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Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons (Brits componist)
Alan Parsons (brytyjski muzyk rockowy)
Alan Parsons (englischer Toningenieur & Musiker, als Toningenieur arbeitete er mit Pink Floyd und Beatles)
Alan Parsons (English audio engineer, musician, and record producer)
Alan Parsons Live Project
Alan Parsons (musicista e cantante inglese)
Alanus Parsons
Parsons, Alan
Алан Парсонс
Парсонс, Алан
ალან პარსონსი
Ալան Պարսոնս
אלן פרסונס
آلن پارسونز (موسیقی‌دان و آهنگساز انگلیسی)
ألان بارسونس
อลัน พาร์สันส์
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
A Walk Down Abbey Road (isMemberOf)
Alan Parsons project
Alan Parsons Project (see also from)
Alan Parsons Project Affiliation (see also from)
Ariola International
Bairnson, Ian (co-performer)
Beck, John (co-performer)
BMG France
Bruce, Jack (co-performer)
Cross, Christopher (co-performer)
Entwistle, John (co-performer)
Farner, Mark (co-performer)
Laine, Denny (co-performer)
Molland, Joey (co-performer)
Pack, David (co-performer)
Parsonics Ltd
Powell, Andrew (1949-)
Powell, Andrew (co-performer)
Rainbow, Chris (co-performer)
Rundgren, Todd (co-performer)
Simon, Alan (1964-...)
The Alan Parsons Project (isMemberOf)
The Alan Parsons Project (Grupo musical)
The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project (isMemberOf)
Townsend, Godfrey (co-performer)
Wetton, John (1949-...)
Wilson, Ann (co-performer)
Woolfson, Eric (1945-2009)
Woolfson, Eric (co-performer)
Zakatek, Lenny (co-performer)
1995-08-24: Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Ace of Swords
Alan Parsons' art and science of sound recording
Alan Parsons (interview)
Alan Parsons Project, The
All Our Yesterdays
Alpha Centauri
Ammonia Avenue
anneau des Celtes, L'
Arc en Ciel (5.1 mix), L'
Arc en Ciel (track commentary), L'
Back against the wall (4 min 38 s)
Beaujolais (4 min 27 s)
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Blown by the Wind
Blue Blue Sky
Breakaway (4 min 07 s)
Breakdown / The Raven (live in Madrid)
Brother Up in Heaven
Call of the Wild, The
Call Up
Can't Look Down, I
Can't take it with you (4 min 42 s)
Cartas de amor
Cask of Amontillado, The
Children of the Moon
Chinese Whispers (instrumental)
Chomolungma (5.1 mix)
Chomolungma (track commentary)
Closer to Heaven
Damned if I do (5 min 02 s)
Dancing on a Highwire
Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
Disco project
Don't answer me (4 min 33 s)
Don’t Hold Back
Don't let it show (4 min 19 s)
Don’t Wanna Go Home, I
Dr. Evil (edit)
Dream Within a Dream, A
Dreamscape (3 min 01 s)
Eagle Will Rise Again, The
Eye 2 eye live in Madrid
Eye in the Sky (live)
Eye two eye
Fall Free
Fall of The House of Usher, The
Far Ago and Long Away
Far away from home (3 min 12 s)
Fragile (radio edit)
Games people play (4 min 32 s)
Genesis Ch.1. V.32
Gold Bug, The
I’d Rather Be a Man
I'm talkin' to you (4 min 38 s)
I’m Talking to You
If I Could Change Your Mind
Ignorance Is Bliss
In the Lap of the Gods
In the real world (4 min 17 s)
Inside Looking Out
Irish greats music straight out of country pubs!
Let Me Go Home
Let's talk about me ; Hawkeye
Light of the world (6 min 22 s)
Limelight (live)
Little Hans (3 min 15 s)
Live in Madrid 2004
Luciferama (4 min 56 s)
Luciferama (Lucifer / Mammagamma)
Mammagamma 04 (5.1 mix)
Mammagamma 04 (track commentary)
May Be a Price to Pay
Money Talks
More lost without you (3 min 17 s)
More Lost Without You (5.1 mix)
More Lost Without You (live in Madrid)
More Lost Without You (track commentary)
Mountain Island Boner
Mr. Time (8 min 17 s)
Multimedia CD-ROM for computer use only
Mystic spirits
Night of the proms 2009
No Future in the Past
Nothing Left to Lose
Obra selecta.
