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Charles Thomson
Charles Thomson (American patriot leader)
Charles Thomson (US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Politiker irischer Herkunft)
Thompson, Carl
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Charles (secrétaire du Continental congress)
Thomson, Charles
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Claypoole, David C. (1757?-1849)
Continental Congress Broadside Collection (Library of Congress)
Dunlap, John (1747-1812)
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Hall & Sellers
Hanson, John (1715-1783)
Harley, Lewis R. (1866-)
Harley, Lewis Reifsneider (1866-)
Laurens, Henry (1724-1792)
Muses, C.A. (1919-)
Muses, Charles Arthur (1919-)
Post, Christian Frederick (1710?-1785))
United States
United States. Continental Congress
address of the Congress to the inhabitants of the United States of America, An : Friends and countrymen, three years have now passed away since the commencement of the present war. ...
Baltimore, December 30
By the Congress of the United States of America. Manifesto : These United States, having been driven to hostilities by the oppressive and tyrannous measures of Great-Britain ... they declared themselves free and independent. ...
By the United States in Congress assembled, a proclamation : Whereas in pursuance of a plenipotentiary commission, given on the 28th day of September, 1782, to the Honorable Benjamin Franklin, a treaty of amity and commerce between His Majesty the King of Sweden and the United States of America, was on the 3rd day of April, 1783, concluded ...
By the United States in Congress assembled. April 23, 1784 : Resolved, that so much of the territory ceded, or to be ceded by individual states, to the United States, as is already purchased, or shall be purchased, of the Indian inhabitants, and offered for sale by Congress, shall be divided into distinct states in the following manner ...
By the United States in Congress assembled, August 7, 1782 : Resolved, that the secretary at war, on or before the first day of January next, cause the non-commissioned officers and privates belonging to the lines of the respective states, including soldiers prisoners with the enemy, to be arranged in such a manner as to form complete regiments ...
By the United States in Congress assembled. June 3, 1784 : On the report of a committee consisting of Mr. Spaight, Mr. Gerry, Mr. Lee, Mr. Beatty and Mr. Sherman, to whom was referred a report of a committee on a report of the superintendant of finance, dated the 5th of November 1783, in answer to questions proposed by the commissioner for settling the accounts of the state of Pennsylvania with the United States, and also a report on the petition of James Smith, praying for a sum of money to be advanced to him on account. Resolved ...
By the United States in Congress assembled. Monday, October 1, 1787 : On a report of the Board of Treasury to whom was recommitted their report on the memorial of Arnold Henry Dohrman: resolved, that Arnold Henry Dohrman be reimbursed the sum of five thousand eight hundred and six dollars, and seventy-two ninetieths of a dollar, with interest, ... being the amount of sundry disbursements by him made for the relief of American prisoners.
Congress at Princeton : being the letters of Charles Thomson to Hannah Thomson, June-October 1783
Congress received the following intelligence from the Council of Safety, as coming from "an officer of distinction in the army" : published by order of Congresss [sic]
declaration by the representatives of the United Colonies of North-America, now met in general Congress at Philadelphia, A : setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms.
enquiry into the cause of the alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians, 1759, An
enquiry into the causes of the alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British interest..., An
Holy Bible, The : containing the Old and New Covenant, commonly called the Old and New Testament
In Congress, 27th May, 1778 : Establishment of the American Army. I. Infantry. Resolved, that each battalion of infantry shall consist of nine companies ... II. Artillery ... III. Cavalry ... IIII. Provost ...
In Congress, April 1, 1777 : For the better regulating the pay of the army, resolved, that the paymaster or deputy paymaster general shall pay no money but by warrants from the commanders in chief in their respective departments, countersigned by their respective secretaries ...
In Congress, April 14, 1777 : Whereas the state of Pennsylvania is threatened with an immediate invasion, and, from the adjournment of the legislative and executive authorities of the commonwealth, it is impracticable to carry into immediate execution many measures of the utmost importance ... Resolved, that it is the indispensible duty of Congress to watch over all matters ...
