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Advocate of the civil law in Scotland
Eye-witness of the apparition
Eye-witness of the apparition (pseudonym)
George Hickes (English priest)
Hickes, George
Hickesius, Georgius
Hicks, Doctor George
Hicks, George
Hicks, George (Doctor)
Leeck van de kerck van Engelandt, een
Lover of the established government both of church and state
Lover of the established government both of church and state (pseudonym)
Minister of London
Minister of London, A
Minister of London (pseudonym)
Orthodox Protestant
Orthodox protestant (pseudonym)
True Catholick of the Church of England
True Catholick of the Church of England (pseudonym)
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Fountaine, Andrew (1676-1753))
Oossaan, Aart Dircksz Amsterdam, 1682-1692
Oossaan, Aart Dircksz. (Amsterdam)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Runólfur Jónsson, -1654
Thwaites, Edward (1667-1711))
Wanley, Humfrey (1672-1726)
Wanley, Humphrey (1672-1726))
Weir, Thomas (1600?-1670)
Wottonus, Gulielmus (1666-1727)
Wottonus, William (1666-1727)
Antiquae literaturae septentrionalis libri duo ...
apologetical vindication of the Church of England, An : in answer to those who reproach her with the English heresies and schisms, or suspect her not to be a catholick church, upon their account.
apology for the new separation in a letter to Dr. John Sharpe, archbishop of York, occasioned by his farewell-sermon, preached on the 28th of June, at St. Giles's in the Fields., An
case of infant-baptism. In five questions., The : I. Whether infants are uncapable of baptism? II. Whether infants are excluded from baptism by Christ? III. Whether it is lawful to separate from a church, which appointeth infants to be baptised? IV. Whether it be the duty of Christian parents to bring their children unto baptism? V. Whether it is lawful to communicate with believers, who were baptized in their infancy?
chorus of Grammars. CIP., A
christian pattern : or, The imitation of Jesus Christ. Vol. II. Being the genuine works of Thomas à Kempis. Containing four books; viz. The Sighs of a penitent soul. II. A Short Christian directory. III. Of spiritual exercices. IV. Of spiritual entertainments. Translated from the original latin, and recommended by George Hickes, D. D. To which is prefix'd, a large account of the author's life and writings, containing much of the history of those times, never before set forth in English. The second edition revised
Collection of sermons
constitution of the Catholick Church and the nature and consequences of schism, set forth in a collection of papers, written by the late R. Reverend George Hickes, D.D., The
Correspondence. Selections
declaration made by the Right Reverend Dr. George Hickes, concerning the faith and religion in which he lived and intended to die: and referred to in his will, A
defence of the Duke of Buckingham ... 1685:, A
Devotions in the ancient way of Offices with Psalms, Hymns and Prayers for every day of the week and every holiday in the year ...
Dissertatio medica inauguralis de enteritide ...
doctrine of passive obedience. Dutch, The
doctrines of a middle state between death and the resurrection: of prayers for the dead: and the necessity of purification; plainly proved from the Holy Scriptures; and the writings of the fathers of the primitive church: and acknowledged by several learned fathers, and great divines of the Church of England, and others, since the Reformation, The
Etymologicon britannicum
Gentleman instructed
Grammaticae islandicae rudimenta
Imitation de Jésus-Christ
Institutiones grammaticae Anglo-Saxonicae et Moeso-Gothicae
Institutiones grammaticæ anglo-saxonicæ, et mœsogothicæ.
Institutiones grammaticae franco-theotiscae, auctore Georgio Hickesio
Instructions for the education of a daughter
Japan's hidden apartheid the Korean minority and the Japanese
Japan's war memories : amnesia or concealment?
