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Anikulapo-Kuti, Femi
Femi Anikulap Kuti
Femi Anikulapo-Kuti
Femi Kuti
Femi Kuti (cantante, compositore e musicista nigeriano)
Femi Kuti (musicien nigérian)
Femi Kuti (músico nigeriano)
Femi Kuti (Nigerian musician)
Femi Kuti (nigerianischer Musiker)
Femi Kuti (nigeriansk sångare, kompositör och musiker)
Femi Kuti (nigeriansk sanger, komponist og musiker)
Femi Kuti (nigeriansk songar, komponist og musikar)
Femi Kuti (zanger uit Nigeria)
Kuti, Femi
Kuti, Femi Anikulapo
Kuti, Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo
Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti
페미 쿠티
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
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Related names: 
Animashaun, Lekan (co-performer)
Egypt 80 (isMemberOf)
Femi Anikulapo-Kuti and The Positive Force
Femi Anikulapo-Kuti and The Positive Force (see also from)
Kuti, Fela (co-performer)
Kuti, Femi (1962-)
La Huit
Murphy, James (19..-....; musicien de techno))
Polygram, Division Barclay
Positive Force (Musical group : Femi Kuti)
Sosimi, Dele (co-performer)
The Positive Force (isMemberOf)
Universal Division Barclay
Universal licensing music
Universal music distribution
Universal music SA
Universal projets spéciaux
Wagram music
1, 2, 3, 4
Action Time
Africa fête three
Africa for Africa
Africa Shrine
Africa Will Be Great Again
African xpress
Afrique c'est chic. an essential 3 cd collection of the finest house music from modern Africa, Europe & the USA
Afrobeat no go die trans-global African funk grooves
Afrotronic afro flavoured club tunes
Ala Jalkoum
Alkebu-lan (Cradle of Civilization)
Bad Government
Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle' Africans on Mars)
Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle's Africans on Marz)
Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle's Afrikan on Marz mix)
Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle's Afrikans on Marz mix)
Beng Beng Beng (Ashley Beedle's Afrikans on Marz remix)
Beng Beng Beng (Chateau Flight mix)
Beng, Beng, Beng (Château Flight remix)
Beng Beng Beng (Da Lata remix)
Beng Beng Beng (Mateo and Matos vocal mix)
Beng Beng Beng (Mateo & Matos dub)
Best of Femi Kuti, The
Best to Live on the Good Side
Blackman Know Thyself (The Roots remix)
Blackman Know Yourself (a cappella)
Blackman Know Yourself (B.M.K.Y. Rework, Part 1)
Blackman Know Yourself (B.M.K.Y. rework, Parts 1 & 2 by Sofa Surfers)
Blackman Know Yourself (Chari Chari's Congo dub)
Blackman Know Yourself (Congo dub by Chari Chari)
Blackman Know Yourself (instrumental)
Blackman Know Yourself (Paris City mix)
Blackman Know Yourself (radio edit)
Blackman Know Yourself (remix by the Roots)
Blackman Know Yourself (The Roots remix)
Boys Dey Hungry for Town
Bring Me the Man Now
Can't Buy Me
Carry on Pushing On
Choice is Yours, The
Corruption Na Stealing
Day by day
Definitive Collection, The
Dem Bob
Dem Bobo
Dem Don Come Again
Dem Funny
Dem Militarize Democracy
Demo Crazy
Do You Know (Raul Campos’ Fresh Produce remix)
Do Your Best (Faze Action remix)
Do Your Best (feat. Mos Def)
Do Your Best (remix by Faza Action)
E Dey Their Body
E Get as E Be
E No Good
Eh Oh (Liza Richardson remix)
Eko Lagos
Equal Opportunity
Eregele (Seven dub mix)
Evil People
Fela, le combattant
Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, 199-?
Femi Kuti, what's going on ?
Femi vs. KCRW Soundclash!
