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Charles Hutton (britisk matematikar)
Charles Hutton (britisk matematiker)
Charles Hutton (Brits wiskundige)
Charles Hutton (brittisk matematiker)
Charles Hutton (englischer Mathematiker)
Charles Hutton (English mathematician)
Charles Hutton (matematico inglese)
Charles Hutton (mathématicien russe)
Hutton, Ch
Hutton, Charles
ハットン, チャールズ
ハットン, チャーレス
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Language material
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Gregory, Olinthus (1774-1841)
Gregory, Olinthus Gilbert (co-author)
Gregory, Richard (1923-2010)
Gregory, Richard Langton (1923-2010)
Hutton, Charles (1737-1823))
Jerbis, George Ritso (co-author)
Maseres, Francis (1731-1824))
Maseres, Francis (co-author)
Montucla, Jean Etienne (1725-1799)
Ozanam, Jacques (1640-1717)
Pearson, Richard
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Terquem, Olry (co-author)
Tytler, John
Tytler, John (co-author)
Villantroys, P.-L. (co-author)
Villantroys, Pierre-Laurent de
Villantroys, Pierre-Laurent de (co-author)
Wardhaugh, Benjamin (co-author)
宇佐川, 秀次郎 (1849-)
An Account of the calculations made from the survey and measures taken at Schehallien, in order to ascertain the mean density of the earth, by Charles Hutton,...
compendious measurer being a brief, yet comprehensive, treatise on mensuration and practical geometry. ... Adapted to the use of schools ... By Charles Hutton., The
complete system of practical arithmetic and book-keeping ... 1810:, A
Complete treatise on practical arithmetic and book-keeping... by Charles Hutton,... revised by Dr. Olinthus Gregory,... 19th edition, corrected and enlarged... by Samuel Maynard,..., A
consisting of a Large Collection of curious Mat*. -
correspondence of Charles Hutton (1737-1823) mathematical networks in Georgian Britain, The
course of book-keeping according to the method of single entry with a description of the books, and directions for using them, A : very useful to young book-keepers entering into business, or for teachers in their schools, &c. &c
Course of mathematics... composed for the use of the royal military Academy... by Charles Hutton,... The 6th edition..., A
course of mathematics in the Maratha language, A
Diarian miscellany, consisting of all the useful and entertaining parts... extracted from the "Ladies' diary", from the beginning of that work in the year 1704 down to the end of the year 1773... by Cha. Hutton,..., The
Jawa'mè' ul ilm riya'zi Part 1. Arithmetical notation to tables of powers and roots, The
Jawámè ̀ul ilm ul riyázi'", or a Translation from Hutton's Course of mathematics into Arabic, for the use of the Mahammedan madrasas... by John Tytler,... Part I. Arithmetical notation to tables of powers and roots, The "
Jinjō bokihō
ladies' diary or woman's almanack, for the year of our Lord 1800; being the fourth after bissextile, or leap-year, according to the act of Parliament in that case made 1751. Containing new improvements in arts and sciences, and many entertaining particulars: designed for the use and diversion of the fair-sex. The ninety-seventh almanack published of this kind., The
Mathematical and philosophical dictionary
Mathematical and philosophical dictionnary
Mathematical tables containing common hyperbolic and logistic logarithms, also sines, tangents, secants and versed-sines both natural and logarithmic... to which is prefixed a large and original history of the discoveries and writings relating to those subjects with the compleat description and use of the tables, by Charles Hutton,...
Mathematical tables: containing the common, hyperbolic, and logistic logarithms, also sines, tangents, secants, and versed sines both natural and logarithmic. Together with several other tables useful in mathematical calculations. Also the complete description and use of the tables.
mean density of the earth, The
Miscellanea mathematica", consisting of a large collection of curious mathematical problems and their solutions, together with many other important disquisitions in various branches of the mathematics, being the literary correspondence of several eminent mathematicians, by Cha. Hutton,..., "
New principles of gunnery : containing the determination of the force of gun-powder, and an investigation of the difference in the resisting power of the air to swift and slow motions, with several other tracts on the improvement of practical gunnery
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Gran Bretaña) (Durham)
Nouvelles expériences d'artillerie... 2e partie
Nouvelles expériences d'artillerie faites pendant les années 1787, 1788, 1789 et 1791... par Charles Hutton,... traduit de l'anglais par O. Terquem,... Seconde partie
Nouvelles expériences d'artillerie, où l'on détermine la force de la poudre, la vitesse initiale des boulets de canon, les portées des pièces à différentes élévations, la résistance que l'air oppose au mouvement des projectiles, les effets des différentes longueurs des pièces, des différentes charges de poudre... par Charles Hutton,... Ouvrage traduit de l'anglais par P.-L. Villantroys,...
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London, from their commencement, in 1665, to the year 1800, The : abridged, with notes ad biographical illustrations
Plan of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead, Taken from an Accurate Survey, finished in the Year 1770, A
principles of bridges containing the mathematical demonstrations of the properties of the arches, the thickness of the piers, the force of the water against them, &c., together with practical observations & directions drawn from the whole, The
Principles of bridges, containing the mathematical demonstrations of the properties of the arches, the thickness of the piers, the force of the water against them... The 2d edition... By Charles Hutton,..., The
School-master's guide
Scriptores logarithmici : or, A collection of several curious tracts on the nature and construction of logarithms, mentioned in Dr. Hutton's historical introduction to his new edition of Sherwin's Mathematical tables : together with some tracts on the binomial theorem and other subjects connected with the doctrine of logarithms
Scriptores logarithmici... Vol. 1
supplement to Hutton's arithmetic containing the solutions, at full length, of the promiscuous collection of questions proposed in that work, A
Tables of the products and powers of numbers. - [1781] MDCCLXXXI
Tables of the products and powers of numbers, namely : 1st the products of all numbers to 1000 by 100 ; 2nd the squares of all numbers to 25400 ; 3d the cubes of all numbers to 10000 ; 4th the first ten powers of all numbers to 100 ; 5th tables for reducing money, weights and measures from one denomination to another. With an introduction explaining and illustrating the use of the tables. By Charles Hutton,...
Tanki boki kyōjuhō.
Tracts on mathematical and philosophical subjects, comprising... the theory of bridges with several plans of recent improvement, also the results of numerous experiments on the force of gunpowder, with applications to the modern practice of artillery... by Charles Hutton,...
Women's almanack
works of John Whitehurst, F.R.S. With memoirs of his life and writings., The