Oh life (6 min 34 s)
Oh Life (There Must Be More)
Old and wise (4 min 49 s)
On Air
One Day to Fly
One Good Reason
One More River
Out of the blue
Paseo de Gracia
Press Rewind
Prime time (5 min 47 s)
Psychobabble ; Step by step
Raven, The
Re-jigue (2 min 28 s)
Recurring Dream Within a Dream (5.1 mix), A
Recurring Dream Within a Dream (track commentary), A
Return to Tunguska (5.1 mix)
Return to Tunguska (track commentary)
robot, I
Rubber Universe
Sagrada Familia, La ; Paseo de Gracia
Same Old Sun, The
Secret Garden
Separate Lives
Shadow of a Lonely Man
Silence and I
Since the Last Goodbye
Siren song (5 min 01 s)
Sirius (2 min 25 s)
Sirius / Eye in the Sky
Snake Eyes
So Far Away
Some Other Time
Somebody Out There
Sooner or Later
Standing on higher ground : instrumental
Step by Step
Stereotomy Two
System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether, (The
System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether (live), (The
system of) Dr. Tarr & Prof. Fether (3 min 29 s)
System of) Dr. Tarr & Professor Feather, (The
Take the Money and Run
Tales of mystery and imagination
Tell-Tale Heart, The
three of me (5 min 32 s)
Three of Me, The
Tijuaniac (5.1 mix)
Tijuaniac (track commentary)
Time Machine (Dr. Evil edit), The
Time Machine, Part 1, The
Time Machine, Part 2, The
To One in Paradise
Too Close to the Sun
Too Late
Try anything once
Turn it up (6 min 13 s)
Turn of a Friendly Card: I. The Turn of a Friendly Card, Part One, The
Turn of a Friendly Card: II. Snake Eyes, The
Turn of a Friendly Card: III. The Ace of Swords, The
Turn of a Friendly Card: IV. Nothing Left to Lose, The
Turn of a Friendly Card: V. The Turn of a Friendly Card, Part Two, The
Valid Path, A
Very Best Live, The
very best of
Very Last Time, The
Voice, The
Vulture culture
We Play the Game (5.1 mix)
We Play the Game (track commentary)
What Goes Up…
Where's the walrus?
Winding Me Up
Wine from the water (5 min 43 s)
Wish You Were Here 25th Anniversary Special: Promo
wouldn't want to be like you (3 min 43 s), I
X 2
You Can Run (5.1 mix)
You Can Run (track commentary)
You don't believe ; Lucifer
You Lie Down With Dogs
You're gonna get your fingers burned (4 min 18 s)
You're on your own (3 min 54 s)
You're the Voice
You Won’t Be There
Contributed to or performed: 
1/3 Octave Band: 1.25khz
1/3 Octave Band: 1.6khz
1/3 Octave Band: 100hz
1/3 Octave Band: 10khz
1/3 Octave Band: 12.5khz
1/3 Octave Band: 125hz
1/3 Octave Band: 160hz
1/3 Octave Band: 16khz
1/3 Octave Band: 1khz
1/3 Octave Band: 1khz Ref. Tone
1/3 Octave Band: 2.5khz
1/3 Octave Band: 200hz
1/3 Octave Band: 20hz
1/3 Octave Band: 20khz
1/3 Octave Band: 250hz
1/3 Octave Band: 25hz
1/3 Octave Band: 2khz
1/3 Octave Band: 3.15khz
1/3 Octave Band: 31.5hz
1/3 Octave Band: 315hz
1/3 Octave Band: 400hz
1/3 Octave Band: 40hz
1/3 Octave Band: 4khz
1/3 Octave Band: 500hz
1/3 Octave Band: 50hz
1/3 Octave Band: 5khz
1/3 Octave Band: 6.3khz
1/3 Octave Band: 630hz
1/3 Octave Band: 63hz
1/3 Octave Band: 800hz
1/3 Octave Band: 80hz
1/3 Octave Band: 8khz
1/3 Octave: 1.25khz
1/3 Octave: 1.6khz
1/3 Octave: 100hz
1/3 Octave: 10khz
1/3 Octave: 125hz
1/3 Octave: 160hz
1/3 Octave: 1khz
1/3 Octave: 1khz Ref. Tone
1/3 Octave: 2.5khz
1/3 Octave: 200hz
1/3 Octave: 20hz
1/3 Octave: 20khz
1/3 Octave: 250hz
1/3 Octave: 25hz
1/3 Octave: 2khz
1/3 Octave: 3.15khz
1/3 Octave: 31.5hz
1/3 Octave: 400hz
1/3 Octave: 40hz
1/3 Octave: 4khz
1/3 Octave: 500hz
1/3 Octave: 50hz
1/3 Octave: 5khz
1/3 Octave: 630hz
1/3 Octave: 63hz
1/3 Octave: 6khz
1/3 Octave: 800hz
1/3 Octave: 80hz
1/3 Octave: 8khz
1000mph Jet Flypast
1khz Ref. Tone @ -14db FS
A-440 Tuning Reference
Acoustic Guitar - Finger-Style
Acoustic Guitar - Strummed
Am a Mirror, I
Art of Sysyphus Vol. 74, The
Art of Sysyphus, Volume 27, The
Back Again
Bass Guitar
Best Of "Nokia Night of the Proms", The
Best of Instrumental Music, The
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Cellos and Violas
Chieftain Tank
Complete Synthesizer Collection (disc 2), The
Cymbals & Hi-Hat
Diskoveries VI
Don't Let the Moment Pass
Dreams Can Come True (Now It's Up to You)
EBU 25 Frame Timecode (10:00:00 to 10:05:00)
Electric Guitar - Clean
Electric Guitar - Distorted
Every Dream Will Have Its Day
Far Away From Home
Freudiana (instrumental)
Funny You Say That
Funny You Should Say That
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 2
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 3