Fight to Win (bonus disc)
Fight to Win (feat. Jaguar Wright)
How Many
If Them Want to Hear
IF99 (International Funk)
Inside Religion (bonus track)
Intro Shotan
It Don't Mean
Let's Make History
Lets Make History
Live for Today
Look Around (Son of Scientist Super mix)
Make We Remember
Mandala (4 min)
Master of strokes
Matin bleuté
Mi negra
Missing Link (feat. Cammon)
Music of many colours 2,000 blacks got to be free
Music of many colours Africa - centre of the world
N'ka Willy
Na So We See Am
Na So Wee See Am
Na Their Way Be That
Nawa (8 min 39)
Nawa (intro)
No Blame Them
No place for my dream
No shame (6 min 28 s)
No work no job no money (5 min 21 s)
Nobody Beg You
Nocturnal tourist
Nothing to show for it (3 min 36 s)
Nova tunes
Now You See
numbers game (3 min 03 s)
Obasanjo Don Play You Wayo
One Day Someday
One Man Show
One People One World
One Two (Garth Trinidad’s FiyahDubb!)
Passage Brady
Piece of cake
Plea for a Land Always Divided: Big Orange Studios, Austin, TX, USA
Plenty Nonesense
Plenty nonsense (9 min 31 s)
Politics In Africa
Politics na big business (3 min 44 s)
Pop d'Europe
pueblo unido (3 min 28 s)
Radio retaliation
Red Hot + Riot le meilleur de la scène New Soul + Hip-Hop rend hommage à Fela Kuti
Red Hot + Riot the music and spirit of Fela all new tracks featuring
Red song
Regular pleasures
Republicafrobeat compilado por DJ Floro
Running around
Saint Judas
saloon : life is just a game
Samba alla
Santa Maria del Buen Ayre
Scatta Head (Zenzile dub mix)
Scatta Head (Zenzile ub mix)
Sélection musiques du monde
Sélection pop rock. 1. FiP 3085522
Shake it baby
Shall we dance ?
shining path (3 min 38 s)
Shoki remixed
Shoki Shoki
Something wicked this way comes
Sorry Sorry (Francois K's Old Skool Afro dub)
Sorry Sorry (Manta 1000 remix)
Sorry Sorry (Old School Afro dub)
Sorry Sorry (Old Skool Afro Dub / François K Mix)
Sound the alarm (3 min 41 s)
Stop Aids
Stubbom problems (9 min 32)
Stubbort Problems
survival (8 min 55 s)
Sweet tides (4 min 48 s)
Tell Me
Tension Grip Africa
Tension Grip Nigeria
They Will Run
This is only the beginning (1 min 44 s)
This Is Only the Biginning
Too Much on My Mind
Traitors of Africa (Q's Treacherous Beats)
Truth Don Die (Jackson's "Rhum Gingembre" mix)
Truth Don Die (Kerri Chandler House mix)
Truth Don Die (Kerri Chandler remix)
Truth Don Die (Kerri Chandler's Lagos dub)
Truth Don Die (Kerri's Deep dub)
Truth Don Die (Kerry Chandler House remix)
Truth Don Die (Lago's dub)
Truth Don Die (main vox)
Truth Don' Die (Masters at Work House version main)
Truth Don Die (Nu Yorican Soul mix)
Truth Don Die (Nuyorican Soul remix)
Truth Don Die (Nuyorican soul version)
Truth Don’t Die (Kerry Chandler’s Deep dub mix)
Truth Don’t Die (Masters at Work House mix)
underground spiritual game
Universal été 99 tous les talents du monde
Vampires (4 min 57 s)
Victim of Life (Dixon's AVDC remix)
Victim Of Life (Kei Kobayashi's Routine Jazz Mix)
Walk on the Right Side
Wanna Be Free (live), I
Water Get No Enemy (Floating Points remix)
Water No Get Enemy
Way Our Lives Go, The
Welcome to Daytrotter
Wey our money (4 min 49 s)
What Will Tomorrow Bring (6 AM Troneek dub mix)
What Will Tomorrow Bring (Joe Claussell's remix)
What Will Tomorrow Bring (LP mix Joe Claussel)
What Will Tomorrow Bring? (Paris City mix)
What will tomorrow bring remix Lp mix
When a woman's had enough
Wonder, wonder (6 min 04 s)
World Is Chancing, The
world is changing (6 min 06 s)
World Is Changing, The
would rather hide, I
Yellow daffodils
You Better Ask Yourself (General Elektriks remix)
You don't know what love is
