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M (Lord)
Mansfield (Lord)
Mansfield, William Murray
Mansfield, William Murray (1st earl of)
Mansfield, William Murray (Earl of)
Mansfield, William Murray of
Murray, W.
Murray, W. (Earl of Mansfield)
Murray, William
Murray, William (1st earl of Mansfield)
Murray, William (Earl of Mansfield)
William Murray
William Murray, 1:e earl av Mansfield
William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield (British judge)
William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield (Brits rechter (1705-1793))
William Murray, I conte di Mansfield
Мансфилд Уильям Марри
윌리엄 머리
fl. 1752-1757
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Blackstone, William (1723-1780; Sir))
Burrow, James Sir, 1701-1782
Foster, Michael Mr., 1689-1763
Furneaux, Philip (1726-1783)
Great Britain. Court of King's Bench
Great Britain. Court of King's bench. [from old catalog]
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Phinn, Thomas
Pratt, Charles (1714-1794)
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804))
William Blackstone Collection (Library of Congress)
Address to the Right Honourable L--d M--sf---d in which the measures of government, respecting America, are considered in a new light, An : with a view towards His Lordship's interposition therein.
Andrew Scott, deacon, and the other members of the Incorporation of Bakers in Glasgow, appellants, the provost, baillies, and magistrates of Glasgow, respondents the appellants case.
answer to the letter signed Junius, in the public advertiser of Wednesday, November 14, 1770. By William Lord Mansfield., An
Assignment from the Earl of Mansfield of the Earl Fitzwilliam's estates in the counties of Northampton and Lincoln, 1787?
authentic copy of the judgement delivered by the Right Hon. Earl Mansfield, November 16, 1784, in the case of the King against William Davies Shipley, Dean of St. Asaph, An
Belle, 2014:
Decisions of the Court of King's bench, upon settlement cases: from the death of Lord Raymond, in march 1732, to June, 1776, inclusive.
English Common law in the age of Mansfield
epistle from Mademoiselle d'Eon to the Right Honorable L--d M-------d, L--d C---f J-----e of the C---t of K--g's B---h, on his determination in regard to her sex., An
general view of the decisions of Lord Mansfield, in civil causes., A
genuine speech of Lord Mansfield, in giving the judgment of the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, November 28, 1774, in the cause of Campbell against Hall respecting the King's letters patents, of the 20th of July, 1774, The : on all the exports from the island of Grenada : taken in short-hand
History Of Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia, The : To which is prefixed, A short General History of the Country, From The Rise of that Monarchy: And An Account of the Author's Life. In Two Volumes.
Kudgello collecting materials to improve our morals
letter to Philo Africanus, upon slavery, A : in answer to his of the 22d of November, in the General Evening Post, together with the opinions of Sir John Strange, and other eminent lawyers upon this subject; with the sentence of Lord Mansfield, in the case of Somerset and Knowles, 1772, with His Lordship's explanation of that opinion in 1786.
letter to the jurors of Great-Britain, A : occasioned by an opinion of the Court of King's Bench, read by Lord Chief Justice Mansfield, in the case of the King and Woodfall, and said to have been left by His Lordship with the clerk of Parliament
Letters to the honourable Mr Justice Blackstone, concerning his exposition of the Act of toleration, and some positions relative to religious liberty, in his celebrated commentaries on the laws of England.
Lord Camden's genuine argument in giving judgment on the ejectment between Hindson, and others against Kersey : Wherein Lord Mansfield's opinion delivered in Wyndham V. Chetwynd, is learnedly considered. To which is prefixed, the argument of Lord Mansfield.
Mansfield manuscripts and the growth of English law in the eighteenth century, The
Ninian Bryce, John Orr of Barrowfield, Esq, and John Robertson, appellants. William Bryce, merchant in Glasgow, respondent the respondent's case : to be heard at the bar of the House of Lords, on Wednesday the 5th day of March, 1739/40.
Oeuvres complètes.
Palladium of conscience ..., The
Proceedings. 1785
Q. Horatii Flacci opera, cum variis lectionibus, notis variorum, et indice locupletissimo. Tomus primus [-secundus].
Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Court of King's bench, during the time of Lord Mansfield's presiding in that court, from Michalemas term 30 Geo. II. 1756, to Easter term 12 Geo. III. 1772 ...
Reports of cases principally on practice and pleading, determined in the Court of King's bench, in Hilary, Easter, Trinity, and Michaelmas terms, A. D. 1819. With copious notes of other important decisions.
Sir George Caswall, Knight, Jacob Sawbridge, Esq., Robinson Knight, Esq., and Sir Henry Blunt, baronet, appellants, Thomas Houghton, Esq., respondent the respondent's case.
speech of the Right Honourable Lord Mansfield in the House of Lords, in the cause between the city of London and the Dissenters., The
speeches of the judges of the Court of Exchequer upon granting a new trial in the case of Capt. Evelyn Sutton against Commodore George Johnstone on the 30th day of June, 1784, The : together with Mr. Baron Eyre's speech on the motion to arrest the judgement, on the 15th day of June 1785
system of the law of marine insurances, with three chapters on bottomry; on insurances on lives; and on insurances against fire. By James Allan Park, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister at law. [One line in Latin from Cicero], A
thistle., The : A dispassionate examen of the prejudice of Englishmen in general to the Scotch Nation. : And particularly of a late arrogant insult offered to all Scotchmen, by a modern English journalist. : In a letter to the author of Old England, of December 27. 1746.
Thomas Paterson of London, Esq, appellant ... 1733?
treatise on the study of the law, A : containing directions to students