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Billy Childish
Childish, Billy
Childish, Billy (English painter, poet, and printmaker, born 1959)
Hamper, Steven John
Steven John Hamper
Wild Billy Childish
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Hamper, Bill (other identity, same person)
Hamper, Steven John (real name)
Hamper, Steven John (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Hamper, William Charley (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Agnew, John (co-performer)
Billy Childish & CTMF (see also from)
Blackhands (Musical group)
Brand, Bruce (co-performer)
Crockford, Allan (co-performer)
Day, Graham (co-performer)
Dolot, Ollie (co-performer)
emin tracey
Hamper, Bill (see also from)
Hampshire, Micky (co-performer)
Johnson, Johnny Tub (co-performer)
Pop Rivets (isMemberOf)
The Buff Medways (isMemberOf)
The Vermin Poets (isMemberOf)
Thee Headcoats (isMemberOf)
Thee Headcoats Sect (isMemberOf)
Thee Mighty Caesars (isMemberOf)
Thee Milkshakes (isMemberOf)
Thee Stash (isMemberOf)
Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire (isMemberOf)
10 Bears of the Comanchies
1982 Cassetes, The
2005-06-15: Phoning It In, "Billy Childish"
25 Years of Being Childish
50 Albums Great
69 Seconds
A-Z of Your Heart
Acorn man [Enregistrement sonore]
Acorn Man (Slight Return)
Again & Again
All My Feeling Denied
All My Feelings Denied
All of Your Love
Am the Billy Childish, I
Am the Strange Hero of Hunger, I
Amonia `81
And Cruelness Here
And Darkness Engulfed His Eyes
And Hers
And The Cyder Bottle Passes As My Eyes
Another Me
Archive From 1959: The Billy Childish Story
Are You a Wally (Or Are You a Smooth?)
Art or Arse? (You Be the Judge)
Ask the Dust
At the Bridge
Automatic Love (Part Of)
Baby Please
Baby Who Mutilated Everybody's Heart
Baby Who Mutilated Everybodys Heart, The
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Ballad of the Insolent Pup
Bay of Pigs, The
Beatle Boots
Beauty of Love That Splits the Body in Two, A
Because, Just Because
Before the Night Is Through
Better Off Dead
Big hart and balls : poems and drawings
Billy B. Childish
Bitter Cup, The
Blood Piss and Sperm
Bloom of Youth, The
bombs buggery & buddhism or diaries of a mock human being
Bottle Up and Go
Bourgeois Blues
Brimfull of Hate
Burn and Blind Me
C'est ça qui me plaît et tant pis pour les emmerdeurs poèmes, 1996-2007
Can Destroy All Your Love, I
Can Judge a Daughter, I
Can't Find Pleasure, I
Can't You See
Can You Tell Me
Charcoal Burners Lament, The
Child's death letter : selected lyrics
Childish : paintings of a backwater visionary
childs death letter
Col' Col' Chillen
Cold Chills
Come into My Life
Coming Upside Your Head
Cosmetic Woman
Cosmetic Women
Cowboys Are Square
Crimes Against Music: Blues Recordings 1986–1999
Crimes of the Future
Curious Filters
Darker Currency, A
Davey Crockett
Day I Beat My Father Up, The
Death of a Mighty Caesar
Deerstalking Man
Despite All This
Devious Means
Dictator of Love
Did I Tell You
Dismembered Book of Myself, A
Do Things Right
Dog End Of A Dog End
Don't Break My Laws
Don't Like) The Man I Am, (I
Don't Need No Baby, I
Don't Say It's a Lie
Don't Try & Tell Me
Don't Wanna Be Ruled by Women and Money No More
Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
Double Axe Murder
Double Axe, The
Double Face
Dragin Thru This
Earl of Suave
Easy Peasy
Elizabeth Sargent
Every Bit of Me
Every Little Thing
Evil Snake Catcher
Feel Like Giving In, I
Feel So Bad, I
Ferry Man, The
Fighting Tameraire, The
Fingers In The Sun
Flame From the Fen, A
Fleas Flys And Women
Fog-Bound Pinhead
For She
For The Deceived
Forensic R' N' B
Fun in the UK
Genius of Billy Childish With Thee Milkshakes and Thee Headcoats, The
Gentle Love
Get Out of Here Pretty Girl
Girl From '62
Give It to Me
Give Me Truly Harts
Good Morning Little Snob
Good Times Are Killing Me, The
Got to Get What's Been Forbidden
Got to Get You Outside My Head
Greatest Lover in the World
Grinning in Your Face
Grow You Afraid In Dark
Guillotine Device
Gun in My Father's Hand, The
hangman 85
Hangman Communication
Hangman Comunication
Hate My Little Baby, I
He Wore a Pagan Robe
Head Coats On
Headcoat Lane
