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Brooks, Elmore
Ellmore James
Elmo James
Elmora James
Elmore James
Elnmore James
James, Elmo
James, Elmore
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Willie, Joe (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Ace Records Ltd
Brim, John
Charly holdings inc
Charly records Ltd Londres
Elmore James & His Broom Dusters (isMemberOf)
EMI music France
Kamp Associates Inc
Nouvelles messageries de la presse parisienne
Walker, T-Bone (1910-1975)
Weiss, Robert K.
Williamson, Sonny Boy ? (1965)
12 Year Old Boy / Coming Home, The
16 greatest hits of Elmore James
1839 Blues
20 Greatest hits
Anna Lee
Baby Please Set a Date
Baby, What’s Wrong
Back in Mississippi (A Conversation)
Back in Mississippi (Interview)
Back in Mississippi (studio conversation)
Bad Feeling
Believe / I Held My Baby Last Night, I
Believe I’ll Dust by Broom, I
Believe My Time Ain't Long (Dust My Broom), I
Best of Elmore James, The
Best of the Modern Years, The
Big Box of Elmore James
Blacksnake Blues
Bleeding Heart / Mean Mistreatin' Mama
Blues After Hours
Blues before sunrise
Blues Brothers, The
Blues Collection 17: Dust My Broom, The
Blues Collection: Elmore James, Dust My Broom, The
Blues Kingpins
Blues Masters: The Very Best of Elmore James
Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Elmore James 1951–1953
Blues storyl'histoire du blues en version originale
Bobbie's Rock
Bobby's Back
Bobby’s Rock
brief history of the blues, A
Broomdusting in Chicago the classic early recordings, 1951-1956
Call It Stormy Monday
Can't Hold Out (Talk to Me Baby), I
Can't Stop Lovin' / Make a Little Love
Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby
Can’t Stop Lovin’ You, I
Can't Stop Loving My Baby, I
Can’t Stop Loving You, I
Can`t Hold Out, I
Cant Hold Out, I
Canton, Mississippi Breakdown
Catfish Blues
Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 12: The Sky Is Crying
Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 28: Standing at the Crossroads
chicago rhythm & blues sounds sr 197
classic early recordings 1951-1956, The
Come Go With Me
Comin’ Home
Coming Home
Complete Blues: Person to Person
Complete Fire and Enjoy Recordings, The
Complete Fire and Enjoy Sessions Part 1, The
Complete Singles As & Bs 1951–1962, The
Conversation (Back In Mississippi)
Conversation (Back in Mississippii)
Country Boggie
Country Boogie (Tool Bag Boogie)
Cry for Me Baby / Take Me Where You Go
Cry for My Baby
Culver City to the Crescent City the classic early recordings, 1951-1956
Cut That Out
Dark and Dreary (take 1)
Dark and Dreary (take 2)
Dark and Dreary (take 4)
Definitive Elmore James, The
Do It If You Wanna (unknown vocalist)
Done Somebody Wrong, I
Done Somebody Wrong / Pickin' the Blues / Dust My Broom
Done Someone Wrong, I
Done Something Wrong
Dumb Woman Blues
Dust in My Broom
Dust My Bloom
Dust my blues
Dust My Brom
Dust My Broom (Alternate Take 2)
Dust My Broom (I Believe My Time Ain’t Long)
Dust My Broom: The Best of Elmore James, Part 2
Early in the Morning
Early One Morning
Elmo’s Shuffle, Part 2
Elmo’s Shuffle (take 3)
Elmo’s Shuffle (take 4)
Elmo’s Shuffle (take 5)
Elmore James Collection: 20 Blues Greats, The
Elmore James Story, The
Elmore Jamesking of the slide guitarthe complete Chess, Chief & Fire sessions
Elmore Jumps One (Up Jumped Elmore)
Elmore Jumps One (Up Jumps Elmore) / Black Snake Slide
Elmore’s Contribution to Jazz
