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Carpenter, W. B.
Carpenter, William B.
Carpenter, William Benj..
Carpenter, William Benjamin
Carpenter, William Benjamin (British physician, author and photographer, 1813-1885)
Gulielmus Beniaminus Carpenter
Karpenter, Villjam
William Benjamin Carpenter
William Benjamin Carpenter (Biologist)
William Benjamin Carpenter (Brits botanicus (1813-1885))
William Benjamin Carpenter (englischer Physiologe und Naturforscher)
Вильям Бенджамин Карпентер
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Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
Creation role: 
scientific advisor
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Dallinger, William Henry (1842-1902))
Jeffreys, J.G. (1809-1885)
Jeffreys, John Gwyn (1809-1885)
Jeffreys, John Gwyn (1809-1885))
Johnston, George (1797-1855)
Jones, Thomas Rupert
Jones, Thomas Rupert (1819-1911)
Lankester, Edwin (1814-1874)
Mudie, Robert (1777-1842)
Parker, William Kitchen
Parker, William Kitchen (1823-1890)
Smith, Francis Gurney (1818-1878)
Thomson, C. Wyville (1830-1882)
Thomson, Charles Wyville (1830-1882)
Thomson, Charles Wyville (1830-1882))
Westwood, J. O. (1805-1893)
Westwood, John Obadiah (1805-1893)
animal kingdom, arranged after its organization, forming a natural history of animals, and an introduction to comparative anatomy., The
Animal physiology
Bericht über die durch den Gebrauch des Microscops in dem Studium der Anatomie und Physiologie erhaltenen Resultate, den Ursprung und die Verrichtungen der Zellen
correlation and conservation of forces: a series of expositions, The
depths of the sea, The : an account of the general results of the dredging cruises of H.M.SS. 'Porcupine' and 'Lightning during the summers of 1868, 1869, and 1870, under the scientific direction of dr. Carpenter, F.R.S., J. Gwyn Jeffreys, F.R.S., and dr. Wyville Thomson, F.R.S.
Description of Parkeria and Loftusia, two gigantic types of Arenaceous Foraminifera
Descriptive catalogue of objects from deep-sea dredgings
Further inquiries on oceanic circulation
General results of microscopic inquiries into the minute structure of the skeletons of Mollusca, Crustacea and Echinodermata
Introduction to the study of the Foraminifera
manual of physiology, including physiological anatomy for the use of the medical student, A
Mechanical philosophy, horology, and astronomy.
Mesmerism, spiritualism, etc., historically and scientifically considered
microscope and its revelations, The
monograph of the British fossil Brachiopoda., A
Nature and man : essays scientific and philosophical
On the history of Eozoön Canadense
On the Temperature and Animal Life of the Deep Sea
On the use and abuse of alcoholic liquors, in health and disease
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London
physiological errors of moderation, The
Popular cyc. of natural science, 1843.
Preliminary report of the scientific exploration of the deep sea in H.M. surveying-vessel 'Porcupine,' during the summer of 1869
Principles of human physiology, with their chief applications to psychology, pathology, therapeutics, hygiène, and forensic medicine.
Principles of mental physiology, with their applications to the training and discipline of the mind, and the study of its morbid conditions.
Règne animal.
Report on deep-sea researches carried on during the months of July, August, and September 1870 in H.M. surveying-ship 'Porcupine'
Report on the specimens of the genus Orbitolites collected by H. M. S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876.
Reports on the state of science on the microscopic structure of shells
Researches on Foraminifera.
Statement of William Benjamin Carpenter
Structure, physiology and development of Antedon (Comatula, Lamk.) rosaceus
Vaccination a letter to W. B. Carpenter
'Valorous' expedition, The : reports
Vegetable physiology and systematic botany:
Verslag over de verkregene uitkomsten in de studie der anatomie en physiologie, door het gebruik van het mikroscoop
Voices of the spirit and Spirit pictures.
Zoology; being a systematic account of the general structure, habits, instincts, and uses of the principal families of the animal kingdom; as well as of the chief forms of fossil remains