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Alec Empire
Alec Empire (Duetscher Digital-Hardcore-Musiker)
Alec Empire (Duits muzikant)
Alec Empire (German musician)
Alec Empire (musicien allemand)
Alec Empire (musicista tedesco)
Alec Empire (músico alemán)
Alec Empire (tysk musikar)
Alec Empire (tysk musiker)
Empire, Alec
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Wilke, Alexander (real name)
Related names: 
Atari Teenage Riot (isMemberOf)
Atari teenage riot (see also from)
Atari Teenage Riot Affiliation (see also from)
Broadrick, Justin (co-performer)
Crack, Carl (co-performer)
Curse of the Golden Vampire (isMemberOf)
Elias, Hanin (co-performer)
Empire, Alec
Endo, Nic (co-performer)
Martin, Kevin (co-performer)
Nouvelles messageries de la presse parisienne
Pooley, Ian
Rockers Hi-Fi
Roy, Fabrice
Tale, Alyz (1976-...)
Vogel, Cristian
Warner music France
WEA Europe
1000 Eyes (Film version)
20 (1)
20 (2)
202 Lightyears From Home
3 Bullets in the Back
37.2, Part 1
37.2, Part 2
6 Wisdoms of Aspasia, The
606: The Number of the Beast
Addicted to You (Part II Perish to the Beat of the Dead)
Addicted to You (Raw mix)
Addicted to You (Raw Mixes)
Alec Empire vs. Elvis Presley
Alec's Ladder
Alliance, The
Am Bored, I
Am Going Insane Without Your Love, I
Am You (Identity), I
Anarchy 999
...and Never Be Found
Anti-Nazi Soulfood
Atari Teenage Riot II
Baby Skull (Instrumental)
Back to the Rhythm
Backside of My Brain, The
Bang Your Head!
Bass Terror EP
Battery park
Before the Dawn
Berlin Sky
Black Sabbath
Blood and Snow
Blow This Thing
Blue Moon
Blutrote Nacht über Berlin
Bon Voyage
Bonus Beats
Brooklyn Connection
Brothers Crush, The
Bug on My Windshield (Berlin C.O.C. remix dub)
Buried Alive
Burn Babylon Burn
By Any Means Necessary
Can Hear the Winds of Saturn, I
Cat Women of the Moon, The
CD2 Sessions: Live in London 7 12 2002, The
Changes Are Coming / The Raid
Chilling Through the Lives
Chinese Takeaway
Cities of Light
City of Lights
Civilization Virus
Clean Circuit
Cold Sweat
Come On, Fight You Punk!
Confession, The
conséquence c'est la révolte, La
Control Drug (Instrumental)
Curse of the Golden Angel
Cut the Pussies
Cyberpunks Are Dead
Damned and Hardcore
Dance or be shot Bottom 12 remixes
Dark Woman
Death E.P.
Death Favours the Enemy (live)
Death of a President D.I.Y.!
Death Trap in 3D
Deep and Black
Degenerated Nation Reacting to Fear, Part II, A
Delete Yourself
Destroyer and Merzbow, The
Destroyer' DHR Mix Tape, 'The
Destroyer Mix Tape #3/98, The
Destroyer, Part 2, The
Deutschland (Has Gotta Die!)
Digital Hardcore EP
DJ Fraternity (U.N.I.T.Y.)
DJ Set at Apple Store Shibuya
Don't Care What Happens, I
Don't Lie, White Girl
Don't Talk About This Shit Over the Phone
Down Satan Down (dub)
Down With the Shit
Dreaming Is a Form of Astrotravel
Drifting Away (extended mix with hypnosis and reprise)
Drum and the Bass, The
Eat Your Heart Out Mix, Volume 2
Electric Body Rock
Electric Bodyrock
Electric ladyland
Elegy musique et culture
enfants de la lune, Les
Enter the Forbidden Space
etoiles des filles mortes, Les
Everything Starts With a Fuck (Raw mix)
Fire Bombing
Fire Will Burn, A
Follow Me Into Death
Follow Me to Death
Following Her, Torturing the Witness
Forgive Not Motherfuckers!
