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Ioannes Taverner
John Taverner
John Taverner (britisk komponist)
John Taverner (Brits componist (1490-1545))
John Taverner (brittisk kompositör)
John Taverner (compositeur britannique)
John Taverner (compositore e organista inglese)
John Taverner (engelsk renessansekomponist)
John Taverner (englischer Komponist)
John Taverner (English composer and organist)
Taverner, John
Τζον Τάβερνερ
Тавернер, Джон
ג'ון טאוורנר
ജോൺ ടാവർണർ
approximately 1490-1545
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
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Brüggen, Frans (co-performer)
Byrd, William (1543?-1623)
Byrd, William (co-author)
Christophers, Harry
Christophers, Harry (1953-)
Christophers, Harry (co-performer)
Darlington, Stephen
Darlington, Stephen (1952-....))
Darlington, Stephen (co-performer)
Hypérion records Ltd
Johnson, Calvert (co-author)
Larrouzé, Jean-François (co-author)
Milsom, John (co-author)
Nimbus records Ltd
Parsley, Osbert (co-author)
Phillips, Peter (co-performer)
Purcell, Henry (co-author)
Sheppard, John (1515-1558))
Sheppard, John (1515?-1558)
Sixteen (Grup musical)
Sixteen (Musical group)
Sixteen London
Skinner, David (co-performer)
Tallis Scholars
Tallis, Thomas (1505?-1585)
Tallis, Thomas (1505?-1585))
Tallis, Thomas (co-author)
Taverner, John (1490?-1545))
The Sixteen (Londres). Choir
Thomas, Bernard (1937-)
Tye, Christopher (co-author)
Willcocks, David (1919- ))
Agnus dei
Alleluia, veni electa mea
Alleluya V. Veni electa mea
Annual report for 1929
Audivi vocem de caelo
Ave Dei Patris filia music for Our Lady and divine office
Ave maria
Capriccio di flauti
Certaine experiments concerning fish and fruite. -
Choral music. Selections
Choral works. Selections
Christe Jesu pastor bone: Ed. Brett
concorde of sweete sounde recorder music from Renaissance England, A
Dow partbooks Oxford, Christ Church Mus. 984-988, The
Dum transisset Sabbatum: Ed. P. Brett
Dum transisset Sabbatum I: Alleluia
Dum transisset Sabbatum I: Dum transisset
Dum transisset Sabbatum (I, for 5 voices)
Dum transisset Sabbatum I: Ut venientes
Dum transisset Sabbatum II: Alleluia
Dum transisset Sabbatum II: Dum transisset
Dum transisset Sabbatum II: Ut venientes
Dum transisset Sabbatum, no. 1
Dum transisset Sabbatum, no. 2
Elizabethan consort music 1558-1603
English school for 4 voices, The
Ex eius tumba: Sospitati dedit aegros
Fac nobis secundum
[Fantasia on John Taverner's In nomine Nr. 2]. - (1968)
Four short antiphons
Frans Brüggen edition
Gaude plurimum
Gloria in excelsis
Haec dies music for Easter
Historical organ techniques and repertoire an historical survey of organ performance practices and repertoire
Hodie nobis caelorum Rex
Imperatrix inferni votive antiphones & ritual music
In nomine for 4 parts
In nomine, voices (4)
In pace, in idipsum
John Taverner anniversary album, The
John Taverner, c2003:
John Taverner : his life and music
Kyrie "Le Roy"
Kyrie "Leroy"
Leroy Kyrie: Ed. P. Brett
Les trésors de la musique sacrée anglaise
Live in Oxford
Magnificat À 4
Magnificat à 5
Magnificat for 4 voices
Magnificat for 6 voices (prima toni)
Magnificat for five voices
Magnificat for four voices
Magnificat for six voices
Magnificat Voix (5) 8e ton
Magnificats, voices (4)
Magnificats, voices (5)
Magnificats, voices (6)
Mass for four voices
Mass -The Western Wind-, for 4 voices- Agnus Dei
Mass -The Western Wind-, for 4 voices- Sanctus
Mass "The Western Wind": I. Gloria
Mass "The Western Wind": II. Credo
Mass "The Western Wind": III. Sanctus
Mass "The Western Wind": IV. Benedictus
Mass "The Western Wind": V. Agnus Dei
Mass "The Western Wynde": I. Gloria
Mass "The Western Wynde": II. Credo
Mass "The Western Wynde": III. Sanctus
Mass "The Western Wynde": IV. Agnus Dei
Masses. Selections
Mater Christi: Ed. P.Brett
Mater Christi (Motet)
Mater Christi sanctissima
Mean Mass
Missa Christe Jesu
Missa corona spinea: I. Gloria
Missa corona spinea: II. Credo
Missa corona spinea: III. Sanctus
Missa corona spinea: IV. Agnus Dei I
Missa corona spinea: V. Agnus Dei II
Missa "Coronea spinea"
Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas. Et incarnatus est
Missa Gloria tibi trinitas: I. Gloria
Missa Gloria tibi trinitas: II. Credo
Missa Gloria tibi trinitas: III. Sanctus & Benedictus
Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas. In nomine Domini
Missa Gloria tibi trinitas: IV. Agnus Dei I, II, III
Missa "Gloria tibi Trinitas": IV. Benedictus
Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas: Sanctus and Benedictus
Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas (The Tallis Scholars)
Missa "Gloria tibi Trinitas": V. Agnus Dei
