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C . Hawkins
Coleman Hawkings
Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Randolph Hawkins
Hawkins, Coleman,
Hawkins, Coleman Randolph
Hawkins, Coleman Randoph
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Bean (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Hawk (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Hawkins, Bean (other identity, same person)
The Hawk (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Allen, Henry “Red” (co-performer)
Allier, Pierre (co-performer)
Arbello, Fernando (co-performer)
Armstrong, Louis (1901-1971)
Austin, Cuba (co-performer)
Bailey, Buster (co-performer)
Barker, Danny (co-performer)
Basie, Count (1904-1984)
Bauer, Billy (co-performer)
Benny Carter and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Berry, Leon "Chu" (co-performer)
Bessie Smith and her Band
Bessie Smith and her band (see also from)
Best, Denzil (co-performer)
Blakey, Art (co-performer)
Bland, Jack (co-performer)
BMG France
Bradley, Will (co-performer)
Briggs, Arthur (co-performer)
Carry, Scoops (co-performer)
Carter, Benny
Carter, Benny (co-performer)
Catlett, Sid (co-performer)
Chaillou, Maurice (co-performer)
Charlie Parker quintet (see also from)
Charlie Parker sextet (see also from)
Charlie Shavers’ All American Five (isMemberOf)
Cheatham, Doc (co-performer)
Chocolate Dandies
Chocolate dandies 1930-1940 (see also from)
Cizeron, Maurice (co-performer)
Cole, Cozy (co-performer)
Cole, Nat King (co-performer)
Coleman Hawkins and his 52nd Street All Stars
Coleman Hawkins and his 52nd Street All Stars (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins and his All-Stars
Coleman Hawkins and his All-Stars (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins and his Orchestra
Coleman Hawkins and his Orchestra (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins and His Sax Ensemble (isMemberOf)
Coleman Hawkins big band
Coleman Hawkins Octet
Coleman Hawkins octet (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins quartet
Coleman Hawkins Quartet (isMemberOf)
Coleman Hawkins quartet (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins Quintet (isMemberOf)
Coleman Hawkins septet
Coleman Hawkins Septet (isMemberOf)
Coleman Hawkins septet (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins sextet
Coleman Hawkins sextet (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins trio
Coleman Hawkins trio (see also from)
Coleman Hawkins' 52nd Street All Stars (isMemberOf)
Coleman Hawkins’ All American Four (isMemberOf)
Coleman Hawkins’ Swing Four (isMemberOf)
Coltrane, John (co-performer)
Combelle, Alix (co-performer)
Copeland, Ray (co-performer)
Cozy Cole All Stars (isMemberOf)
Cuffee, Ed (co-performer)
Curl, Langston (co-performer)
Davis, Leonard "Ham" (co-performer)
De Paris, Sidney (co-performer)
Dunn, Johnny (co-performer)
Eager, Allen (co-performer)
Eckstine, Billy (co-performer)
Eldridge, Roy (1911-1989)
Eldridge, Roy (co-performer)
Ellington, Duke (1899-1974)
Escudero, Ralph (co-performer)
Esquire all American award winners
Esquire all Stars
Esquire all Stars (see also from)
Esquire All-American Award Winners (isMemberOf)
Evans, Herschel (co-performer)
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Fowlkes, Charlie (co-performer)
Gibbs, Terry (co-performer)
Gillespie, Dizzy (1917-1993)
Grasset, Roger (co-performer)
Graven, Luther (co-performer)
Gryce, Gigi (co-performer)
Haig, Al (co-performer)
Hampton, Lionel (1908-2002)
Hampton, Lionel (co-performer)
Harris, Bill (co-performer)
Harris, Charles (co-performer)
Harrison, Jimmy (co-performer)
Henderson, Fletcher (co-performer)
Henderson, Horace (co-performer)
Henry Allen - Coleman Hawkins and Their Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Holiday, Clarence (co-performer)
Hughes, Spike (co-performer)
Inge, Edward (co-performer)
Jack Purvis and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Jackson, Benny (co-performer)
Jackson, Franz (co-performer)
James, Elmer (co-performer)
Johnson, Manzie (co-performer)
Johnson, Will (co-performer)
Jones, Claude (co-performer)
Jones, Ralph "Shrimp" (co-performer)
Kegley, Charlie (co-performer)
Kirby, John (co-performer)
Ladnier, Tommy (co-performer)
Lang, Eddie (co-performer)
LaPorta, John (co-performer)
Lessey, Bob (co-performer)
Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Lisée, Charles (co-performer)
Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds (isMemberOf)
Marsh, Warne (co-performer)
McCord, Ted (co-performer)
McKinney, William (co-performer)
McKinney's Cotton pickers
McKinney’s Cotton Pickers (isMemberOf)
Metronome All-Stars Band (isMemberOf)
Michel Warlop et son orchestre (isMemberOf)
Miley, Bubber (co-performer)