Golden Love Songs Top 100, Volume 2
IASCA Competition Disc (1997)
Instrumental (piano)
Instrumental Masters Atmospheric Synthesizer
Instrumental: Acoustic Steel Strung Guitar Finger Style
Instrumental: Acoustic Steel Strung Guitar Strummed
Instrumental: Bass Guitar
Instrumental: Bongos
Instrumental: Cellos and Violas
Instrumental: Cymbals & Hi-Hat
Instrumental: Electric Guitar - Clean
Instrumental: Electric Guitar - Distorted
Instrumental: Flute
Instrumental: Kick Drum
Instrumental: Nylon Strung Spanish Guitar
Instrumental: Saxophone
Instrumental: Snare Drum
Instrumental: Tambourine
Instrumental: Toms
Instrumental: Violins
Instrumental: Whole Drum Kit
Instrumental: Woodwind Ensemble
Kick Drum
King of Swords, The
Let Yourself Go
Little Hans
Long, Long Time Ago, A
Max Level Tone: 1khz Sine @ 0db FS
Max Level Tone: 1kHz Sine Wave @ 0dB FS
Mega 80, Volume 2
Mega Slows
Mystic Spirits, Volume 3
Next Adventure
Night of the Proms 2009
Nirvana Principle (instrumental)
Nirvana Principle, The
No One Can Love You Better Than Me
On the Run
Part of Me, Part of You
People Shall Be Free
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: 1khz Sine Wave Ref. @ 14db Fs
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: Bass 0-220hz & Phase Check
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: Hf 7khz-Infinity & Phase Check
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: High Mid 1khz-Infinity & Phase Check
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: Low Mid 200hz-1khz & Phase Check
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: Pink Noise L
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: Pink Noise L/R & Phase Check
Pink Noise Bands and Phase Check: Pink Noise R
Pink Noise L
Pink Noise L+R & Phase Check
Pink Noise R
Pink Noise: Bass 0-200hz & Phase Check
Pink Noise: HF 7khz-Inf. & Phase Check
Pink Noise: High Mid 1khz-Inf. & Phase Check
Pink Noise: Low Mid 200hz-1khz & Phase Check
Progressive Seventies
Ring, The
Romantic Collection More Gold, Volume 1
Sects Therapy
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 100hz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 10khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 12khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 15khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 1khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 1khz Ref. @ 14db Fs
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 1khz Square Wave @ - 20db Fs
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 250hz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 2khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 3khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 500hz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 5khz
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 5khz Square Wave @ - 20db Fs
Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies: 60hz
Sine Sweep: 20hz-20khz
Sine: 100hz
Sine: 10khz
Sine: 12khz
Sine: 15khz
Sine: 1khz
Sine: 1khz Ref. Tone @ -14db FS
Sine: 250hz
Sine: 2khz
Sine: 3khz
Sine: 500hz
Sine: 5khz
Sine: 60hz
SMPTE Drop Frame Timecode (10:00:00 to 10:05:00)
SMPTE Non-Drop Frame Timecode (10:00:00 to 10:05:00)
Snare Drum
So Far Away
So Far Away (4.1 mix)
Sound Check
Sound Check 2
Sound Effects: Chieftain Tank Firing
Sound Effects: F16 and Tornado Jets
Sound Effects: Steam Trains
Sound Effects: Sub Machine Gun
Sound Effects: Thunderstorm
Spanish Guitar
Spoken Word
Square: 1khz @ -20db FS
Square: 5khz @ -20db FS
Steam Trains
Sub-Machine Gun
Sweep Tones: 1khz Ref. Warble for Sweeps
Sweep Tones: 1khz-4khz / 4khz-8khz / 8khz-20khz
Sweep Tones: 1khz-500hz / 500hz-250hz / 250hz-125hz / 125hz-20hz
Sweep Tones: 20hz-20khz
Sweeps: 1khz Ref. Warble
Sweeps: 1khz-2khz, 2khz-4khz, 4khz-8khz
Sweeps: 1khz-500hz, 500hz-250hz, 250hz-125hz, 125hz-20hz
Technical Divide, The
There but for the Grace of God
Time to Change
Upper Me
Utility: A - 440Hz Tuning Reference
Utility: Digital Black
Utility: EBU 25 Frame Timecode 09:59:45 to 10:05:00
Utility: L/R Channel Ident.
Utility: L/R Channel SMPTE Non Drop Frame Timecode 09:59:45 to 10:05:00
Vocal: Male Rock Vocal
Vocal: Soprano Opera
Vocal: Spoken Word
Vocal: Tenor Opera
We Want More! 22: Intertainment Edition
Whole Drum Kit
World of Synthesizers, The
WOW! 90 Simply the Best of the Year 1990
You're on Your Own
You’re the Voice
Шедевры Инструментальной Музыки