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Klaus Schulze
Schulze, Klaus
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
U.S.O (pseud)
Wahnfried, Richard (pseud)
Wahnfried, Richard (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Ash Ra Tempel (isMemberOf)
Ash Ra Tempel Affiliation (see also from)
Ashra (see also from)
Bloss, Rainer
Brown, Arthur
Enke, Hartmut (co-performer)
Froese, Edgar (co-performer)
Göttsching, Manuel (co-performer)
Grosskopf, Harald
Grosskopf, Harald (co-performer)
Metronome Musik GmbH
Müller, Wolfgang (co-performer)
Richard Wahnfried Affiliation (see also from)
Schnitzler, Conrad (co-performer)
Schober, Ulli
Schulze, Klaus (1947-...)
Shrieve, Michael
Tangerine Dream (isMemberOf)
Tangerine dream (see also from)
Tangerine Dream Affiliation (see also from)
Tiepold, Wolfgang
Virgin France
Virgin Records Ltd
Wahnfried, Richard
1. Satz: Ebene - 2. Satz: Gewitter - energy rise-energy collaps
2. Satz: Gewitter (Energy Rise — Energy Collapse)
3. Satz: Exil Sils Maria
Acta non verba
affaire Tournesol, L'
After Eleven
Alles ist gut: I Scent the Morning Air
Alles ist gut: Le roi s’amuse
Alles ist gut: The Rest Is Silence
ambient cookbook, The
Ancient Ambiance: Basse Danse Join Medieval Maracas
Ancient Ambiance: Castle Rock: Pedal Away
Ancient Ambiance: Dusty Spiderwebs and a Shorn Monk
Ancient Ambiance: Gothic Ground
Ancient Ambiance: In Days of Yore
Ancient Ambiance: Pavane and Galliard
Ancient Ambiance: Primeval Murmur
And Now For Something Completely Different
And She is Kind and Gentle
And The Stars Are Burning Bright Pt. 2
And what about a Zebra?
Andromeda 1
Andromeda 2
Andromeda 3
Andromeda Strain: Bilderleben, The
Andromeda Strain: Die Macht der Bilder, The
Andromeda Strain: Gärung, The
Andromeda Strain: Kurzer Ohren Film, The
Andromeda—The Grand Trance
Angel Heart
Angry Young Moog, Part 2
Angst Soundtrack
Another Green Mile
Anxious Wanderings
Are we getting lost ? (6 min 50 s)
Are you sequenced ? (3 min 14 s)
Arise From Dreams Of Thee, I
Art of Sequencing, The
Artemis in Jubileo
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: A Perfect Day
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Beau Hunks
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Big Business
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Call of the Cuckoo
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Double Whoopee
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: God Bless All Clowns
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Oliver Norwell H
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Rouge Song
Arthur Stanley Jefferson: Sons of the Desert
As the Years Went By
Ashes to Ashes
Atmosphère concrète
Avec Arthur: All Alone
Avec Arthur: Another Dark Sound
Avec Arthur: Empty’s the Power
Avec Arthur: Swifter than Lightbeams
Avec Arthur: Yet Another Sound Part
Awake, My Soul
Back to the Future
Ballet pour le Docteur Faustus
Ballett 1 & 2
Ballett 3 & 4
Barracuda Drum
Bayreuth Return (excerpt)
Beat Planante, The
Beginning / The Delegates, The
Berlin Schöneberg: Heftige Passage
Berlin Schöneberg: Ruhige Passage
Berlin Zehlendorf
Between Twilight and Dawn
Beyond Recall
Big Fall, The
Big in Japan: Live in Tokyo 2010
Black dance
Blaue Glaube: La vida es sueño, Der
Blaue Glaube: Tant de bruit pour une omelette!, Der
blaue Glauben, Der
Blaue Stunde: Chronique scandaleuse
Blaue Stunde: Con amore
Blaue Stunde: Every Inch a King
Blaue Stunde: Last Not Least
Blaue Stunde: Tooth of Time
Blowin’ the Blues Away
Blowin' Thru the High Grass
Blue Hour
Blue Moods
Blue Spirits
Body love original soundtrack of the Lasse Braun film
Body Love, Volume 2
Bona fide
Borrowed Time: An des Jahrhunderts Neige, Part 1
Borrowed Time: An des Jahrhunderts Neige, Part 2
Borrowed Time: An des Jahrhunderts Neige, Part 3
Borrowed Time: Castafiore
Borrowed Time: Der Liebe Geheimnis
Borrowed Time: Die Gunst des Augenblicks
Borrowed Time: Die staunenden Barbaren
