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Phillip Tobias
Phillip Tobias (südafrikanischer Paläoanthropologe)
Phillip V. Tobias (Anthropologist)
Phillip V. Tobias (antropoloog uit Zuid-Afrika (1925-2012))
Phillip Vallentine Tobias (paleontologo, medico e accademico sudafricano)
tentang phillip v tobias
Tobias, P. V.
Tobias, Ph. V.
Tobias, Phillip
Tobias, Phillip V.
Tobias, Phillip Valentine
Tobias, Phillip Vallentine
Тобиас, Филлип
فیلیپ توبیاس
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Coppens, Yves
Institute for the Study of Man in Africa
Jullian, Marcel (1922-2004)
Mohamed, Pops (1949-...)
National Union of South African Students
Service du film de recherche scientifique-Centre de ressources et d'informations sur les multimédias pour l'enseignement supérieur France
Sperber, Geoffrey H.
Strong, Valerie
Taxi vidéo brousse
University of the Witwatersrand
VSP production
White, Heather
African in the universities;, The
Afrique, terre de l'homme
biology of the Southern African negro, The
bipede barcollante, Il : corpo, cervello, evoluzione umana
brain in hominid evolution, The
Bushmen and other non-Bantu peoples of Angola; three lectures.
Bushmen, The : San hunters and herders of Southern Africa
Chromosomes, sex-cells, and evolution in a mammal; based mainly on studies of the reproductive glands of the gerbil, and a new list of chromosome numbers of mammals.
communication of the dead, The : earliest vestiges of the origin of articulate language
Craniofacial embryology
cranium and maxillary dentition of australopithecus (Zinjanthropus) Bosei, The
Dart, Taung and the missing link an essay on the life and work of emeritus Professor Raymond Dart, based on a tribute to Professor Dart on his 90th birthday, delivered at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, on 22 june 1983
From apes to angels essays in anthropology in honor of Phillip V. Tobias
Hominid evolution : past, present and future : proceedings of the Taung Diamond Jubilee International Symposium, Johannesburg and Mmabatho, Southern Africa, 27th January - 4th February 1985
homme se tient debout
Homo sapiens, une nouvelle histoire de l'homme
Images of humanity the selected writings of Phillip V. Tobias
Into the past : a memoir
Kalahari and its lost city, The
little known chapter in the life of Eduardo Mondlane, A
Man's anatomy ; a study in dissection
Man's past and future
meaning of race; a lecture given to inaugurate a seminar on man., The
meaning of race, The : a lecture given to inaugurate a seminar on man
member of the genus Homo from ʻUbeidiya, A
member of the genus Homo from ʿUbeidiya, A
men who came before Malawian history, The
mystery of the blue ostriches, The : clues to the origin and authorship of a supposed rock painting
Nomenclature of population groups in Southern Africa
Olduvai gorge.
Ominidi uomini e ambienti 3.000.000 di anni fa
On l'appelait la "Vénus hottentote"
On the survival of the Bushmen : with an estimate of the problem facing anthropologists
Origines de l'homme
origins and past of modern humans towards reconciliation
Piltdown : an appraisal of the case against Sir Arthur Keith
plus anciens hominidés, Les : colloque VI : Nice, mardi 14 septembre [1976]
search for origins science, history and South Africa's 'Cradle of Humankind', A
skeletal remains of Bambandyanalo, The
Skulls, endocasts and teeth of homo habilis, The
Solemne investidura de doctor honoris causa al professor Philip V. Tobias : discurs de presentació del professor Daniel Turbón
Special issue: A Festschrift to P.V. Tobias FRS, Hon. FRSSAf.
Tobias in conversation genes, fossils and anthropology
Tobias on the evolution of man.
Works. Selections.
Includes index
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of the Witwatersrand, 1952