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Chemist (Cut)
Cut Chemist
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
MacFadden, Lucas Christian (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
MacFadden, Lucas (real name)
Related names: 
2na, Chali (co-performer)
7, Marc (co-performer)
Abers, Wil-Dog (co-performer)
Akil (co-performer)
Bella, Ulises (co-performer)
DJ Milo
Hiroshi & Kudo
Jurassic 5 (isMemberOf)
Jurassic 5 Affiliation (see also from)
Marrufo, William (co-performer)
Nu‐Mark, DJ (co-performer)
Ozomatli (isMemberOf)
Ozomatli Affiliation (see also from)
Pacheco, Raul (co-performer)
Porée, Justin (co-performer)
Sierra, Asdru (co-performer)
Virgin France
WEA Europe
Yamaguchi, Jiro (co-performer)
Zaakir (co-performer)
Abstract Hip Hop (Cut Chemist remix)
Adidas to Addis
Alphabet Aerobics (the Cut Chemist 2½ minute workout)
Audience Is Listening Theme Song (album version), The
Audience's Following, The
audience's listening, The
Back From the Dead
Beats Thru Space
Biggety Balls
Bunky's Pick
Cassette Culture
Cavern the Cut chemist rocks a rave in a missile silo remix
Coast 2 Coast
Coast to Coast
Cut Chemist Takes Westwood Hostage on Capitol FM (cont.)
cut chemist the litmus test sr
Cut Intro (interlude 1), Die
Def Beat Remixes, Volume 7 : Cut Chemist
Disco is Dead (1973-1979)
Do That There
Drums of Fire
East Side
Energy (interlude 2)
Everythings Goin Fine
Flight of the Bumblebee
Garden (beats), The
Garden / Storm, The
Going Back to Cali: Cut Chemist's Colombian Crates Remixed
Gotta Weapon, I
GR8 CR8 Caper (Trailer), The
Hip Hop Lives (1985-1996)
Layerd Laird
Layered Laird
Lesson 4: The Radio
Lesson 6: The Instrumental (DIY Version)
Lesson 6: The Lecture EP (Remastered)
Lesson 6: The Lecture (original unedited version)
Lesson 6: The Sketch
Lift, The
Litmus Test, The
Live Lesson E
Madman EP
Metrorail Thru Space
Motivational Speaker
Motivational Tweaker
(My 1st) Big Break
(My1st) Big Break
O Jardim
Open Clothes
Outro (bonus beats)
Outro (dub)
Outro (Revisited) (instrumental)
Peak in Time, A
Peek in Time, A
Povo De Santo (Instrumental)
Rare Equations
re-return of the original art-form
Reconstructed Rebelution
Scraper Psychonauts remix
Sea of Time by Curtis Knight
Sound of the Police
Storm (instrumental)
Suspended Introduction
There Is No Spoon
Tin Foil
Van Van
West Side
What Are We Playin'?
Contributed to or performed: 
[Part 1]
[Part 2]
2266 Cambridge
Are You Ready?
