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Geesin, Ron
Geesin, Ronald Frederick
Ron Geesin
Ron Geesin (britischer Avantgarde-Musiker)
Ron Geesin (British composer)
Ron Geesin (britisk komponist og musikar)
Ron Geesin (britisk komponist og musiker)
Ron Geesin (Brits muzikant)
Ron Geesin (brittisk kompositör och musiker)
Ron Geesin (kompozytor brytyjski)
Ron Geesin (musicista e compositore britannico)
Ronald Frederick Geesin
Рон Гисин
რონ გისინი
רון גיסין
ران گیزین (موسیقی‌دان و آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bennett, Brian
British Broadcasting Corporation. Further Education Advisory Council
Claude Larson and His Computer Controlled Oscillators
Geesin, Ron
Godfrey, Bob
Jackson, Anna
Lipman, Berry (1921-)
Mason, Nick (1945-....))
Vorhaus, Dave
Waters, Roger
Weeks, Stephen
3/4 Plywood Cover For Voice
Affections for String Quartet
Agitation in Anticipation of Offspring Part W
Agitation in Anticipation of Offspring, Part X
Agitation in Anticipation of Offspring Part Y
Ambling Antics
Animal Autos
Another Female!
Aside From Lands Afar
Astral Traveller
Atom Heart Mother
Banjo, Vox & Piano Loop
Bell Sigh
Big Imp
Biting The Hand: BBC Radio Broadcasts 1969-1975
Blues Turned A Bit Green
Body, The
Body Transport
Bottling Plant
Breast Milky
Bridge Passage for Three Plastic Teeth
Camelot – Der Fluch des goldenen Schwertes
Can't You Stop That Thing?
Car Crusher
Certainly Random
Concrete Line Up
Conversation And Improvisations
Cup Dance
Cymbal and Much Electronics, A
Dance of the Red Corpuscles
Decimation Process
Devised Now
dimanche comme les autres, Un
Distant Images
Diumenge, maleït diumenge
Dixieland Banjo-Vocal Surprise
do-it-yourself film animation book, The
Domenica, maledetta domenica
Duck Figures
Duet for Choir and Tunnel
Duet for One-String Banjo and Water Cistern
Duet for Two and Street Market
Electric Barbed Wire
Electro Rhythm 1
Electro Rhythm 10
Electro Rhythm 11
Electro Rhythm 12
Electro Rhythm 13
Electro Rhythm 14
Electro Rhythm 15
Electro Rhythm 16
Electro Rhythm 17
Electro Rhythm 18
Electro Rhythm 19
Electro Rhythm 2
Electro Rhythm 20
Electro Rhythm 21
Electro Rhythm 22
Electro Rhythm 23
Electro Rhythm 24
Electro Rhythm 25
Electro Rhythm 26
Electro Rhythm 27
Electro Rhythm 28
Electro Rhythm 29
Electro Rhythm 3
Electro Rhythm 30
Electro Rhythm 31
Electro Rhythm 32
Electro Rhythm 33
Electro Rhythm 34
Electro Rhythm 35
Electro Rhythm 36
Electro Rhythm 37
Electro Rhythm 38
Electro Rhythm 39
Electro Rhythm 4
Electro Rhythm 40
Electro Rhythm 41
Electro Rhythm 42
Electro Rhythm 5
Electro Rhythm 6
Electro Rhythm 7
Electro Rhythm 8
Electro Rhythm 9
Electronic toys a retrospective of 70s synthesizer music
Electrosound, Volume 2
Embryo Thought
Embryonic Womb-Walk
Enterbrain Exit
Enzymes in Your Ear
Épée du vaillant, L'
Evil Engine
Evil Passage
Eye That Nearly Saw, The
Fallables, c1975:
Father’s Shout
Female!, A
First Piece
Flaming Cow The Making of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother, The
Floating Down
Freedom for Four Voices and Me
From an Electric Train
From Sevenoaks To Charing Cross
Funky Dung
Geesin's 6/8ths
Gentle Awakening
Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life, A
Glass Dance
Got Ma Black Vest On
Graveyard Grind
Ha! Ha! But Reasonable
Hand Dance-Full Evening Dress
