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Robert Wallace
Robert Wallace (British minister)
Uolles, Robert
Wallace, R.
Wallace, Robert
Роберт Уоллес
Уоллес, Роберт
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Eidous, Marc Antoine (1724-1790)
Fages, Auguste-César
Flottes, Jean-Baptiste
Hume, David (1711-1776))
Joncourt, Elias de (1697-1765)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rozet, (Parijs)
British economic thought in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Characteristics of the present political state of Great Britain
Dissertation historique et politique sur la population des anciens tems. -
Dissertation on the numbers of mankind, in antient and modern times in which the superior populousness of antiquity is maintained : with an appendix containing additional observations on the same subject, and some remarks on mr. hume's political discourse, of the populousness of antient nations
doctrine of passive obedience and non-resistance considered With some observations on the necessity and advantages of the Revolution in the year 1688. By Mr. Wallace, ... Published on occasion of Lord Dun's friendly and familiar advices., The
Ėgalitaristskie pamflety v Anglii serediny XVIII v.. -
Essai sur la différence du nombre des hommes dans les tems anciens et modernes : dans lequel on établit qu'il étoit plus considérable dans l'antiquité
Ignorance and superstition a source of violence and cruelty, and in particular the cause of the present rebellion. A sermon preached in the High Church of Edinburgh, Monday January 6. 1745-6. ... By Robert Wallace
letter from a moderate freethinker to David Hume Esquire concerning the profession of the clergy, A
necessity or expediency of the churches inquiring into the writings of David Hume Esquire and calling the author to answer before the spiritual courts (1756) :, The
Réflexions politiques sur l'état present des finances du royaume de la Grande-Bretagne et sur le génie guerrier de cette nation.
regard due to divine revelation and to pretences to it, considered. A sermon preached before the provincial synod of Dumfreis, at their meeting in October 1729. ... By Robert Wallace., The
Saggio sopra la differenza del numero degli uomini nei tempi antichi e moderni ...
Various prospects of mankind, nature and providence
view of the internal policy of Great Britain In two parts. Part I. Of the alterations in the constitution, from the reign of Henry the seventh ... Part II. Of the various stages of political society., A