Elmos's Shuffle
Every Day I Have the Blues
Everybody's Fishing
Everyday I Have the Blues / Dust My Broom
fifties, Les
Final Sessions: New York - February 1963, The
Find My Kind of Woman (alternate)
Find My Kind of Woman (take 1)
Find My Kind of Woman (take 3)
Find My Kind of Woman (unreleased)
Find My Kinda Woman
Fine Little Mama
Genius Blues
Go Back Home Again (unreleased)
Going Back Home Again
Golden Hits
Goodbye Baby Goodbye
Got a Strange Baby (false start & chat), I
Got to Move (She’s Got to Go)
Gotta Find My Baby
Gotta Go Now, I
Gotta Move
Granujas a todo ritmo : 25th[Videograbación]nniversary edition
Hamlet liikemaailmassa
Hamlet va de negocios
Hand in Hand (take 1)
Hand in Hand (take 3)
Hand in Hand (take 4)
Happy home
Have a Right to Love My Baby, I
have the blues, I
Hawaiian Boogie, pt. 2
Hawaiian Boogie (version 2)
held my baby last night, I
Help My Baby Last Night
History of Elmore James, Volume 1
Hoy Hoy
(I) Done Somebody Wrong
I'll Believe (I'll Dust My Broom)
I’m Worried
I've Got a Right to Love My Baby
Ice cream man (2 min 45 s)
Immortal Elmore James, The
It Hurst Me Too
It hurts me so
It Hurts Me Too / Elmore's Contribution to Jazz
It Hurts Me Too / Pickin' the Blues
It Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong)
Kickin’ the Blues Around
Kicking the Blues Around (aka Flaming Blues)
King of the bottleneck bluesoriginal recordings
king of the slide guitar sr
King of the Slide Guitar: The Complete Chess, Chief & Fire Sessions
King of the Slide Guitar: The Complete Trumpet, Chief & Fire Sessions
Knockin’ at Your Door
Knocking at Your Door
Late Hours at Midnight
Let's cut it the very best of Elmore James.
Let's cut itthe very best of Elmore James
Lonesome Road
Long tall woman
Look on yonder wal (2 min 27 s)
Look on Yonder Wall (Look Up on the Wall)
Look on Yonder Wall / Shake Your Moneymaker
Look Under Yonder Wall
Lool on Yonder Wall
Lost Woman Blues (aka Please Find My Baby) (version 3)
Madison Blues
Make a Little Love
Make My Dream Come True
Make My Dreams Come True (alternate take)
Make My Dreams Come True / Hand in Hand
Make My Dreams Come True (take 2)
Make My Dreams Come True (take 3)
Make My Dreams Come True (take 4)
Make My Dreams Come True (take 7)
Master of the Slide Guitar, The
Masters of blues tribute to Elmore James.
May Be Wrong, I
Mean and Evil (The Way You Treat Me)
Mean Mistreatin' Mama (take 1 - incomplete)
Mean Mistreatin' Mama (take 2 - alternate)
Mean Mistreatin’ Mama (take 3)
Mean Mistreating Mama
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Dust My Broom
My Baby’s Gone
My Baby’s Sweet
My Best Fried (reprise)
My best friend (3 min 22 s)
My Best Friend (take 1)
My Bleedin Heart
My bleeding heart (3 min 02 s)
My bleeding heart (3 min 03 s)
My kind of woman (2 min 52 s)
Need You (Baby), I
Needed You, I
No Love in My Heart (for You)
One More Drink (take 1)
One More Drink (take 2)
One way out
Original Blues Sessions CD2
Original meteor and Flair sides, The
Overseas (2 min 09 s)
Person to Person
Pickin’ the Blues (Manhattan Slide)
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 3
Playhouse (2 min 43 s)
Please Come Back to Me (Sho’ Nuff I Do)
Please Find My Baby (version 1)
Please Find My Baby (version 2)
Poor Little Angel Child (vocal: Sam Myers)
Quarter Past Nine
Raw Blues Power
Red Hot Blues
Rock My Baby Right
Rock My Baby Tonight
Rollin’ and Tumblin’
Rollin’ & Tumblin’: The Best of Elmore James
rolling and tumblin enregistrement sonore
