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Farriss, Tim
Farriss, Timothy William
Tim Farriss
Tim Farriss (Australian musician)
Tim Farriss (australiensk musiker)
Tim Farriss (australsk musikar)
Tim Farriss (australsk musiker)
Tim Farriss (chitarrista australiano)
Tim Farriss (muzikant uit Australië)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Barnes, Jimmy (co-performer)
Beers, Garry Gary (co-performer)
D’Arby, Terence Trent (co-performer)
Farriss, Andrew
Farriss, Andrew (co-performer)
Farriss, Jon (co-performer)
Fortune, J. D. (co-performer)
Gribbin, Ciaran (co-performer)
Hutchence, Michael (1960-1997)
Hutchence, Michael (co-performer)
INXS (isMemberOf)
INXS (Grupo musical)
Pengilly, Kirk (co-performer)
Stevens, Jon (co-performer)
Acoustic Hooks 1-7, Bluesy Hoedown 1-4
Alien Species, Beaver Groove, Beaver Fill, Beaver Brake, Beaver Brake Fill, Heavy FX, Kriketzy Lup, Laid Back, On da Beat, Pickin' Up, Butter Up
Assorted Hard Hits
Bass Lines 1-9
Bass Notes 1-11, Synth Bass 1-8
Bass Riffs - 13 Riffs & Slaps
Big Go Go
Bitchin' Licks 1-7
Blips & Blats 1-5, Big Mono Runs 1-3
Bluesy Hooks 1-4, Bread Knife Hooks 1-5
Body Language
Bright Acoustic Hooks 1-9
Butcher's Block, Hind Quarter, Kick On, Slow Beef, Hip 'n' Hip, Hoop 'n' Hip, Jungle Drums 1-2
Chainsaw Guitar Hooks 1-18
Chaps Club Contruction Set
Chuggin' 1-2
Chuggin' 3-7
Cymbals 1-9
Deep Inside
Delay Guitar Effects 1-5
Demo Song Samples
Distorted Tele Riffs 1-9
Don’t Change
E Major Slides 1-7
Earblastermotherfunckerloudpisserofthing in Other Words - Test Tone at Digital Max
Electro Acoustic 1-4
Fair Weather Ahead
Female Vocal Noise
Fills 1-9
Flick & Flame FX
Flipper Foot, Double Pumpin'
Flowin' Riffs 1-2, Moody Guitar, Metal Rockin' 1-6, Swirling Guitar
Forrest White Slide
Full-On Blaster 1-4, Clean & Cool 1-6, Howling Hooks 1-4
Funky Guitar Hooks 1-16
Gibson Major Chords
Gnarly FX Sounds 1-7
Golf Golf Golf
Gossip Graps
Gripping the Road... Not So Well
Grooping Groove 1-2
Harmonica Riffs & Blasts
Hat Grooves 1-6
Hat Tits & Tats 1-23
Heavy Guitar Hooks 1-7
Heavy Throb Guitar 1-4, Heavy Sand 1-3
Hip Riffs & Noise 1-10
Hits & Tickles, SCI Hits
Hoodwinked 1-7
Hovercraft Loop 1-3, Grubsky Loop 1-2
I'm So Crazy
In the Chair, at the Table, Rocket Room
In Vain
Inorganic 1-9
Just Keep Walking
Kick Drum Thumps 1-29
Latex Grooves 1-6 + Bit, Kickin' Hats 1-2, Twitchin' Hats, Fast Hats, Shuffly Drums & Hats
Learn to Smile
Lickin' Guitar 1-9, Middle East Hooks 1-3
Love Is (What I Say)
Male Vocal Hooks, Holy Gossip
Melting in the Sun
Metal Man Guitar 1-11
Migraine Pulse, Soul Searching 1-6
Minor Chords
Misc. Noises 1
Misc. Noises 2
More Gibson Major Chords
Mr. Drummer, Fast Trip
Need you tonight
New Rolling Stone Enyclopedia of Rock & Roll, Fireside, cop. 1995, The
Newsreel Babies
Offensive 1-6, Foozle Fop Pad 1-4
On a Bus
Outerstella - 18 FX
Paul Marshall 1-10, Les
Pick-Wah-Slap Fx 1-8
Punters & Grunters - 5 Crowds
Quirky FX
Rockin' Les Paul 1-7
Rocking Riffs 1-8, Light Tele Distortion 1-7
Roller Skating
Rough Riffs 1-5
Sandy Tele 1-2, Hipslime 1-5, Wah Thang 1-3
Scream Feeder, Dark Les Paul 1-5
Screaming on 1-10, Talking Guitar 1-4
Sex, Talk & Sounds
Share Hits & Whacks 1-43
Share Rollz 1-12
Slang Thang
Sleezy Sound 1-6
Solo Soup 1-11
Sound Hunting 1-8
Special Effects 1-15
Spy of Love
Stabs & Ends
Stereo Maze, Moving Out, Roll On, Smooth Beat, Riding Home
Swelling Effects 1-2
Swing, The
Swishing Hits 1-3, Weird Effects
Talking About Music
Tele Hooks 1-10
Vocal Arpeggiator 1-2
Vocal Effects, Take This Sucker, Scratched Vox 1-2
Vocal Grabs From the Past
Vocal Lines
Wah Licks 1-18
Whacky Loops 1-2, Clap Along, Cheek Slap - Throat Hits 1-2 - Rim Hitting
What Would You Do?
Whimps for Hire, Female Vocal Sinkers
Wishy Washy
Woodle Blips 1-5, 101 Effects
Zooming Les Paul 1-14