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Paul Wall
Wall, Paul
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Slayton, Paul Michael (other identity, same person)
Slayton, Paul (real name)
Slayton, Paul (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
3LW (Musical group)
Aston, Rob (co-performer)
Baby Bash (Musician)
Bang, Coota
Barker, Travis (co-performer)
Bun B, 1973-
C, OG Ron (co-performer)
Chamillionaire (co-performer)
Color Changin' Click (isMemberOf)
Expensive Taste (isMemberOf)
J, Frankie
Jones, Mike
Jones, Mike (co-performer)
Jones, Rapper
Kyleon, Killa
Lee, Archie
Lil' Keke
Magno (co-performer)
Method man (1973-...)
Rasaq (co-performer)
Slim Thug
Snoop Dogg, 1972-
Snoop Lion, 1972-
Swishahouse (isMemberOf)
Twin, 50/50 (co-performer)
Wall, Paul (1980-)
Watts, Michael “5000” (co-performer)
Zion & Lennox
350 A Zip (Slowed & Chopped)
Ain’t Hard to Find, I
All Eyez on Me Flow
Already Famous (Unreleased Chick Magnet Remixes)
Am What I Am - (feat. Poppy & Slim Thug)
Am What I Am (Refried)
American dream, The
American Pie
And Then What Flow (Slowed & Chopped)
Anthem (Slowed & Chopped), The
Back porch
Bangin’ Screw
Barrio fino en directo
Believe It or Not Flow
Big Ballin'
Big Dog Status
Blank Check Flow
Bounce Backs Over Setbacks
Boys Talkin Down
Break Bread (feat. Lew Hawk & Gu-U)
Bring it back (2 min 17 s)
Can Catch Boppas Flow, I
Caught Ya Lookin' (Slowed & Chopped)
Certified Game Spitta
Chick Magnet (feat. Dani Marie)
Chick Magnet (Screwed & Chopped)
Choppaholix Flow
collectables by ashanti enregistrement sonore
Coming Down
Correct Me If I’m Wrong
Countin Franklins
Da What That Is
Daddy Wasn't Home (Mama Raised Me)
Dat's What Dat Is (feat. Bun B, Killer Mike, & H.A.W.K.)
Dats What Dat Is
Dats What That Is (Slowed & Chopped)
Dedication gangsta grillz
Demons Constant Torment
Diamonds Exposed
Did I Change (feat. Pretty Todd, Unique, & Scooby)
DJ Michael Matts (interlude)
DJ Michael Watts (interlude)
Don't Hate
Don't Talk To Me Flow (Slowed & Chopped)
Douche bag
Drank In My Cup
Drank In Yo System
Driving Down the Bock
Dying Breed (Slowed & Chopped)
Enough Said
Exclusive Freestyle
F**k a Hater
Fast life
Fast Money
Flow (Be Easy)
Flow (Bounce Back)
Flow (Dragem in the River)
Flow (Game Over)
Flow (In My Life Flow)
Flow (Lick)
Flow (Too Much Money)
Flow (Who Gives a Fuck)
Fool 4 Money
From The South
G Code
Game Over (feat. Chamillionaire)
Get a life
Get Back - Flow
Get In My Car Flow (Slowed & Chopped)
Get It on the Floor (feat. Mike Jones)
Get Like Me
Get money, stay true
Get My Weight Up
Get Off My D
get ya mind correct p
Get ya mind correct, p2002.