Rolling and Tumbling
Round House Boogie
Sax‐Only Boogie
Sax-ony Boogie
see my baby, I
Shake Your Money Maker
Shake Your Moneymaker (take 1-2)
Shake Your Moneymaker: The Best of the Fire Sessions
Shake Your Moneymaker (with session talk)
She Brought Life Back to the Dead
She Done Moved (instrumental)
She just won't do right (3 min 01 s)
She Just Won't Do Right (Dust My Broom)
She's Got to Go
Sho’ Nuff I Do (alternate take)
Sho’ Nuff I Do (session talk & false start)
Sinful Woman
Sinful Women
Sky Is Cryin', The
sky is crying (2 min 46 s), The
Sky Is Crying / Held My Baby Last Night, The
Sky Is Crying / Standing At The Crossroads, The
Sky Is Crying: The History of Elmore James, The
Slide guitar
Slip Sliding Away
Sno Nuff I Do
So Mean to Me (take 2)
So Mean to Me (take 3)
So Mean to Me (take 4)
So unkind (2 min 30 s)
Some Kinda Feeling
Something Inside of Me
Standing at the crossroads (2 min 54 s)
Standing at the crossroads (2 min 59 s)
Stormy monday blues (2 min 27 s)
Strange Angel
Strange Angels
Strange Kinda Feeling (take 1)
Strange Kinda Feeling (take 2)
Strange Kinda Feeling (take 3)
Strange Kinda Feeling (take 4)
Strange Kinda Feeling (take 5)
Strange Kinda Feeling (take 6)
Stranger blues (3 min 13 s)
Stranger blues (3 min 14 s)
Stranger Blues (Alternate Take)
Stranger Blues (alternate version)
Stranger Blues / Anna Lee
Sun Is Shinin’, The
Sun is shining (2 min 46 s), The
Sun Is Shining (Alt.), The
Sun Is Shining (alternate), The
Sun Is Shinning, The
Sunny Land
Sunnyland (excerpt)
Sunnyland Train
Sunnyland Trains
Sweet Little Woman
T.V. Mama
Take Me Where You Go
Take Me Wherever You Go
Talk to me baby (2 min 16 s)
Talk to Me Baby (I Can't Hold Out)
This Sky Is Crying
Tony Joe White
Tool Bag Boogie
Tool bag bootie (2 min 39 s)
Tribute to Elmore James
Twelve Year Old Boy (alternate version), The
Ultimate Collection, The
Up Jumped Elmore (Black Snake Slide)
Up Jumped Elmore (false start)
very best of Elmore James., The
Wake up Screamin' & Cryin'
Was a Fool, Too, I
Way You Treat Me (aka Mean and Evil), The
Where Can My Baby Be (take 1)
Where Can My Baby Be (take 8)
Where Can My Baby Be (take 9)
Whose muddy shoes (3 min 16 s)
Wild About You Baby (chat & false start)
Wild About You Baby (take 22)
Woke Up Screamin' & Cryin' (unknown vocalist)
Woman I Love, The
You can't llive long (2 min 48 s)
You Don't Have to Go (vocal: Sam Myers)
You got me (2 min 58 s)
You Know You Done Me Wrong
You Know You're Wrong (take 1 - incomplete)
You Know You're Wrong (take 2 - alternate)
You Know You're Wrong (take 3 - master)
You Know You're Wrong (unreleased)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Blues ’n’ Soul Greats
100 Hits: Blues
100 Hits: Blues Tunes
100 Years of the Blues
12 Year Old Boy, The
20 Great Blues Recordings Of The 50's And 60's
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Blues Guitar
2120 South Michigan (Great Blues From Chicago's Chess Records)
25 Blues 'N' Soul Greats Volume 3
25 Blues 'n' Soul Greats, Volume 1
25 Blues 'N' Soul Greats, Volume 2
25 Blues Evergreens
26 Golden Rhythm & Blues Hits
50 Disco, Reggae, Soul & Blues Greatest
60 Blues Guitar Greats
60 Great Blues Recordings
75 Hits History of Pop
Abattoir Dogs: 15 Shots of Rock ’n’ Roll Weirdness: A Vox Tribute to the Films of Quentin Tarantino
ABC of the Blues
Absolutely the Best of the Blues, Vol. 3
Absolutely the Best of the Blues, Volume 1
Ace Records: All‐Time Greats!