Miller, Eric (co-performer)
Monk, Thelonious (co-performer)
Mound City Blue Blowers (isMemberOf)
Mound City Blue Blowers 1929-1931 (see also from)
Nesbitt, John (co-performer)
Osser, Glenn (1914-)
Page, Dave (co-performer)
Peterson, Oscar (1925-2007)
Purnell, Keg (co-performer)
Purvis, Jack (co-performer)
Redman, Don (co-performer)
Reinhardt, Django (co-performer)
Reinhardt, Joseph (co-performer)
Renard, Alex (co-performer)
Rhodes, Todd (co-performer)
Roach, Max (co-performer)
Robinson, Fred (co-performer)
Robinson, Milton (co-performer)
Robinson, Prince (co-performer)
Rollini, Adrian (co-performer)
Romans, Alain (co-performer)
Safranski, Eddie (co-performer)
Senior, Milton (co-performer)
Shavers, Charlie (co-performer)
Shihab, Sahib (co-performer)
Sloan, Harry (co-performer)
Smith, Joe (co-performer)
Smith, Mamie (co-performer)
Smith, Russell (co-performer)
Spike Hughes and his Negro Orchestra
Spike Hughes and His Negro Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Stafford, George (co-performer)
Stern, Emil (co-performer)
Storne, Jean (co-performer)
Taylor, Billy Sr (co-performer)
The Capitol Jazzmen (isMemberOf)
The Chocolate Dandies (isMemberOf)
The Coleman Hawkins all Star Jam Band
The Coleman Hawkins all Star Jam Band (see also from)
The Dixie Stompers (isMemberOf)
The Prestige All Stars (isMemberOf)
Thelonious Monk Septet (isMemberOf)
Thomas, George (co-performer)
Triscari, Ray (co-performer)
Vance, Dick (co-performer)
Vola, Louis (co-performer)
Voor tenorsaxofoon en piano
Ware, Wilbur (co-performer)
Warlop, Michel (co-performer)
Washington, George (co-performer)
Webster, Ben
Webster, Benjamin Francis (1907-1973)
Wilborn, Dave (co-performer)
Williams, Elmer (co-performer)
Wilson, Edith (co-performer)
Wilson, Larry (co-performer)
Wilson, Lena (co-performer)
Wilson, Teddy (co-performer)
Winding, Kai (co-performer)
Wright, Jr. Lammar (co-performer)
Young, Lester (1909-1959)
Young, Lester (co-performer)
Ysaguirre, Bob (co-performer)
100th Birthday Celebration
1937 - 1939
39"-25"-39 (2 min 41 s)
9-20 Special
abraco no bonfa (An Embrace to Bonfa), Un
Abraco No Bonfa (An Embrace To Bronfa), Un
Accent on Tenor Sax
After Midnight
After You've Gone (The Hague, February 4, 1935)
Ain't Cha Glad (New York, October 3, 1933)
Ain't Got Nobody (New York, March 8, 1934), I
Ain't misbehavin'
All of me
All the Things You Are
All the Time
Allen's Alley
Almost Dawn
And I Still Love You
And So to Sleep Again (New York, October 19, 1951)
Angel Face (New York, December 11, 1947)
April in Paris (3 min 06 s)
April in Paris (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
April in Paris (New York, December 11, 1947)
As Long as We're Here
At Dawning
At Ease With Coleman Hawkins
At The Golden Circle
Autumn Leaves
Avalon (Paris, March 2, 1935)
Avalon / What a Difference a Day Made
Baby, won't you please come home
Back Talk
Bah - U - Bah (Paris, December 21, 1949)
Basin street blues
Battle of the Saxes (New York, May 24, 1944)
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Bayou Atmosphere
Bean 1951-1957, The
Bean and the Boys (issued as "39-25-39")
Bean and the Boys (take 1)
Bean and the Boys (take 2)
Bean at the Met (New York, January 31, 1944)
Bean In Orbit
Bean’s Place
Bean's Talking Again (Paris, December 21, 1949)
Bean Soup (Los Angeles, March 9, 1945)
Bean Stalkin'
Bean Stalking (New York, January 11, 1945)
Bean Stalks Again, The
Beat, The
Beautiful Girl
Bebop Years, The
Before Long
Begin the Beguine
Believe In You, I
Best of Coleman Hawkins, The
Beyond the Blue Horizon (New York, October 12, 1944)
Big Head, The
Bird Brain
Bird of Prey Blues
Birth of the Blues
Black Maria's Blues
Blue, Blue Days (Goin' Down Home)
Blue Lights
Blue Lou
Blue Love
Blue Moon (Paris, March 2, 1935)
Blue Moon / Star Dust
Blue Room
Blues Changes (New York, December 18, 1943)
Blues Evermore (Hilversum, June 14, 1938)
Blues for Rampart Street
Blues for Rene
Blues for Ron
Blues for Tomorrow
Blues for Yolande
Blues Groove (With Tiny Grimes)
Blues on the Bayou
Blues on the Delta
Blues Wail: Coleman Hawkins Plays the Blues
Boady and Sould (And Strings)
Body And Soul: 1933-1949
Body and Soul [1950]
Body And Soul 1953
Body and soul (3 min 01 s)
Body and Soul (New York, October 11, 1939)
Body and Soul of the Saxophone, The
Body & Soul: The Complete Victor Recordings 1939-1956
Boff Boff #2 (Aka Mop Mop)
Boff Boff (Mop Mop) (New York, December 4, 1943)
Bop Years, The
Bottle's Empty, The
Bottoms Up
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Bouncing With Bean (New York, January 3, 1940)
Breeze and I, The
Broke but Happy
Bu De Daht
Bu-Dee-Daht (New York, February 16, 1944)
Budd Johnson
Bugle call rag
Bugle Car Rag
Buh De Daht
Buh dee daht
Bye 'n' Bye
“C” Jam Blues
C'mon In
Can Anyone Explain?
Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me (New York, June 30, 1931), I
can't believe you are in love with me, I
Can't Believe You're in Love With Me #2, I
Can't Get Started (New York, July 30, 1952), I
can't give you anything but love, I
Carioca (New York, January 31, 1952)
Carolina shout
Cattin' at Keynote (New York, February 17, 1944)
Cattlin' at Keynote
Centennial Collection
Cheek to Cheek
Cherry Pickin' Blues
Chicago (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, August 26, 1935)
Chien Perdu Sans Collier
Chnouf, La
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1929-1934, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1934-1937, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1937-1939, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1939-1940, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1943-1944, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1944-1945, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1946-1947, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1947-1950, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1950-1953, The
Chronological Classics: Coleman Hawkins 1953-1954, The
Classic tenors
Climb Every Mountain
Clo's Blues
Cocktails for Two
Coleman Hawkins And His Confreres
Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster
Coleman Hawkins in the 50's - Body and Soul Revisited
Coleman Hawkins: Milestones Of A Legend
Coleman Hawkins Portrait
Complete Recordings 1929-1941, The
Concerto for Tenor
Confessin': The Astounding Coleman Hawkins
Consolation (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, April 27, 1937)
Cool Groove
Cottage for Sale, A
Crazy Rhythm (New York, December 23, 1943)
Crazy Rhythm (Paris, April 28, 1937)
Crepuscule with Nellie
Cross My Fingers, I
Cross Town
Cry Like the Wind (from “Do Re Mi”)
Dar, De
Dark Eyes Traditional - Don Byas
Darktown Strutter's Ball (London, May 26, 1939), The
Darktown Strutter's Ball (New York, June 30, 1931), The
Darktown Strutters' Ball, The
Day You Came Along (alternate take), The
Day You Came Along (New York, September 29, 1933), The
Daybreak in Dinant
Dear Old Southland (Hilversum, June 14, 1938)
Dear Opld Southland
Death Letter Blues
Dedication (New York, May 25, 1940)
Dee Tees
Deep Purple - Peter DeRose - Mitchell Parish -Don Byas
Devotion (alternate take)
Devotion (Hilversum, May 26, 1937)
Didn't Know What Time It Was, I
Dina -- take I
Dina -- Take II
Dinah (Take 1)
Dinah, Take 2
Dinner For One Please, James (take 2)
Dinner For One Please, James (take 3)
Dismal Dan (New York, April 4, 1930)
Disorder at the Border (New York, February 22, 1944)
Don't Blame Me (New York, May 29, 1944)
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else but Me)
Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You, I
Don't Take Your Love From Me
Donegal Cradle Song
Down Georgia Way (New York, April 4, 1930)
Drifting on a Reed (New York, October 19, 1944)
Driva Man
Duke Ellington meets Coleman Hawkins
Dutch Treat! Coleman Hawkins in Holland
Easy Rider (New York, December 14, 1939)
Easy Walker
Embraceable You - George Gershwin - Ira Gershwin - Don Byas
Embraceable You (New York, October 18, 1944)
Escape Hatch
Esquire Blues (New York, December 4, 1943)
Esquire Bounce (New York, December 4, 1943)
Esquire Jump
Essence of Jazz
Essence of You, The
Essential Sides Remastered 1929 - 1939, The
Every Man for Himself (New York, October 11, 1944)
Everyman for Himself
Everything Happens to Me
Exactly Like You
Father Co-operates, The
Feedin' the Bean
Feeding the Bean
Feeling Zero (New York, February 22, 1944)
Fellow Needs a Girl, A
Fine and Dandy
Fine Dinner / Body and Soul, A
Fine Dinner (New York, October 11, 1939)
Flame Thrower (New York, February 17, 1944)
Flight Eleven
Flyin' Hawk (New York, October 19, 1944)
Flying home
Foolin' Around
Foot Pattin'
For Lovers Only
For You, for Me, for Evermore
For You, for Me, Forevermore
Forgive a Fool (New York, August 9, 1940)
Four brothers
genius of Coleman Hawkins, The
Gentle Hawk
Georgia on My Mind (New York, June 30, 1931)
Get Happy (5;33)
Get Happy (New York, December 23, 1943)
Get Out of Town
Get Set
Get Used
Gilded Hawk, The
Go Li'l Liza
Go Lil Liza
Goin' Down Home
Good Old Broadway
got rhythm, I
Greatest Hits
Gypsy - Billy Reid - Don Byas
Hadn’t Anyone Till You, I
Half step down please (3 min)
Half Step Down Please (New York, December 11, 1947)
Hallelujah (New York, May 29, 1944)
Hands Across the Table (The Hague, February 4, 1935)
Happy Feet (New York, October 3, 1933)
Hard, Oh Lord
Hard Times Blues
Harvard Blues - Count Basie - George Frazier - Tab Smith - Don Byas
Have I Told You Lately?