Gettin Bank
Gimme Dat Flow (Slowed & Chopped)
Gimme That
Girls Droppin They Draws Flow
Go Peaches
Gold cobra
Got Dat Drank
Got The Internet Going Nuts, I
Han Solo on 4's (Slowed & Chopped)
Hard Tops and Drops
Haters Stay Watchin
Hatin Season
Heart of a Champion
Ho's Wanna Know
Holdin, Comin Diine (Slowed & Chopped)
Houston Oiler
How to Be a Player
How To Make That Drank
How We Live For
Hustle Hard Flow
Hustle Like a MF (Slowed & Chopped)
Hustler Stackin' Ends (feat. Shasta & Yung Redd)
Hustlers Stackin Ends
I'm a Ryda
I'm Bout
I’m da Shit
I'm Officially Fucked Up
I’m on Patron
Imma Get Mine Reprise
Internet Goin' Nutz
Internet Going Nutz
Invisible Set Baguette
It Goes Down
Johnny Dang Watch Froze
Just Paul Wall
Killer in you
Know What I Am Talkin' About
Know What I Am Talking Bout
Know What I'm Talkin' Bout
Label Shouts (Slowed & Chopped)
Laid Back
Let the Trunk Pop
Life of the Party
light of the sun, The
Live From The Lonestar
Lookin Fly
Luve It Mane
Major Playa Flow
March Like A Soldier Reprise (Slowed & Chopped)
Mash for Cash Flow
Middle finger
Mike Dean (Slowed & Chopped)
Millionaire Dreams (Slowed & Chopped)
Money Don't Make Me (Slowed & Chopped)
Money, Pt. 1
Muddy Cups on Sunset
Mug on Mean
My Lac on Vogues
My Life (feat. Mark G & Kyle Lee)
My own Cobain
N Luv Wit My Money (feat. Chamillionaire)
New Drank Ain't New
No Ceiling
No Favors
No Sleep Til Houston
Not a Stain
Now & Later Paint Butter Guts
Oh No (feat. Trae)
On Citas
one, The
Paul Wall Break (Chopped & Screwed)
Paul Wall Freestyle (Chopped & Screwed)
Paul Wall Intro (Slowed & Chopped)
Paul Wall Speaks
People Champ Comin Soon
People's Champ, The
Peoples Champ Aug 2K5 (Slowed & Chopped)
Peoples Champ Coming Soon (Slowed & Chopped)
Peoples Champ Still Coming Aug 2K5
peoples champ, The
Peoples Interlude (Slowed & Chopped)
Play Dirty
Po Out a Lil Drank
Po Up Poet
Purple Drank (Slowed & Chopped)
Rain and Fire
Real S**t, Fake People (Slowed & Chopped)
Real Thang, The
Rock (feat. 5050)
Said Peoples Champ Aug 2K5, I
Shark attack
Showin' Her Thong
Sippin' The Barre
Sittin Sideways Intro (Slowed & Chopped)
Sittin Sideways Remix (Slowed & Chopped)
Sittin’ Sidewayz (instrumental)
Sittin' Sidewayz (Intro)
Sittin Sidewayz (Remix)
Skit Clear That Smoke
slab god
Smooth Operator
Spitting Game Flow
Squad Goals
Still On
Still Tippin
Stop Cryin, Start Prayin (Slowed & Chopped)
Sun Dont Shine Flow
Swack You Out
Swangin' in the Rain
Swishahouse presents Paul Wall : the peoples champ
Take Notes
That's the Way Luv Goes
They Don't Know (feat. Mike Jones)
They Dont Know (feat. Mike Jones)
They Know (freestyle)
To the Moon and Back
Top Diine
Tryin Ta Get Paid
Tryin' to Get Paid
Unknown Flow
Wake Up, Get Money
Walking away
Watts Intro
We Bout That
We Don't Give A Fuck
Wet Paint Drippin
What Cha Gon Do - (feat. Mr. Pookie & Mr. Lucci)
What It Do
What's Up
What Ya Know About
What You Gonna Do
Whatcha Gon Do
who is mike jones p
Who is Mike Jones, p2005:
Why Is That (Slowed & Chopped)
Why try
Why You Peepin' Me
wikipedia http
Contributed to or performed: 
[untitled] (Chopped & Screwed)
143 (remix)
1st Time You Say No
2 Cups
3rd Coastin
5th Dimension
About Us
About Us (Pop edit)
After Party
Ain't a Thang
All Eyes on Me
All I Have
All I Have (S.L.A.B.ed)
All Mine
All We Know
Am da Club, I
Am What I Am
And Then What (remix)
Anger Management 3: The Exclusive Shade 45 Mixtape
Another Fallen Soldier
Arms Race
Arms Race (remix)
Aww My Life
B-Real TV Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
B**** I'm Ballin
Back Up Plan
Bad Bitchez
Balla Talk II
Ballin' Is A Habit
