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Michael James Whalen
Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen (American composer)
Michael Whalen (composer) (Amerikaans componist)
Whalen, Michael
Whalen, Michael James
Майкл Уэйлен
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Arkenstone, David
Friedberg, Lionel
Gettel, Michael
Gratz, Wayne
Mirowitz, Sheldon
Stein, Ira
University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Velázquez, Russell
Virgin France
Whalen, Michael
Wolhuter, Kim
Wydawnictwo G+J RBA.
15 most popular classical melodies : 15 solo arrangements with cd accompaniment
Action Timer (instrumental) (15 sec)
Addicted To You
Afraid of thunder
After the Rain
Ahead of the Game
Am (Brain), I
Amber Waters
America is flat
American primitive
Beauty and the Beasts : a leopard's story
belle et la bête Léopard et phacochère, La
best of Narada Christmas, p1998:, The
Between the Beats (instrumental) (20 sec)
Beyond Words (instrumental) (20 sec)
Birth: The Journey of Life
border of dusk, The
Brink of Extinction
Building a Nest
Canyon Wind
Cathedral of the Woods
Cement Jungle (instrumental) (20 sec)
Center Court (instrumental) (20 sec)
Cheetah Hunt, The
City Lights (instrumental) (15 sec), The
Close to the heart [a portrait of family love]
Crazy? Who's Crazy! (instrumental) (20 sec)
Crossroads of the World
Cycles of Life
Dark and the Light, The
Dark Side (instrumental) (20 sec), The
Desert Caravan (instrumental) (20 sec)
Europa (instrumental) (20 sec)
Exotic Night (backing vocals only) (20 sec)
Eyes, Ears & Fingers
fabrique de la vie, La
Fairy Tales (instrumental) (15 sec)
Feather, The
First Light
Fizzin' Bubbles (instrumental) (20 sec)
Fly With Me (instrumental) (20 sec)
For You
Forest Edge, The
Forever wild celebrating the American wilderness a Narada collection
From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds
Garage Shuffle (instrumental) (15 sec)
Get Ready, Go (instrumental) (15 sec)
Gliding Bird (instrumental) (15 sec)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Great African moments
Great Highway, The
Hands Of Silk
Harvest Home (instrumental) (15 sec)
Haunting of Blue Shadow
Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes, I
Hawk Appears, The
Heat (instrumental) (15 sec)
Heaven Is Here (instrumental) (20 sec) (full mix)
Hillbilly Hip (instrumental) (15 sec)
Home (instrumental) (15 sec)
Horizons aux frontières de la New-age...
Hudson Valley
I'll Take It (instrumental) (15 sec)
Instrumental music. Selections
Killer Instinct
Killing to Survive
Kingdom of the Sun
Lampart nocny łowca
Land of Seduction
Larger Than Life (instrumental) (20 sec)
Last Night of the Year, The
Life Amplified (instrumental) (20 sec)
Life in Cramped Quarters
Life in the Nest
Life Is a Circle
Light in the cathedral
Like Rain Through My Hands
Listen Up (instrumental) (20 sec)
Listening for Tomorrow (instrumental) (20 sec)
Love of opposites
Love's Secret
Meine besten Freunde
Michael's Adventure (instrumental) (20 sec)
Months of Constant Change
Mother Knows, The
Move (Muscles), I
Muir's Paradise
My Secret Heart: Romantic Meditations for Ambient Piano
My Style (instrumental) (20 sec)
New Forests
New Heart, A
New music for an American landscape
Night Creatures
Noxontown adagio
Oasis of Peace (instrumental) (20 sec)
One Becomes a Trillion
Open Spaces (instrumental) (20 sec)
Out of the Mist (instrumental) (20 sec)
Papillion (instrumental) (20 sec)
Part Five
Part Four
Part One
Part Seven
Part Six
Part Three
Part Two
Passage to Paradise
Peril in the Timberland
Phantom of the forest
Pipe Dreams (instrumental) (15 sec)
Polar bears in Central Park
Precious waters river of life
Predators of the Predators
Pret a Porter (backing vocals only) (20 sec)
Protected & Nourished
Puritan's Dream, The
Quiet Beauty
Re-Birth (instrumental) (20 sec)
Relax, Escape, Dream (instrumental) (20 sec)
Return to life?
Rhythm of the Night (instrumental) (15 sec)
Rio for Mio (instrumental) (20 sec)
Romance music for piano
Running Around (vocal lead) (20 sec)
Sea of Ecstasy, A
Sea of Trees
Sea power [a global journey] ; original score
Seasons of Wind
Shape of Her Face, The
shape of life original soundtrack recording, The
So Hip (instrumental) (15 sec)
softest touch solo piano, The
Song of the Everglades
sound of light, The : Classics for the next millennium
Spring's in the Air (instrumental) (20 sec)
Stepping Out (backing vocals only) (20 sec)
Sunrise Dance
Sweet Dreams (instrumental) (20 sec)
Swimming In A Lovely Sea Of You
Telecommute (backing vocals only) (20 sec)
Theme to Forever Wild
Through the Parched Land: Desert Flower
Times of Change
Treating GM1 Gangliosidosis With Ex Vivo Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Therapy Without Using Total Body Irradiation ; a dissertation
Two As One
Ulysses S. Grant
Under One Sky (instrumental) (20 sec)
Use Your Imagination (instrumental) (15 sec)
Water Ski (instrumental) (15 sec)
Wilderness of the East, The
Winding to Infinity
Winter Rain
Wood Cock, The
Woodland Lullaby
Worlds Away (instrumental) (20 sec)
Your Eyes In The Candlelight
Contributed to or performed: 
:60's :30's :15's, Volume 3
:60's :30's :15's, Volume 4
Ballade nocturne
Best New Age 100
Best of Narada Christmas, The
Christmas Blessings: Narada Christmas Collection, Volume 3
Close to the Heart
Discover Narada 2
Forever Wild (Selections)
Grand Piano
Grand Piano: Narada Anniversary Collection
Hidden Beauty: The Evolution of Sound
Horizons : Aux frontières de la New-Age…
Narada 1994
Narada Classic: Earth Songs / Precious Waters
Narada World: A Global Vision
Narada: 20 Years of Narada Piano
Nature of Narada, The
Nuits de rêve
Pokémon: Schnapp' sie dir alle!
Precious Waters: River of Life
Romance: Music for Piano
Songs Without Words: A Windham Hill Collection
Sound of Light, The
What tнē β𝐿ϵ̅ϵ⃗𝛲 D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow⁉
Yu-Gi-Oh! Music to Duel By
Thesis (Master's.)--University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 2011