Missa Mater Christi a liturgical reconstruction for the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady in Eastertide : antiphon : antiphon
Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima: Agnus Dei
Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima: Benedictus
Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima: Credo
Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima: Gloria
Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima: Sanctus
Missa O Michael - Agnus Dei
Missa O Michael - Credo
Missa O Michael - Gloria
Missa O Michael - Sanctus
Missa O Michael / The Sixteen
Missa "O Michaell"
Missa sine nomine ("The Meane Mass"): I. Gloria
Missa sine nomine ("The Meane Mass"): II. Credo
Missa sine nomine ("The Meane Mass"): III. Sanctus und Benedictus
Missa sine nomine ("The Meane Mass"): IV. Agnus Dei
Motets and mass for four voices
Motets. Selections
Music of theTudor period
Muzyka wokalna (wybór)
Nesciens mater
O Christe Jesu pastor bone
O splendor gloriae
O Wilhelme, pastor bone
Peter Phillips directs the Tallis Scholars music featured on the South Bank show
Puer natus est Tudor music for Advent and Christmas
Quemadmodum à 6
Quemadmodum desiderat cervus
Répertoire polyphonique de la Renaissance
Respond: Archangeli Michaelis Interventione
roy Kyrie, Le
Sacred and Secular Works
Sancte deus
Sancti Wilhelmi
Song: Westron Wynde
Sospitati dedit aegros
Sub tumm presidum
Te Deum laudamus
Treasures of Christ Church
Tudor church music.
Tudor keyboard music c.1520-1580
Tune thy musicke to thy harts Tudor & Jacobean music for private devotion
Twelve anthems
Vocal music. Selections
Vokālā mūzika.
Western Wind Mass: Agnus Dei I, II, & III
Western Wind Mass, Ed. P. Brett: Agnus Dei
Western Wind Mass, Ed. P. Brett: Benedictus
Western Wind Mass, Ed. P. Brett: Credo
Western Wind Mass, Ed. P. Brett: Gloria
Western Wind Mass, Ed. P. Brett: Sanctus
western wind mass: Gloria, The
Western Wind Mass: Sanctus & Benedictus
Western wind masses [Enregistrement sonore]
Western wynde Mass. Et in terra pax
Western wynde Mass. Hosanna
Western Wynde Mass: I. Gloria
Western Wynde Mass: II. Credo
Western Wynde Mass: III. Santus & Benedictus
Western Wynde Mass: IV. Agnus Dei
Western wynde Mass. Sanctus
western wynde, The
Westron Wynde
Works, vocal. [from old catalog]
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Great Recordings - Renaissance, Baroque and Classical Masterpieces
101 Renaissance Masterpieces
3 Masses / Mass "The Western Wind"
3 Masses, Mass "The Western Wind"
Ave Dei Patris Filia: Music for Our Lady and Divine Office
Choir of King’s College, The
Classic CD Collection: Renaissance
Commemorating the 450th Anniversary of His Death
Concorde of Sweete Sounde, A
Discover Early Music
Dum transisset Sabbatum I: Alleluia
Dum transisset Sabbatum I: Dum transisset
Dum transisset Sabbatum I: Ut venientes
Dum transisset Sabbatum II: Alleluia
Dum transisset Sabbatum II: Dum transisset
Dum transisset Sabbatum II: Ut venientes
Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music (Rose Consort of Viols feat. soloist Catherine King)
English Choral Works
Evening Hour: British Choral Music from the 16th and 20th Centuries, The
French Ambassadors: Music Based on Holbein's Painting of "The Ambassadors" (Frottola), The
Gloria Tibi Trinitas
Great Music From The Court Of Elizabeth I
In nomine
John Taverner (The Tallis Scholars)
Live in Oxford
Missa corona spinea
Missa corona spinea / Dum transisset Sabbatum I and II
Missa Corona spinea: Agnus Dei. Agnus Dei I
Missa Corona spinea: Agnus Dei. Agnus Dei II
Missa Corona spinea: Agnus Dei. Agnus Dei III
Missa Corona spinea: Agnus Dei. Dona nobis pacem
Missa Corona spinea: Credo. Credo in unum Deum
Missa Corona spinea: Credo. Et incarnatus est
Missa Corona spinea: Gloria. Gloria in excelsis Deo
Missa Corona spinea: Gloria. Qui tollis
Missa Corona spinea: Sanctus. Benedictus
Missa Corona spinea: Sanctus. Hosanna II
Missa Corona spinea: Sanctus. Qui venit
Missa Corona spinea: Sanctus. Sanctus and Hosanna I
Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas
Missa Mater Christi
Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima
Motets and Mass for Four Voices (Theatre of Voices)
Music For Great Cathedrals
O splendor gloriae: Sacred Music of Tudor England
Phoenix Rising, The
Puer natus est: Tudor Music for Advent and Christmas
Renaissance Masterpieces
Saints and Sinners: The Music of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Super Audio Collection Vol. 8
Tudor City
Tudor Collection (Tallis Scholars), A
Tudor Masters: Taverner & Gibbons
Western Wind Masses
Western Wind: Mass by John Taverner & Court Music for Henry VIII