Contributed to or performed: 
1960-2010: Africa, 50 Years of Music
20th Century Masters: The Best of Africa
25 ans de Radio Nova
50 Plus Belles Chansons Africaines, Les
Africa in Your Earbuds 4.0: What It Means
Africa Unity a Must (instrumental)
African Xpress
Afro Club Night, The
Afrobeat Sessions
Afrobeat… No Go Die!!! (Trans-Global African Funk Grooves)
Afrotronic, Volume 1
Ala Jalkoum
Ambient Lounge 3
Another World Is Possible
Armed Robbers in Disguise
August Fool
Back Alley Cuts
Barclay 2000-1 (Rock & Pop)
Barclay 2000–1 (Electromix by Aléem)
Barclay à Barclay, De
Beats & Pieces, Volume Two
Bluesfest: The Album
Café Mundo: An Electro World Experience
Caterpillar, Volume 6
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 78: February 2000
Da Lata Remixes
Day by Day
Daydreamer, The
Defected Presents House Masters: Masters at Work, Volume Two
Definitive Collection, The
Dennis Ferrer in the House
Do Your Best
Door to the Souk
Essential Afrobeat
Ethnica: Music From Around the World
Exotica - A Trip Around the World
Femi Anikulapo Kuti and the Positive Force
Fight to Win
Fip Collection: Musiques du Monde (disc 1)
Fnac & Les Inrockuptibles présentent : Musiques, La
Fordfocus SW Lounge
French Touch, The
Future Vintage
Future World Funk
Generation Gap
Go Slow to Lagos
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto IV: International Funk 99
Haute Fidélité - King Kamehameha Club
Hope for the Hopeless
Hôtel Costes 1999–2007: The Anniversary Boxset
Hôtel Costes, Volume 2: La Suite
Inrockuptibles présentent : Made in Africa, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : Musiques : Une rentrée 2001, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent: Musiques: Rentrée 99, Les
Jaiye Jaiye
Know Why, I
Late Night Sessions III
Leeroy Presents Fela Is the Future
Like Water for Chocolate
Madness Unlimited
Make You Crazy
Mind Your Own Business
Ministry Presents: Ibiza Chillout
Missing Link
Mundial Muzique, Volume 2
Music Has No Boundaries
New African Worldbeat
New Funk Voices
No Cause for Alarm?
Nova Le Grand Mix
Nova Tunes 1.1
Nova Tunes 1.1_2.0
Nova Tunes 1.9
Nuphonic 03
Opposite People
Orange Room, The
Paris city café
Paste mPlayer #10
Planète musiques : 20 ans d'escales
Popdeurope 2
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, March 2009
Rachid Taha Live
Radiocafé 98.6: Milliók reggelire, Volume 2
Red Hot + Riot
Remix with the Sun
routine complication
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 15
Saturday Night Live
Science Fiction Jazz 5 Chill Out Edition
Science Fiction Jazz, Volume 5
Search Yourself
Shrine: Afrodigital, The
Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar
So-So Talk and No Action
Soludos - Cheers to the Summer: 2010 Summer Soundtrack
Something In the Air
Soul CD #07
Soul of Africa, The
Struggle Must Stop, The
Stupidity an Act of Ignorance
Surfin' the Buzz: Automne 1999
Talkin Loud Sampler
Tell Me (Jeremy Sole’s Musaics remix)
Theory of Togetherness
Time Travelin’ (A Tribute to Fela)
Timeless Ethnic Collection, The
Tobi Neumann in the Mix: Flieder Lieder
Universal B-Boy, Part 3
Vampires (Afrolicious and Rob Garza remix)
Very Best of Africa, The
Very Best of Africa, Volume 2, The
Very Best of World Duets, The
Very Best of World Music, The
Virgin Recommends: Emerging New Artists
Water Get No Enemy
Water Get No Enemy (intro)
Water No Get Enemy, Part 2
We Are Hip Hop • Me • You • Everybody, Part 2
Welt: Mehr als eine Scheibe, Die
With Love from Sara and Al
WOMAD 2012: Souvenir CD
WTTS 92.3 New Music Sampler
You Better Ask Yourself (Jason Bentley remix)