Forgive Not Muthafuckers! ('Cause It Doesn't Make It Alright!)
From Dream to Reality
Fuck All!
Fuck It Up for Everybody!
Fuck the Majors
Fuck the Shit Up
Fuck You Up!
Full Destroyer / Merzbow Meltdown, The
Future of War, The
Gamebox Off-Show, The
Geist of Alec Empire, The
Generation Star Wars Party (DJ Alec Empire 19.12.'95 Bunker)
Get Some
Get Up While You Can
Getting Ready/ Wind/ Riotzone/ Out of Control
God Told Me How to Kiss
Golden Foretaste of Heaven, The
Gotta Get Out!
guerre d'opium, La
Gun Fire
Hard Like It's a Pose
Hardcore Gal (remix)
He's Dead, That's the Way It Is
Heartbeat That Isn't There
Her Shadows
Hetzjagd auf Nazis (Biochip Joins the Chase remix)
Hunt You Down
Hypermodern Jazz 2000.5
I'm Gonna Die If I Fall Asleep Again
Ice (As If She Could Steal a Piece of My Glamour)
ICE (dub)
ICE (The Man With the Golden Arm remix)
If You Live or Die
In Disguise
Inbetween Two Girls
Intelligence and Sacrifice (disc 1)
Intelligence and Sacrifice (Raw mix)
Intelligence & Sacrifice (4 Track Sampler)
Intelligence & Sacrifice (5-Track Sampler)
Intelligence & Sacrifice Instrumentals / Alt Mixes
Intercranial: Anti-Matter
Into the Death
It Should Be You Not Me!
J'ai tué les fictions
Jaguar Stalks Us
Jailhouse Cock Rocks the Most
Japanese Noise, Part 1
Japanese Noise, Part 2
Japanese Noise, Part 3
Japanese Noise, Parts 1 & 2 & 3
Japanese Noise Pt.1 & 2 & 3
Juillet-août 2002
Just Make It Fast!
Just Wanna Destroy..., I
Keep Quiet for Now
Kick Some Dirt, Part 1
Kick Some Dirt, Part 2
Kick Some Soul, Part 1
Kick Some Soul, Part 2
Kids Are United
Killing Machine (Extended Version)
King of the Beats
King of the Street, The
King Snake 2rm
Kiss of Death (single mix)
Lash the 90ties
Lash the Nineties
Last Message From the Soul
Let the Sun Shine
Let the Sunshine
Limited 05
Limited 07
Limited Edition 02
Limited Editions 1990-94
Live at the Suicide Club 1995
Lost Transmission of the Ill Saint: Ultrasonic
Love While Death Is Watching
Low Down
Low on ice (the Iceland sessions)
Low on Ice (video)
Machine Survives, The
Make 'em Bleed
Many Bars and No Money
marriage, Le
Meeting Her
Metall Dub
Miss Black America
mur noir, Le
My Body Cannot Die
My Face Would Crack
My Funk Is Useless
Naive Fake Jazz
Naomi Campbell
Nazi Comets, The
neunte Schuss (Hetzjagd), Der
New Acid
New Man
New World Order (edit)
New World Order EP
New World Order (Final)
Night of Violence (Futurist remix)
Nightmare Vision
No Remorse (I Wanna Die)
No Savety Pin Sex E.P.
No Success
No/Why/New York
Nobody Get's Out Alive!
Nobody Gets Out Alive!
Not Your Business
Now It’s Between You and G-D (version)
"Now It’s Between You and G-D" (Volt Theme Track)
NY Summer I
NY Summer II
On Fire (Berlin Electro remix dub)
On Fire EP
On Fire (Hellish Vortex club remix alternative version)
On Fire (radio edit)
On Fire (The Hellish Vortex Sessions)
Open a Door
Opus 28; Pour la liberté des milles universes
Orgasm Addict Xterminate
Overdose (remix)
Parallel Universe
Path of Destruction
Path of Distruction
Peak, The
Pleasure Is Our Business (live!)