Have You Met Miss Jones (alternate take)
Have You Met Miss Jones (take 1)
Have You Met Miss Jones (take 7)
Hawk Eyes!
hawk flies high, The
Hawk In Hi-Fi, The
Hawk Relaxes, The
Hawk Returns, The
Hawk's Groove
Hawk's Tune
Hawk’s Variations, Part 1
Hawk’s Variations, Part 2
Hawk's Variations - Part I (New York, January, 1945)
Hawk's Variations - Part II (New York, January, 1945)
Hawk's Variations Pt 1 & 2
Hawk Swings, Volume 2, The
Hawk Talk
Hawk talks, The
Hawk Variation, Part II
Hawkins Barrel House (New York, December 8, 1943)
Hawkins! Eldridge! Hodges! Alive! + Alive! At The Village Gate
Hawks Relaxes, The
Heartbreak Blues (New York, September 29, 1933)
Hello Lola ? (3 min 12 s)
Hello, Lola (New York, November 14, 1929)
Here I’ll Stay (from “Love Life”)
Here’s That Rainy Day
high and mighty Hawk, The
His Very Own Blues
Hittin' the Jug
Hocus pocus (3 min 16 s)
Hollywood Stampede (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
Honey Flower (alternate take)
Honey Flower (master take)
Honey Suckle Rose
Honeysuckle Rose (London, November 18, 1934)
Honeysuckle Rose (New York, Mid 1950)
Honeysuckle Rose (Paris, April 28, 1937)
House of David Blues, The
How Come You Do Me Like You Do
How Deep Is the Ocean (New York, December 8, 1943)
How Did She Look?
How high the moon
How Long Has This Been Goin On?
How Long Has This Been Going On?
How Long, How Long Blues (New York, January 15, 1940)
How Strange (New York, December 11, 1947)
I'll Follow My Sacred Heart (I'll Follow My Secret Heart)
I’ll Get By (As long as I Have You)
I'll Know
I'll never be the same (3 min 28 s)
I'll See You in My Dreams
I'll See You Later (I'll Tell You Later)
I'll String Along With You
I’m Beginning to See the Light
I'm in the Mood for Love (New York, January 31, 1944)
I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover (Jazz Samba)
I'm Shootin' High
I'm Shooting High
I'm Through With Love (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
I'm Thru With Love
I'm Yours (New York, October 12, 1944)
I've found a new baby
I've Got the World on a String
I've Got to Sing a Torch Song (New York, October 3, 1933)
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face
If I Could Be With You (New York, July 30, 1952)
If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
If I Had You
Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)
Imagination (New York, February 17, 1944)
In a Mellotone
In a mellow tone (6 min 45 s)
In the Hush of the Night (New York, October 11, 1944)
In Walked Bud
Indian Summer (2)
Indian Summer (New York, December 4, 1946)
Indiana (Back Home Again In)
Indiana Winter
Indispensable Coleman Hawkins: “Body and Soul” (1927–1956), The
Introduction by Al "Jazzbo" Collins
Isn't It Romantic?
It Had to Be You
It May Not Be True (Zurich, May 4, 1936)
It Never Entered My Mind
(It's No) Sin (New York, October 19, 1951)
It's Only a Paper Moon (Paris, December 21, 1949)
It's the Talk of the Town (Los Angeles, March 9, 1945)
It's Tight Like That (New York, December 14, 1939)
It Sends Me (New York, March 8, 1934)
Its the Talk of the Town
Jamaica Shout (New York, September 29, 1933)
Jammin' in Swingville
Jazz Ballads 6: Coleman Hawkins
Jazz Greats, Volume 21: Coleman Hawkins: Body and Soul
Jeep Is Jumpin', The
Josh Fit the Battle of Jericho
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
Juicy Fruit
Jumpin' for Jane (New York, December 11, 1947)
Jumpin' With Judy
Jumping for Jane
Just a gigolo (2 min 56 s)
Just a Riff (Los Angeles, October, 1945)
Just Jazz: All Star Session
Just One More Chance
Just One of Those Things (New York, May 29, 1944)
Just Sax
Just You, Just Me
Ken Burns Jazz: Definitive Coleman Hawkins
Kind of Hawkins
King Porter stomp
Knew Dana, I
Know That You Know (Hilversum, June 14, 1938), I
Know That You Know (Take 2), I
Ladies Lullaby (New York, January 11, 1945)
Lady Be Good (London, November 18, 1934)
Lady Bird
Lady Butterfly
Lamentation (alternate take)
Lamentation (Hilversum, May 26, 1937)
Last Stop
Laura - Johnny Mercer - David Raksin - Don Byas
Lawdy, Lawdy Blues
Leave My Heart Alone (New York, January 11, 1945)
Like someone in love (3 min 54 s)
Limbo Jazz
Limehouse blues
Little Girl Blue (take 1)
Little Girl Blue (take 3)
Little White - Lies Walter Donaldson - Don Byas
Live in Concert
Loads Of Love
Lonely Tenor
Lonely Wine
Look Here
Look Out Jack! (New York, October 11, 1944)
Lost 1950 Munich Concert, The
Lost in a Fog (London, November 18, 1934)
Lost in a Fog (New York, January 31, 1952)
Louise (New York, May 24, 1944)
Love Come Back to Me
Love Cries (Zurich, May 4, 1936)
Love for Sale
Love Me or Leave Me
Love Paris, I
Love Song From „Apache”
Love You, I
Lover Come Back to Me (New York, December 18, 1943)
Lover man
Low Flame
Lucky Duck
Lullaby (London, November 18, 1934)
Lullaby of Birdland
Mack the Knife
Mademoiselle de Paree
Mademoiselle de Paris
Make Believe (New York, May 29, 1944)
Make Someone Happy (From "Do-Re-Mi")
Mama Goes Where Papa Goes
Man I Love 1950, The
Man I Love (New York, December 23, 1943), The
Man That Got Away, The
Marchin' Along
Master, The
Mean You, I
Meditation (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, August 26, 1935)
Meet Doctor Foo (New York, October 11, 1939)
Mellow Sound of Coleman Hawkins, The
Melody in Swing - Big Sid Catlett - Tiny Grimes - Don Byas
Memories of You (New York, July 27, 1944)
Mer (Beyond The Sea), La
Michelle (feat. Clark Terry)
Midnight Blues
Midnight Sun (New York, February 26, 1952)