Adventures in Music 28: Cotton Patch Blues
Ain't Nothin' but the Blues
All About Blues
All Blues
All Night Long: The Crown Records Story
All the Blues All the Time
All Time Blues Favourites
America’s Musical Roots
American Blues Busters
American Roadsongs From Coast to Coast
American Rock 'n'Roll Anthems
And the Beat Goes On
B.B. King & Friends
B.B. King and the Best of the Blues, Volume 3
Back to Black
Bad Boy
Bad Case of the Blues, A
Bar-Room Blues
BD Blues, Volume 5
Beginner's Guide To Rhythm 'n' Blues
Beginner's Guide to the Blues
Best Blues Album in the World... Ever
Best Blues Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Blues, The
Best Blues, Volume 2, The
Best of Blues
Best of Blues Guitar
Best of Blues, The
Best of Chess Blues, The
Best of Chess Blues, Volume 2, The
Best of Southern Blues
Best of the Blues
Best of the Blues, The
Best of the Blues, Volume 2
Big Blues Collection
Big City Blues
Big Town Playboy
Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey
Black Is Beautiful, Volume 6: Blues Legends
Blending the Blues
Blowing the Fuse: 29 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox in 1952
Blue Heaven
Blue Midnight
Blue Mood
Blues & Soul
Blues & Soul Masters
Blues & Soul Volume One
Blues & Soul Volume Three
Blues & Soul Volume Two
Blues 1 (Main Collection)
Blues Album, The
Blues Album: 36 Classics, The
Blues Anthology
Blues Anthology: Shoutin' The Blues
Blues at Christmas: The Very Best of the Blues, The
Blues Best Vol. 1
Blues Box, The
Blues Breakers
Blues Brothers: Complete: Music, Dialogue & Performances, The
Blues Classics 1960-1964
Blues Collection, The
Blues Collection, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Blues Collection, Vol. 2
Blues Collection, Vol. 3
Blues Collection, Volume 2
Blues Favorites
Blues Favourites FAV001
Blues Festival
Blues From the Checker Vaults
Blues Gems, Volume 1
Blues Gems, Volume 3
Blues Gems, Volume 4
Blues Giants: The Essential Songbook
Blues Guitar Blasters
Blues Guitar Box 2, The
Blues Guitar Box, The
Blues Guitar Heroes
Blues History
Blues Legends
Blues Love Songs
Blues Masters
Blues Masters, The
Blues Masters, Volume 15: Slide Guitar Classics
Blues Masters, Volume 18: More Slide Guitar Classics
Blues Masters, Volume 6: Blues Originals
Blues Masters, Volume 8: Mississippi Delta Blues
Blues Masters: Originals
Blues Music - Blues Collection
Blues N Soul Greats 4
Blues Power: 50 Blues Artists Who Matter
Blues Revival
Blues Revival, The
Blues Roads
Blues Slide Guitar
Blues Spirit
Blues Stars - 14 Hits of the Bluesmasters
Blues Story
Blues Story n°13 Le Blues Rock vol. 2
Blues Story n°15 Les labels de légende - Vee Jay & Sun
Blues Story n°27 Zydeco & Delta Blues
Blues Story n°30 Slide Guitar
Blues Story n°9 Chicago Blues
Blues Story, The
Blues Story, Volume 1, The
Blues Story, Volume 2, The
Blues Upside Your Head
Blues With a Feelin' 2
Blues, The
Blues, Volume 1, The
Blues, Volume 3, The
Blues: A Collection of Classic Blues Singers, Volume 1, The
Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers, The
Blues: La Grande Anthologie 1925-1962
Blues: The Essential Album
Bobby Robinson Story 1951–1960, The
Borders Presents: A Mess of Blues
Born Under a Bad Sign
Box of Moonlight
Brew, BBQ, & Blues
Brief History of the Blues: Rollin' and Tumblin, A
Capital Gold Guitar Legends
Capital Gold: Blues Legends
Capricorn Records Presents The Fire/Fury Records Story
Century of the Blues
Charly Blues Masterworks Sampler 2, The
Charly Blues Masterworks Sampler, The
Charly Pocket Jukebox
Chart Show Ultimate Blues, The
Cheesecake: Boppin' Blues 'n' Rhythm
Chess Blues
Chess Blues Classics: 1957 to 1967
Chess Blues Guitar: Two Decades of Killer Fretwork, 1949-1969
Chess Blues-Rock Songbook: The Classic Originals, The
Chess Blues: The Blues
Chess Pieces: The Very Best of Chess
Chess Story (disc 1: From the Blues to Doo-wop), The
Chess Story 1954-1969, The
Chess Story, The
Chess Story, Volume Two: From Doo-Wop to R&B, The
Chess: The Rhythm and The Blues
Chesterfield Music Box - Blues Edition
Chicago Blues
Chicago Blues: Milestones of Legends
Chicago Hit Factory - The Vee-Jay Story 1953-1966
Chicago Slide Guitar Masters: From Tampa Red to Elmore James
Chicago: Inner City Blues
Chicken Shack Boogie, Volume 5
Classic Blues
Classic Blues, Volume 1
Classic Rock ’n’ Roll
Classics From the Roadhouse
Cobalt Blues
Comin' Home to the Blues II
Coming Home
Complete Blues: The Roots of the Allman Brothers Band
Complete Introduction to Chess, A
