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Gotlībs Vilhelms Leitners
Gottlieb Vilmos Leitner
Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner (British orientalist)
Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner (Brits oriëntalist (1840-1899))
Gottlieb William Leitner (Orientalist)
Leitner, G. W.
Leitner, Glieb. Wilhelm
Leitner Gottlieb Vilmos
Leitner, Gottlieb W.
Leitner, Gottlieb Wilhelm
Leitner, Gottlieb William
Leitner, Gottlieb Willliam
Rashid, Mawlawi Abdur
Rashid, Mawlawi Abdur (Pseudonym)
Лейтнер, Готлиб Вильгельм
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Language material
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Cug̲h̲tāʼī, Muḥammad Ikrām
East India Association (London, England)
Khalīl Efendī
Khushwaqtia, Raja
Moḥammad ʿAbd al Djobbār Khan
Oriental Institute (Woking, England)
Ravenstein, Ernest George (1834-1913)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
collection of specimens of commercial and other alphabets and handwirkings...., A
Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1893...
Dardu legends committed to writing for the first time in 1866 from the dictation of the Dards. This race has no written character of its own.
detailed analysis of Abdul Ghafur's dictionary of the terms used by criminal tribes in the Panjab., A
Dr. G. W. Leitner's Collections
Haqâiq the Arabic quarterly review...
History of indigenous education in the Panjab since annexation and in 1882
Hunza and Nagyr handbook
Introduction to a philosophical Grammar of Arabic.
Jāmiʻat al-Banjāb, Qism al-Lughat al-ʻArābīyah, Lāhūr, Bākistān
Kafiristan. the Bashgeli Kafirs and their language
languages and races of Dardistan :, The
lecture on the races of Turkey both of Europe and of Asia and the state of their education:, A
Muhammadanism. Being the report of an extempore address delivered at South place chapel, Finsbury, on Sunday afternoon, January 6th, 1889
Muqaddimat al-naḥw al-ʻArabī al-falsafī
Native self-government in matters of education
On the sciences of language of ethnography, with general reference to the language and customs of the people of Hunza
Proposed Oriental School
Results of tour in "Dardistan, Kashmir, Little Tibet, Ladak, Zanskar, &c.," in four volumes
rough account commected in 1886 of itineraries in "Neutral Zone" between Central Asia and India Route I, A
Secret religion in the Hindukush [the Pamir region] and in the Libanon., A
Section I of Linguistic fragments ... 1882 [LC copy wanting t.p.; identified from NUC pre-1956, which lacks author statement]
Sinīn-i Islām jismen̲ muk̲h̲taṣir ḥāl Islām kī tārīk̲h̲ aur ʻilm kā īs tashrīḥ ke sāth mundarij hai ...
sketch of the Changars and of their dialect., A
Vocabulary of technical terms used in elementary vernacular school books Hindustani-english., A
Writings of Dr. Leitner
‏جامعة البنجاب، قسم اللغة العربية، لاهور، باکستان
مقدمة النحو العربي الفلسفى /‏