wide Open
You n Your Folks, Me n My Folks