Midnight Sun Will Never Set, The
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Crazy Rhythm
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Sweet Georgia Brown
Might Like the Blues
Mighty Like a Rose
Mighty Like the Blues
Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day (New York, October 3, 1933)
Miss Hannah
Misty Morning
Modern Fantasy
Mon Homme (My Man)
Monk's music
Mood indigo
Moonglow (Live)
Mop de Mop Mop (Los Angeles, October, 1945)
Mop Mop (excerpt)
More Than You Know
Moulin Rouge
My Babe
My Blue Haven
My Blue Heaven (New York, January 3, 1940)
My Blue Heaven (New York, Mid 1950)
My Buddy
My Funny Valentine
My Ideal (New York, December 4, 1943)
My Ideal (New York, January 8, 1944)
My Man (Mon Homme)
My Man (New York, October 18, 1944)
My Melancholy Baby (London, May 26, 1939)
My Mother's Eyes
My One and Only Love
My Own Blues
Nancy - James Van Heusen - Phil Silvers - Don Byas
Nat Meets June
Netcha's Dream (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, August 26, 1935)
Never Had a Chance, I
Never Knew (take 2), I
Never Knew (take 5), I
New King Porter Stomp
Night and Day (New York, February 17, 1944)
Night Hawk
Night Ramble (New York, January 11, 1945), The
Norman Granz Introduction of Coleman Hawkins / Rifftide
Not Quite Night
O pato (The Duck)
Off minor
Oh! Lady be good
Ol' Man River (New York, May 1, 1944)
Ol' Man River (New York, October 3, 1933)
On Broadway
On My Way
On the Bean (New York, October 19, 1944)
On the Sunne Side of the Street
On the Sunny Side of the Street (New York, March 8, 1934)
On the Sunny Side of the Street (New York, May 24, 1944)
One Hour (If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight)
One Hour (New York, November 14, 1929)
One I Love (Belongs to Someone Else), The
One Note Samba (Samba de uma nota so)
One Note Samba (Samba de una nota só)
One O'Clock Jump - Count Basie - Don Byas
One Sweet Letter From You
Only Have Ears for You, I
Only Have Eyes for You (New York, January 31, 1944), I
Only Have Eyes for You (The Hague, February 4, 1935), I
Ooh-wee, Miss G.P.
Ooh-Wee, Miss GP!
Organ Grinder's Swing (New York, Mid 1950)
Original Dixieland One Step (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, April 27, 1937)
Original Dixieland One-Step, The
Original Dixiland One - Step
Original Jazz Classics Collection
Out Of My Dreams
Out of Nowhere (From "Manhattan Murder Mystery")
Out of Nowhere - Johnny Green - Edward Heyman - Don Byas
Out of Nowhere (Paris, April 28, 1937)
Out of the Night
Out to Lunch (New York, October 11, 1944)
Over the Rainbow
Pardon Me, Pretty Baby
Paris in the Spring
Passin' It Around (New York, August 9, 1940)
Peachtree Street Blues
Perdido (New York, Mid 1950)
Phantomesque (New York, June, 1947)
Picasso (July-August, 1948)
Pick-Up Boys (New York, May 17, 1944)
Planet Jazz: Coleman Hawkins
Platinum Love (Master take)
Platinum Love (Norgan LP take)
Pom Pom (New York, January 15, 1940)
Poor Butterfly - John Golden - Raymond Hubbell - Don Byas
Poor Richard (New York, April 4, 1930)
Porgy (New York, May 17, 1944)
Prestige Profiles
Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (New York, January 15, 1940), A
Prisoner of Love
Program No. 1555
Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet
Queer notions
Quintessence: New York – Camden – Londres – Paris – Chicago 1926-1944, The
Rabbit in Jazz, The
Rainbow Mist (New York, February 22, 1944)
Ray Charles's Place
Recitic, The
Recollections (New York, October 19, 1944)
Red Beans
Red Roses for a Blue Lady
Reevaluations: The Impulse Years
Remember You, I
Retrospective: 1929-1963, A
Rhythm Crazy (New York, October 3, 1933)
Riding on 52nd Street (New York, July 27, 1944)
Rifftide (A.K.A. Disorder at the Border)
Rifftide (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
Riviera Blues
Robbin's Nest
Rocky Comfort (New York, August 9, 1940)
Roll 'Em Pete
Rompin' at Red Bank
Rosita, La
Round about midnight
Royal garden blues
Ruby (From the Motion Picture Ruby Gentry)
Ruby, My Dear
Ruby (New York, April 27, 1953)
Running Home
Running Wild
Saint Louis blues
Salon de Gutbucket (New York, October 18, 1944), El
Salt Peanuts
Samba de uma nota so
Samba para Bean
Satin Doll
Save It, Pretty Mama (New York, December 14, 1939)
Say It Isn't So
Scratch My Back (New York, December 14, 1939)
Self Portrait (of the Bean)
September Song
Serenade to a Sleeping Beauty (New York, August 9, 1940)
Session at Riverside
Shake It and Break It (New York, January 15, 1940)
Shanty in Old Shanty Town (New York, October 12, 1944), A
She’s Fit
She's Funny That Way (New York, October 11, 1939)
Sheik of Araby - Harry Beasley Smith - Ted Snyder - Francis Wheeler - Don Byas, The
Sheik of Araby (New York, January 3, 1940), The
Shelk of Araby, The
Shine on Harvest Moon
Should I
Sih - Sah (Paris, December 21, 1949)
Since I Fell for You
Sino, El
Slam, Don't Shake Like That - Don Byas - Rex Stewart - Don Byas
Slam-In Around - Don Byas
Smack #5
Smiles (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, April 27, 1937)
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Smooth One, A
Soft Winds
Some of These Days (The Hague, February 4, 1935)
Somebody loves me
Someone to Watch Over Me (Los Angeles, March 9, 1945)
Something Is Gonna Give Me Away (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, April 27, 1937)
Song From Moulin Rouge (New York, April 27, 1953)
Song From 'Moulin Rouge' (Where Is Your Heart?)