Be South 6
Been Goin Thru It
Best Believe
Bitch I'm From Texas
Bizzy Body
Bling Blao Part 2
Bling Blaow (remix)
Bling Blaow, Part 2
Block Boi
Blown Down
Blue Moon
Boo - Im Ready
Boppers on My Nuts
Bosslife Membership
Bread On the Menu
Break ’em Off
Break Em’ Off (remix)
Bubble & Ball
Buddah Love
Bugsy - Stone Cold Hustla
Bugsy - Top 5
Bugsy and Ty One - Put You in the Game
Bugsy Freestyle
Cadillac (Screwed & Chopped)
California Finest
California's Finest
Call Me What U Want
Can't Give U D World
Check Out My Feet
Cherry Pie & OG Kush
Chose Me
Chunk Up the Deuce
Codeine Heartbreak
Come 'n' Go
Comin Dine
Commin' Down
Contact High
Controversy Sells
Cookie Pack
Country Boyz
Crumble The Satellite
Crunk Hits, Vol. 2
Crunk Hits, Volume 3
Cup Up Top Down
Cuz I'm Famous
Cuz I'm Famous (feat. Paul Wall, Hopsin, Yelawolf & Scoop Deville)
Dance on the Moon
Dancin' on ya Grave [Remix]
Dancing On Your Grave (Remix)
Dat's What Dat Is
Dat's What Dat Is (Chopped & Screwed)
Dats What Dat Is
Day After Hell Broke Loose, The
Dear Mr. President
Def Jam Icon
Dem Brauds Say
Dem Girls
Denzel Washington
Deuces Up
Develop[mental] 1
Diamond Boyz
Diamonds Exposed
Diamonds in My Mouth
Diamonds on Me Dancing
Diplomat Records Presents Dipset Memorial Day Mixtape
Dirty R&B, Part 9 (We Back at It Again Y'All) (Mixed by DJ Smallz) (Hosted by J-Shin)
DJ LU Presents - Texas Made Texas Raised
DMC: DJ Only 85
Don't Spill It
Don’t Fuck With Me
Double R Shoutouts (outro), The
Down With the King (Gangsta Grillz)
Drank in My Cup
Drank in Your System
Drank Muzik
Drank n My Cup
Draped Up (remix)
Drive Slow
Drive Slow (A-Trak remix)
Drive Slow (remix)
Drop It on tha 1 (remix)
Drum Major
Dungeon Drop Freestyle
Enough Said
Enough Said (Chopped & Screwed)
Err Mornin’
Essential R&B: The Very Best of R&B: Summer 2006
Everybody Know Me
Everything Loud
Excuse Me Mary Jane
Eyes On Paper
Famous Stars Wit Straps [TRVS remix]
Favorite Hoe
Feel This
Feelin You
Feelin' U
Feet on the Ground
Find Me a Freak
Find Me A Freak (Chopped & Screwed)
Fistful of Dollars Mixtape, The
Forever Hustle
Fresher Than A Peppermint
From the South
From the South (radio)
From the South (Texas remix)
G-Code (remix)
Game Over
Get High / Get Money
Get in My Car (remix)
Get It In
Get It, I
Get Money
Get Off Me
Get the Fuck Outta Here
Get Ya Mind Correct
Get Ya Mind Correct: Chopped and Screwed
Get Your Crew
Get Your Paper Up
Gettin Muddy, Gettin 2 the Money
Gettin Tho'd
Gettin' Money
Girl on Fire
Glamorous Lifestyle (Super Remix)
Go Getta
Go Grind
Go Wrong
Going All the Way
Got Game, I
Got It Made, I
Got Karo
Got Plex
Got to Get It
Grill & Woman
Grillz (dirty)
Grillz (radio edit)
Grind Hard
Grind, I
Grit Boys Freestyle
Hands Swoll
Hard Tops & Drops
Haters Ball
Headed 2 the Country
Headed 2 the Country [Slowed & Chopped]
Hella Cute
Here I Am
Hit Them Up
Hold It Diine 4 My City
Hold On
Hold Up
Holla @ me
Holla at Me
Holla at Me Baby
Holla at Me Baby!
Hot Boxin' The Van
HotBoxin the Van
Hotline (DJ Semi mix)
House Of Pain
Houston (Home of the Texans)
Houston Hard Hitters, Volume 4: Skrewed & Chopped
How Gangstas Roll
How It Feel
How It Feels
How to Be the Man (Houston remix)
How to Be the Man Remix (Chop Not Slop remix)
Hustler Gangsta
I'm a Playa
I'm Clean
I'm From Texas
I'm H-Town Ballin
I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) 2 'Tha Remix'
I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper
I'm on
I'm on (Chopped & Screwed)
I'm Real / You Fake
I'm Real, You're Fake
I'm Throwed
I’m in Luv (Wit a Stripper) 2 (remix)
I’m in Trouble
I’m Real, What Are You?