Here Let Bitterness Evaporate
Hog's Jaw
Home Grown
House on the Water
I'd rather you lied : selected poems, 1980-1998
I'll Be Out of Here
I'm a Confused Man
I'm a Gamekeeper
I'm Good Enough
I'm Hurting
I've Been Fucking Your Daughters & Pissing on Your Lawns
I've Been Waiting
I've Got Everything Indeed
Im Home Grown
In Your Hand
Instantly Delete
Intertidal Marshland
Iodine in My Coffee
It Ain't No Sin
It's a Natural Fact
It's Bad
It's Gonna Be
It’s So Hard to Be Happy
It's You I Hate to Lose
It Was Too Late
John Hardy
Judging Them To Hell
Junger Mann ohne Kleider
Just In This Way
Just Is
Just Like a Dog
Just Like You
Just Wanna Make Love to You, I
Keep Your Hands Off My Child
Keep Your Man in Mind
Kinds of Women
Knight of the Baskervilles
La-La, La-La, La-La-La
Laughter And Violence
Lets Make It
Lie Detector
Little by Little
Little Less, A
Little Queenie
Living in a Grave
Loathsome and Wild
Louie Louie (Where Did She Roam)
Louie Riel
Love My Woman, I
Love That Girl Ammonia, I
Love That Girl Amonia, I
Made With A Passion (The Kitchen Demos)
Magical Prose Of Beer, The
Man Taken From Guts
Mask of the Squaxin
Matter Of Timing, A
Me or Mine
Merry Little Facists
Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand, The
(Miss America) Got to Get You Outside My Head
Miss Ludella Black
Mister Elisabeth
Monkey Bissniss
Monkey's Paw
Morn The Poor Whores Of Chatam
Moth, The
Muscle Horse
My Bitterness
My Dear Watson
My fault
My First Billy Childish Album
My Girl Does Kung Fu
My Hart Dosnt Rest Easy
Naked Poet, The
Nanook of the North
Need Loving, I
Neither Fish nor Fowl
Never To Fake It
Never to Love Again
No Respect
No Such Number
Noble Beast, The
Nobody Wants Your Love
Not Many of My Kind
Notebooks of a naked youth : the continuing saga of Chatham Jack : a novel
Nothing Said
Now I Know
Now Is Not the Best Time
Now Your Hunger's Gonna Be A-Coming
Ocean River Runs Around the Edge, The
Oh Maudie
On The Tube
One Day You Die
One For The Budless
Organic Footprints
Original Chatham Jack, The
Our Strange Power of Speech
P38 Saturday Night Special
Paeleo Punk
Papa Doc
Pegasus Bridge
Physics of Blown Sand and Desert Dunes, The
Picket Fence
Playing Pool with a Salish Indian Drug Dealer in the Dodson Bar Down-Town Vancouver (poem)
Please Don't Tell My Baby
Please Won't You Tell Me
Poccahontas Was Her Name
Poem To The Noseless One
poems from the barrier block
Pretty Baby
Prostitutes on Chatham Hi St.
Punk Boy
Punk Girl
Punk Rock Enough for Me
Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot! The Billy Childish Story 1977-2018
Pussy Whipped
Ready Sect Go!
Reasons for Hating You
Red Monkey, The
Remember, I
Rise and Fall of a Double, The
Rusty Hook
Salty Dog
Searching High and Low
See Shining, I
Self Destroy, I
Sex and Flies
She'll Keep You on Standby
She's Got a Strange Attractor
She's in Disguise
She's Just 15
Shirts Off
Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
Sick September
Signals of Love
Snakes Of Desire, The
Somebody Else
Somebody Like You
Someone Like Me
Something Went Wrong Again
Sometimes I Wantcha for Your Money
Song of Myself, The
Speak to Me
Stay the Same
Sticks & Stones
Strange Words
Suck the Dog
Sudden Fart Of Laughter, The
Suppose I'm a Poseur, I
Tear It to Pieces
Temptress of Love
Tennessee Blues
That Was Then and This Is Now
This Heart
This is my shit and it smells good to me
This Is Unacceptable
This Man's Determined
This Whole Wide World
This Wonderous Day
This Wondrous Day
Thoughts of a Hangman
Time Will Tell
To Understand Murder
To Z Of Your Hart, A
to Z of Your Heart, A
Todays Menu
Tower Block
Trembling Of Life
Tricksters, The
Trouble Times
Troubled Mind
Troubled Times
True to You
Tushunka Witko (poem)
Two Hearts Beating
Typriter That Couldnt Spell, The
uncorrected Billy Chyldish, The : selected poems
Under The Clock
Unetterable, The
Walk of the Lost
Wanna Stop This World, I
Want a Punk Girl, I
Was Lead to Believe, I
Was Led to Believe, I
Wasn't Made for This World, I
Watch Me Fall
(We Hate the Fuckin') NME
What Is This False Life You’re Leading
What Once Was
What's Wrong With Me
What You've Got
When I Got No One
When the Night Comes
When You Stop Loving Me
Where Are the Children That Hitler Kissed?