Audio Alchemy: Experiments In Beat Reconstruction
Bang Ya Head: Singles & Guest Shots: 1998-2005
Best of Peanut Butter Wolf, The
Best of Return of the DJ, The
Big Brother
Biggety Balls - Monkey = The Real Deal
Blazing Arrow
Blind Man
Blind Man (La Carnival mix)
Blind Man (LA Carnival remix)
Blind Man (Rap version)
Blind Man from LA Carnival
Blind Man from LA Carnival (instrumental)
Brain Freeze Original Sound Track
Break In, The
Bunky's Pick / 6 Variations of in the Rain
Cak CA Ba Ba
Caution (vocal mix)
Chemical Calisthenics
Chuck D Counts Down to Armageddon
Colette N°8
Cut (Theme), Die
Cut (Wrap), Die
Day in Day Out
Deadly DJ Cuts
Deep Concentration
Do That There
Do That There Medley
Drum Riders
FabricLive 27: DJ Format
Fats Comet’s Tackhead Beat
Flight of the Bumblebee
Freeze Live I
Freeze Live II
Freeze Live III
Freeze Live IV
Freeze Live IX
Freeze Live V
Freeze Live VI
Freeze Live VII
Freeze Live VIII
Freeze Live X
Freeze Practice I
Freeze Practice II
Freeze Practice III
Freeze Practice IV
Freeze Practice V
Freeze Practice VI
Fresh Air
Funky 16 Corners, The
Funky Precedent, The
Fused of Course
Hard Sell (Encore), The
Hard Sell (Live At The Grand Ballroom San Francisco), The
Hard Sell, The Presents Preemptive Hype Volume 2.5
Home Away From Home
Hooked on Atari
Idioteque Calisthenics
Interlude (live at the '45 Session)
Jackin' Bruce / [untitled] / Cut Chemist Takes Westwood Hostage on Capitol FM
Jukebox Rock
Keb Darge & Cut Chemist Present the Dark Side
Keb Darge and Cut Chemist Present Lost and Found: Rockabilly and Jump Blues
Keepintime: A Live Recording
King Kumoniwanaleia
Later That Day...
Lesson 6: The Lecture
Let’s Dance on Planet Rock
Life as a Shorty Shouldn’t Be So Rough
Lift, Pt. 2, The
Live at the Future Primitive Soundsession
Live at the Variety Arts Center, 1997
Live Lesson A
Live Lesson B
Live Lesson D
Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season One, The
Machito Forever (Cut Chemist Remix)
Me & This Army: Radiohead Remixes
Mean Gene
Moonbase Alpha
Moonlightin' With Biz
Motherlude / Back From the Dead
Nacional 2007
No Categories 3: A Ubiquity Compilation
No Mistakes Allowed in this Number Song (remix)
Now Look What You've Done, Lyrics Born! Greatest Hits
Now-Again Re:Sounds (Vol. 1)
Numark / Set
On a Mission
Open / Close
Outro (Revisited)
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E
Part F
Part G
Part H
Part I
Part J
Part K
Part L
Peanut Butter Wolf Presents Stones Throw Ten Years
Peanut Butter Wolf Presents: Stones Throw: Ten Years
Peek in Time, A
Periodic Table, The
Plane Jane
Playlist: July 2006
Prelude for a Madman
Prince of the Beats
Private Press, The
Product Placement
Product Placement: On Tour
Pushin' Buttons Live
Re: Generations
Ready on the Right
Reconstructed Rebelution / Bubble Gum
Return of the DJ, Volume 1
Rhythm Method
S.N.T. (live at Peacepipe)
Siesta (demo)
Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, The
Skate 2
Sleepyheads II: Classic Combos
Slow Fresh
SNT (live at The Peace Pipe '93)
Solid Squealer
Solid Steel Presents DJ Food & DK: "Now, Listen Again!"
Sound of L.A., Volume 1, The
Stomp the Yard
Stones Throw 101
Sun Used to Shine
Suspended Introduction / Wah Wah Man
Tale of Five Cities
Tha's What I Got (DeepLick Hip Hop Mix)
Thudrumble (live at the Fillmore)
Thudrumble, Part 1
Thudrumble, Part 2
Tiny Bells
Tony Hawk’s Underground 2
Toro Toro
Turned Around and Time Warped
Ultimate Lessons 2, The
Ultimate Lessons, The
Urban Revolutions: The Future Primitive Sound Collective
Vital Music 37
War in Pieces
What's the Altitude
What's the Altitude (album version)
What's the Altitude (Cut Chemist vs. The Astronauts)
What's the Altitude (She Wants Revenge remix)
What's the Altitude (The Believe remix)
What's the Attitude
What’s the Altitude
Whip It
Who Rocks the House?
Work My Mind
You Are Getting Scratchy
You Don’t Stop
You Want It, I Got It
Z-Trip / Set I
Z-Trip / Set II
Zentertainment 2006
Zuivere Koffie: Juli 2006
Zuivere Koffie: Juni 2006