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John Wilbye
John Wilbye (britisk komponist)
John Wilbye (Brits componist (1574-1638))
John Wilbye (brittisk kompositör)
John Wilbye (compositeur britannique)
John Wilbye (compositore inglese)
John Wilbye (englischer Komponist)
John Wilbye (English composer)
Wilbe, John
Wilbie, John
Wilby, John
Wilbye, Iohn
Wilbye, J.
Wilbye, John
Willeby, John
Willoughbye, John
Wiloughbye, John
וילבאי, יוהאן
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Amner, John (co-author)
Bateson, Thomas (co-author)
Bennet, John (co-author)
Blundeville, John (co-author)
Bona, Valerio (co-author)
Byrd, William (1543-1623)
Charbonnier, Jean-Louis (co-author)
Dart, Thurston (co-author)
Deller, Alfred (co-performer)
Denecker, Patrick (co-performer)
Desrosiers, Reed
Dowland, John (1563-1626)
Dowland, John (co-author)
Duffin, Ross (co-author)
Fellowes, Edmund Horace (1870-1951)
Gibbons, Orlando (1583-1625)
Gibbons, Orlando (co-author)
Henri (VIII; roi d'Angleterre et d'Irlande; co-author)
Hillier, Paul (co-performer)
Morley, Thomas (1557?-1602)
Randolph Singers
Rossi, Salamone (co-author)
Spencer, Robert (co-performer)
Tomkins, Thomas
Turle, James
Weelkes, Thomas (1576?-1623)
Weelkes, Thomas (co-author)
Wilbye, John (1574-1638))
Willaert, Adrian
ירון, ראובן (1932-1956)
Adew sweet Amarillis
Adieu, sweet Amaryllis, madrigal (No. 12, The First Set of English Madrigals)
Ah, Cannot Sighs, nor Tears
Ah! cruel Amarillis
Ah me! can every rumor
All pleasure is of this condition
All the Queen's men music for Elizabeth I
am quite tired, I
Anthems and motets
Ars Britannica
As Fair as Morn, as fresh as May
As matchless beauty
bella Ninfa europäische Madrigale um 1600, La
Cantiones sacrae madrigalian motets from Jacobean England
Change me, o heavens second set of madrigals (1609)
collected works, The
Come shepheard swaynes
Cruel, Behold My Heavy Ending
Draw on sweet night English madrigals
English madrigals and songs from Henry VIII to the 20th century
English madrigals Renaissance XVIe-XVIIe siècles
English madrigals, set 1 Away, thou shalt not love me
English madrigals, set 1 Fly love aloft to heaven
English madrigals, set 1 Weepe o mine eies
English madrigals, set 2 Downe in a valley
English Renaissance music
Ensemble Daedalus. The art of melancholy [SR] 2006:
Fanfare. Homage to Shakespeare.
First Set of English Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6 voices: Adieu, sweet Amaryllis, The
First Set of English Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6 voices: Flora gave me finest flowers, The
First Set of English Madrigals: Xi. Thus Saith My Cloris Bright, The
First Set of English Madrigals: Xviii. Lady, Your Words Do Spite Me, The
First set of madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6 voices : published in 1598 : included by Morley in the "Triumphs of Oriana," published in 1601 : included by Sir William Leighton in "Tears and lamentations," published in 1614
Frogge, The
Happy streams, whose trembling fall
Homo natus de muliere
Invitation to madrigals. 5 : for S. A. T. B. A second selection of four-parts works newly, transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart
lady Oriana, madrigal, The
Lady, when I beehold
Lady, your words doe spight me
Long have I made these hills and valleys weary
Love not me for comely grace (à 4 v.)
Madrigal "So Light Is Love"
Madrigal "What Shall I Doe?"
Madrigale, Set 1 Flora gave me fairest flowers
Madrigale, Set 2 Come shepheard swaynes
Madrigals and Wedding Songs for Diana
Madrigals/consort of musicke
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 1. Cruell, behold my heavie ending
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 1. Lady, your words doe spight mee
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 1. Selections
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 1. Sweet love, if thou wilt gaine a monarches glory
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 1. Thus saith my Cloris bright
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 2. Cruell, behold my heavie ending
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 2. Downe in a valley
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 2. Happy, Oh! happy he
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 2. Oft have I vowed
Madrigals, voices (3-6), set 2. Selections
music collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, The
music collection of St. Michael's college, Tenbury, The
Musique à la cour d'Angleterre pièces vocales et instrumentales élisabéthaines (1558-1642)
My throte is sore, my voice is horse with skriking [sic] (Second part) (à 6 v.)
No. 20, The Second Set of Madrigals
O God, the rocke of my whole strength
O wretched man
Of joys and pleasing pains
Oft I have vowed how dearly I did love thee
Old Hall - Handschrift, Madrigale, Lautenlieder = Old Hall manuscript, madrigals, lute songs = Le Manuscrit d'Old Hall, Madrigaux, chants avec luth
Oxford music school collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, The
Piano forte part to The first set of madrigals
Romance du soir
Second Set of Madrigales to 3, 4, 5, and 6 parts: Draw on, sweet night, The
Second Set of Madrigals: I. Come, Shepherd Swains, That Wont to Hear Me Sing, The
Second Set of Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6 parts: Weep, weep, mine eyes, The
Second Set of Madrigals: V: As Fair as Morn, as Fresh as May, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xvi. Happy, o Happy He, Who Not Affecting, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xx. Oft Have I Vowed, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xx. Oft I Have Vowed How Dearly I Did Love Thee, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xxiii. Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes, My Heart Can Take No Rest, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xxv: Ye That Do Live in Pleasures Plenty, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xxx. Ah, Cannot Sigh, nor Tears, nor Aught Else Move Thee, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xxxi. Draw on, Sweet Night, Best Friend Unto Those Cares, The
Second Set of Madrigals: Xxxii. Stay, Corydon, Thou Swain, The
So light is love
Softly, o Softly Drop, Mine Eyes
Stay Coridon Thou Swaine
Stay, Corydon, Thou Swain
Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees (The First Part)
Sweet hony sucking bees
There is a jewell
There, where I saw her lovely beauty painted
Thou art but you, thou say'st
treasury of English keyboard music, A
triumph of Oriana madrigals, The
Triumphs of Oriana: Xv: The Lady Oriana, The
two souls of Salomon, The
Vocal music. Selections
Walsingham consort books, The
Weep, o mine eyes
Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes
Weepe, Weepe Mine Eyes
What needeth all this travail
Why dost thou shoot
Ye that do live in pleasures plenty
Yee that doe live in pleasures
Yet, sweet, take heed, all sweets are hard to get (Second part) (à 5 v.)
Yet, Sweet, Take Heed (The Second Part)
יפה כבקר צח מעב
Contributed to or performed: 
101 Renaissance Masterpieces
All the King's Trumpets
Música inglesa del renacimiento