I’m Throwed
Im'Ma Get It
Imma Get It
Invisible Set Baguette
It's Ironic
It's to Late
Jacka (feat. Yukmouth, Bugsy - Lookin at It) (remix)
Jeep Shit (Bling Bloaw 2)
Juice, Volume 62
Jump on Da Dick (remix)
Just a Touch
Kappa Classic
Keep Hustle'n
Keep Hustlin
Keep Lookin
Keep Prayin
Killin' Me
King Jack
Kush Cloud
Lawyer Fees
Legalizers: Legalize or Die, Vol. 1, The
Lemon Drop
Let Dem Boys Know
Let It Whip
Let the Trunk Pop
Let's Get It On
Lettin' Them Know
Like, I
Lil Wayne - I Call It Whateva
Live for Today
Live From the Block
Live From the Gridiron
Live It
Livola (feat. Paul Wall - Listen Up)
Long as You Come Home (remix)
Look At Me Now
Love It
Lowrider (screwed)
Luv N My Life
Luv N' My Life
M.I.B. (Making Independent Bread)
Machete Reloaded
Main Event, The
Make Dat Pussy Pop
Man, The
March N Step
March n' Step
Mastermix Grandmaster R'n'B, Volume 5
Mastermix: Pro Disc 68
Middle Finger
Mikel Knight (feat. Paul Wall, Bugsy - long Ago)
Mind Blown
Mixtape, The
Mobbed Up Style
Money in the City
Money Over Everything
Money Time
Money, Pt. 2
Mudd Sippers Only
Murda Murda
My City
My Lowrider
My Money Get Jealous
My Money Gets Jealous
My Pack tha Loudest
My Time’s Comin
N Love Wit My Money
N' Luv Wit My Money
Need Mo, I
Night by Night
No Drama
No Insurance
No Mo Pain
Not a Stain
Not For Haters Pt. 2
Not Gonna Leave
Not Gunna
Now N Lata Paint
Now n' Lata Paint
Now n' Later Paint
Now That’s What I Call Music! 21
Obama 2008
OG Shit
Oh No
Oh No (Classic)
On 20's (Screwed)
On Citas (remix)
On My Feet
On My Grind
On the Floor
On the Grind
One Hundred
One Time
One Time 4 Ya Mind
One Time Fo Ya Mind (Original)
Opening Commentary
Other Day, The
Out of Control
Paper or Plastic
Patty Cake
Paul and Paz
Paul Wall (feat. Big Pokey - Sittin Sidewayz)
Paul Wall (feat. Bun B - Movin Weight)
Paul Wall (feat. Kast-A-Way - Game Is Tight)
Paul Wall & Trae Introduction (Chopped & Screwed)
Paul Wall and Trae Introduction
Paul Wall Freestyle
Paul Wall Speaks
Paul Wall Speaks (intro)
Peel the Money
Pimp C - Hogg in the Game
Pimp C, Bun B, Twista, Zro - I S a Playa
Pimp da pen III
Pimp-Hop (feat: Paul Wall)
Play Dirty
Play the Role (remix)
Play the Role (remix) (Chopped & Screwed)
Play the Role (Statewide remix)
Playa Like Me
Pocket Fulla Presidents
Pop One of These
Pressin' Them Buttons
Pretty Brown
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, April 2006
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, August 2006
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, December 2005
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, May 2007
Promo Only: Urban Club, April 2006 (disc 1)
Promo Only: Urban Radio, April 2006
Promo Only: Urban Radio, May 2006
Purple Codeine IV
Purple Swag (H-Town Allstars Remix)
Purple Swag (remix)
Quit Playing
R.I.P. Act
R&B 24 (Mixed by DJ Envy)
R&B Jewels (Mixed by Ty Boogie) (Hosted by Ashanti)
Ready to Ball
Real Slim Shady, The
Real Talk
Reppin Texas
Respect My Grind
Rhythm & Beats: Remix Radio R&B Edition
Rhythm & Streets 7 (Mixed by DJ Sense)
Rich & Famous
Ridin Homie
Ridin Shotgun
Ridin' Dirty