Jovian, 1683:
Jovian; or, An answer to Julian the Apostate
l'éducation des filles., De
Last speeches of Mr. John Kid and Mr. John King, two Presbyterian ministers, who were executed for high-treason and rebellion, at Edinburgh, August the 14th. 1679
Lay-baptism invalid : An essay to prove, that such baptism is null and void, when administer'd in opposition to the divine right of the apostolical succession. : Occasion'd chiefly by the anti-episcopal usurpations of our English dissenting teachers
leere van passive gehoorsaemheyt en 't goddelyck recht gedisapprobeert., De
Letter to the author of a late paper entituled a vindication of the divines of the church of england, &c., in defence of the history of passive obedience
Librorum vett. septentrionalium .. catalogus historico-criticus
Linguarum veterum septentrionalium thesaurus
Linguarum vett., 1703-1705: in two volumes.
naukeurigh ondersoeck nopende de tegenwoordige gesteltheyt van saken, en insonderheyt of we in dezes tyts omstandigheden eenige getrouwigheyt aen den koning verschuldigt zyn ..., Een
Numismata anglo-saxonica & anglo-danica breviter illustrata
onderzoek ontrent de tegenwoordige staat der affairen; en in 't bysonder, of wy in desen toestand gehoorsaamheyd aan den koning schuldig zyn, en of wy gehouden zyn om met hem te handelen, en hem weer in te roepen of niet., Een
Praelectiones seu disputationes academicæ Johannis Overal ... De patrum, & Christi, anima; et de antichristo: in Cantabrigiensis Academiæ comitiis aliquando ab ipso habitæ, ad ipsius manuscripti fidem nunc primum editæ
pretences of the prince of Wales examin'd, and rejected. In a letter to a friend in the country
Ravillac redivivus
Seasonable queries relating to the birth and birthright of a certain person [James Edward Francis, the Pretender].
Sermons on several subjects viz. I. The strongest temptations conquerable by Christians. ... XVII. The great blessing of a naval power, &c. By the late Reverend George Hickes, D.D.
Several letters which passed between Dr. Hickes, and a popish priest upon occasion of a young gentlewoman's departing from the Church of England to that of Rome. To which are added I. The answer of Dr. Bull, ... to the Bishop of Meaux's queries. II. Mr. Leslie's answer to the same queries. III. A letter written to an English priest at Rome. With an appendix containing several remarkable papers.
Some primitive doctrines reviv'd:
Some queries propos'd to civil, canon, and common lawyers
Speculum Beatae Virginis. : A discourse of the due praise and honour of the Virgin Mary.
Spirit of enthusiasm exorcised, in a sermon preach'd before the University of Oxford, &c. The fourth edition, much enlarg'd. By George Hickes,... Two discourses occasioned by the new prophets pretensions to inspiration and miracles : the first, the history of montanism, by a lay-gentleman ; the other, the new pretenders to prophecy examined, by N. Spinckes...
spirit of fanaticism ... 1710:, The
spirit of fanaticism exemplify'd in the tryals of Mr. James Mitchel (a Presbyterian minister, who was hang'd at Edinburgh, for an attempt made upon the Archbishop of St. Andrews.) And Major Thomas Weir ... who was burnt between Edinburgh and Leith April the 11th, 1670. for adultery, beastiality with a mare and a cow, and incest with his own sister, who was likewise hang'd the next day after him. To which is added an account of the original of Presbytery in Scotland, ... Written by an Advocate of the civil law in Scotland., The
spirit of popery speaking out ... 1680:, The
Thesaurus linguarum septentrionalium
Thirteen sermons on practical subjects by the late learned George Hickes D.D. Dean of Worcester. Published by Nathanael Spinkes A.M
Three short treatises, never before printed : The first against the dissenters and occasional communion: the second, an answer to a popish letter: both written by the Late very Reverend Dr. George Hickes. The third, a letter against a protestant's marrying a papist: by the Late Revd Mr. John Kettlewell.
Three short treatises viz, I. A modest plea for the clergy, &c., II. A sermon of the sacerdotal benediction, &c. III. A discourse published to undeceive the people in point of tithes, &c.
Two treatises, on the Christian priesthood, and on the dignity of the Episcopal order : with a prefatory discourse in answer to a book entitled, The rights of the Christian church, &c., and an appendix.
word to the wavering, or, An answer to the enquiry into the present state of affairs, whether we owe allegiance to the King in these circumstances, &c. :, A
Wotton's Short view of George Hickes's Grammatico-critical and archeological treasure of the ancient Northern languages... translated into English from the Latin original by Maurice Shelton,... to which are added by the same translator other curious and proper notes... a short appendix of notes of correction...