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James Tyrrell
James Tyrrell (English barrister and writer)
Lover of truth and of his country
True lover of his country
Tyrell, James
Tyrrel, James
Tyrrell, James
Tyrrill, James
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Bell, Andrew (Londen)
Cockerill, Thomas (I, Londen)
Cockerill, Thomas (II, Londen)
Cumberland, Richard (1631-1718)
Knaplock, Robert (Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rogers, William (Londen)
Sanderson, Robert (1587-1663)
Usher, James (1581-1656)
Ussher, James (1581-1656)
Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti, a prima mundi origine deducti... cum... chronico... usque ad extremum Templi et Reipublicae judaicae excidium producto, Jacobo Usserio,... digestore. Accedunt tria ejusdem opuscula : I. De Chronologia Veteris Testamenti [accurante Thoma Barlow] ; II. De Macedonum et Asianorum anno solari ; III. De Symbolis. Quibus... praefixa est Jacobi Usserii Vita, a Th. Smitho,... conscripta. Editio nova... cum indicibus rerum, et locorum [authore A. Lubin], quibus addita est annorum mundi cum annis olympiadum et Urbis conditae collatio
Bibliotheca politica or, a discourse by way of dialogue, shewing, that the arraigning and murther of King Charles I. can by no means be justified by the proceedings of the Convention-Parliament against King James II. upon his abdication; ... Dialogue the Fourteenth.
Bibliotheca politica: or, An enquiry into the ancient constitution of the English government ... in thirteen dialogues Collected out of the best authors, as well antient as modern. To which is added an alphabetical index to the whole work
Bibliotheca politica. Parts 1-14
brief disquisition of the law of nature...
brief enquiry into the ancient constitution and government of England ... 1695:, A
general history of Englands. -, The
legibus naturæ disquisitio philosophica., De
M[iste]r John M[iltons] character of the Long Parliament. -
Mr. Hobbs's principles considered, and confuted
Patriarcha non monarcha. The patriarch unmonarch'd: being observations on a late treatise and divers other miscellanies, published under the name of Sir Robert Filmer, baronet. In which the falseness of those opinions that would make monarchy jure divino are laid open: and the true principles of government and property (especially in our kingdom) asserted
Patriarcha non monarchia. -
power communicated by God to the prince, and the obedience required of the subject., The : Briefly laid down, and confirmed out of the Holy Scriptures, the testimony of the primitive church, the dictates of right reason, and the opinion of the wisest among heathen writers. By the most reverend father in God, James late Lord Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland. Faithfully published out of the original copy, (written with his own hand) by the reverend father in God, Robert Saunderson L. Bishop of Lincoln, with his Lordships preface thereunto ; [ed. by J. Tyrell].