In Congress, April 14, 1779 : Whereas Congress, on the twenty-first day of August last, did resolve, that when any persons are desirous of going within the enemy's lines, they shall apply to the executive power of the state to which they belong ... Resolved, that any officer, who shall permit a person to go within the enemy's lines without such recommendation ... shall thereby forfeit his commission.
In Congress, April 23, 1778 : Whereas persuasion and influence, the example of the deluded or wicked, the fear of danger, or the calamities of war, may have induced some of the subjects of these states to join, aid or abet the British forces in America ...
In Congress, April 29, 1777 : Resolved, that it be recommended to the several states forthwith to order the sums advanced by them for recruiting the Continental battalions, raised by the said states, together with the names of the officers receiving the same, to be transmitted to the pay-masters of such battalions ...
In Congress, August 16, 1779 : Resolved, that the cloathier general estimate the value of the several articles of soldiers cloathing at the prices they were respectively worth at the end of the year 1778 ...
In Congress. Baltimore, February 26, 1777 : Resolved, that an interest of six per cent. per annum, be allowed on all sums of money already borrowed, and directed to be borrowed, on loan-office certificates, although such certificates mention only an interest of four per centum per annum. ...
In Congress. December 11, 1776 : Whereas, the just war into which the United States of America have been forced by Great-Britain, is likely to be still continued by the same violence and injustice which have hitherto animated the enemies of American freedom ... the Congress hereby resolve, that it be recommended to all the states, as soon as possible to appoint a day of solemn fasting and humiliation ...
In Congress, December 19, 1777 : Whereas Sir William Howe, commander in chief of His Britannic Majesty's forces, has required, that provisions should be sent in for the subsistence of the American prisoners in his possession ... and has prohibited the circulation of the money struck by the authority of these states ... Resolved, that the accounts of all provisions ... supplied by the public to prisoners ... be liquidated and discharged, previous to the release of any prisoners ...
In Congress, February 3, 1778 : Resolved, that every officer who holds or shall hereafter hold a commission or office from Congress, shall take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation ...
In Congress, February 5, 1778 : Resolved, that the captain or commanding officer of each company in the service of the United States shall, at the end of every month, furnish the regimental pay-master with a pay roll ...
In Congress, January 13, 1779 : We cannot review the progress of the revolution which has given freedom to America, without admiring the goodness and gratefully acknowledging the interposition of Divine Providence. ...
In Congress, July 25, 1778 : 1. Resolved, that the expedition against the fortress of Detroit be for the present deferred. ...
In Congress, June 10, 1777 : Resolved, I. That for supplying the Army of the United States with provisions, one commissary general and four deputy commissaries general of purchases, and one commissary general and three deputy commissaries general of issues, be appointed by Congress. ...
In Congress, June 28, 1780 : Whereas Congress, on the eighteenth day of April last, resolved ... therefore resolved, that the principal of all loans that have been made to these United States, shall finally be discharged by paying the full current value of bills when loaned ...
In Congress, June 6, 1778 : Resolved, that the resolution of Congress of the 2d of June, relative to the subsistance [sic] money to be allowed to officers in the continental service, be extended to all militia or other troops which may from time to time be called into the continental service, or which may be raised in pursuance of a special resolution of Congress.
In Congress, March 2, 1778 : Whereas it is essential to the operations of the army during the next campaign, that the most vigorous measures should forthwith be adopted for forming a body of horse ... Resolved, that it be earnestly recommended to the young gentlemen of property and spirit ... to constitute within their respective states a troop or troops of light cavalry ...
In Congress, March 25, 1777 : Whereas by a resolve of Congress of the 3d of October, 1776, the commissioners of the loan-offices were directed to transmit to the Continental Treasurer once a month an account of the cash in their respective offices ... Resolved, that the several commissioners of the loan-offices hereafter make monthly returns to the Board of Treasury ...
In Congress. May 12, 1777 : Resolved, that all post-masters, post-riders, and persons immediately concerned in conducting the business of the Post Office ought to be exempted from all military duties : and that it be recommended to the legislatures of the different states, to exempt such persons accordingly.