Borrowed Time: Hätt ich Schwingen, hätt ich Flügel
Borrowed Time: Schöne Seelen, kühne Flügel
Brave Old Sequence
Breeze to Sequence
Buddy Laugh (A Rock ’n’ Roll Bolero)
But Beautiful
C’est pas la même chose
Cavalleria Cellisticana
Cello cum laude
Chaos to Existence
Châteaux faits de vent
Chilly Fiesta, A
Chinese Ears
Chinese Eyes
Classical Move, A
Cold Smoke
Colours in the Darkness
Communication problems (1 min)
Conquest of Paradise
Consider the Lilies
Constellation Andromeda
Contemporary Works I
Contemporary Works II
Count Me In
Crazy Nietzsche: Asketische Ideale
Crazy Nietzsche: Der freie Geist
Crazy Nietzsche: Die Geburt der Tragoedie
Crazy Nietzsche: Ecce Homo
Crazy Nietzsche (Excerpt)
Crazy Nietzsche: Klage der Ariane
Crazy Nietzsche: Wir Antipoden
Creative Chaos
Crime of Suspense, The
Crystal Lake
Crystal Poem (Visible Version), A
Crystal Returns, The
Cum cello spiritu
Cyborgs Traum: Electric Dream
Cyborgs Traum: Feed Your Head
Cyborgs Traum: Fuzzy Logic
Cyborgs Traum: Hasten Slowly
Dances From Norway No. 1,2,3
Dans un jardin: Alouette de souvenir
Dans un jardin: Et L’oiseau-lyre joue
Dans un jardin: La fleur personnelle
Dans un jardin: Le bouquet
Dans un jardin: Une fleur tubéreuse
Darkest Steglitz
Death of an Analogue
Decent Changes
Deductive Approach, The
Deserted stones (1 min 23 s)
Dig it
Discover Trakl (Excerpt)
Discovery of Maître Cornille’s Secret, The
Dome Event (live), The
Dome Event (Op. 119, D-minor), The
Don't Ask the Question Why
Dosburg online
Dreieinhalb Stunden
Dresden 1
Dresden 2
Dresden 3
Dresden 4
Dresden 5
Dresden Five
Dresden Performance, The
Dritter Satz: Der sanfte Mantel einer fremden Frau
Drive inn.
Dziękuje bardzo - Vielen Dank
Dziékujé Poland live '83
Dzien Dobry!
Easy Listening
Echoes of Time
Einheimische Kentauren
Electric Love-Affair
Eleven 2 Eleven
Elvish Sequencer
Encore Sevilla
Entfremdung (Wild mix; Encore Paris)
Erde ist rund, Die
Erster Satz: Uralte Legenden
Escaped Times
Esoteric Goody
Esprit sans frontières
Essential 1972–1993, The
Eternal: The 70th Birthday Edition
Eternal Turnings
Euro Caravan
Experimentelle Bagatelle
Face of Mae West, The
Facing abandoned tools (3 min)
Fade Away
Far from Earth (8 min 36 s)
Faster Than Lightning: Dancing as the Planets Go By
Faster Than Lightning: Dark Sounds
Faster Than Lightning: Empty of Wanting
Faster Than Lightning: Moody Time
Fear at Madame Tussaud's
Few Minutes After Trancefer (version 33 halfspeed), A
Fire is Water falling Upwards
First Church Sequence
First clouds (3 min)
First Movement
Five to Four
Floating Sequence
Flutish Baby (Humate mix)
Flying Elephants
FM Delight
Folk Dance
Follow Me Down, Follow Me Down
For Barry Graves
Foundation (4 min)
Fourneau Cosmique: Allumer
Fourneau Cosmique: Lueur
Frank Herbert
Freischütz (Ouvertüre), Der
Freitod, Der
Friday’s Departure
Friedemann Bach
Friedrich Nietzsche
From a German Interview With KS in 1984
From and To (Fears and Phobias, From and To)
From Church to Search
From Dawn ’Till Dusk
From Words to Silence
Fugue Sequenca, La
Future (Things to Come, This Island Earth, Alphaville, Just Imagine), The
gap of alienation (3 min 26 s), The
Garden of Earthy Delight, The
Gathering The Rosbud While Ye May
Gaudi Gaudi
Gem: At the Angle of an Angel
Gem: Gem
Gem: Of White Nights
Gem: Sink or Swim
Gem: Tiptoe on the Misty Mountain Tops
Georg Trakl
German Interview with KS in 1979
German Interview With KS in 1984
Get Sequenced
Get the Car, Harry
Getting Near
Gezähmtes Feuer
Go And Catch A Falling Star
Go - live from Paris
Go too
Good Old 4 on the Floor
Gringo Nero
Groove ’n’ Bass
Große Gaukler Gottes
große Identifikationsspiel: Der Schrecken vom Amazonas, Das
große Identifikationsspiel: Devil May Care, Das
große Identifikationsspiel: Geburt der Moderne, Das
große Identifikationsspiel: Les 7 boules de cristal, Das
große Identifikationsspiel: On a marché sur la lune, Das
große Identifikationsspiel: Schier unendlich, Das
Habla Espanol?
