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Aleksandar Dalrimpel
Alexander Dalrymple (British geographer)
Alexander Dalrymple (Brits ontdekkingsreiziger (1737-1808))
Alexander Dalrymple (geografo, cartografo e esploratore scozzese)
Alexander Dalrymple (schottischer Geograph)
Author of Observations on the present state of the East India Company
Dalrymple, ..
Dalrymple, A.
Dalrymple, Alexander
Dalrymple (Alexandre)
Dalrymple Forbes, Alexander
Forbes, Alexander Dalrymple-
Observations on the present state of the East India Company, Author of
Александар Далримпел
Далримпл, Александер
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript cartographic material
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Après de Mannevillette, Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Denis d' (1707-1780)
Dalrymple, Alexander (1737-1808)
Fréville, Anne-François-Joachim (1749-1832)
Grande-Bretagne, Hydrographic office
Harmer, T. (17..-18.. graveur)
Harrison, W.
Harrison, William Senior (17..-18..? graveur)
Henry, B. (fl. 1770-1775)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Keulen, Johannes van (1756-)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rede, Leman Thomas (1754 ou 1755-1810)
Scott (1747-1819; Major) (John))
Time Marszałek Group (Łysomice)
Walker, John (1759-1830)
Account of the Passage of Ship Atlas, Capt. Allen Cooper, to the Eastward of Banka, 1785.
Bibliotheca americana; or, A chronological catalogue of the most curious and interesting books, pamphlets, state papers, &c. upon the subject of North and South America from the earliest period to the present, in print and manuscript; for which research has been made in the British Musæum, and the most celebrated public and private libraries, reviews, catalogues, &c. : with an introductory discourse on the present state of literature in those countries.
Chart of the China Sea
Chart of the coast of Africa from Cape Blanco to Cape Verd from d'Après [de Mannevillette].
Charts Bay of Bengal.
Collection of papers concerning the navigation, winds, and weather, at the French islands Mauritius and Bourbon
Collection of plans of ports in the East Indies
Collection of voyages chiefly in the Southern Atlantick Ocean, published from original mss. by Alexander Dalrymple
Considerations on the East-India bill now depending in Parliament
description of the island called St. Paulo, by the Dutch, and, by the English, Amsterdam, A
Entwurf des Birmanschen Reichs
Essay on nautical surveying, by A. Dalrymple. Originally published in 1771. 2nd edition
Essay on the commodious methods of marine surveying
General collection of nautical publications. -
General introduction to the charts and memoirs. Published by Alexander Dalrymple,...
general view of the East-India Company, written in January, 1769. To which are added, some observations on the present state of their affairs, A
Historical collection of the several voyages and discoveries in the south pacific ocean
historical Journal of the expeditions, by sea and land, to the North of California, in 1768, 1769 and 1770, when Spanish establishements were first made at San-Diego and Monte-Rey, from a Spanish Ms. (of Miguel Costanso) translated by William Reveley, published by A. Dalrymple
hydrographical journal of a cursory survey of the coasts and islands in the Bay of Bengal by capt. John Ritchie 1770 and 1771
In testimony of Respect and Esteem to Richard Viscount Howe, this chart of the East Coast of Brazil
Journal of the "Esther" brig, captain Thomas Forrest, from Bengal to Quedah, 1783, published... by A. Dalrymple 1788
Letter from Mr. Dalrymple to Dr. Hawkesworth, occasioned by some groundless and illiberal imputations in his account of the late voyages to the South
mar of part of Borneo and the Sooloo archipelago part of the Island of Borneo, A
measures to be pursued in India, for ensuring the permanency, and augmenting the commerce of the company, 1772:, The
Memoir concerning the Chagos and adjacent islands
Memoir concerning the passages, et a late season, from India to Chi*. -
Memoir concerning the passages to and from China, June 1782
Memoir of a chart from Cape Mons to Acheen... by A. Dalrymple
Memoir of a chart from St. John's on the coast of India to Cape Arubah on the coast of Persia, containing the Gulphs of Cambay and Cutch, with the coasts of Guzarat and Scindy
Memoir of a chart of the Southern Ocean
Memoir of a map of the lands around the North Pole
Memoir of the chart of the Natunas, Anambas and adjacent islands, by A. Dalrymple, 1786
Memoir of the chart of the straits of Sunda and Banka. Scale 3 inches
Memoir of the chart of the west coast of Palawan or Paragua, containing the journal of the schooner "Cuddalore" in December 1761, by Alexander Dalrymple,...
Mossell Bay of So. coast of Africa
Mozambique channel Pl : 1
Nautical Memoirs and journals...
Oriental repertory...
Padang : the chief settlement of the Dutch Company on the West Coast of Sumatra
Plain Chart of the Coast of Brazil from the islands St. Anna to the Point Juatinga for the use of the Portuguese Ships
plan for extending the commerce of this kingdom and of the East-India-Company. By Alexander Dalrymple, Esq., A
Plan for promoting the fur trade, and securing it to this country, by uniting the operations of the East-India and Hudson's-Bay companys
Plan of the Harbour of Nangasaky from an ancient MS. communicated in 1762 by capt. Alexander Hume...
Plan of the harbour on the island St. Mary called by the natives Noessa Ibrahim near the east coast of Madagascar
Plan of the road of Batavia on the north coast of Java published by Gerard van Keulen in he old edition.
poor man's friend, The : an address to the industrious and manufacturing part of Great Britain.
Puerto de Apra on the island Guahan vulgo Guam
Remarks and observations in a survey of the Chagos Archipelago, by Lieutenant Archibald Blair, 1786 and 1787.
retrospective view of the antient system of the East-India-Company with a plan of regulation., A
Savage's account of New Zealand in 1805 together with schemes of 1771 and 1824 for commerce and colonization
Seuheli Islands and Reef called by the Natives Seuheli-Par
Short account of the gentoo mode of collecting the revenues, on the coast of Choromandel
Spanish pretensions fairly discussed, The
Story of Dooshwanta and Sakoontalā, extracted from the Mahābhārata, a poem in the Sanskreet language...
survey of the Pulicat Shoals, A : made, by the direction of the East-India-Company
Swallow, or Water bay on St. Cruz island, 1767
Table Bay at the Cape of Good-Hope
Thoughts of an old man, of independent mind, though dependent fortune, on the present high price of corn ...
To his Majesty George the third, king of Great Britain, &c., this chart of Felicia and plan of the island Balambangan
Uyghur Enigma, The : discover Rebiya Kadeer
Voyage in the "Flying Eagle" from Bantam... to Baber and other islands to the Eastward of Timor 1672, now first published from the original mss...
Voyages dans la mer du Sud par les Espagnols et les Hollandois...