Complete Meteor Blues, R&B And Gospel Recordings, The
Complete Roots: The Roots of Kings of Leon
Confessin’ the Blues
Cookin' the Blues, Volume 1
Cookin’ the Blues
Cool Cool Blues: The Classic Sides 1951–1954
Cry for Me Baby
Dance the Blues
Dancing in the Street
Deep South: The Story of the Blues
Definitive Blues Anthology
Definitive Chicago Blues
Definitive Delta Blues
Delta Blues 1940-1951
Denim Blues
Do You Want Me to Cry
Doggone Blues Sampler
Don't Knock at My Door
Down Home Blues Classics Volume 1 1943-1953
Downtown Blues
Drivin Blues
Dust My Broom
Dust My Rhythm & Blues: The Flair Records R&B Story 1953-55
Electric Blues
Electric Guitar Story 1935-1962
Elmore's Contribution to Jazz
Essential Blues
Essential Blues 2
Essential Blues Anthology
Essential Chicago Blues
Essential Delta Blues
Essential Guide to American Roots, The
Essential Mississippi Blues
Every Day I Have the Blues
Everybody's Fishing
Everyday I Get the Blues
Fifties: Juke Joint Blues, The
Fire and Fury of Bobby Robinson, The
Forever Gold: Best of Blues
From Ripley to Chicago
Génies du Rock, Best of Rock, Les
Get on the Right Track: Mod R&B, Jazz & Ska
Gold Collection (Retro): Disc 2 The Blues, The
Gold Collection: 40 Classic Performances - The Blues, The
Golden Age - Chicago Blues, The
Golden Blues
gouden eeuw van de blues, De
Great Blues Album, The
Great Tomato Blues Package, The
Greatest Blues Legends
Greatest Blues of All-Time
Guitar Blues
Guitar Heroes, Volume 1
Guitar Heroes, Volume 2
Guitar Player Presents: Legends of Guitar: Electric Blues, Volume 1
Hipocondria Mods: Black Rhythm & Blues
Hipocondría Mods: Blues 1945-1969
History of American Music: The Blues, The
History Of The Blues And Soul, Volume One, The
Hoochie Coochie Men
House of Blues: Essential Blues
House of Blues: Essential Guitar Blues
House Rent Party
How Blues Can You Get?
Howlin' the Blues Alive & Well
I'm Sitting Here
Incredible Chess CD, The
Incredible Electric Blues Guitar Album, The
Indigo Blues
Introduction to Chicago Blues, An
Introduction to the Blues: 50 Nostalgic Tracks That Defined a Genre, An
It Hurts Me Too
It's All About the Blues
Jazz & Blues
Jazz Collection: Blues Men
Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume 1
John Peel: A Tribute
Jukebox Favourites: The Best of the Blues
Just Want to Make Love to You: The Definitive Blues Album, I
King Biscuit Blues - The Helena Blues Legacy
Kings of the Blues
Kings of the Blues Guitar
Kings of the Blues Guitar, Vol 2
Knocking at Your Door
Led Zeppelin's Jukebox
Led Zeppelin's Sources of Inspiration
Legendary Artists of the Blues
Legendary Blues Classics, Volume 1
Legendary Blues Classics, Volume 2
Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 6, The
Legends of Blues: Hoochie Coochie Man
Let Me Tell You About the Blues: Chicago - The Evolution of Chicago Blues 1925-1958
Let Me Tell You About the Blues: New Orleans - The Evolution of New Orleans Blues
Livin’ the Blues
Living the Blues - Blues Masters
Living the Blues: Blues Classics 1960-1964
Living the Blues: Blues Classics 1965-1969
Living the Blues: Blues Greats
Living the Blues: Blues Legends
Living the Blues: Blues Masters
Maestros del blues
Mai 68 : La Bande originale
Many Faces of B.B. King, The
Many Faces of The Rolling Stones, The
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: The Road to Memphis
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Warming by the Devil's Fire
Masters of Blues
Mean Old World: The Blues from 1940 to 1994
Midnight Blues
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Really Got the Blues
Midnite Jazz & Blues: The Golden Era: Chicago Blues
Mod Music (Ska, Soul, Blues & Jazz)
Mod World
Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Volume 2: Mississippi & Arkansas 1952, The
Modern Downhome Blues Sessions, Volume 1: Arkansas & Mississippi, The
Mojo Presents Let's Move: A Heavy Blues Collection
MOJO presents: The Roots of Fleetwood Mac
Mojo: The Roots of Hendrix
Music From the Film A Rage in Harlem
Natural Blues Album, The
New Millennium Blues Party
No.1 Blues Album, The
Norton Anthology of African American Literature Audio Companion, The
Not Fade Away: Music From the Motion Picture
Nothing But the Blues
Number 1 Blues Album, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: Blues, The
Originals Blues, Volume 2
Petty's Peculiar Picks: The Best of Tom Petty's Buried Treasure
Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies: At the Hop VII
Planete Blues 2: The Best of Blues Rock
Play Me the Blues
Play Me the Blues...