Hass (Soft mix)
Havlandet: Dream Theme
Havlandet: End Theme
Havlandet: Erzählung
Havlandet: Funeral
Havlandet: Main Theme
Havlandet: Nordenlicht I
Havlandet: Nordenlicht II
Havlandet: Nordenlicht III
Havlandet: Sleigh-Ride
Havlandet: Winter-Sommer
Heaven under feet (3 min)
Heinrich Von Kleist
Herz von Grönland, Das
High Noon
Himmel und Erde (Remix)
Historic edition
Hitchcock Suite: Barbara Harris
Hitchcock Suite: Janet Leigh
Hitchcock Suite: Karen Black
Hitchcock Suite: Tippi Hedren
Höre die uralten Worte
Hungarian Dance No. 5
Im Bordell
Immuring insanity (13 min 53 s)
In Between
In blue
In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede? (Excerpt)
In Praise Of Idleness
In the Dimness of Light
In The First Sleep Of The Night
In the Streets, in the Rain
In Venedig
Inside the Harlequin: Harlequin
Inside the Harlequin: Pulcinella
Inter * Face
Interview 1970
Interview 1979
Interview 1980
Interview 1984
Interview 1991
Interview with KS in 1982
Into the Blue
Invisible Musik
Ion/Andromeda—The Ion Perspective
Ion Perspective / [untitled], The
Irrlicht, I. Satz: Ebene
Irrlicht Quadrophonische Symphonie für Orchester und E-Maschinen
It Still is Now
Jockeys Camoufles, Les
Journey Through a Burning Brain
Joy of Maître Cornille / Garden & Youth (reprise)
Joyeuse Apocalypse, La
Jubilee Edition
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: A Utilitarian View of the Monitor’s Fight
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: Abgerissene Einfälle
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: Endgame
Just An Old-Fashioned Schulze Track (Excerpt)
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: From Swerve of Shore...
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: Intensive Idylle
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: La belle dame sans merci
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: No Coward Soul Is Mine
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: Rock Is a Four-Letter Word
Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track: ... to Bend of Bay
Just Have to Sing My Hymns, I
Just Skins
Kagi's Lament
Keep Up With the Times
Kind of Blue
Klaus Schulze - 10 CD box essential extracts
Klaus Schulze 10 sechs musikalische Biographien
Klaus Schulze - Contemporary works
Klaus Schulze - Dresden performance
Klaus Schulze Goes Classic
Klaus Schulze - Live _372 [at] Klangart
Klaus Schulze - The dome event
Klaus Schulze - the ultimate edition
Kompromisslose Invention
Kosmisches Gleiteisen, Part 2
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Bruitismus, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Die grüne Leiche, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Die Kultpumpe, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Etude pour une fin du monde, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Frühlicht, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Gesang zur Dämmerung, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Loch im Meer, Die
Kunst, hundert Jahre alt zu werden: Maschinenspiele, Die
Kurzes Stück im alten Stil
L’affaire tournesol: Ces petites bandes dessinées modernes
L’affaire tournesol: Petite plante dessinée...?
L’age c’ore
L’opera aperta: Agnus Dei & Kyrie
L’opera aperta: Ars magna lucis et umbrae
L’opera aperta: L’arte de’ cenni
L’opera aperta: Scherzi a parte
L’opera aperta: You Sea!
Land der leeren Häuser
Landscape / Way to the Old People
lange Blick zurück, Der
Lasse Braun
Last Move at Osnabrueck
Lauf der Dinge: Tutto va bene, Der
Lauf der Dinge: You Don’t Have to Win, Der
lebendige Spur, Die
Leere Theater, Das
Leiden mit Manu
Let All Be Still!
Let They Love In Kisses Rain
Licht und Schatten
Liebe (Soft mix)
Lieder des Prinzen Vogelfrei, Die
Linzer Stahlsinfonie
Live @ Klangart
Lonely Dead of Midnight, The
Loop You Schwindelig, I
Looper Isn’t a Hooker, The
Loops to Groove
Loss of the Factory, The
Ludwig II. von Bayern
Ludwig Revisited: Crazy Ludwig
Ludwig Revisited: Marching Ludwig
Ludwig Revisited: Spooky Ludwig
Ludwig Revisited: Watchful Ludwig
Ludwigs Traum
lyrische Ich: Hymne an die Dämmerung, Das
lyrische Ich: Hymne an die Nacht, Das
Machine de Plaisir: Das Ende der Nashörner
Machine de Plaisir: Die ehrwürdige Flüssigkeit
Machine de Plaisir: Don’t Be Afraid
Machine de Plaisir: Hellenistische Mechanik
Machine de Plaisir: Le Carillon
Machine de Plaisir: Leaves of Grass
Machine de Plaisir: No Funky Blues
Machine de Plaisir: Peyote Poem
Machine de Plaisir: The Answer?
Machine de Plaisir: The Machinery of Night
Machine de Plaisir: Träume ich?