Who Could Be Proud
Why Can't You See?
Why Don't You Try My Love?
Wily Coyote
Wise Blood, The
Wouldn't Want to Be You, I
Yellow Skin Baby
Yellow Skinned Babys
You Got Me Restless
You Know You Can't Resist
You’ll Be Sorry Now
You Make Me Die
You're Right, I'm Wrong
Young Man Afraid of His Horses
Your Rite I'm Rong
Zero Emission
Contributed to or performed: 
A-Z of Your Heart
Afternoon Delight: Love Songs From Sub Pop
Am an Angry Man, I
Am Bathed in Forgiveness, I
Am Go-Go Snack
Am Here to Build Jerrosolm, I
Am the Strange Hero of Hunger, I
Am the Uncorrected, I
Ants, Moth's & Picasso
Arnie the Scaffolder
Arny and the Meet Factory
Arthur Young Workbench, The
At the Bridge
Avonden: Muziek Uit Studio Amstel Volume 1, De
Ballad of a Lost Man
Ballad of Robert Walser, The
Bed Time Snack
Believe, I
Big Beatle Mumma
Billy Childish Native American Sampler: A History 1983-1993, The
Billy Childish, The
Bitter Cup, The
Bottom of the Sea
Brimfull of Hate
Buds and Shoots
Burning and Drowning
Cheated My Own Hart, I
Cheeky Cheese, The
Coastal Command
Could Hear the Telephone (3 Floors Above Me), I
Curious Old Woman, The
Daddy Was a Charger
Darcey Liver (Boogielicious)
Dead Donkey
Death Letter Blues
Deep Down in My Heart
Demolition Girl
Devil in the Flesh
Dirtblonde Mixtape
Don't Be a Misery Guts
Don't Like the Man I Am, I
Double Axe, The
Dragging Through This
Dreggradation of Spartanists
Dung Beatle
Dung Beetle Rolls Again
Eli the Baker
Every Bit of Me
Feel So Bad, I
Ferry Man, The
Feuds and Fuss of Dancing Kings, The
Forensic R' N' B
Fritz the Trench Mouse
Garden of Gethsemane
Gave Myself Away
Giggling Sausages, The
Glug Glug Car, The
Go to Sleep
God Bless Old Mitchel
Gods Rain
Goldfish Murder, The
Goose Girl, The
Grimpen Mire
Hanged Man's Dance, The
Headlong Fly the Achaeans
Heart in Hand
Heaven's Journey
Heavens Journey
Heavens Journey (Alt Version)
Heavens Journey E.P.
Hide in the Cellar
Hills of Bredon
Hold Me
Honey Bee
Huddie Poem
I'm Hurtin'
I’m Living in a Grave
I’m the Robber
In Blood
In the Land of the Lusty Bee's
Insects in Your Stars
It's the Poet's Job
It’s a Natural Fact
JetSet2: Airport Lounge
Jolly Jellyfish, The
Just to Be With You
Kill The DJ Introducing The Dysfunctional Family: A Mixed-Up Compilation by Chloé et Ivan Smagghe
Kitty Cats Must Be Put Down
Last of My Childhood, The
Lemonade Stand
Length of Pipe
Lesson Number One
Let Me Know You
Let’s Buy a Car
Lovely Jubbly
Man Who Thought He Would Never Be a Father, The
man with the gallows eyes (alt version), The
Man With the Gallows Eyes, The
Medway Wheelers
Mission Mulch
Move On Up
Muscle Horse
Muscle Horse Across the Gorse
Mussel Horse in Holland
Niemand weiss
One Day You Die
One More Bottle to Drink
Pocahontas Was Her Name
Punk Before Chips
Punk Before Chips (Jingle)
Radio Dreggs
Rage of Achilles, The
Rider on a Horse
Rock 'N' Roll Disease!, The
Root Damage
Scare‐Crow Nation, The
Schrimp Goes Shopping
Shirts Off
Shropshire Lad, A
Sing Shed Sing
Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car Park, The
Slap Up Breakfast
Smiles, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute to Brian Wilson
So Spake the Wanderer
Somebody Else
Steady the Buffs
Step Out
Story of the V2, Bomber, The
Tablets of Linear B
Tablets of Linear B (intro)
Taliesin the Dregg
Talk Dirty to Me
Theseus in Knossos
Transcending Utter Dreggradation
Trixy the Jolly Dustmen
Trouble No More
Troubled Mind
Turd Mites
Two Men
Upside Mine
Verdun Osserry
Walking on the Water
Wally the 2nd Hand Salesman
We Spartan Dreggs (Be Fine)
We've Written Our Song (And Done Our Duty)
Western Plains (Alt Version), The
Western Plains, The
Where Eccentrics Fear to Tread
Which Dead Donkey Daddy?
Who’s Driving This Car?
Why Can't You See
Wounded Poet, The
Xfm Sessions, The
You Got That Thing
You Make Me Die
You Move Me