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Bolin, Thomas
Bolin, Tommy
Tommy Bolin
Tommy Bolin (American musician)
Tommy Bolin (Amerikaans gitarist (1951-1976))
Tommy Bolin (amerikansk gitarist)
Tommy Bolin (amerikansk gitarrist)
Tommy Bolin (amerikansk guitarist)
Tommy Bolin (amerykański muzyk rockowy, gitarzysta)
Tommy Bolin (chitarrista statunitense)
Tommy Bolin (guitariste américain)
Tommy Bolin (US-amerikanischer Gitarrist)
Τόμι Μπόλιν
Томи Боулин
Томми Болин
Томмі Болін
ტომი ბოლინი
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bartley, Jock (co-performer)
Blackmore, Ritchie (co-performer)
Bolin, Tommy
Brown, Garnett
Cobham, Billy (1944-)
Coverdale, David (co-performer)
Deep purple
Deep Purple (isMemberOf)
Deep Purple (Musical group) (see also from)
Deep purple 1975-1976 (see also from)
Energy (isMemberOf)
Eye, Demon’s (co-performer)
Fox, Jim (co-performer)
Giallombardo, Phil (co-performer)
Givens, Candy (co-performer)
Hammer, Jan (1948-)
Hughes, Glenn (co-performer)
James Gang (isMemberOf)
Lord, Jon
Lord, Jon (co-performer)
Paice, Ian (co-performer)
Peters, Dale (co-performer)
Sheldon, Stanley
Sony music entertainment international
Strangers, Perfect (co-performer)
The James Gang
The James Gang 1973-1974 (see also from)
The Tommy Bolin Band (isMemberOf)
Troiano, Domenic (co-performer)
Warner music France
WEA Europe
WEA international inc
Zephyr (isMemberOf)
Zephyr (Groupe de hard rock)
Zephyr (Groupe de hard rock) Groupe de hard rock (see also from)
Zephyr (Musical group)
1976: In His Own Words
Ain't Nobody's Fool
Alexis (5 min 07 s)
Alexis (acoustic demo)
Another Highway
Atlantic jazz fusion
Bagitblues Deluxe
Beaux J Pooboo (13 min 05 s)
Beneath the earth (3 min)
Best of live
Billy Cobham anthology rudiments
Blowin Your Cookies
Blues Gonna Take Me Away
Bolins Boogie
Born Under a Bad Sign / Ain't No Sunshine
Bottom Shelf, The
Brother Brother #1
Brother, brother (2 min 38 s)
Burnin' & Lootin
Bustin' out for rosey (4 min 22 s)
Cat's Cradle
Come Taste the Man
Comin’ Home
Cool as Jade
Crazed Fandango (Teaser outtake)
Cross the river (4 min 53 s)
Cucumber Jam (early version of Cucumber Slumber)
Deep Purple : Come taste the band
Deep Purple Discussion
Devil Is Singing Our Song, The
Do It
Don’t You Worry ’Bout No Cash
Dreamer (5 min 08 s)
Dreamer (early L.A. demo)
Egocentric molecules (5 min 44 s)
Evening Rain
Eyes Of Blue
Feel It’s Time for Love
Fell in Love, I
Final Section With Steve Carrellas & Peter Kmertz
First Time Live
Flying Fingers
Frankenstein and other rock monsters
Free Spirit
Freedom jazz dance (10 min 49 s)
From Another Time
From the Achives, Volume Two
From the Archives, Volume 1
Gettin' tighter (3 min 36 s)
Glory Land
Going Down
Golden rainbows (6 min 52 s)
Got No Time For Trouble
Gotta Dance (take 2)
Greensleeves / Sooner or Later / Rainy Day
Grind, The
Guitar Style Discussion
Gypsy Moon
Gypsy soul (4 min 03 s)
Hello again (3 min 38 s)
Homeward Strut (Alternate)
Homunculus (6 min 09 s)
Honey Man
How Did Joe Walsh Stumble Upon You in Boulder?