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 1
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 10
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 2
Play Me the Blues… The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 3
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 4
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 5
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 7
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 8
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 9
Play Me the Blues...: The Legendary Blues Singers
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 1: 1939-1954
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 2: 1954-1967
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 3: 1960-1969
Qualis: Swing
R 'N' B Classics
R&B Hits of 1954, The
R&B Years 1954, The
Radio Bob: 15 Brilliant Tracks From Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour
Rarities From The Bob Hite Vaults
Raw Blues, Volume 1
Really Got the Blues
Rhythm 'n' Blues: Boogie Woogie Goodies
Ride 'em on Down
Robert Johnson: Roots and Branches
Rock 'n' Roll Era: Roots of Rock 'n' Roll, The
Roll & Tumble Blues: A History of Slide Guitar
Roots of AC/DC, The
Roots of Blues
Roots of Chuck Berry
Roots of Jimi Hendrix, The
Roots of Led Zeppelin, The
Roots of Rhythm: Guitar Kings
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: B.B. King: Birth of a Legend, The
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Howlin' Wolf, The
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: John Lee Hooker: Birth of a Legend, The
Rough Guide to Chicago Blues, The
Rough Guide to Jazz and Blues Legends: Robert Johnson, The
Rough Guide to the Blues, The
Round House Boogie
Route du Blues, La
Royal Blues
Sax-Ony Boogie
Screaming and Crying
Simply Blues
Slidin’… Some Slide
Spirit of Blues
Spirit of Blues, The
Stack of Blues, A
Steel Blues
Story of the Blues, The
Story of the Blues: 125 Blues Classics, The
Street Talkin'
Sunday Times Music Collection: Guitar Men, The
Super Blues Legends, Volume 2
Super Oldies
Superstar Blues
Swampbilly Shindig: Rockabilly, Country & Soul From Deep South
Sweet Home Blues
T V Mama
T.V. Mama
Take Me Where You Go
That Kat Sure Could Play! The Singles 1951 To 1957
Then You Wouldn't Have to Ask Me (disc 2: Electric)
This Is Charly R&B
Top du Blues (disc 1), Le
Totally Blues
Totally Blues Guitar
Travelling Record Man: Historic Down South Recording Trips of Joe Bihari & Ike Turner, The
Tresors Blues: Les plus beaux Blues
Uk Sue Story! Vol. 4, The
Ultimate Blues
Ultimate Blues Album, The
Ultimate Blues Box, The
Ultimate Blues Collection, The
Uncut 2004.05: Strange Brew 15 Tracks compiled by Eric Clapton
Uncut: The Devil's Jukebox
Vee-Jay: Celebrating 40 Years of Classic Hits 1953-1993
Very Best of Blues
Very Best of Blues Brother Soul Sister, The
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
Very Best of Blues, The
Very Best of Blues: 50 Unforgettable Tracks, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 3, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 4, The
Virgin Megamusic [Blues]
What’s Life
When Blues Met Rock
When the Levee Breaks: 15 Classic Tracks That Inspired Led Zeppelin
When Your Lover Has Gone
Where the Blues Was Born
Whose Muddy Shoes
Willie Dixon Story, The
Willie Dixon's Blues Dixonary, Volume 2
Woke Up This Morning
Wolf of Wall Street: Music From the Motion Picture, The
Working on the Blues, Volume 1
World of Blues, The
World of the Blues
X-Trim Music
You'll Always Have a Home