Pleasure Is Our Business (original)
Point of No Return
Predator, The
Public Enemy N°.1
Public Enemy No1
Pussy Heroin
Raver Bashing
Report, The
Revolution Action
révolution obligatoire, La
Ride (Cleaner radio edit), The
Ride (dirty version), The
Ride (Long / instrumental), The
Ride (Long With Vox), The
Ride (original Full Length version), The
Ride (radio edit - clean version), The
Ride (uncensored version), The
Ride (Walk Amongst the Ruins remix), The
Riot 1995
Rise of the Lion
Robot L.O.V.E.
Robot Put a Voodoospell on Me, The
Rough It Up
Running Away/ Get It Right/ They Are Coming
Shadow Boxing Pt.1
Shadow Boxing Pt.2
Shadow Boxing Pt.3
Shards of Pol Pottery (Hard-mix)
She Is Not Finished Yet
Shock Treatment for Corporate Control
Sieg über die Mayday-HJ
Silence and Burning Ice
Silver Box
Silver Pills
Sixteen Years of Video Material
Slayer Calls at Night, The
Slowly Falling in Love
Some Might Even Die...
Something for the Pain
spirit of vampyros lesbos
Squad 1993
Squeeze the Trigger (bonus disc)
Stahl & Blausäure
Start the Riot
Streets of Gold
SuEcide EP (Pluto remix)
SuEcide EP (Pluto Remixes)
SuEcide (Is Painless mix)
SuEcide (Junkie remix)
SuEcide (original mix)
suEcide, Part 1
suEcide, Part 2
SuEcide (Pluto remix 1)
SuEcide (Pluto remix 2)
SuEcide (The Wonka Remixes)
Suicide (remix)
Sun Hurts My Eyes, The
Swimming Through Nails
Synthetic Movement
t.o.t. (Instrumental)
Take Away
Tear It Out Remix
Technological Warfare
Terror Alert High
Terror Worldwide (pt.2)
Terror Worldwide (remix the System!)
Theme, The
They Landed Inside My Head While We Were Driving in the Taxi Up to 53rd Street and Took Over!
This Music Turns Me On
Too Dead for Me
Tötenposse Rides Out
Tribute to Coil (short version)
Tribute to R. Mooog
Two Turntables and a Moog
U.S. Fade Out
Unknown Stepdancer, The
Vampire State
Vault Things of the Night
Victims of Authority
ville des filles mortes, La
VOLT (Original Soundtrack)
Waiting for the End That Never Came
Walk the Apocalypse
Wall Screams Murder, The
Want Action (demo version), I
We All Die!
We Have Arrived
We Take Your Pain Away
We Were Burnt
Weakest Shit for E, The
Western Decay
What Are You Talking About
When Love Disappears
When you reach your peak, it's time to die!
When You've Reached Your Peak
Whip, The
White Man Destroys His Own Race, The
yeux electroniques, Les
Yobots Around My Neck (Theme From Tekkno Boy)
You Ain't Nothing
You Are 2nd Best
You Can’t Hold Us Back
You Lose Your Soul
You Must Confront!
You Suck
Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me!)
Youth Against Racism
Contributed to or performed: 
…It Just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance)
¥999 DHR Sampler
2002-03-21: A State of Trance #40
202 Lightyears From Home
606: The Number of the Beast
Addicted to You
Alec Empire Plays Staubgold
Alleged Accused Reputed Reused
Alliance, The
Attribute a. Beast
Blow This Thing
Breakcore-Jungle V.2
Brooklyn Connection
Bufo Bufo: The State of E:Motion, Volume 1
Bug on My Windshield
Capital Noise - Chapter 1: Noise and Politics
Castle Party 2010
Curse of the Golden Angel
Darkmatter Soundsystem
Degenerated Nation Reacting to Fear, A
Degenerated Nation Reacting to Fear, Part II, A
Dependence - Next Level Electronics 2017
Destroy Deutschland!