How Did You Meet Up With Billy Cobham
In His Own Words
Interlude 1
Interlude 2
Interlude 3
Interviewed by Alan Jahnke
Interviewed by Art Connor
Interviewed by Gina Maniscalco
Interviewed by Randy Rosenberg
It’s Up to You
Journey 2
Journey (demo version)
Jump Back
Just Don't Fall Down
Lady Love
Leave Other People Alone
Live at Ebbets 1976
Live at Ebbets Field - June 3 & 4, 1974
Live at Northern Lights
Long Way to Go
Love Child
Love Is a Bandit
Luka Roo
Marching Powder (Alternate)
Meaning of Love #1, The
Meaning of Love #2, The
Mind transplant
Miss Christmas
Must Be Your Love
Naked Edge
Naked II
Naked, Part Five
Naked, Part Four
Naked, Part One
Naked, Part Seven
Naked, Part Six
Naked, Part Three
Naked, Part Two
Need Love, I
Nemperor line a sampler LP; featuring Tommy Bolin, Stanley Clarke, Jan Hammer, Raices and Lenny White.
Nitroglycerin (3 min 03 s)
Oh Carol
Oriental Sky (Lotus)
Owed to G (6 min 07 s)
People, people (4 min 53 s)
People, People (Alternate)
Playing on the Moxy Record
Poker Chips
Post Toastee 1
Post Toastee 2
Post Toastee 3
Post toastee (9 min 01 s)
Post Toastee (electric guitar demo)
Private eyes
Quadrant 4 (4 min 30 s)
Red Skies (instrumental version)
Road to Walk
Sail on (7 min 41 s)
San Francisco River
Savannah Woman (demo version)
See my people come together (6 min 02 s)
Selections From the Ultimate...
Shake the devil (3 min 45 s)
Shakin' All Night
Showbizzy (2 min 34 s)
Sing With Me
Sister Andrea (demo version)
Sky Sail
Sleepwalker (instrumental version)
Slow Driver (acoustic version)
Smooth Fandango
Some People Call Me
Someday We’ll Bring Our Love Home (acoustic demo)
Someday will bring our love home (3 min 03 s)
Sooner or Later
Spacey Noodles
Spanish lover (3 min 40 s)
Spanish Lover (acoustic demo)
Spanish Lover (instrumental version)
Standing in the rain (5 min 05 s)
Standing in the Rain (acoustic demo)
Summer Breezes
Sweet burgundy (4 min 10 s)
Sweet Burgundy (acoustic demo)
Talking About Echoplex a.k.a. the Toy
Talking About Private Eyes Compared to Teaser
Talking About Tommy’s Singing
Tears and Turpentine
Teaser (acoustic demo)
Teaser (Alternate)
They’re Gonna Let Me Die
This Is the Way It Is Supposed to Be
Time to move on (4 min 09 s)
Tommy Bolin from the archives
Tommy's Got da Blues
Train (4 min 39 s)
Two originals of Tommy Bolin
Ultimate: Redux, The
Ultimate Teaser, The
Unreleased Sessions
Walk Away
Walkin My Shadow
Want You to Take Me There, I
Way It’s Always Been
What Do You Call Your Music?
Whips and Roses II
Whiskey Headed Woman
Why Did You Change Record Labels?
Wild Dog
Wild dogs (6 min 02 s)
Wild Dogs (acoustic version)
Wild Dogs (Alternate)
Wild Dogs (early L.A. demo)
You Can Depend on Me
You keep on moving (6 min 13 s)
You Know, You Know
You’re No Angel #1
You’re No Angel #2
You told me that you loved me (5 min 14 s)
Your No Angel
Zephyr and First Recordings
Contributed to or performed: 
Brian Tarquin Presents... Fretworx
Classic Rock #100: 15 Great Tracks!
Crazed Fandango
Easyriders, Volume 3
Flying Fingers
Friends & Relatives
Friends and Relatives Album, The
Great Gypsy Soul
Great Gypsy Soul Deluxe Collector Edition
Grind, The
Homeward Strut
Many Faces of Deep Purple, The
Marching Bag Movement 1
Marching Bag Movement 2
Marching Bag Movement 3
Metal Giants
People, People
Plays Well With Others
Raised on Rock
Rock Box
Rock in Love
Rock the Night 2
Savannah Woman
Smooth Fandango
Sugar Shack
Wild Dogs