Sonny meets Hawk!
Sophisticated Lady (Paris, December 21, 1949)
Sorrow (Zurich, May 4, 1936)
Soul Blues
Soul Station
Speak Low
Spellbound (New York, January 31, 1952)
Sportsman's Hop (New York, January 11, 1945)
Squirrel, The
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Shuffle
Stake Out
Stampede, The
Stan's Palace
Stanley Dance Sessions, The
Star Dust (Hilversum, August 18, 1937)
Stardust - Hoagy Carmichael - Mitchell Parish - Don Byas
Stardust (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
Stealin' the Bean
Stealin' the Rain
Step on It (New York, July 27, 1944)
Stompin' at the Savoy
Stomping at the Savoy
Stompy Bossa Nova
Storyville Masters of Jazz, Volume 12: Coleman Hawkins
Strange Fact (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, April 27, 1937), A
Strange Music
Stranger in Paradise
Street of Dreams
Stuffy (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
Stumpy Bossa Nova
Stumpy (New York, December 8, 1943)
Sugar foot stomp (3 min 10 s)
Sugar Foot Stomp, Take 1
Sugar Foot Stomp, Take 2
Sugar (That Sugar Baby O'Mine)
Sugarfoot stomp
Sunday Mornin’
Sunday Morning
Super Session - Don Byas
Surrender Dear (Paris, December 21, 1949), I
Sweet and Lovely
Sweet Georgia Brown [From Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)]
Sweet Georgia Brown (Live)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Paris, April 28, 1937)
Sweet Lorraine (New York, December 23, 1943)
Sweet Sorrow Blues
Sweet Sue
Sweetest Sounds (from “No Strings”), The
Sweetheart You Are Lovely
Sweethearts on Parade (New York, Mid 1950)
Swingin' Scotch
Swinging in the Groove (Hilversum, June 14, 1938)
Swinging in the Groove (Take 2)
Swingville: Coleman Hawkins With the Red Garland Trio
Take It on Back
Take the “A” Train
Talk of the Town
Talk to the Trees, I
Taps Miller
Tea for two
Tenor Genius At the Festivals In Cannes And Paris
Thanks for the Memory
Thanks for the Misery
Them There Eyes -Maceo Pinkard - Doris Tauber - William Tracey - Don Byas
Then I'll Be Tired of You
There Is No Greater Love
There is Nothing Like a Dame
There'll Never Be Another You
There's a Small Hotel
There's no you (3 min 25 s)
There Will Never Be Another You (alternate take)
Think Deep
Three Little Words (New York, May 24, 1944)
Three O'Clock in the Morning - Julián Robledo - Don Byas
Through for the night (5 min 12 s)
Thru' for the Night
Tiger Rag (Zurich, May 4, 1936)
Time After Time
Time on My Hands (You in My Arms)
Today and Now
Too Much of a Good Thing (Los Angeles, March 9, 1945)
Trouble Is a Man
Trust in Me
Tu N'peux Pas T'figurer
Ultimate Coleman Hawkins
Um abraço no Bonfá (An Embrace to Bonfa)
Undecided (New York, October 18, 1944)
Under a Blanket of Blue (New York, October 12, 1944)
Under Paris Skies (Sous Le Ciel De Paris)
Unlisted Blues
Until the real thing comes along (4 min 42 s)
Until the Real Thingh Comes Along
Uptown Lullaby (feat. Ben Webster)
Verve Jazz Masters 34
Very saxy
Vie en Rose, La
Voodte (New York, December 8, 1943)
Wabash stomp (3 min 08 s)
Walker, The
Wanna Go Back to Harlem (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, April 27, 1937), I
Want to Be Happy, I
Want to Be Loved, I
Wanting You
Watermelon Man
'way Down Yonder in New Orleans (Hilversum, June 14, 1938)
Way You Look Tonight, The
Well, All Right Then (Hilversum, August 18, 1937)
Well Alright Then
What a Diff'rence a Day Made
What a Difference a Day Made (Paris, March 2, 1935)
What a Difference a Day Makes
What Harlem Is to Me (Casino Hamdorff, Laren, August 26, 1935)
What Is There to Say (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
What's Happenin' (Los Angeles, October, 1945)
What's New
When Bhudda Smiles
When Budda Smiles
When Buddah Smiles (Hilversum, June 14, 1938)
When Buddha Smiles
When Buddhha Smiles
When Day Is Done (New York, January 3, 1940)
When Days Is Done
When Lights Are Low, Take 1
When Lights Are Low, Take 2
When the Day Is Gone
When Your Lover Has Gone
Where Is Your Heart
Where There's a Will, Baby
Wherever There's a Will, There's a Way (My Baby)
While We're Young
Whisper to Me
Who's sorry now (3 min 05 s)
Wild Women Don't Have the Blues
Willow Weep for Me
Wish I Were Twins (The Hague, February 4, 1935), I
wished on the moon (3 min 37 s), I
With Every Breath I Take
Won’t Dance, I
Wonderful (New York, January 31, 1944), 's
Woody 'n' You
Woodyn' You (New York, February 16, 1944)
World Is Waiting for the Sunrise, The
Wouldn't It Be Lovely
