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Daniel Gerardus Elliot
Daniel Girard Elliot
Daniel Giraud Elliot
Daniel Giraud Elliot (American zoologist)
Daniel Giraud Elliot (Amerikaanse dierkundige)
Daniel Giraud Elliot (US-amerikanischer Zoologe)
Daniel Giraud Elliot (zoologo statunitense)
Elliot, D. G.
Elliot, Daniel G.
Elliot, Daniel Girard
Elliot, Daniel Giraud
Elliot, Daniel Giraud (American ornithologist and illustrator, 1835-1915)
Giraud Elliot, Daniel
Даниел Жиро Елиът
Эллиот, Даниэль Жиро
דניאל אליוט (זואולוג אמריקאי)
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Field Columbian Museum
Hay, O.P. (1846-1930)
Hay, Oliver Perry (1846-1930)
Meek, S.E. (1859-1914)
Meek, Seth Eugene (1859-1914)
Meek, Seth Eugene (1859-1914))
Ripert, Pierre (1946-...)
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)
Van Dyke, Theodore Strong (1842-)
Whymper, Edward (1840-1911)
Whymper, J.W.
Wolf, Jos. (1820-1899)
Wolf, Josef (1820-1899)
WOLF, Josef Artist
Wolf, Joseph (1820-1899)
A catalogue of the collection of mammals in the Field Columbian museum., ...
birds of Daniel Giraud Elliot, The : a selection of pheasants and peacocks painted by Joseph Wolf, and taken from the original monograph published in New York, 1872
caribou of the Kenai peninsula Alaska, The
Catalogue of mammals collected by E. Heller in Southern California
catalogue of the collection of mammals in the Field Columbian Museum, A
Check list of mammals of the north american continent, the west indies and the neighboring seas
classification and synopsis of the Trochilidæ, A
Daniel Giraud Elliot correspondence
deer family, 1902, The
Deer family, by Theoodore Roosevelt, T. S. Van Dyke, D. G. Elliot and A. J. Stone...
Description of a new subspecies of African monkey of the genus Cercopithecus
Description of an apparently new species of mountain goat
Description of apparently new species and sub-species of mammals from the Indian Territory
Family of the hornbills
genera Oedipomidas and Seniocebus, The
genus eupomotis, The
life and habits of wild animals, The
List of a collection of Mexican mammals... by D. G. Elliot,...
list of a collection of Mexican mammals with descriptions of some apparently new forms, A
List of described species of humming birds
List of mammals from Somali-land obtained by the museum's East African expedition
List of mammals obtained by Thaddeus Surber, collector for the museum, in the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, Canada
List of mammals obtained by Thaddeus Surber in North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, by D. G. Elliot,...
Lists of species of mammals, principally rodents, obtained by W. W. Price, Dr. S. E. Meek, G. K. Cherrie, and E. S. Thompson, in the States of Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada and California, with descriptions of new species, by D. G. Elliot,...
Monograph of the bucerotidae, or family of the hornbills
monograph of the Paradiseidœ or birds of paradise, A
Monograph of the Phasianidae or family of the pheasants. Selections
Monograph of the "Tetraoninae", of family of the grouse, by Daniel Giraud Elliot,... Part I-V
new and heretofore unfigured species of birds of North America., The
North American shore birds; a history of the snipes, sandpipers, plovers and their allies, inhabiting the beaches and marshes of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the prairies and the shores of the inland lakes and rivers of the North American continent
Notes on a collection of cold-blooded vertebrates from the olympic mountains
Notes on a collection of coldblooded vertebrates from the Olympic mountains, by S. E. Meek,... D. G. Elliot,...
On the skeleton of Toxochelys latiremis
Paradiesvögel nach d. Taf. d. Ausg. von 1873
Preliminary descriptions of new rodents from the Olympic mountains
Remarks upon two species of deer of the genus Cervus from the Philippine archipelago
review of the primates, A
Schetsen uit de dierenwereld
status of Callithrix Lugens (Humboldt) and Callithrix Amictus E. Geoffroy, The
Synopsis of the mammals of North America and the adjacent seas, by Daniel Giraud Elliot,...
The land and sea mammals of middle America and the West Indies..., ...
wild fowl of the United States and British possessions, or, The swan, geese, ducks, and mergansers of North America., The