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Herman Stein
Herman Stein (American composer)
Herman Stein (Amerikaans componist (1915-2007))
Herman Stein (compositeur de musique de film, arrangeur, pianiste)
Stein, Herman
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Agar, John (1921-2002)
Alland, William (1916-1997)
Arnold, Jack (1916-1992)
Gertz, Irving (1915-2008)
Mancini, Henry (1924-1994)
Robinson, George (1890-1958)
Roemheld, Heinz (1901-1985)
Rosenberg, Aaron (1912-1979)
Salter, Hans J. (1896-1994)
Sirk, Douglas (1897-1987))
Stine, Clifford (1906-1986)
bala sin nombre
balle signée X, français, Une
Belle rousse du Wyoming, La
Bird of a father
Bloqué par la tempête
Capitaine Pouch Bugs Bunny
Captain hareblower
Colección ciencia ficción
Column south
comedias "fantásticas" de Abbott y Costello., Las
Coup de fouet en retour, français
Demain est un autre jour, français
Derelict: Derelict Title / Richard LaSalle - Don Rescues John and Maureen, The
Derelict: Swallowed, The
Derelict: The Comet Cometh, The
Destinazione... Terra!
duel at Silver Creek, The
frustata, La
Gefahr aus dem Weltall
Great Man, The
Has anybody seen my gal ?
héroïque lieutenant
Horizons West
intruder, The
Invasion från Mars
It Came From Outer Space: End Cast
It Came From Outer Space: Main Title (without theremin overdubs)
It Came From Outer Space: Sand Rock
It Came From Outer Space: The Thing Follows (without theremin overdubs)
It Came From Outer Space: Visitors From Space (Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra)
It Came From Outer Space: Visitors From Space (without theremin overdubs)
Jack Arnold
Joe Dakota
Kara Gölün Canavarının İntikamı
King Vidor
légende de l'épée magique
leggendarie imprese di Wyatt Earp, Le
Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The
Llegó del más allá
Main Title From "The Revenge of the Creature"
Main Title From "This Island Earth"
Man in the shadow
Man without a star
Mauvaise mine
Météore de la nuit, Le
Miscellaneous Library Cues: A Nice Little Bank / Investigation
Miscellaneous Library Cues: Senior / Introduction / The Search
Mister Cory
mole people, The
Mucho locos
No name on the bullet
odio esplode a Dallas, L'
pallottola senza nome, La
Past of Mary Holmes, The
Petit chat aime les oiseaux
Qui donc a vu ma belle ?, français
réalité dépasse la fiction
Redhead from Wyoming, The
Revanche de la créature, La
Revenge of the Creature (1955): Main Title
Revenge of the Creature: Main Title, The
ribelle del West, La
Risques partagés
salaire du diable
Sci-fi's greatest hits
Shooting Stars From "This Island Earth"
Snow business
Sour suite
Space Circus: Act-Out V. 2 / Punishment
Space Circus: Circus No. 1
Space Circus: Circus No. 2
Space Circus: Enter Marvello / Titles / This Way / College Star
Space Circus: Marvello Reformed / Act-Out V. 1 / Punishment
Space Circus: Mumy’s Magic
Space Circus: Passport / Wooden Ball / Robot Critic / Ape Strikes
Space Circus: Past Performance / Girls / No Grow
Space Circus: Will Conned / Ape Strikes No. 2
Speedy ghost to town
Tarantula {Bringing Down The House}
Tarantula {Burying The Evidence}
Tarantula {End Title}
Tarantula {Gruesome Corpse}
Tarantula {Introduction}
Tarantula (Main Title)
Tarantula {Radioactive Research}
Tarantula {Side Effects}
There's always tomorrow
There Were Giants in the Earth: Departure / Pod Almighty
There Were Giants in the Earth: Footprint / Microscope / Father and Son / Robot
There Were Giants in the Earth: Giants
There Were Giants in the Earth: Gourmet / Gold Brick
There Were Giants in the Earth (library cues): Microscope / Pod Almighty
There Were Giants in the Earth: Rest Cue / Deserted
There Were Giants in the Earth: Withered
This Island Earth: Color Blind
This Island Earth: Conversion Tube
This Island Earth: Eerie Remains
This Island Earth: Exeter's Mansion
This Island Earth: From Unit #16
This Island Earth: Haven't We Met?
This Island Earth: Interocitor Montage
This Island Earth: Jet West
This Island Earth: Main Title / Shooting Stars
This Island Earth: Metaluna Catastrophe, Part 1
This Island Earth: Metaluna Transport
This Island Earth: Metaluna Tunnel
This Island Earth: Meteor Battle
This Island Earth: Neutronic Rays
This Island Earth: Robot Plane
This Island Earth: Secret Meeting
This island Earth. Selections
This Island Earth: This Way, Doctor
This Island Earth: Tramsformation
This Island Earth: Vermont Memories
This Island Earth: Wrong Girl
time tunnel, The
Tir aux vautours
Titi, Grosminet, Speedy Gonzales, Bugs Bunny et leurs amis
Titi sauvé par Sylvestre
Tortilla flaps
traître du Texas
Trick or tweet
Tweet and sour
Una mujer en la playa
uninvited, The
vendetta del mostro, La
Visitors From Space From "It Came From Outer Space"
Weißer Terror
Westwood Wind Quintet, p2001:
Zemsta potwora
Месть твари
Немає імені на кулі
Оно пришло из далёкого космоса
Руда з Вайомінгу
انتقام از مخلوق
侵入者 (1962年の映画)
Contributed to or performed: 
Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection
Classic Themes of the Universal Monsters
Derelict: Derelict Title / Frontal Robotomy / Family, The
Derelict: Flashing Lights / Frontal Robotomy / Filmy Spiderweb, The
Derelict: The New Planet / Continued Next Week, The
Invaders from the Fifth Dimension: First Head / TV Screen / Pull Back / Transition Chords / On & Off / Baby and Celeste
It Came From Outer Space
It Came From Outer Space: Globs Give Instructions
It Came From Outer Space: Prospector Globbed
It Came From Outer Space: Prospector Globbed (without theremin overdubs)
Lost in Space, Volume Three
Lost in Space: 40th Anniversary Edition
Lost in Space: 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection
Mole People: Main Title, The
Mole People: Prologue, The
Mole People: Trademark, The
Monstrous Movie Music
More Monstrous Movie Music
Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Volume 3: The Uninvited
Tarantula {Agar To The Rescue}
Tarantula {Big Bunnies}
Tarantula {Blasted Arachnid}
Tarantula {Evening Snack}
Tarantula {Spider On The Loose}
Themes From Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films
Themes From Horror Movies
This Island Earth (and Other Alien Invasion Films)
Welcome Stranger: Play-On / Star Charts
Welcome Stranger: Stranger / Friend or Foe / Permission / Spore Sprayer
Welcome Stranger: Stranger / Friend or Foe / Permission / Spore Sprayer / The Robinsons / Upper-Ration / Hapgood / Star Charts / Tall Tail / Blast Off
Welcome Stranger: Tall Tail / Good Guy
Welcome Stranger: The Robinsons
Welcome Stranger: Upper Ration / Hapgood