Machine de Plaisir: Verblüffung des Volkes
Mädchen Mag Es, Das
Maître Cornille in the Fields
Make Room, Make Room: Für Konrad Bayer
Make Room, Make Room: Les extrêmes se touchent
Make Room, Make Room: Thomas Mann in Princetown
Man at Work
Manikin Jubilee
Mans au premier, Le
Many Dreams Have Faded
Many Fears Have Vanished
Martial Law: Beginning, The
Martial Law: End, The
Martial Law: Intro, The
Martial Law: Middle Part I, The
Martial Law: Middle Part II, The
Médallion Magique, Le
Memento mori
Mental Door
Mental Jukebox, The
Midas Hip Hop Touch, The
Midas Touch: Cave of Ali Baba, The
Midas Touch: Land Beneath the Ground, The
Miditerranean pads
Midnight at Madame Tussaud's
Midnight Blue
Mill of Maître Cornille, The
Mindphaser (Ausschnitt)
Mindphaser (Excerpt)
Minority Report
Mirage eine elektronische Winterlandschaft
mm 6
Moldanya (10 min 21 s)
Moldau, Die
Moogie baby goes solo (7 min 18 s)
Mother Sadness
moulin de Daudet, Le
Music Box, The
Musique Abstract
My Ty She
My Virtual Principles: Catch Wave
My Virtual Principles: Cleaning Event
My Virtual Principles: Endless Box
My Virtual Principles: Flux Post
My Virtual Principles: Merzbau
My Virtual Principles: Purpose
My Virtual Principles: Shape
My Virtual Principles: Tachistic Architecture
My World Keeps Spinning Around
Nachtmusik Schattenhaft
Narren des Schicksals: 1. Satz (con moto)
Narren des Schicksals: 2. Satz (grave)
Narren des Schicksals: 3. Satz (ma con brio)
National Radio Waves: A Corny Concerto
National Radio Waves: Blue Moon
National Radio Waves: On the Wire
National Radio Waves: One for the Jungle
National Radio Waves: Soundscapes
National Radio Waves: The Late World Noise
Nebuchadnezzar's dream (8 min)
Nichtarische Arie
Nietzsche (Wild mix)
Night Owls
Nightingale's Complaint, The
Nippon Benefit
No Frets - No Bass
No frett, no bass (9 min 39 s)
North of the Yukon
Nostalgic Echo: Autumn Sonata
Nostalgic Echo: Don Quixote
Nostalgic Echo: Portrait of Freud
Nostalgic Echo: Solitude
Nostalgic Echo: The Creation of Eve
Nowhere — Now Here
'Nuff Said
O che sciagura d'essere senza cogl
O Great Blind Horses
Oberhausen Tape: Et la pomme lui dit Merci, The
Oberhausen Tape: Et Picasso mange la pomme, The
Oberhausen Tape: Quelle idée de peindre une pomme, The
Objet d’Louis
Old People’s Farewell
Old People’s Piano
Old Time Is Still A-Flying
On The Dark Silent Stream
On the Edge
opera aperta, L'
Opera Trance: Al tempio!
Opera Trance: Che avverrà!
Opera Trance: Che mai sarà?
Opera Trance: E che farò!
Opera Trance: Idee funeste di duol
Opera Trance: Numi d'Averno
Opera Trance: Perché? Perché?
Opera Trance: Stupisco
Opera Trance: T'accheta e parti
Operatic March
Opium Den, The
Optimismus (Excerpt), Der
OS 9.07
Other Oberhausen Tape: C’est alors que Picasso, The
Other Oberhausen Tape: …et s’en va en souriant, The
Other Oberhausen Tape: Picasso casse L’assiette, The
Out of the Blue 2
Paradise & Inferno
Part 1 (First)
Part 2 (Encore)
Part 3 (Second)
Part 4
Passion Burns, The
Pavane and galliard (6 min 55 s)
Peg Leg Dance No. 1
Peg Leg Dance No. 2
Peg Leg Dance No. 3
Peg Leg Dance No. 4
Peg Leg Dance No. 5
Peg Leg Dance & Out
Percussion Planante
petit dauphin I (5 min 29 s), Le
Petit Dauphin II, Le
Phonetisches Plakat
Picture music
Playmate in Paradise
Poet: The Poet of the Body, The
Poet: The Poet of the Soul, The
Poet: Witness and Wait, The
Power of Moog, The
Prelude / Apotheke "Zum weißen Engel"
Prèsence d'ésprit, La
Prophezeiung erfüllt sich, Die
Psychedelic Clubbing
Quae simplex
Quick One, A
Quintet for Lute
Re: People I Know: Arthur
Re: People I Know: Eddie
Re: People I Know: Hartmut and Manuel
Re: People I Know: Marian
Re: People I Know: Michael S.