In Congress, May 14, 1777 : Resolved, I. That the quarter-master general of the army be authorised and empowered to appoint one commissary general of forage for the army, and one for each of the military departments thereof ...
In Congress, May 2, 1780 : Instructions to the captains and commanders of private armed vessels which shall have commissions or letters of marque and reprisal.
In Congress, May 21, 1776 : Resolved, that all persons taken in arms on board any prize, be deemed prisoners, to be taken care of by the supreme executive power in each colony to which they are brought, whether the prize be taken by vessels fitted out by the Continent ...
In Congress, Monday, June 12, 1775 : As the great governor of the world, by his supreme and universal providence, not only conducts the course of nature with unerring wisdom and rectitude, but frequently influences the minds of men to serve the wise and gracious purposes of His providential government; ... This Congress, therefore, considering the present critical, alarming and calamitous state of these colonies, do earnestly recommend, that Thursday, the twentieth day of July next, be observed by the inhabitants of all the English colonies on this continent, as a day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer, .
In Congress. November 24, 1778 : Congress took into consideration the report of the Committee of Arrangement, and thereupon came to the following resolutions. ...
In Congress, September 26, 1778 : Resolved, that a house be provided at the city or place where Congress shall sit, wherein shall be held the several offices of the Treasury ...
In Congress, Thursday, June 22, 1775 : Resolved, that a sum not exceeding two millions of Spanish mill'd dollars be emitted by the Congress in bills of credit for the defence of America. That the twelve confederated colonies be pledged for the redemption of the bills of credit now directed to be emitted for the defence of America. ...
journal of Christian Frederick Post
Journal of the proceedings of the Congress, held at Philadelphia, September 5, 1774.
life of Charles Thomson, The : secretary of the Continental congress and translator of the Bible from the Greek
Notes on farming
ordinance, for amending the ordinance, ascertaining what captures on water shall be lawful., An
Ordinance for establishing a Board of Treasury
ordinance for the better distribution of prizes in certain cases., An
Ordinance of 1787
ordinance, relative to the capture and condemnation of prizes., An
Philadelphia. In Congress, December 6, 1775 : We the delegates of the thirteen United Colonies in North-America, have taken into our most serious consideration a proclamation issued from the Court at St. James's, on the twenty-third day of August last. ...
Philadelphia. In Congress, Thursday, September 22, 1774 : Resolved, that the Congress request the merchants and others, in the several colonies, not to send to Great Britain any orders for goods, and to direct the execution of all orders already sent, to be delayed or suspended, until the sense of the Congress, on the means to be taken for the preservation of the liberties of America, is made public.
Plan for conducting the Hospital Department of the United States.
Proclamation. By the United States in Congress assembled : Whereas information has been received from the comptroller of the Treasury, that various certificates of final settlement issued by the commissioner for settling the accounts of the army, to the officers and soldiers of the United States, have been counterfeited by some fraudulent and wicked persons ...
Proclamation : Whereas, in just punishment of our manifold transgressions, it hath pleased the Supreme Disposer of all events to visit these United States with a calamitous war ... Resolved, that it be recommended to the several states to appoint the first Thursday in May next to be a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer to Almighty God ...
Regulations for the Quarter Master General's Department : By the United States in Congress assembled, October 23, 1782.
Septuagint Bible, the oldest version of the Old Testament, The
synopsis of the four evangelists:, A
Tory Act, The : published by order of the Continental Congress, Philadelphia, Jan. 2, 1776.
Treaties, etc.
United States. Continental Congress. Rules and articles, for the better government of the troops raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay by and at the joint expence of the twelve united English colonies of North-America, 1775:
United States in Congress assembled, Friday, September 28, 1787, The : ... Congress having received the report of the convention lately assembled in Philadelphia, resolved unanimously, that the said report, with the resolutions and letter accompanying the same, be transmitted to the several legislatures, in order to be submitted to a convention of delegates ...
United States lottery : The scheme is, that this lottery consist of four classes, of one hundred thousand tickets each. ...