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Hunt, T. Sterry
Hunt, Th
Hunt, Thomas Sterry
Sterry-Hunt, T.
Sterry-Hunt, Thomas
Thomas Sterry Hunt
Thomas Sterry Hunt (Amerikaans scheikundige (1826-1892))
Thomas Sterry Hunt (amerikansk kemiker)
Thomas Sterry Hunt (amerikansk kemist)
Thomas Sterry Hunt (amerikansk kjemikar)
Thomas Sterry Hunt (amerikansk kjemiker)
Thomas Sterry Hunt (United States geologist and chemist)
Thomas Sterry Hunt (US-amerikanischer Chemiker und Mineraloge)
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A. M
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Canada. Dept. of Agriculture
Comité exécutif canadien de l'Exposition universelle à Paris (1855)
Commission géologique du Canada
Geological Survey of Canada
Hincks, Francis (1807-1885)
Logan, W.E. (1798-1875)
Logan, William Edmond (1798-1875)
Logan, William Edmond (1798-1875))
Logan, William Edmund (co-author)
Logan, William-Edmund (co-author)
Spring, Walthère Victor (1848-1912)
Taché, J.-C. (1820-1894)
Taché, Joseph-Charles (1820-1894)
Walling, Henry Francis (1825-1888)
Apatite deposits of Canada, The
Canada, a geographical, agricultural and mineralogical sketch... [By T. Sterry Hunt.]
Canada at the Universal Exhibition of 1855
Celestial chemistry from the time of Newton
Chemical and geological essays ... 1875.
Chemical and geological essays, by Thomas Sterry Hunt,...
Chemical geology Mr. T. Sterry Hunt's replies to the criticisms of Mr. David Forbes
chimie des premiers âges de la terre, La
coal and iron of southern Ohio, considered with relation to the Hocking Valley coal field and its iron ores with notices of furnace coals and iron smelting, followed by a view of the coal trade of the west, The
Contributions to the history of Euphotide and Saussurite
docteur Thomas Sterry Hunt travail lu à la séance de collation des diplômeés U.L., 22 juin 1892, Le
Esquisse géologique du Canada pour servir a l'intelligence de la carte géologique et de la collection des minéraux économiques envoyées a l'Exposition Universelle de Paris, 1855
Esquisse géologique du Canada suivie d'un catalogue descriptif de la collection de cartes et coupes géologiques, livres imprimés, roches, fossiles et minéraux économiques envoyée à l'Exposition universelle de 1867
Esquisse géologique sur le Canada pour servir à l'intelligence de la carte géologique et à la collection de minéraux économiques envoyés à l'Exposition universelle de Paris, 1855
Etudes sur les schistes cristallins
Examinations of some felspathic rocks Note on the mineral wilsonite
geognosy of the Appalachians and the origin of cristalline rocks an address to the American Association for the Advancement of Science by Thomas Sterry Hunt, LL.D., on retiring from the office of president of the Association, Indianapolis, August 16, 1871., The
geological history of Serpentines including studies of Pre-Cambrian rocks, The
geological history of the Quebec group, The
Goderich salt region, and Mr. Attrill's exploration, The
Gold mines of Canada, The
gold region of Nova Scotia report, The
History of the names Cambrian and Silurian in geology
Hunt and Douglas process for extracting copper from its ores with an appendix including notes on the treatment of silver and gold ores., The
hydrometallurgy of copper, and its separation from the precious metals, The
iron-ores of the United States (Pittsburgh, 1890), The
Mineral physiology and physiography, a second series of Chemical and geological essays, with a general introduction, by Thomas Sterry Hunt,...
new basis for chemistry: a chemical philosophy., A
Note sur les sources acides et les gypses du haut Canada
Notes on granitic rocks
Notes on the geology of South-Western Ontario
Notes on the history of petroleum or rock oil
Notice of Sir William Edmond Logan
On Dr. Genth's researches on corundum.
On norite or labradorite rock, 1869:
On some points in chemical geology
On some reactions of the salts of lime and magnesia and on the formation of gypsums and magnesian rocks
On the chemical and mineralogical relations of metamorphic rocks
On the Constitution and equivalent volume of some Mineral species
On the Geology of the Eozoic Rocks of North America
On the history of Eozoön Canadense
On the history of stratified crystalline rocks and on the geology of eastern Pennsylvania
On the probable seat of volcanic action
On the theoretical relations of water and hydrogen
On the theory of igneous rocks and volcanoes.
origin of crystalline rocks a historical and critical review with an account of the crenitic hypothesis, The
Petroleum its geological relations considered with especial reference to its occurrence in Gaspé, being a report addressed to the Hon. commissioner of crown lands
Région aurifère de la Nouvelle-Ecosse rapport du Dr. T. Sterry Hunt, F.R.S., addressé à Sir W. E. Logan, F.R.S., Directeur de l'Exploration géologique du Canada
relations of the natural sciences, The
Report on the chemistry of the earth.
Report upon Thompson's Island, Lake Superior
Reports of Mr. A. Michel and Dr. T. Sterry Hunt on the gold region of Canada transmitted by Sir W.E. Logan to the Honourable Commissioner of Crown Lands, February 1866.
Review of the Organic Chemistry of H. Charles Gerhardt
Special report on the trap dykes and Azoic rocks of southeastern Pennsylvania.
Sur les volumes atomiques
Systematic mineralogy based on a naturel classification with a general introduction
système chimique nouveau, Un
Tackabury's atlas of the Dominion of Canada
taconic question in geology, The
Thomas Sterry Hunt correspondence
Volcanoes and earthquakes, abstract of a lecture
volcans et les tremblements de terre, Les