Re: People I Know: Stomu
Real Colours in the Darkness, The
Real McCoy, The
Recht launisch
Remember Rahsaan, I
Requiem fürs Revier
Return in Happy Plight
Return of the Tempel
Rheingold: Live at the Loreley
RheingoldKlaus Schulze feat. Lisa Gerrard
Rhodes Elegy, The
Rhodes Romance
Rhodes Violin, The
Richard Wahnfried's Tonwelle
Rock in Deutschland
Roses of Shadow
Royal Festival Hall, Volume 1
Royal Festival Hall, Volume 2
ruhiger Nachmittag: Analyse der Schönheit, Ein
ruhiger Nachmittag: Dante erblickt Beatrice, Ein
ruhiger Nachmittag: Das Schweigen des Druiden, Ein
ruhiger Nachmittag: Die richtig Pforte, Ein
ruhiger Nachmittag: Et in Arcadia ego, Ein
ruhiger Nachmittag: Man muss seinen Garten bestellen, Ein
Sacred Romance
Same Thoughts Lion
Saucerful of Ambience, Part I, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part II, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part III, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part IV, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part IX, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part V, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part VI, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part VII, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part VIII, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part X, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part XI, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part XII, A
Schauer Der Vorwelt
schönes Autodafé: Fools of Time, Ein
schönes Autodafé: In der Welt des Wahns, Ein
schönes Autodafé: Man kann sich nicht von der Erde erheben, indem man an seinen Schnürsenkeln zieht, Ein
schönes Autodafé: Reise ins Schweigen, Ein
schönes Autodafé: The Colours of Mind, Ein
Schönheit Spur: Beauty’s Rose Might Never Die, Der
Schönheit Spur: Echt ist mein Lieben, wahr sei auch mein Leid, Der
Schönheit Spur: Ein lockend Aug, Der
Schönheit Spur: Erinnerung jener Schönheit, Der
Schönheit Spur: Im Spiel verliebter Saiten, Der
Schönheit Spur: In Treasury Of Thy Lusty Days, Der
Schönheit Spur: Thy Eternal Summer Shall Not Fade, Der
Schulzendorf Groove (First Version), The
Schulzendorf Groove (Tribute Version), The
Schwanensee I
Schwanensee II
Schwermütiger Frühling
Sebastian im Traum (31 min 54 s)
Second Church Sequence & Organ
Second Movement: Geheimnis des Wassers
Second Movement: The Forest of Dreams
Seltsam statisch: Der anachronistische Hang
Seltsam statisch: Diese etüdenhafte Kategorie
Seltsam statisch: Rationierte Ereignisreihe
Semper Idem
Sequencers Are Beautiful
Sequenzer (from 70 to 07)
Serenade in Blue
Shadow Piece
Shadows of Ignorance
Shoreless one (33 min 14 s)
Shoreless Two
Short Romance
Signs of Dawn
Silence and sequence (11 min 54 s)
Silence And Sequence: Clear Water
Silence And Sequence: Fire-riser
Silence And Sequence: Gentle Wind
Silence And Sequence: Perigee
Silent Running: Theme
Silent Running (version 45)
Silent Survivor
Silver Edition
Sing the Body Electric: Dark Carnival, I
Sing the Body Electric: Dinosaur Tales, I
Sing the Body Electric: Farewell Summer, I
Sing the Body Electric: Fever Dream, I
Sing the Body Electric: Ghost of Forever, I
Sing the Body Electric: The Machineries of Joy, I
Sinking into oblivion (3 min)
Sleep des Animaux, Le
Slightly Touched
Smile of Shadows, The
So What
Soft 'n' Groovy
Solar Wind
Some velvet phasing
sound of fitness, The
Spanish ballerina (6 min 38 s)
Spielglocken (21 min)
spirituelle Kraft des Augenblicks, Die
SQ1 (Essentials)
SQ2 (extended mix)
SQ3 (Subsonic Affair mix)
SQ4 (Short Cut)
St. Pierre
Star Action
Stardancer II (14 min 15 s)
Stars Are Burning: Official Klaus Schulze Boot, Volume 1
Stomu Yamashta's Go too
Story Does Unfold, The
Studies for Organ, Keyboard and Drumset
Study for Brian Eno
Study for Philip K. Dick
Study for Terry Riley
Suite No. 3 in D-Dur, 2. Satz: "Air"
Sweet Thoughts In A Dream
Synthies Have (No) Balls?