Ridin' Shotgun
Riding Shotgun
Right Now
RIP Parking Lot
Rnb Superclub, Volume 8
Roll Hard
Round Here
Run a Check Up
Save Me from Myself
Save Me from Myself (Slowed & Chopped)
Scarface (feat. Benzino - Whats Really Good)
Serial Killer Mix
She Gangsta
She Kno It
She Likes It
She Loves Me
She Wanna Go
Shine on Em
Shine on Fo's
Showin' Skillz
Showroom Ready
Showroom Ready (Slowed & Chopped)
Sink Deep Into It
Sip N Get High
Sip-N-Get High
Sippin Out the World Cup (feat. Kap G)
Sittin Sideways
Sittin Sidewayz
Sittin' Sidewayz
Sittin’ Sidewayz
Sittin’ Sidewayz (dirty)
Sittin’ Sidewayz (radio)
Slab Talk
Slander My Name
Slidin’ on That Oil
Slim Thug - Like a Boss
Slim Thug (feat. Ti and Bun B - 3 Kings) (Double R remix)
Slim Thug, 50 Cent, Mike Jones, Young Buck, Paul Wall - Still Tippin (Double R and Bonnie S remix)
Smell Pussy, I
Smoke & Fly
Smoke Everyday
Smoke Wit Cypress Hill
Smokers Unite
Smokers Unite (Crookers remix)
Snap Gon Crazy
So Fly
So Gone
So Gone (What My Mind Says)
So Many Diamonds
Somebody Lied
Southside Thang
Southside Thang (Chopped & Screwed)
Starve the Ego Feed the Soul
State to State
Stay Iced Up
Steady Mobbin
Steak x Shrimp
Steak X Shrimp (remix)
Step in the Name of Love (remix)
Still (N Luv Wit My Money)
Still Bangin Screw
Still On It
Still on It (a cappella)
Still on It (main)
Still Tippin
Still Tippin'
Still Tippin' (clean version)
Still Tippin' (dirty version)
Still Tippin' (instrumental)
Still Tippin' (Screwed & Chopped)
Still Tippin' (Swishahouse remix)
Still Tippin’
Still Trippin
Stop Playin Wit Drank
Sumn' Like a Pimp
Super Duper High
Surprise (ChopNotSlop Remix)
Swang (Remix)
Swangin in the Rain (Muddmix)
Swangin in the Rain (Muddmix) (Slowed & Chopped)
Swing Down
Swing Down (ChopNotSlop Remix)
Talkin' Down
Tall Tee (White Tee remix)
Tapemasters Inc.: This Is the Remix (Parte Numero Dos)
Tattoos on Her Side
Teach Me
Texas Summer
Thangz Are Crazy
Thangz Are Crazy (Slowed & Chopped)
That Ain't No Johnny Dang
That Check
That Fire
That's a Bet
They Don't Know
They Knocking
They Sayin'
They Still Don't Know
Thinkin' Thoed
Thinking Thoed
Throwed Off
Tonight (S.L.A.B-ED)
Too Busy Gettin Paid
Too Throwed
Top Dollar
Top Down Like the Ceiling Fell
Top Drop
Trae & Paul Wall Break (Chopped & Screwed)
Trae and Paul Wall Break
True (remix)
True Remix
TwiceasNice Weekender: Your Ultimate Urban Weekend
Ty One - Gutta
U Already Know
U of H Fight Song
U Owe Me
Wanna Get, I
Way I Be Leanin'
We Can Fly
We Don't Give a Fuck
We On
We Takin Over
Welcome 2 Houston
What a Feeling
What It Do
What They Talkin Bout
What Would U Do
What Ya Know About (Screwed & Chopped)
What Ya Know About...
What You Been Drankin On?
What’s Beef 2007
When I Pull Up at the Club
Who Wanna Blaze
Whut It Dew
Why I Hustle
Wide Open
Woke Up Thinking Bout Money
Won't Let You Down (Texas Takeover remix)
Work Dat Wheel, Cup Don't Spill
World Series Grillz
You Ain't Ready
You Lookin' Like
Young & Sexy, Volume 14 (Mixed by DJ L) (Hosted by Buffie the Body)
Young Money (feat. Lil Wayne - Young Money)
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 10