Head Rattle
Heaven Split
History of Invention
Holiday Fizz
Hystery the Ron Geesin story
Ice Cap
In Amongst It All
Industrial Jungle
It's All Very New, You Know
John Peel Introduction
John's Title
Jolly Pranks
Land of Mist
Land of Mists
Laughing Robot
Let It Be
Lick Your Partners
Liquid Heat
Looming View
March Past of the Embryos
Mental Passage
Middle of Whose Night?, The
Miecz bohaterów
Mind Your Throats Please
Mini Molecules
Mizerná neděle
Molecular Dance
More Than Seven Dwarfs in Penis-Land
Morecambe Bay
Morning Sundew
Mother Fore
Mr. Peugeot's Trot
Mr Tape Machine Speak With Your Heads
Mrs. Throat Goes Walking
Musikkstykket Atom Heart Mother
No. 8 Scalpel Incision Foxtrot
No. 8 Scapel Incision Foxtrot
Off The Left Cuff
Old Folks Ascension
Organ in the Clouds
Our Song
Out Of Your Tune/Virtuoso Piece For Banjo
Parallel Bar
Piano Solo
Piano Vocal Exercises
Piddle in Perspex
Piece For Harmonium
Piece Of Brown Paper
Pleasure Glide
Pretty Little Faces
Pumped Omination
Railway Sleepers
Raise of Eyebrows / As He Stands, A
Rampage For Radio
Red Stuff Writhe
Remorseless Climb
Rise Up Sebastian!
Rohkea ritari
Roll'em, Bowl'em - In Three Movement
Ron Geesing Soundscape & Banjo
Ron's Address
Ron's Notebook
Sea Shell and Soft Stone
Sit Down, Mamma
Sky High
Slow Song
Slow Sprinkle
Smoked Hips (The Time dance)
Solar Flares
Song of the Wire
Spiky Diving Belles
Spirograph A
Spirograph B
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sword of the Valiant - The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Ta przeklęta niedziela
Three Vignettes
Throat Sweat
Throb Thencewards Thrill
To Roger Waters, Wherever You Are
Twist and Knit for Two Guitars
Twisted Pair
Two Feet And A Mouth
Two Fifteen String Guitars for Nice People
Up Above My Heart
Upon Composition
Very Nostalgic Piece
Vocal & Banjo Ouverture
Vocal Chords
Waiting for Life
Waltz in a Forest
Water Flight
We're All Going to Liverpool
Where Daffodils Do Thrive
Which Way Out Thank You
Whirls Of Brain
Whistling Heart
Wind Of Life
With a Smile Up His Nose, They Entered, The
Womb Bit, The
Wonder Why, I
World of Too Much Sound, A
Wrap a Keyboard Round a Plant
Yesterday's Sheep
Воскресенье, проклятое воскресенье
Легенда о сэре Гавейне и Зелёном рыцаре
Неділя, проклята неділя
სხეული (1970 წლის ფილმი)
مادر قلب‌اتمی
یکشنبه خونین یکشنبه (فیلم)
原子心母 (曲)
Contributed to or performed: 
Body Transport
Breath of Fresh Air: A Harvest Records Anthology 1969-1974, A
Bridge Passage for Three Plastic Teeth
Chain of Life
Dance of the Red Corpuscles
Electronic Toys: A Retrospective of 70's Synthesizer Music
Embryo Thought
Embryonic Womb‐Walk
Endtroducing… (The Samples)
Exotic Beatles, Part II, The
Gentle Breeze Blew Through Life, A
Give Birth to a Smile
Hand Dance‐Full Evening Dress
Harvest Festival
John Peel Presents Top Gear
Kuba ar bra
Lick Your Partners
March Past of the Embryos
Miniatures One + Two
More Than Seven Dwarfs in Penis-Land (Mutual Slump)
More Than Seven Dwarfs in Penis‐Land
Mrs. Throat Goes Walking
Music From the Body
My Favourite Flavours
Old Folks Ascension
Our Song
Piddle in Perspex
Red Stuff Writhe
Samla & Geesin Vox Jam
Saucerful of Pink: A Tribute to Pink Floyd, A
Sea Shell and Soft Stone
Sea Shell and Stone
Seventies, The
Space Box: 1970 & Beyond
Womb Bit, The