Tag des offenen Denkmals
Tangent Waves
Tango-Saty / Amourage / Opheylissem
Teach Me To Hear Mermaids Singing
Tell Me Where All Past Years Are
Tempus fugit: The Age of Shopping
Tempus fugit: Time Never Dies
Theme: The Rhodes Elegy, The
There's No Mystery
There Shall Be Sung Another Golden Age
There Was Greatness in the Room (fragment)
They Shut Him Out of Paradise
Things Invisible To See
Third movement: Angora Love
Third movement: Der Wal in Wut
Third movement: Die lebendigen Pflanzen
Third movement: Je suis comme je suis
Third movement: Les feuilles mortes
Third movement: Ohne Schein der Anstrengung
Third movement: Réel et surréel
Third movement: The Fish doesn't know Water
Third movement: Vergebliche Delikatesse
Third movement: Wilde Blume
This House Full of Shadows
This Moment Is Thy Time To Sing
Thor (Thunder)
Tibetan Loop
Till With Sounds Like These
Timbres of Ice
Time Goes By
Time wind
Tiny Violin, A
Titanensee: Chaos
Titanensee: Gaia
Titanensee: Uranos
Titanische Tage: Impressions of Africa
Titanische Tage: Soft Watches
Titanische Tage: The Falling Angel
Titanische Tage: The Great Paranoic
Titanische Tage: The Ram
To B Flat
Tolleranza (Excerpt), La
Totally Wired: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose...
Totally Wired: L’orgue de barbarie
Totally Wired: Mind and Machines
Totally Wired: Starkness
Totemfeuer Live
Totentag Oper in 7 Bildern, opera in 7 pictures
tower raises (5 min), The
Tracks of Desire
Tradition and Vision: Die Welt als Schaukel
Tradition and Vision: Musing on My Love
Tradition and Vision: My Constant Spirit
Tradition and Vision: No Ladies Did I See
Tradition and Vision: The Idea of North
Tradition and Vision: The Power of Myth
Tradition and Vision: Tradition and Vision
Tradition and Vision: You Don't Have to Win
Trakl sans vox
Trance 4 Motion
Trance Appeal
Transfer station blue
Traumraum: Es ist Abend
Traumraum: Heißer Tag
Traumraum: Mit jungen Augen
Traumraum: Ob es regnet
Tribes Unrealized
True Blue
Übrigens sterben immer die anderen
Ultimate Edition
Unheilbar Deutsch: Dem Klangschaft-Führer
Unheilbar Deutsch: Der Unverbesserliche
Unheilbar Deutsch: Eiseskälte
Unheilbar Deutsch: Innerlichkeit?
Unheilbar Deutsch: Marsch (Es Regnet Deppen)
Unheilbar Deutsch: Runenzauber
Unheilbar Deutsch: Straight and Square
Unheilbar Deutsch: Treudeutsch
Unsere Welt ist vielleicht ein Weibchen
Unspoken Thing, The
Up, Up and Away
Ursprung der Welt: Bonjour Mr. Courbet, Der
Ursprung der Welt: Der Moderne Kunst, Der
Ursprung der Welt: Der Ursprung der Welt, Der
Valle de la luna (9 min)
Valley of Wild Flowers, The
Vanishing memories (2 min)
Vanity of sounds
Variation on B.F.
Vas Insigne Electionis
Vat Was Dat?
Velvet System
Velvet Voyage
Verblüffe sie! Artificial Life
Verblüffe sie! Kaukasischer Keller
Verblüffe sie! Lune Malade
Verblüffe sie! Verblüffe sie!
Versöhnung (Soft mix; Encore Rome)
Vidanya (2 min 11 s)
Vie de rêve: Des escargots qui vont à l’enterrement
Vie de rêve: Et la fête continue
Vie de rêve: Eteignez les lumières
Vie de rêve: Le combat avec l’ange
Vie de rêve: Le miroir brisé
Vie de rêve: Le retour au pays
Vie électronique 10, La
Vie électronique 11, La
Vie électronique 12, La
Vie électronique 13, La
Vie électronique 14, La
Vie électronique 15, La
Vie électronique 16, La
Vie électronique 2, La
Vie électronique 3, La
Vie électronique 4, La
Vie électronique 5, La
Vie électronique 6, La
Vie électronique 7, La
Vie électronique 8, La
Vie électronique 9, La
Vie Electronique Volume 1.0, La
vie secrète: Der Narr, La
vie secrète: Exercises spirituelles, La
vie secrète: Geist der Zeit, La
vie secrète: Les grains de beauté, La
vie secrète: Return of Love, La
vie secrète: Siehe: es gibt Flügel, La
vie secrète: Und Einsamkeit, La
Violin Concerto, Op. 61: I. Allegro ma non troppo
Virtual outback
Vocs in the dark I (4 min 23 s)
Vocs in the dark II (10 min 04 s)
Voices in the Dark II (Chill mix)
Voices in the Dark (Lite mix)
Voices of syn
Wagner Desaster - Live, Das
Wagner desasterlive, Das
Wagner (Wild mix)
Wahnfried 1883
Walk the Edge: In Genteel Surroundings
Walk the Edge: It Was Going to Matter
Walk the Edge: King Vulkan Himself
Walk the Edge: The Modern World
Walk the Edge: We Saw It, It Was There
Walk the Edge: While He Was Sleeping
Wann soll man springen
Warsaw (24 min 25 s)
Was Dreaming I Was Awake and Then I Woke Up and Found Myself Asleep: And Found Myself Asleep, I
Was Dreaming I Was Awake and Then I Woke Up and Found Myself Asleep: And Then I Woke Up, I
Was Dreaming I Was Awake and Then I Woke Up and Found Myself Asleep: I Was Dreaming I Was Awake, I
Ways of changes
Weird caravan (5 min 04 s)
Weiter, Weiter!