Wrap Up Your Troubles in Dreams
Wrap You Troubles In Dreams
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (New York, May 1, 1944)
Wrap Your Troubles in My Dreams
Wrapped Tight
Wrappin' it up
Yesterdays (New York, February 16, 1944)
You Blew Out the Flame in My Heart
You Blow Out the Flame in My Heart
You Can't Take That Away From Me (They Can't take That Away From Me)
You'd be so nice to come home to (4 min 15 s)
You Dirty Dog
You Go to My Head
You Know Who
You Rascal, You (New York, June 30, 1931)
You're Blasé
You've Changed
You've Got Me Crying Again
You were meant for me (2 min 49 s)
Young Bean
Гений Коулмена Хокинса
Contributed to or performed: 
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Bluesy Burrell
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Can't Get Started, I
Can’t Get Started, I
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Cocktails for Two
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Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)
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Like Someone in Love
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Look Out Jack
Lost in a Fog
Love Cries
Love Is Just Around the Corner
Love Me or Leave Me
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Lover Man
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Mademoiselle de Paris
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Man I Love, The
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Meets Coleman Hawkins and John Coltrane
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Mon Homme (My Man)
Monica Zetterlund väljer sina jazzfavoriter
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Montuno Blues
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Moodsville Volume 29: Bluesy
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Most Famous Hits: That’s Jazz: The Album
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My Blue Heaven
My Buddy
My Ideal
My Melancholy Baby
My Sweet Tooth Sayd I Wanna
Nearness of You, The
Netcha's Dream
Netcha’s Dream
Never Knew, I
New Orleans Jazz Scene of the 50's, The
Newport, A
Next Stop Wonderland
Night Hawk
Night in Tunisia, A
Night Is Blue, The
Night Out With Verve, A
Night Ramble
No More
Norman Granz Introduction Of Coleman Hawkins/Rifftide
Norman Granz' J.A.T.P. Carnegie Hall, 1949
Norton Jazz Recordings, The
Now’s the Time
Oh, It Looks Like Rain
Oh, Lady Be Good
Oh, Lady, Be Good!
On the Sunny Side of the Street
One Hour
One Hour (If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight)
One O'Clock Jump
Only Have Eyes For You, I
Only Have Eyes for Your, I
Organ Grinder's Swing
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Original Dixieland One Step
Original Dixieland One-Step
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 3, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 4, The
Our Very Own
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Out Of This World
Out to Lunch
Paradise: The Gershwin Songbook, 'S
Paris in the Spring
Pennies From Heaven
People Will Say We're in Love
Perfect Sax Solos
Philharmonic Blues
Piano Story 1936/1951
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Planet Jazz: Sampler
Platinum Love
Playboy Jazz After Dark, Volume 2
Poor Butterfly
Poor Richard
Pour ceux qui aiment le jazz
Presenting... The Great Saxophones Players
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Prestige Legacy Volume 2: Battles Of The Saxes, The
Prestige Profiles Collector's Edition, Volume 2
Prestige Records Story, The
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Pure Jazz Moods
Pure… Jazz
Putumayo Presents: Broadway Jazz
Qualis: Virtuoses
Queer Nations
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Ray Charles' Place
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RCA Victor Jazz/The First Half-Century: The 30's
RCA Victor Jazz/The First Half-Century: The 40's
Ready for Freddie
Ready for Love
Real… Jazz: The Ultimate Jazz Collection, The
Red Beans
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Relaxing Jazz: 20 Layed Back Jazz Classics
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Riverside Tenor Sessions, The
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Rough Guide to Jazz Legends: Charlie Parker, The
Rough Guide to Jazz Legends: Miles Davis: Birth of a Legend, The
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Safe Sax!
