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Bouchette, Col
Bouchette (colonel)
Bouchette, Joseph
Joseph Bouchette
Joseph Bouchette (arpenteur général du Bas-Canada)
Joseph Bouchette (Canadian surveyor)
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript cartographic material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Basire, James (1769-1822)
Bennett, W. J. (1787-1844)
Bennett, William James (1787-1844)
Bibliothèque nationale du Québec
Bouchette, R. S. M. (1805-1879)
Bouchette, Robert Shore Milnes (1805-1879)
Brigly, John H.
Cattlin, F. (17..?-18.)
Faden, William (1749-1836)
Hare, John (1933-....))
Irish Academic Press
J. & C. Walker
J. & C. Walker Londres
Québec (Province). Département des terres de la couronne
SHERMAN & SMITH New York, États-Unis
Walker, John (1759-1830)
Wyld, James (1812-1887)
Analyse de la carte ancienne, L' : essai méthodologique : la carte du Bas-Canada de 1831 de Joseph Bouchette
British American Land Company views in Lower Canada, 1836.
City of Quebec 1830
Connected plan of the several townships situated to the southward of the River St. Lawrence on which are laid down the settlements & roads...
Description topographique de la province du Bas Canada, avec des remarques sur le Haut Canada, et sur les relations des deux provinces avec les Etats Unis de l'Amérique
Fort Chambly & part of the Great Camp, 1814
General report of an official tour through the new settlements of the province of Lower-Canada : performed in the Summer of 1824, in obedience to the commands and instructions of His Excellency George Earl of Dalhousie, G.C.B. captain general and governor in chief of British North-America, &c. &c. &c.
great falls on the River St. John, New Brunswick, The
In the event of the Penobscot being adopted as the Boundary..
Isle aux Noix in the river Richelieu
Map of part of Lower Canada shewing the line of the Taché road and other colonization branch lines leading there from to the seigniorial parishes on the South side of the river St. Lawrence
Map of the Provinces of Upper & Lower Canada with the adjacent parts of the United States of America &c.
Map of the St. Lawrence between Kingston and Lake St Peter..
Map of the townships of Godmanchester, Hinchinbrook and the lands occupied by the Indians of St. Regis..
[Map showing Indian locations from River Richelieu to River Saint Lawrence]
N.B. His Majesty's Royal order in his Privey Council... directs that the boundary between the Provinces of Lower and Upper Canada...
On the seventh day of August... repair to the beach..
Origin and character of the claim of the late Colonel Bouchette
Part of Buckingham
[Partie du Port, Ville de Québec]
Pétition des fils et petits fils de feu Joseph Bouchette de son vivant arpenteur général du Bas-Canada, à Son Excellence le Lieut.-Gouverneur et aux autres branches de la législature de la province de Québec.
Plan of Joseph Mondions imporvements and of the Island of the Portage des Chats
Plan of part of the Lower Town beach taken from actual survey
Plan of part of the Province of Lower Canada, shewing the townships on the south side of the St. Lawrence... to exhibit the proposed allotment of land set off for the Emigrant Settlement
Plan of the different channels leading from Kingston to Lake Ontario
Plan of the District of Gaspé
Plan of the exploring line from the St. Croix to the waters of the Ristigouche
Plan of the Indian territories comprehended..
Plan of the new townships on the Grand or Ottawa River..., A
Plan of the outlines of the Township of Barford, with the connecting townships, &c. upon and contiguous to the Province Line
Plan of the Seigniories of New Longueuil & Rigaud but more particularly intended to shew the Westerly lines..
Plan of the Seigniories of Rigaud and New Longueuil with the adjoining seignorys thereto and the Township of Newton..
Plan of the Town of William Henry
Plan of York Harbour
Plan shewing that section of country lying between the Old Seigl. Settles. on the River St. Lawrence ... 1976:
Plan shewing what is at present considered as the boundary line..
Projected diagram of Township of Alton
[Quartier de Québec où se trouve le monastère des Récollets]
Réponse (no. 63) à une adresse de l'Assemblée législative, en date du 21 mai 1882, priant Son Honneur le lieutenant-gouverneur de vouloir bien faire mettre devant cette Chambre: rapport du député-arpenteur Bouchette sur les prétendues réclamations légales des Seigneurs de la terre ferme de Mingan, avec la carte qui l'accompagne
River St. Lawrence from Point Massena to Point L'Ivrogne, The
Rough sketch of the connection of the townships between Kildare and Chatham..
Sketch of several townships that are in part bounded by French grants
Sketch of the battle of La Fourche or Chateauguay, Oct. 26th 1813, A
Sketch of the disputed territory in the highlands
Sketch or figurative plan of the projected canal from St. Johns to Chambly
Table of trigonometrical solutions of right angle plane triangles computed on the logarithic number 2,000000
To His Most Excellent Majesty King William IV, this topographical map of the District of Montréal..
topographical dictionary of the province of Lower Canada, A
Town of Montreal with the rocks, shoals, soundings, &c. in the harbour, shewing also the improvements, projected canal, squares &c.
Tract prayed for by the Abenaquis Indians, 2 leagues square
True copy from J. Mc Carthy's plan of the River St Lawrence of record in this office
View of Long's farm on Lake Temiscouata at the extremity of the Portage
View of the Village of St. Thomas, Rivière du Sud
Views in the Canadas, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia
Village of Nicolet