Welcome to the moog brothers (6 min 28 s)
Well Roared, Lion!
Welt Lauf: Alkibiades, mein Spießgeselle, Der
Welt Lauf: Brücken in den Nebel, Der
Welt Lauf: Sehr seltsam, Der
Welt Lauf: The Last Puritan, Der
Whales: Pas de deux
Whales: Whale Hunting
Wild and Blue
Winds Are Breathing Low, The
Windy Times
Wings of Strings, The
Wir sind sehr wenige
Wisdom of the Leaves, The
wizard of Doz (10 min 22 s), The
Wolf's Ponticelli
X-tremely fun
Yen: Back To Limbo
Yen: Lull Before The Storm
Yen: Out Of Limbo
Yen: Pastorale And Departure
Yen: Pastorale: Awakening
Yen: Pastorale Too
Yen: Placid Yen
Yen: Tempest
Yen: The Breath Of Life
Yen: Yearning
Youth, The
Zeichen meines Lebens: Es war ein Sonnenstrahl
Zeichen meines Lebens: Für Vaterland und Menschenfresser
Zeichen meines Lebens: Il dolce far niente
Zeichen meines Lebens: Paternoster
Zeit Geist (Zeit, Geist)
Zeitgeist: Brains
Zeitgeist: Esprit
Zeitgeist: Geist
Zeitgeist: Temps
Zeitgeist: Time
Zeitgeist: Zeit
Zugabe Timbales
Zweiter Satz: O unser verlorenes Paradies
Contributed to or performed: 
À la recherche du printemps perdu
Ambient Cookbook II, The
Ambient Gardener - Autumn, The
Ambient Gardener - Summer, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 4, The
Astro Know Me Domina, Part I
Astro Know Me Domina, Part II
Astro Know Me Domina, Part III
Astro Know Me Domina, Part IV
Astro Know Me Domina, Part V
Astro Know Me Domina, Part VI
Balaarat (Meeting Place)
Bazylika NSJ
Bazylika NSJ (edit)
Big in Europe, Vol. 1: Warsaw
Big in Europe, Vol. 2: Amsterdam
Bling Ring: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Body Language, Vol. 9
Bootleg Concert 2009, The
Brain Box: Cerebral Sounds of Brain Records 1972-1979, The
Breeze, The
Brief History of Ambient, Volume 2: Imaginary Landscapes, A
Brothers & Sisters
Careful With the AKS, Peter (VIII/5)
Careful With the AKS, Peter (VIII/6)
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part I
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part II
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part III
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part IV
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part V
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part VI
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part VII
Careful With the AKS, Peter, Part VIII
CD-Side 55
Chilled Out
Chillout Moods
Close To The Noise Floor Presents Noise Reduction System (Formative European Electronica 1974-1984)
Come Quietly
Communication Problems
Concert, The
da Varsaw Code, The
Dali: The Endless Enigma
Dark Side of the Moog II, The
Dark Side of the Moog III, Part V
Dark Side of the Moog III, The
Dark Side of the Moog IV, The
Dark Side of the Moog IX, The
Dark Side of the Moog V, The
Dark Side of the Moog VI, The
Dark Side of the Moog VII, The
Dark Side of the Moog VIII, The
Dark Side of the Moog X, The
Dark Side of the Moog XI, The
Dark Side of the Moog, The
Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 1–4, The
Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 5–8, The
Dark Side of the Moog, Vol. 9–11, The
Deserted Stones
Drive Inn
Drive Out
Dziekuje Poland Live '83
Dziekuje Poland Live ’83
Electronische Muziek 1989
Electronische Muziek 1994
Essential Mix Show (Mixed by Snap!), The
Evolution of The Dark Side of the Moog, The
Facing Abandoned Tools
Far From Earth
Fast & Forward
Final DAT (VI/6), The
Final DAT, Part I, The
Final DAT, Part II, The
Final DAT, Part III, The
Final DAT, Part IV, The
Final DAT, Part V, The
Final DAT, Part VI, The
Final DAT, The
First Clouds
First Decade 1992-2002
Floating Music
Galaxy, Volume 2
Gap of Alienation, The
Genetic Drift
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City: Self-Actualization FM
Grenzwellen Drei
Hamburg I
Hamburg II
Happy Country Life
Harmonia : Le Chant des rêves
Healing: A Trip to Infinity, The
Heart of Our Nearest Star (Part I), The
Heart of Our Nearest Star (Part II), The
Heart of Our Nearest Star (Part III-IV), The
Heart of Our Nearest Star, Part I, The
Heart of Our Nearest Star, Part II, The
Heart of Our Nearest Star, Part III, The
Heart of Our Nearest Star, Part IV, The
Heaven Under Feet
Hits of the 90's
Hommage À Polska
Immuring Insanity
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Kampania Wrzesniowa
Kraut 2000: In Search of a New Planet
Krautrock Masters + Echoes
Krautrock: Music for Your Brain
Krautrock: Music for Your Brain, Volume 2
Krautrockzeit - Die Kult Klassiker!