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Sandra’s Blues
Satin Doll
Saturn Barjazz 2 Edition
Saturn Barjazz Edition
Savoir écouter le Jazz
Savoy Story, Volume One: Jazz, The
Saxes Inc. / Trombone Scene
Saxophone Anthology
Saxophone Ballads
Saxophone Jazz
Saxophone: Jazz 'round Midnight
Self Portrait (Of the Bean)
Self Portrait (Off the Bean)
Sensual Sax
September Song (feat. Coleman Hawkins)
Serenade to Love
Shades of Jazz
Sheik Of Araby, The
Shine On Harvest Moon
Shine On, Harvest Moon
Siesta 8 - Muzyka Świata & Stare Radio
Simple Waltz, The
Simply Jazz Legends
Simply Smooth Jazz
Singin' the Blues
Sittin' In
Slam-in' Around
Slam, Don't Shake Like That
Sleepy Time Gal
Slow Drag
Slow Jams Jazz Christmas, A
Smack (take 1)
Smack (take 2)
Smack (take 3)
Smack (take 4)
Smack (take 5)
Smack (take 6)
Smooth Jazz
So Glad
Some Of These Days
Someone to Watch Over Me: The Classic Songs of George & Ira Gershwin
Something Is Gonna Give Me Away
Sometimes I'm Happy
Songbook: Night and Day
Songs for a Lazy Sunday: Summer Edition
Songs for a Lazy Sunday: Winter 2002
Songs for a Lazy Sunday: Winter Edition
Sonny Meets Hawk!
Sophisticated Lady
Soundtrack for a Century - Jazz: The Definitive Performances
Spring's Swing
Squeeze Me
Srortsman's Hop
St. James Infirmary
St. Louis Shuffle
Standards / Warhorses
Standards on impulse!
Star Dust
Star-crossed Lovers, The
Stockholm Jazz Sensation! Metronome Sessions 1949-1960
Stompin' at the Savoy
Stormy Weather
Story Of Impulse, The
Story of Impulse!, The
Strange Fact, A
Sugar Foot Stomp
Sugar Syrup
Sunrise: Music for Mellow Mornings
Super Session
Supperclub: Pottery Barn
Surrender Dear (take 1), I
Surrender Dear (take 2), I
Surrender Dear (take 3), I
Surrender Dear (take 4), I
Surrender Dear, I
Surrender, Dear, I
Sweet and Lovely
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Lorraine
Sweethearts on Parade
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Swing Collection
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Swing Time for Dancing
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Take The "A" Train
Takin' My Time
Taste of Jazz: Mellow and Warm, A
Taste of Jazz: Red, Hot & Sexy, A
Tea for Two
Tea for Two Cafe Jazz
Tenor Giants
Tenor Sax Ballads
Tenor Sax Shuffle
Teri & JM: The Wedding Soundtrack
That's All
That's Bebop
That's Jazz
Thelonious Monk Story, The
Them There Eyes
There Is No Greater Love
There Will Never Be Another You
There's a Small Hotel
They Sold A Million
Things Ain't What the Used to Be
Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Things We Did Last Summer, The
Thought About You, I
Three Classic Albums
Three Great Swing Saxophones
Three O'Clock in the Morning
Tiger Rag
Time on My Hands
Time to Remember: 1935, A
Time to Remember: 1945, A
Timeless Savoy Jazz
Timothy's Jazz Cafe
Tin Tin Deo
Tin Tin Deo (mono)
Tiny Bean
Today and Now
Tommy's Blues
Too Marvelous for Words: The Johnny Mercer Songbook: Instrumentals
Too Marvelous: A Collection of Jazz Classics
Top des artistes de jazz, Le
Traffic Jam Jazz
Tres Palabras
Trésors Jazz
Tribute to Duke, A
Tribute to George Gershwin by the Giants of Jazz, A
Tribute to Woody Allen: Music from his Movies
Triomphes du jazz, Les
Tu n'Peux Pas t'Figurer
Tu N'Peux T'Figurer (Dawn Over Paris)
Tune For The Tutor, A
Ultimate Gershwin: The Great Stars Record Gershwin's Greatest Music, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 18: Swing to Bebop, Modern Jazz, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
Under Paris Skies (Sous le Ciel de Paris)
Under the Sweetheart Tree
Unforgettable Instrumental Hits
Unrehearsed Perfection
Valentine (Die schönsten Lovesongs aus Jazz & Klassik)
Variety Stomp
Verve Best 50 CD Sampler
Verve Jazz Masters 60: The Collection
Verve Jazzclub: Bar Jazz
Verve Jazzclub: Bossa Nova
Verve Story: 1944-1994, The
Very Best of BeBop: The Millenium Edition, The
Very Best of Latin Jazz 2, The
Very Best of Smooth Jazz, The
Very Best of the Jazz Giants, The
Very Best Romantic Dinner Jazz, The
Very Saxy
Vic's Spot
Vie en Rose, La
Vintage Jazz, Volume 6
Vive le Jazz !
Vogue Years, The
Walker, The
Wanna Blow, I
Wanna Go Back To Harlem, I
Want to Be Happy, I
Want to Be Loved, I
Way You Look Tonight, The
Well, All Right Then
What A Difference A Day Made
What a Difference a Day Makes
What Am I Here For
What Am I Here For (mono)
What Harlem Is To Me
What Harlem Means to Me
What is Jazz?
What Is This Thing Called Love?
When Day Is Done
When Lights Are Low
When the Saints Go Marchin' In
White Box of Jazz, The
Wie man mit Jazz die Herzen der Frauen gewinnt
Wild Man Blues
Wish I Were Twins, I
Won't You Come Home Bll Bailey
Wonderful (from Funny Face), 'S
Wonderful!: The Songs of George and Ira Gershwin, 'S
Woody Allen: Music From His Movies
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, The
World of Jazz: The Jazz Saxophone
World of Swing, The
Years Ago
You Are My Lucky Star
You Dirty Dog
You'd Be So Nice to Come Here To
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To
You’re Sensational: Cole Porter in the ’20s, ’40s, & ’50s
Voor tenorsaxofoon en piano