Destroyer and Merzbow, The
Digital Hardcore Recordings vs. Invisible Records: Clear and Present Danger, Volume 1
DiY-FEST Compilation, Volume 1
DJ Spooky vs. Alec Empire
DJ-Kicks: Nicolette
Down Satan Down
Duell, Das
Electric Ladyland
Electric Ladyland II
Electric Ladyland III
Electric Ladyland IV
Electronic Species
Elegy Sampler 35
Enter the Forbidden Space
FIM 100
Fire Will Burn, A
Full Destroyer / Merzbow Meltdown, The
Geist Sampler 1
Hardcore Rave Party
Harder Than the Rest!!!
Heart of Jazz: Jazz Is the Teacher
House Party 11: The Mellow Clubmix, the '94 Summer of Love Edition
Hypnotrance 3: The Intergalactic Trance Collection
If You Live or Die
Ikebana: Merzbow’s Amlux Rebuilt, Reused & Recycled
In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze
Intro: Excerpt From "Noise!!! Live at Brixton Academy"
Kerrang! The Devil's Music, Volume 4
Kiss of Death
Krak Attack 2: Ballad of Elli Skiff
Let's Go Krazy
Lethal Suecide (Bootleg)
Live at CBGB's New York City 1998-11-04
Live at Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, Germany
Live CBGB’s NYC 1998
Macro Dub Infection, Volume 2
Megaton B-Boy 2000
Metal Hammer: April 2002
Mind the Gap, Volume 9
Modulation & Transformation
Modulation & Transformation 2
Monk Time
Naar de klote!
New Man
Nightmare Vision
No/Why/New York
On Fire
On Fire (Finale)
Osaka Invasion
Outro: Excerpt From "Noise!!! Live at Brixton Academy"
Parallel Side of Soundtrack
Post Acid Crash, Volume 3
Predator, The
Prinz Massive Beats
Pulse Code 3
Pulse Code EP
Rauschen 10
Rauschen 2
Rauschen 3
Rauschen 4
Rauschen 5
Rauschen 6: Electronic Revolution
Raver Bashing / Together for Never
Revolution Action Japan Tour 1999 EP
Ride, The
Riot Beats
Riot Sounds Produce Riots, Volume 1
Riot Zone
Robot L.O.V.E.
Rough and Fast
Sampling of Our Prestigious Pedigree, A
Schlagstrom! - !Krrrbrrrtztzkrrrbrrrtztz! Vol.1
Shards of Pol Pottery (A Cappella)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Black Moon mix)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Deftype remix)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Funk mix)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Generation Star Wars mix)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Hard Beats & Voice)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Hard Beats)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Hard instrumental)
Shards of Pol Pottery (Hard mix)
Shards of Pol Pottery (No Wave mix)
Shards of Pol Pottery (String Beats & Vocals)
Shards of Pol Pottery (String Beats)
Shards of Pol Pottery (String mix instrumental)
Shards of Pol Pottery (String mix)
Shards of Pol Pottery: The 2001 Remixes
Shock Treatment for Corporate Control
Shocker - The Inferno Part 2
Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to the Monks
Sixteen Years of Video Material
Slayer Calls at Night, The
So… How’s Your Girl?
Some Might Even Die...
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 80
Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos, The
Struggle for Life
Tech Imperators, Volume I
Techno Nations - The Beginning, Part 1
Technohead 4 - Technohead Sound Wars Mix - Sound Wars The Next Generation
Technohead 4: Sound Wars: The Next Generation
Tekkno Boy
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 15
Threat - Music That Inspired The Movie
Together for Never
Touched 3
Trance Sylvania 3
Trip Men
Trip Men (Factory mix)
Trip Men (Mellow mix)
Trip Men (vocal mix)
Twenty Five
Veli, sisko, kuulet kumman soiton: Avanto Compilation 2004
Wakin' Up a Dead Planet, Volume I
White Man Destroys His Own Race, The
You've Got the Fucking Power
Zhark Compilation