Let the Rain Come
Liaisons Dangereuses
Liquid Coincidence 1
Liquid Coincidence 2
Liquid Coincidence 3
Liquid Coincidence 4
Liquid Coincidence 5
Liquid Coincidence 6
Liquid Coincidence 7
Liquid Coincidence, Part 2 (Schiller remix)
Liquid Nonsense Vol. 1
Loreley (live edit)
Losing Our Virginity: The First 4 Years '73-'77
Mad Ret Sma
Mega Dance Hits Vol. 2
Moogumentary II, A
Moogumentary, A
Moulin Déjà Vu, Le
Music Without Frontiers
Muting the Noise 01
Mystic Spirits
Mystic Spirits, Volume 12
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream .. Far From Earth
Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
New Age Music
Obscured by Klaus (VII/6)
Obscured by Klaus, Part I
Obscured by Klaus, Part II
Obscured by Klaus, Part III
Obscured by Klaus, Part IV
Obscured by Klaus, Part V
Obscured by Klaus, Part VI
Ocean of Innocence
Ocean of Innocence (live - edit)
OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music
Orcus Humanum Est
Phantom Heart Brother (III/3)
Phantom Heart Brother (III/4)
Phantom Heart Brother #4
Phantom Heart Brother, Part I
Phantom Heart Brother, Part II
Phantom Heart Brother, Part III
Phantom Heart Brother, Part IV
Phantom Heart Brother, Part V
Phantom Heart Brother, Part VI
Planets of the Universe 2
Planets of the Universe: Moon Side
Polish Rider, The
POP 2000: 50 Jahre Popmusik und Jugendkultur in Deutschland
Psychedelic Brunch Part VI (DJ River edit)
Psychedelic Brunch, Part I
Psychedelic Brunch, Part II
Psychedelic Brunch, Part III
Psychedelic Brunch, Part IV
Psychedelic Brunch, Part V
Psychedelic Brunch, Part VI
Psychedelic Brunch, Part VII
Psychedelic Brunch, Part VIII
Road Clear
Ronny's Pop Show 25
Saucerful of Ambience (excerpt), A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part I, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part II, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part III, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part IV, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part IX, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part V, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part VI, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part VII, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part VIII, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part X, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part XI, A
Saucerful of Ambience, Part XII, A
Saucerful of Secrets, A
Schulze‐Schickert Session, The
Schulze‐Schickert Session: Die Sehnsucht des Laien / Hymns to the Night / No Frills / Heart of Darkness / Twilight Chill / Blessed Twilight, The
Sehnsucht Live
Selbsterkennende Ganzwerdung
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother, Part I
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother, Part II
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother, Part III
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother, Part IV
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother, Part V
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Mother, Part VI
Short Rain
Short Romance
Silent Moments
Sinking Into Oblivion
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 90
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 96
Space Daze 2000
Space Night Vol. III
Spanish Ballerina
Spirits of the Dead
Strong (dub version)
Sugar Mode
Supernatural Fairy Tales: The Progressive Rock Era
Surrender to Silence
That's Brain
This Is… Science Fiction
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (excerpt), Part I (excerpt)
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (excerpt), Part II
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (excerpt), Part IX
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (excerpt), Part VI (excerpt)
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (excerpt), Part VIII
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (IV/7)
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn (IV/8)
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn #6
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part I
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part II
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part III
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part IV
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part IX
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part V
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part VI
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part VII
Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn, Part VIII
Tiny Violin, A
Tower Raises, The
Tribes Unrealized
TSOB: The Sound of Belgium
Ultimate Docking
V/8 Psychedelic Brunch
Vanishing Memories
Visions of Sound
Voices In The Dark (Chill Mix)
Voices of Wielun
Vox 'n' Harmony
What You Deserve (instrumental version)
What You Deserve (poly dub)
Wish You Were There
Wish You Were There (excerpt)
Wish You Were There, Part I
Wish You Were There, Part II
Wish You Were There, Part III
Wish You Were There, Part IV
Wish You Were There, Part IX
Wish You Were There, Part V
Wish You Were There, Part VI
Wish You Were There, Part VII
Wish You Were There, Part VIII
Wish You Were There, Part X
World of Gregorian & Mystic, The
X-Rated: The Electronic Files
You Get What…
Zenit (Ausschnitt)